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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poisoned by Pornography: A Plague of Perverts, Predators, Pedophiles and Pimps

"Child sexual exploitation occurs in every economic, social, ethnic, and religious group. With the explosion of the Internet into a powerful, worldwide medium, the danger to children, whether they are from New York or New Zealand, has drastically increased. Pedophiles and other sexual predators can use the Internet, with no precautions, to exchange names and addresses of other pedophiles and of potential child victims. Hidden behind screen names that are pseudonyms, they gather online and swap child pornography with amazing speed and in amounts beyond our wildest imagination, which excites them to molest even more."


Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication sins against his own body. What? Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price; therfore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

-- Corinthians 1:18-20

I find it important to begin this report by clearly stating my position regarding pornography. First of all, I have an absolute loathing of pornography in any form, and all of which it is emblematic. What's more, I firmly believe it to be an abomination to God. Yes, that is my personal opinion, and it is certainly shared by many of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  That view is also supported by a tremendous body of research (including my own) which clearly indicates the moral, psychological --and most importantly, spiritual-- dangers associated with pornography. This applies across the board, to Christians and non-Christians alike.

I won't elaborate further here, but for those interested in a detailed analysis of this topic see:

God's Liberation from the Morality Wasteland (2004)

But it is not the abomination of "regular" pornography which is of utmost concern to me, and many others who share my views. It is child pornography --the ultimate form of hideous, demonic assault --the rape of innocent children.  A felony crime which is running rampant, with no end in sight.

As a Christian, I consider it a moral imperative to do all in my power to put these loathsome criminal evildoers out of business. From the moment I became a mother (thirty-five years ago), I fully understood the level of vigilance that would be necessary to protect my own child from these  vile predators. Now, as a grandmother of three, my dedication to putting these bastards out of business has increased many times over.

As for the children who have been victims (many of whom have been sold into sex slavery and/or murdered) of these rapists, child-traffickers and the pornographers who exploit the suffering of innocents, the blood of these children cries out for retribution and justice, and their tears mix with those of the legions of weeping angels.

Were it in my power, I would forever expunge them and their evil from the face of the earth. As it happens, I'll have to put my trust in God to make that happen. Meanwhile, I do have the ability, and more than enough motivation, to expose these perverts, pedophiles, predators and pimps.

Exposing this monstrous evil is the first step in generating the necessary  outrage among decent,  Godly, caring people, including (but certainly not limited to) the parents and grandparents whose children are at risk, for indeed, every child is at risk, as long as these predators roam the streets, skulk about the schoolyards, and troll the Internet, seeking new victims on which to visit their vile perversions.

If you, or I, in full knowledge of this holocaust, in righteous outrage at these atrocities, don't make it our business to stop them, who will? We do have more power than we may think to bring these evildoers to justice and take them out of circulation, so they can never harm another child again.

These children, the victims, are in desperate need of our help, as advocates and protectors, and so we must  pray for the strength and courage we need, and let our voices be heard.  


Alex Studer, who runs a website named Lab Virus, has (not surprisingly, considering his association with a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks, running coverups of child trafficking) taken it upon himself to become an advocate for a man arrested in San Francisco on charges of child pornography. Recently, Studer appeared in a TV news segment, which he posted on his website, along with several commentaries, all in defense of his fellow porno freak, Robert Glenn McDougall, and in defense of pornography itself.

Here's a print version of the TV news broadcast.

