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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jeff Rense, UFOs and the Government Propaganda Machine

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
John: 8:32
On June 24, Janet Phelan published an article exposing popular talk show host Jeff Rense:
Jeff Rense: "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy"
This article was posted on quite a few high-traffic websites and generated a firestorm of controversy among journalists and activists, many of whom  expressed their own views on the subject, as well as on Phelan and Rense.
It should be noted that this article by Janet Phelan was far from the first exposing Rense as anti-Jewish, and part of the holocaust-denier/revisionist crowd, though he has made the claim:
" and the Jeff Rense Program have always been steadfastly Pro-Jewish...and Anti-Zionist, and certainly anti-Neocon, most of whom are Zionists with dual loyalty and many with dual Israeli citizenship. The following video points out in searing detail the reasons for our position and our many years of fighting for the rights of Jews and all Americans."

SOURCE: A Personal Message from Jeff Rense [link not included] 
A well-written piece of propaganda...but I have to look at Rense's "pro-Jewish" statement in light of the blatant hypocrisy of also stating: "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy". He can't have it both ways...
In searching for responses directly from Rense, I found only one (given below); and I have also not seen anything by Rense in which he denies having made that statement. In any case, I believe Janet Phelan, since I know her to be an honest person and a trustworthy source.
Typically, as a result of her article, Janet Phelan was targeted for personal attacks on her character. One such assailant was the old standby, predicate felon, fed snitch, Timothy Patrick White, who has been stalking, harassing, threatening, viciously libeling/slandering Janet Phelan (since 2006), among many, many others (including Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee) well before that time. 
Tim White (aside from his "credentials" as snitch and psycho stalker), is an extremely aggressive, loudmouthed busybody who sticks his impudent nose in everyone's business (including monstrous invasions of privacy), either in "defense" of well-known people in the "patriot"/"truth" movements who are part of a COINTELPRO containment operation/protection racket; and more often, in attacks against legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and activists who are exposing the criminal COINTELPRO network and countering their disinformation with truth, facts and evidence.
Here is just one sample of Tim White's libelous handiwork, his e-mail to Jeff Rense, posted on a group called cia-drugs, in which he attacks Janet, stating she is "JEWISH", and makes his usual accusations against Janet's father, the late investigative journalist James Phelan, claiming that he was a "FBI/CIA SNITCH", "TRAITOR" and "LIAR".
Ironic, coming from the likes of Tim White, a career criminal who made a deal with corrupt feds in 2002 to get out of jail (serving only a small fraction of his four-year sentence), in exchange for becoming their snitch and barking dog, to attack, harass, threaten, stalk, libel/slander patriots, journalists, genuine whistleblowers and activists. Could anything possibly be more despicable?
And if Tim White is not a "TRAITOR", then we'll soon see flying pigs take wing over America.
[From: Tim White
To: Jeff Rense
Sent: Thu, June 23, 2011 11:44:01 PM
From: Tim White
To: Jeff Rense
Sent: Thu, June 23, 2011 7:26:59 PM
Subject: Fw: LOOK WHO CONTACTED ME //Fw: Janet Phelan ARE aware that Janet Phelan is "JEWISH" through her mother aren't you ?...and that she was born and raised in ALTON Illinois where her mother was a CLINICAL PSYCHIATRIST at THE STATE HOSPITAL ?....HELLLLO.......about when she was 3 years old(about 1958 or so) - the family moved to LONG BEACH.....and there is where I THINK James Phelan got IN BED with the CIA.....

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower]
Jeff Rense responds to Tim White (the uneducated rank amateur, touting his bogus credentials, the name-dropper who boasts: "LOOK WHO CONTACTED ME"):
[From: J Rense
To: Tim White
Sent: Thu, June 23, 2011 7:02:12 PM
Subject: Re: LOOK WHO CONTACTED ME //Fw: Janet Phelan
Thanks, Tim....

Yeah...well, she's sure as hell working for the zionists. That's rather obvious now, too.]
Well, aside from the fact that Tim White's information about Janet Phelan is not accurate (what else is new?), one example being that she would have been three (3) years old in 1955, NOT in 1958, White uses the word "JEWISH" as if it were some sort of brand of dishonor.
As for Rense's response to White, he typically accuses Janet of working for the zionists. I've been hit numerous times with these same accusations, simply for standing up against anti-Jewish propaganda from Nazi sympathizers and apologists.
