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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Open Letter of Protest to Mr. Ronald Peaker of Biddeford, Maine
Mr. Peaker:
For the past several weeks, I have been receiving harassing telephone calls from you at my PRIVATE UNLISTED telephone number. Which, by the way, I PAY to keep PRIVATE and UNLISTED.
I don't ever pick up the phone unless I know who the caller is, and unless that individual is an AUTHORIZED caller. Which means: I have personally furnished my telephone number with permission to contact me via that number.
I have NOT furnished my telephone number for your use, Mr. Peaker, and you have absolutely no right to be making these calls, which disturb my peace and my "quiet enjoyment" of my PRIVATE home.
When I play back the harassing messages you keep leaving on my answering machine, Mr. Peaker, they are pre-recorded pitches pushing your agenda to build a "racino", meaning, as I understand it, a combination race track and casino.  
FYI, I don't gamble, Mr. Peaker. Nor do I support the exploitation of animals for human entertainment and greed.
And the last thing I want in the general area where I live is an invasion of degenerate gamblers, mobsters, criminals and hookers. So no, I won't support your sleazy enterprise, Mr. Peaker. So, STOP THE HARASSING CALLS.
Now, you may be wondering, Mr. Peaker, why I would take the trouble to write you this letter and post it on my website. It's because apparently, there is no other way to get your attention. 
When I tried to get you to stop these harassing calls, I could not get through to the number on my caller ID: 207-391- 7223. 
Each time I called this number, all I got was an obnoxious recorded female voice announcing that calls cannot be received at this number.
Next, I looked up your name on the Internet, in search of a telephone number where you could be reached, but found nothing.  I then called 411 and asked the operator for your telephone number. I was told your number is "unlisted". 
Well, guess what, Mr. Peaker? As I've already mentioned, my number is also UNLISTED.
So, I guess you think it's fine and dandy to harass strangers at their UNLISTED, PRIVATE numbers, but you yourself cannot be contacted and directed to STOP THE HARASSMENT.
You know, Mr. Peaker, I probably wouldn't have bothered to publicly address this issue about the racino, if not for your harassing telephone calls. But now I view it as an opportunity to express my extreme displeasure and outrage against your aggression --not only your harassing telephone calls, but also the purpose of these calls --which I now inform you, have backfired.
I have now decided to take a stand with Citizens Against a Bad Deal. Those, who like myself, enjoy peace and quiet and the preservation of what is left of our way of life here in Maine: The Way Life Should Be.
We don't need no stinkin' racino! 
Barbara Hartwell Percival
PS: If I receive even one more harassing call from you, Mr. Peaker, I will report it to the police, and let them handle it.  Enough already!
Barbara Hartwell Percival
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