SF Man Arrested On Alleged Child Porn Charges Appears In Court

SAN FRANCISCO -- Federal investigators made a disturbing discovery late last year inside a camper parked on a San Francisco public street -- a trove of child pornography. The person living inside the camper said it's all a big misunderstanding and appeared in court Thursday morning on child pornography charges. Last October, a camper caught the eye of police, after it was parked in front of a public library on Scott Street.
Robert Glenn McDougall lived inside the camper, where a collection of thousands of disturbing and illegal images were found, FBI investigators said.
Searches over the next several months of the camper resulted in authorities finding pictures, posters and magazine cutouts of adult and teenage actresses and adolescent girls, police reports said. Investigators also found pornographic, father-daughter incest themed novels and hard drives, some encrypted.
The FBI said some of those hard drives contained child pornography, including thousands of photos of bikini-clad underage girls in sexually poses; hardcore pornographic images of young girls; dozens of cartoon images depicting the rape of children and 35 videos, some showing young girls having sex with adult men.
"We have forensically gone through numerous hard drives that were located within and we have indeed found some images that were concerning to us." said FBI Supervisory Special Agent John Bennett.
McDougall was arrested in January and is out on bail and faces federal charges of possession of child porn. He was in federal court Thursday for a pre-trial hearing.
“Yeah, I don't really know what they think they have found, or what they have found,” McDougall told KTVU in a phone interview. “They haven't come up with anything yet, as far as discovery."
McDougall said he's lived in a camper in that neighborhood for about 20 years. He said his hard drives might contain at most two or three illegal pictures that he downloaded, not knowing the models were underage.
"What about some of the sexual material, the books that depict sexual relations between older men and children? That's perfectly legal fiction," McDougall added.
Police said when they first looked into the camper, they saw cameras mounted inside as well as childrens' toys.
A later search of the cramped camper revealed duct tape and maps of Oregon, Washington and California with parks circled.
"Obviously, given the material that we found, we are concerned that if there are any victims out there, we understand where those victims are,” Bennett said.
McDougall said investigators are trying to imply that he’s a person who would go out and seek the company of children. “No, I don't do that,” he said.
McDougall’s neighbor Alex Studer said they're both in the stagehands union, where McDougall is a media technician.
“He's always been a loner,” Studer said. “He's always been by himself. In my opinion, he couldn't hurt a fly. I have never ever seen him, in the many years I've known him, ever bring anybody into his vehicle, much less a child.
McDougall said he camps near parks because there are no parking restrictions. He said he is an avid photographer, who photographs his grandchildren.
He said the toys in his camper were for his granddaughter.
“We were walking through Golden Gate Park and she saw some kids playing soccer and she said, I wish I had a soccer ball,” McDougall said. “So next time I was at Goodwill, I saw one and I bought it."
The FBI said it has no proof that McDougall has approached or inappropriately photographed any children.
McDougall's federal court-appointed attorney called the charges ridiculous.
The FBI told KTVU they believe McDougall may have been traveling the Pacific Coast from California to Seattle, and they are working with police in those areas.
Here, the links to Studer's articles:
NOTE: One such article, which I copied on the day it was posted, has since been removed, but it serves as evidence, showing Studer's attitude and M.O., as well as his gross ignorance of FBI operations, and the law in general. I have included it in its entirety, as an addendum, at the end of this report. 
As for the other articles, I have included excerpts, given here in quotation marks. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
But first, here in it's entirety, is a letter written by Alex Studer to the general manager of KTVU.

if it is found that KTVU has been complicit in any sting operations conducted by FBI or SFPD under false pretenses and broadcasts false information about me relating to your piece, or if you broadcast my name in any kind of association with that of Rob MacDougall during your broadcast, you will be hearing from Mr. Tony Serra in a most unpleasant way.

Likewise if it is found that allegations you are about to broadcast regarding Robert MacDougall as stated by the FBI and SFPD turn out to be false and based on false claims or any other malfeasances, it is likely you will hear from Mr MacDougall’s attorney also in a most unpleasant way.

There are current breaking developments bringing to light a high likelihood of underhanded setups, potential planting of evidence, and surveillance operations based on false allegations that if proven true will renhder anyone involved in broadcasting slanderous statements and images publicly subject to lawsuits for punitive damages.

This is my last suggestion to KTVU to kill the piece, at least until you have the story straight and are not vulnerable to lawsuits from slander and other fraudulent activities.
You have less than three hours to correct what could be a very damaging mistake for KTVU, the SFPD, and the FBI.