(John Kaminski, at one time a frequent contributor to Rense's website, one of the most vicious Jew-haters, who has said, "Never trust a Jew", claiming that ALL Jews are "liars", has called Barbara Hartwell a "mainstream Republican Zionist demagogue". For the record, I have never been a Zionist, nor had any connection with Zionists, nor do I endorse any aspect of Zionism. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you loathsome leftist bigot!)
So, Jeff Rense joins the COINTELPRO crowd exploiting Tim White, simply because White serves as the attack dog against those targeted for neutralization (in this case, Janet Phelan), at the same time he becomes the sycophant for all those "patriot celebrities" whose names he loves to drop in connection to his own. (Look at me! I'm Tim White! I know IMPORTANT PEOPLE, who send me personal messages! I'm a PLAYER!)
But this isn't the first time Rense has published disinformation furnished by Tim White.
There was one article, in which Tim White promotes completely unsubtantiated hearsay and rumor, furnished, of course, by COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson and his crony, John DeCamp (both of whom Rense promotes and endorses), for whom Tim White has served for the past decade as a town crier, messenger boy, lackey and shill.
By the way, nobody has ever "proved" that Gannon is Gosch. There is no evidence whatsoever to support such a claim. This is just one of many examples of the lack of discernment (to say the least) exercised by Jeff Rense, as well as his willingness to promote sensationalism with no basis in fact.
Sensationalism sells...haven't you heard?
Former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, a mutual friend of mine and Janet Phelan's, posted these comments on his news updates:
Abominable statement by Jeff Rense: "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy."
Shame on Rense for his filthy assertion: "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy."
But let's leave the Jewish/Hitler topic and move on to other issues.  I think it's time I told my own story about Jeff Rense, one which I have not yet made public. Here it is, for the record.
This goes back to 1998 and the subject is UFO research. It's something I was involved in for many years, but have not spoken much on, since going public about CIA crimes and corruption (1995). For one thing, it's not a priority for me, since my primary agenda is defending Liberty and unalienable God-given rights.
For a number of years, beginning in 1986, I was a regular attendee at UFO conferences around the country, mostly in the Northeast.  I usually had a press pass and attended as a journalist.  I  hosted/produced radio and TV shows from 1987-1994 (WGCH Radio, Greenwich, CT and Cablevision of CT, Westport) and contributed articles to several hardcopy publications.  On my TV and radio programs, I interviewed many of the top UFO researchers, witnesses and/or those who claimed to be UFO/alien abductees and "contactees". Among them were: Betty Andreasson, Betty Hill, Phil Imbrogno, John White, Fred Max, Dr. Bruce Cornet, William Moore, Whitley Streiber, Larry Warren, Bill Cooper (author of Behold a Pale Horse).
I also attended various meetings of UFO groups, including those sponsored by Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins, Harold Egeln, and from these contacts met some of the speakers/researchers at these events, including Dr. John Mack , Dr. David Jacobs, and a number of others whose names I can't remember at the moment.
Some of these individuals were connected to intelligence agencies, as I had been, at least during some of that time period; some were promoting government-sponsored disinformation about UFOs, aliens, etc. etc. In fact, these conferences and meetings were swarming with government agents...I won't bother naming them here, as it's not the point of this report.
Why was I so interested in UFOs? During the course of my life, I have had many experiences involving them and many sightings, including those described by UFO investigators as incidents of "high strangeness".
It is relevant to state that I was born with a wide range of  "paranormal" abilities, which I know to be God's "gifts of the Spirit" (which certain misguided  fundamentalist Christians have often called "the work of the devil"); have been trained in metaphysical disciplines/sciences (which I also taught at various institutes); and was in fact exploited by CIA for these talents (among others). I have worked as a professional clairvoyant and profiler, including assisting police departments in criminal  investigations, missing persons cases, and have also worked with D.A.'s offices, as a consultant in jury selection, as well as with defense attorneys. 
I gave up this line of work (at least professionally) when it began to take a toll on me emotionally and physically.  And despite the fact that I was still inside CIA during much of this time, that does not change the fact that my work was done in good faith and was instrumental in bringing criminals (including murderers and rapists) to justice and bringing  missing persons (at least those who were still alive) home to their families.
I did this work because I care about the victims of crimes, the missing and exploited, and because I care about seeing justice done, plain and simple. I received no remuneration from the police departments, nor asked for any payment. I did not want "credit" for my work, since in many cases it could have compromised my safety.