Your move.

Alex S. and Robert MacDougall (just out on bail today)


[BHP: Studer was voluntarily interviewed by the TV station. Nobody twisted his arm, and his comments in defense of Robert McDougall clearly show his position, that he believes McDougall to be innocent of all charges made against him. So why is he trying to get the station to "kill" the piece? Why did he not just refuse the interview in the first place?

Note that the letter is signed jointly by Alex Studer (who typically, does not give his full name, only "Alex S."), and Robert McDougall. So, not only has Studer taken it upon himself to defend McDougall, but has teamed up with him in an alliance against the FBI and the TV station who reported the alleged crimes.
From viewing the video, I saw no "false information" about Studer, only the comments he himself voluntarily made.

And consider this statement:  "if you broadcast my name in any kind of association with that of Rob MacDougall...."  

Yet Studer himself has entered into an alliance with McDougall by jointly signing the letter to the TV station. This is not an "association"?  So, on one hand Studer becomes an advocate for McDougall, and his innocence, and on the other, he is concerned that the TV station will implicate him in some way, by association.

Studer's "logic" escapes me, but then, he has repeatedly shown himself to be sorely lacking in intellectual acumen.

TV BROADCAST: "Plaintiff's Exhibit A"

Plaintiff’s Exhibit A: the KTVU slander piece containing FBI’s false allegations

Next, Studer posts the TV piece, calling it "Plaintiff's Exhibit A".  But who is the "plaintiff"? Studer doesn't name any person, nor does he state that any lawsuit has been filed. So, in actuality, there is no such plaintiff.

Studer calls the TV broadcast a "slander piece containing FBI's false allegations". But how could Alex Studer possibly know that the allegations are false? Was he privy to the details of the FBI's investigation? Was he there when the evidence was collected? Has he reviewed the evidence? To all these questions, the answer is the same: obviously not. Studer, typically, is in possession of no knowledge and no evidence, much less any facts.

This statement by Studer is based solely on his uninformed opinions and unfounded assumptions. Yet, despite all this, he is threatening the TV station with a lawsuit, and has appointed himself as a crusader on behalf of Robert McDougall, presenting his entirely subjective viewpoint AS IF it were a statement of fact. 

I have to wonder, does this attorney, named by Studer, Mr. Tony Serra, know that his client is a pretentious fool and a blithering idiot?


"Ted Gunderson, retired Los Angeles FBI Station Chief has a lot to say about his former agency, as he is one of the rare gems who stayed true to his oaths to protect Americans and not subvert them, unlike so many of his former associates. Dr Bill Deagle sure has had a lot to say over the years, as have Jeff Rense, Don Nicoloff and others."

[BHP : Ted Gunderson was in fact a COINTELPRO Kingpin while in the FBI, as he has remained since 1979 when he "retired" (at least officially).  Only a government stooge like Alex Studer would describe Gunderson as a "rare gem", but then, Studer only parrots what he has heard or read from Gunderson's  cronies, associates and lackeys (A. True Ott, John DeCamp, Doug Millar, Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi, Tim White, Jeff Rense et al).

In fact, Ted Gunderson has been engaged, for many years, in cover-ups related to child trafficking rings, pornography and satanism the very topics which Studer spouts off on his website, without knowing what the hell he is talking about. Studer's knowledge of these issues couldn't fill a thimble.  Studer is nothing but a squawking parrot who repeats anything he hears. (Squawk! squawk! Studer want a cracker?]

ALEX STUDER: "Legal adult porn is as American as apple pie"

 "I won’t lie; I’m a red-blooded healthy single hetero male in his early 40s who adores the form of the female body, and yes I have been known to have pornographic images kept in a folder to look at from time to time, but they are all LEGAL images of ADULTS over the age of 18 and all traceable back to their fully legal, legitimate, website sources.  Here in California this is 100% legal behavior.  Even if I choose to live next to a childrens school, my owning legal porn in my own private residence does not impose any threat to children whatsoever and does not imply I might be a pedophile.  Just because I may possess legal adult pornographic images does not in any way imply that I would also have pornographic images of illegal underage children, and does not give pretext to probable cause in any legal sense.  If anything does happen down the road and anyone comes around saying later “oh yeah we found images of underage kids on his hard drives” you will KNOW it is completely fabricated.  Same for anyone who might claim I emailed a photo of child porn, or downloaded one, or possessed one in any way at any time.

[BHP: Alex Studer publicly and proudly declares himself a user and collector of pornography, stating that it is all "100% legal", as if this makes it all fine and dandy.

Is Alex Studer aware of the fact that many of the so-called "ADULTS over the age of 18" were sold into sex slavery as children, and are still held in bondage to be exploited by the pimps who have made a multi-billion dollar industry out of child exploitation?

Does Alex Studer know that lowlife predators are running operations to lure teenage girls into "modeling" scams in which the girls, once drawn into the net, end up not as "models", but rather posing for pornographic photos, acting in pornographic videos and interactive sex shows, for a large list of lowlife  pervert clients? If the girls try to get out, they are blackmailed, threatened, and sometimes worse. 

Does Alex Studer really believe that ALL the girls (and boys) are actually over the age of 18? Truth is, there is no way to know. Does he trust that these pornographers actually are TRUTHFUL in their representations that it is all so "legal"? Does he know about the rampant corruption and graft practiced by police departments, vice squads and judges, in collusion with the predators and pimps?

Maybe, if this porno freak, Alex Studer, had taken the time to do some research on this issue, he would be aware that what he is participating in --and touting as his "adoration" of the female form-- is in actuality a massive ILLEGAL black market operation fueled by greed and lust, and resulting in tremendous suffering for all those being exploited, be they "legal adults" or children.

And all to provide a cheap thrill, to cater to the perversions of lowlife predators like Alex Studer. Make no mistake: Anyone who participates in the use of pornography in any way, is a sex predator whose material gratification comes at the price of the slavery and misery of others. Shame on you, Alex Studer!]

If anyone thinks they can fool a judge into believing anything found on my hard drives is such illegal underage sexual imagery, they will be headed toward one very embarrassing shaming in discovery where archived copies are produced into evidence containing their full source info including website owners and contact numbers who can provide conclusive proof the models are all over the age of 18.  Barely Legal may be collections of young-looking nude girls, but Hustler magazine does not stay in business without thoroughly documenting the proof of the legal adult age of its models.  You don’t see FBI breaking down Larry Flynt’s door.  Legal adult pornography may be offensive to some, against others’ religious beliefs, and so on, but here in California it is a legally protected art form, covered under the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech.  Legal, adult porn is as American as apple pie."

[BHP: Judges don't have to be fooled, not when they can be bought. Is Alex Studer really that naive, or that stupid?

Interesting he should mention Larry Flynt. No, the FBI won't be breaking down Flynt's door. And speaking of the FBI, Alex Studer's purported "rare gem", Ted Gunderson, tried to recruit Larry Flynt into his "legal" COINTELPRO operation, including to "spread disinformation" on media talk shows. See the evidence, Gunderson's letter to Larry Flynt, here: 

Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Solicits Porno King larry Flynt for COINTELPRO

[BHP: So, this vulgarian, Alex Studer, thinks pornography is an "art form". Not at all surprising, considering that obscenity seems to rule his psyche. I'm sure this Jew-hating bigot considers the NUKE ISRAEL tee shirts he sells on his website to be an "art form" as well.  And get this: he even sells NUKE ISRAEL tee shirts for dogs!  Yes, an image of an atomic blast plastered on the front of the shirt.  Don't stop at exploiting children, or "legal adults", let's add innocent  animals and exploit them too, using them as a walking signboard for weapons of mass destruction and genocide. If that's not obscenity, I don't know what is.