But getting back to the issue of UFOs and the connection to Jeff Rense. From 1994 to 1998, I was engaged in intensive field investigations in an area which is a hotbed of UFO/paranormal activity, in Pine Bush, NY, located in the Shawangunk mountain range, also near the Catskills.
I was working at various times with several other investigators, including Dr. Bruce Cornet, former USAF Larry Warren (Bentwaters, Rendlesham Forest) as well as a private investigator and technical surveillance expert (who shall remain nameless). I went out night after night into the field, tracking UFO activity, as well as documenting the paranormal activity connected to it.
There was a joint facility (FBI/CIA/Air Force Blue Beret, etc.) at a so-called "defunct" military base located in Pine Bush, NY. There was an underground base there, from which military signals were emanating; as well as "force fields"; anti-gravity technology; cloaking devices used by the military; directed energy anti-personnel weaponry, and much, much more. All of which I directly witnessed/experienced.
I and my colleagues were able to document these activities using various technologies, including spectrum analyzers, magnetometers and infrared photography. (I am not a technical expert, but my associates were. My area of expertise, as relates to these investigations, is paranormal phenomena.) We also were able to connect much of the goings-on in Pine Bush, NY directly to U.S. government black operations (in some of which I had been previously involved before breaking out of CIA).
In 1994, after years of battling the forces of darkness and my CIA handlers, I finally broke out of these operations, through the Grace of God, as I have often stated for the record. It was at this time that I began my investigations in Pine Bush, NY. I also moved from Connecticut to that area in 1994.
There was a local UFO group in Pine Bush, a sort of  "support group" for people who had UFO experiences. I attended some of the meetings as part of my investigations, and interviewed some of the people, but was not a "member" of this group per se. The group was not run by professionals in any discipline, but was just a gathering of people interested in various UFO/paranormal  phenomena, though the group often invited professional investigators as speakers. I myself had been a speaker there in my professional capacity, but my investigations were conducted independently, with no connection to this group. This is an important point, as will become clear.
The Pine Bush UFO group gained notoriety simply because it was "the only game in town" in an area which was a notable hotbed of UFO and related phemomena, which had been happening, and which had been documented by various investigators, over a period of many years.
During this time, I was a guest on many radio programs in relation to my investigations in Pine Bush and elsewhere. There were also some TV programs, including Strange Universe.
At that time, I was being harassed by the government (as I had been for some years prior, even before breaking out of CIA operations). The reason seemed to me pretty simple: I was investigating and exposing information which the government wanted kept under wraps, including as related to their mind control operations and the connection to the paranormal and UFO phenomena.
Every time I went on some radio or TV show, I noticed that most of my testimony, which always connected government/military black operations to UFOs, got cut, while those talking about being "UFO abductees" along with their New Age ideology, mostly the 'benevolent space brother' aspect, were promoted.
It happened time and time again, and meanwhile I was being harassed and threatened by the government.
In 1997, I was invited to speak at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver Colorado, which was the first major speaking engagement I had since going public re my CIA background.
On September 15, 1997, there was an extreme episode of harassment directed against me, which I knew was connected to the fact that I had exposed some information at the conference in Denver only a few weeks before. This sort of "crime and punishment" scenario repeated itself over and over. Each time I did something the government didn't like, they would "punish" me for my "crime" of exposing their black operations by taking extreme measures in attempts to intimidate and silence me.  In each case, despite the damages to me, their attempts failed.
In this particular case, what they did was deploy a F-15 fighter jet to buzz directly over the roof of a house where I was temporarily staying, as I was forced to leave another place due to threats to my life. The house happened to be the home of someone from the Pine Bush UFO group, who at the time, was a friend.
We contacted the FAA in the Albany office and reported that this was an outrageous violation of FAA regs, and that I also considered it a threat against my person.
Long story short, one man at FAA tried to investigate, but his investigation was cut short. However, I did manage to find out a few facts: The jet was identified as a F-15 military fighter jet; it had been spotted by witnesses over West Point (not far from where I was staying), flying too low for radar; that it was a violation of FAA regs (duh).
But the man who tried to help was not allowed to continue with his investigation. In fact, I soon learned that he had suddenly and inexplicably been transferred from the Albany office to California. This type of scenario has repeated itself many times, over the course of many years.
Typical denial and cover-up, and no way for the Target to nail down the government perps.