And now, for Alex Studer's most revealing comment: "Legal, adult porn is as American as apple pie."

I guess, if you consider the fact that this country has devolved into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, where moral values have taken a dive into the gutter, then tragically, he's right.

The question is, is THIS the kind of America we want? Are these the kind of values we want to teach our children? Or, do we want to restore this country to Godly values, to make it a place where children can grow up in peace and security, without being inculcated into believing in the normalcy of obscenity, without being assaulted with pornographic filth and endless sleaze, seeing all this degeneracy as A-okay, "as American as apple pie".


After watching the KTVU video and considering the statements made by Robert McDougall, it is clear that McDougall has the same basic attitude toward pornography as his advocate, Alex Studer.

Personally, unlike Alex Studer, I would need evidence before I could come to any conclusion as to the innocence or guilt of a suspect.  I don't have the evidence or the facts to reach any conclusion as to whether or not McDougall is engaged in the sexual abuse of children. Nor do I know whether or not McDougall is actually in possession of child pornography. But possession of child pornography is still a felony crime, even if the perp hasn't acted on his sick fantasies.

Trouble is, the use of child pornography almost always leads to committing the additional crime of raping children.

["Investigators also found pornographic, father-daughter incest themed novels and hard drives, some encrypted."

McDougall claims that all the pornography he is using is "legal":

"What about some of the sexual material, the books that depict sexual relations between older men and children? That's perfectly legal fiction," McDougall added. ]

So let me pose this question: Since McDougall has admitted to the possession and use of  father-daughter incest pornographic novels, fiction notwithstanding, what does that say about his character?  If his ideas about sex are so twisted, so grotesquely pathological, if he fantasizes about raping a child, even his own flesh and blood, what's to stop him from raping his own granddaughter?

I would hope that the parents of this child, having found out what they may not have known until this was made public, would never allow him to visit with her again.

And I hope that if it can proven in a court of law that this creep, McDougall, is in possession of even ONE piece of  ILLEGAL child pornography, that he will be put away and do some hard time.

Longterm scientific/psychological studies have shown that child rapists can almost never be "rehabilitated". The psychopathology runs so deep that the only possible preventive measure is to lock them up where they can't get their grimy hands on another child, ever again.

And I, for one, don't care WHY they do what they do. I don't care if they claim it was because they themselves were abused. THERE IS SIMPLY NO EXCUSE FOR RAPING A CHILD.


But the story does not end with Alex Studer, the Jew-hating porno freak, defending Robert McDougall. No, he has tried to pin the blame on two individuals ( both of whom happen to be Jewish) who have been targeted by the very COINTELPRO criminal network for whom Studer is a stooge and lackey.
Studer accuses Horowitz and Kane of being COINTELPRO and of making "false allegations" against him to the FBI. 

The A-HA Moment: are Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane involved in making false accusations against me with the SF branch of FBI?


"I have just come to learn that for the first time I am feeling the real heat of danger associated with blogging about such sensitive issues that piss off people like Bert Stubblebine and Michael Aquino.  It appears and I will soon have verified that the FBI tried to set me up to have me removed permanently on trumped up child porn charges from a process begun by Len Horowitz, and they bungled the operation and misfired, taking out someone else, and by the time they were active in the sting operation they couldnt correct from their mistake and were forced to see it through to its ultimate inevitable end which still has yet to arrive.  But it is looming soon over the horizon it seems.  Seems my little blog here has gotten me some attention from those who are now trying to cause me serious harm, and now that this effort has blown up in their face and soon all over the media, likely they will be even more pissed off and determined to take me out yet another way.  So hear this now folks: if anything should happen to me so that I am killed or otherwise seriously injured, please investigate it thoroughly for you will no doubt find it was no accident and someone was deliberately behind it.  If they will go to such lengths to create such a fuss over little ole me – and it blows up – they wont think twice about fifty grand for a hitman to put a slug in my brain.  These people are playing for keeps and the stakes just got a whole lot higher.  I guess I’ve been promoted.  I have been targeted by COINTELPRO.

It appears the basic jist of this entire story is that they were aiming for me and they misfired and grabbed this poor fellow by mistake back in late January, a basic case of Keystone Cops pulling the usual: mistaken identity.  THEY WERE GOING TO SET ME UP AND ACCUSE ME OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND INSTEAD THEY SET UP AND ARRESTED THE WRONG TARGET.  Classic.  Man oh man that would have seriously sucked.  For all I know hidden stuff had been planted on my drives and its a miracle it hadnt been discovered.  What drives? oh yes, the ones I pounded into gravel with a sledgehammer after transferring all my music art business and personal data to brand new virgin drives.  That is how you securely reformat a drive folks.

[BHP: With this latest, it has now become abundantly clear that this Alex Studer is also a certifiable whackjob! If he has been targeted by anything, it's his own negatively inflated ego.  He actually believes that the FBI arrested the wrong man, and his paranoid fantasies have led him to destroy his computer drives in fear of child pornography being discovered on his computer.

I have news for Alex Studer: Nobody, much less the FBI, gives a damn about you and your loudmouthed rantings about set ups and slugs in your brain. Your claims are beyond ludicrous. You are not a person of interest, except perhaps  to provide some comic relief with your buffoonery.

But for those interested in the truth, for a change, please watch this video of Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz, a segment of their talk at the Conspiracy Con, June 2011.  

Just one more thing before I wrap up this report. Alex Studer is not only a porno freak and Jew-hating bigot, he is also a misogynist. He has repeatedly  called both Barbara Hartwell and Sherri Kane a "slut". Of course, Studer has presented no evidence for this filthy slur, but what else is new?
It appears that Studer is simply doing what he does best: parroting the outrageous lies of his "friends" and "sources", like Tim White --another misogynist, porno freak and collector of child pornography (for which he was never charged) and a transvestite who dresses like a female prostitute.
Tim White also called Sherri Kane a slut, and a whore, and slandered Barbara Hartwell with the same epithets.
At the risk of stating the obvious:  Porno freaks Tim White and Alex Studer are the real sluts and whores.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
July 13, 2011


[BHP:  "The spirit of truth, liberty and justice?"

This one speaks for itself as to Alex Studer's flagrant stupidity. He thinks the FBI is going to award him special status and privileges? Who in hell does Alex Studer think he is? Maybe he removed it because in a rare moment of clarity, even he realized how idiotic it makes him look.]

"Addressing it head on"

"I am fully aware that official process indicates one should complete and send or fax a signed FOIA request if I would like to see any information on me the FBI may be holding on file.  I am more than prepared to do so, however I have hope that out of civility and politeness I might somehow persuade someone in the SF bureau to honor me this one simple request and allow me please to appear in your office with proper ID downtown in the federal building and be able to receive copies of whatever may be in my “file”, as soon as possible without having to wait for the grinding wheels of beaurocracy to send me mail some six weeks later.
My name is Alex S. DOB XXXXXX, and I appeared on KTVU’s 10 o’clock news just last night briefly in a piece which aired featuring allegations made by John Bennett of FBI against Robert MacDougall of child pornography among other things.

I am certain that in my file it shows clearly that I grew up a classmate of the Getty children at Town School here in SF and worked periodically for Ann Getty and at one point ran payroll for the entire house staff including several active duty veteran SFPD homicide cops including former homicide chief Armand Gordon.  [apologies to the Gettys if this is perceived as a violation of a non-disclose agreement - it is not done with any malicious intent]

My grandfather was Julian F. McGowin of Chapman, Alabama.  He went to Oxford with his three other brothers, one of whom was a full Rhodes scholar.  My grandfather founded the library at Pembroke College in England.