But back to Jeff Rense. By 1998, I had moved from the Pine Bush area to Woodstock, NY. I had cut off all contact with the Pine Bush UFO group, due to the fact that some of these people had begun to interfere in my investigations; poach my research and twist it to suit their own agenda, and betrayed my trust.
They divulged private information to the media about MY life and about sensitive issues and research which I had not intended to make public, at least not until I had collected enough evidence to substantiate it. In any case, these busybodies had no business whatsoever appointing themselves as town criers, exploiting the work of others in order to gain notoriety for themselves. I had made it clear that if I decided to go public with any (or all) information gleaned from my own investigations, that was solely my prerogative, when and if I so chose.
During that same year, 1998, I learned that some members of the UFO group in Pine Bush were to be guests on the Jeff Rense radio show. I was able to listen to the broadcast, and was outraged by what I heard.
First, all the research which I had conducted independently, or with a few other professionals, was claimed by these people (all rank amateurs) to have been done by them!
Worse, they twisted the information (some of which they clearly did not understand) and mixed it with wild speculation and uninformed, subjective personal opinions. They talked about their own personal experiences and tried to fit them into a framework for which they had no evidence.  The end result was that they managed to discredit not only themselves, but the entire body of research which I had so painstakingly conducted --none of which had anything to do with them.
The spin they put on their "story" was that they were being harassed by the government for "exposing" the UFO coverup in Pine Bush. But the last straw was when they told Jeff Rense that the incident with the F-15 fighter jet happened because the government considered THEM as a threat, and that THEY were the targets of this outrageous incident. Only one of them was actually present when the incident occurred.
During the entire interview, my name was never mentioned (thank the Lord for small mercies!), and yet they had managed to do tremendous damage to my work, and also to my reputation, since there were many people who were aware of my involvement in the Pine Bush UFO investigations.
Jeff Rense's attitude during the interview was one of complete sympathy and support for his guests. He coddled them, and seemed to take everything they said at face value, automatically agreed with them, never challenged them about any of their claims.  It was like he was there as part of an "infomercial", promoting this UFO group (comprised entirely of amateurs) as the yardstick by which all UFO/paranormal phenomena in Pine Bush should be measured, without looking any further into the much larger picture.
Outraged by this program, I decided to contact Jeff Rense and set the record straight. I wrote him an e-mail, outlining my concerns, as well as furnishing the actual facts which had been ommitted, twisted beyond recognition, or "spun" to support false conclusions. I made sure to limit my message to address ONLY those issues which related directly to me and my work, which had been misrepresented by these individuals.
I also told him I wanted air time for a rebuttal, in defense of my own work, my professional reputation, and most importantly, the truth.
Prior to this time, I was well aware that Rense's program promoted much disinformation, of the government-sponsored variety. This of course is unavoidable, especially when the subject matter is UFOs and the paranormal. But given the fact that Rense's website/program was one of the major outlets for these topics, I knew that he couldn't possibly have gained such a large audience and become such a celebrated media personality unless the government allowed it, and was pulling at least some of the strings. The "alternative" media is no different than the mainstream in this respect.
By the same token, because of my own professional background in psychological operations, and because CIA had utilized me in media (they sponsored my TV and radio programs until I broke out of the operations), I know that the objective of these operations is not to expose truth, but to disseminate propaganda, about any issue or subject. It's all about 'agenda politics'.
I am not necessarily accusing Rense of being CIA. Truthfully, I don't know, and as I told Janet Phelan in a recent telephone conversation discussing this issue, I have never considered Jeff Rense (or others of his ilk) to be a "person of interest", at least not in my world.  
But I will say this:  CIA, according to their plan, for which they trained and groomed me, wanted me to do exactly what people like Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, and others, are doing: become a media  propagandist, wielding influence over large audiences. But I got out before they could cash in on their investment.
Once I fully realized where I was headed, or rather, where they were attempting to railroad me, I refused to cooperate.  I got off the propaganda train. The reason is very simple: I care about truth and I can't respect, endorse, support or collaborate with anyone who tries to lead me --or others-- away from truth, for any agenda.
Oh, and by the way, Jeff Rense never bothered to respond to my e-mail, in which I outlined the truth and the facts, and requested the opportunity to present them to his listening audience in rebuttal to the false information which was promoted by the Pine Bush UFO group.
Now, what does that tell you?
Barbara Hartwell Percival
July 2, 2011
NOTE: I had to remove the e-mail addresses (Tim White and Jeff Rense) and cc list, as I could not post due to problems with broken links.  

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