Not sure if my file shows that my first uncle was the late Samuel A. Adams a veteran patriot CIA agent during Vietnam and afterward, author of the book exemplifying political corruption of the military process called War Of Numbers.   Likely you have all at least heard of if not read this book as I understand it to be officer training 101 in all branches of the armed services.

My file likely also shows what is very publicly available information regarding my arrest and conviction record showing several DUI and public drunk SFPD arrests but no convictions.  I imagine my record looks rather clean by your standards.  Certainly I am confident there is nothing in my file that may suggest anything relating to pedophilia, sex crimes, or child pornography.  Certainly nothing to suggest I may be a dangerous terrorist or a threat to anyone of any kind.

I make this request because I have been alerted that perhaps some people I do not know and who have chosen to cause me harm may have done so by showing up in your offices some weeks ago and filing false statements of some sort of seriously illegal activity upon receipt of which your bureau reportedly then began an undercover surveillance operation on me.  It is my intention to get to the bottom of what falsehoods were alleged and filed with signatures, when, and by whom.  The two suspects I am investigating are known as “Doctor” Len Horowitz and a woman named Sherri Kane.

These two work for COINTELPRO as I understand, a domestic spy group created by retired army general Albert Stubblebine.  Apparently because of the content of my blog at and the nature of my association with other researchers such as Dr. A. True Ott PhD of Ogden UT, and the apparent accuracy of much of my findings exposing crimes and harmful acts of these two and those they associate with, they have chosen to launch an attack now at me, after already having launched similar attacks against Dr Ott and Ted Gunderson among others.  They arrived a week early prior to speaking as headliners at the Conspiracy Conference down in Santa Clara a few weeks ago, apparently with the sole intent of filing with your SF office such false allegations against me and others, knowing these acts would trigger a chain of events hopefully leading to my incarceration for federal charges, albeit falsely alleged charges.  It would seem their plan failed, and instead the wrong person was targeted, and now there are serious damages to be accounted for on many fronts, some of which have affected me personally.

I would like very much to find out who did this to me; creating an elaborate plan to frame me for trumped up federal charges, and as I understand it you folks are in possession of such records.  With your assistance by allowing me to bypass the red tape of procedure by mailing/faxing my request and waiting, and allowing me to come in personally to receive what records of me you have on file, I would be best enabled to begin sorting out the actual truth behind what has transpired and best be able to defend myself and go after the real criminals in this scenario.  Hopefully I am appealing to your well-developed sense of duty to protect the process of justice.

Friends I have in the intelligence community have informed me that the FBI/SF has currently an ongoing surveillance operation targeting me since January perhaps based on certain false allegations that may have been filed by these two in your office alleging my involvement somehow perhaps in child-porn related activities.  These same intel sources also inform me that it is possible that the arrest made in January of Robert MacDougall and his charges may have possibly been mistakenly misdirected as they may have been originally intended to have been targeted toward me in some sort of a setup frame job attempt.  These same intel operatives continue to inform me that a possibility exists additionally that perhaps at least one FBI agent may have knowingly acted further based on what was then known to be false allegations and may not have divulged this information to his superiors as he did so.

I am a not-too close but still personal friend of Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles FBI Station chief.  He is in poor health fighting cancer and does not have much time or energy to devote to helping me at all, and I don’t wish to bother him.

Please humor me and allow me the privilege of appearing in your office to receive copies of my FBI file as soon as possible so that I may hunt down the real truth and help you folks discover who the actual perpetrators of high crimes and misdemeanors are, who are hurting well-meaning patriots such as myself and my colleagues, and who apparently are playing the FBI like a fiddle as their weapon of destruction.  The sooner you can help me, the sooner I can help you begin to wipe inevitable egg of the FBI’s face for foolishly falling for the pure ruse presented by Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane which no doubt will inevitably harm the FBI down the road as well.

Im guessing you already have my cel number and are actively recording every conversation.  You folks are welcome to call me anytime on that number.
In the spirit of truth, liberty and justice,

Alex S.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA