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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ted Gunderson & Alex Jones: COINTELPRO at Work

Recently, while conducting a search on "COINTELPRO and Ted Gunderson" I found a video on  You Tube, Alex Jones interviewing ex-FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, dated April 2010.

The interview, according to Jones, was conducted from Gunderson's hospital room, where he is recovering from cancer surgery.  I should say up front that despite my adversarial relationship with Ted over the past decade, that I am very sorry for him and have prayed for his recovery.

It is important to me to state that I do not hate Ted Gunderson. However, in good conscience, as a matter of principle, I have never been able to just stand by while the lies and cover-ups of Gunderson (and his cronies, minions, shills and stooges) proliferate at the expense of legitimate whistleblowers, patriots and journalists, and at the expense of this country at large.

I have exposed Ted Gunderson as COINTELPRO for the past decade. Ted has countered my allegations by claiming I am a CIA disinfo agent. But up until Ted's recent interview with Alex Jones,  I had never heard Gunderson admit that he was in fact part of COINTELPRO during his FBI service. 

Rather, he has vociferously denied it, as have his shills, most notably Ken Adachi. On this point, Adachi and his fellow government stooges have accused Barbara Hartwell many times of being a liar, and much worse. The massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell has resulted in ruining my good name, and in tremendous destruction in almost every area of my life. But of course, that is what COINTELPRO is all neutralize whistleblowers so that the government crimes and cover-ups can continue.

But although it was unprecedented (at least to my knowledge), Gunderson's admission did not surprise me. There have been similar admissions, following on the heels of  vehement denials, but only AFTER the facts and the evidence produced by the expositors (including Barbara Hartwell) had become irrefutable and a matter of public record.

One example is the fact that Ted Gunderson sold Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979 while still working for the FBI. He denied it, calling Barbara Hartwell a liar. He shouted his denials on radio programs, all the while attacking the credibilty and the character of Barbara Hartwell and others. 

Gunderson later admitted it, using the "Red Menace" as an excuse. 

But whatever his excuses may be, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for telling lies.  Just as there is NO EXCUSE for demonizing others who expose those lies.

In fact, Gunderson, in addition to his COINTELPRO confession, admitted the very same thing in this latest interview with Alex Jones.

What can we make of this pattern of denials followed by admissions?

As a trained intelligence analyst, I would have to say that when the "plausible denials" are no longer working, when the credibility of the perps has suffered beyond the point of salvage, the promoters of the lies, the criminals who have perpetrated the cover-ups, don't have much choice but to admit to at least a portion of the truth. The spin they put on it is another story, but it almost always involves an attempt to justify the crimes and cover-ups.

But when government-sponsored perps finally make such an admission, they must find a venue which is guaranteed to provide maximum exposure, and they must find a sympathetic ear, accompanied by a voice that people in the "patriot" community will be listening to.

Enter Alex Jones. Alex Jones, the "patriot celebrity", plain and simple, is a government shill. Personally, I have no doubt of this. In my opinion, based on my personal/professional experience, my investigations and research, Jones is most likley a part of Mockingbird, a CIA operation which uses journalists to promote propaganda as controlled opposition.

What's more, Alex Jones has been promoting Ted Gunderson and his crony, John DeCamp, for years. As for anyone (including Barbara Hartwell) who has exposed the criminal activities of Gunderson/DeCamp and their cabal, we are vilified by Jones, and/or censored. In my case, both.

It is way past time that sincere truth seekers and patriots, those who have been hoodwinked by the likes of Jones, Gunderson and DeCamp, take a hard look at the facts and the truth.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Here, to elaborate on past events referenced here, I have provided some links and excerpts from previously published material.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 30, 2010

Links for Alex Jones's three-part interview with Ted Gunderson.

Ted Gunderson: Ex-Officio COINTELPRO, De Facto COINTELPRO


[Edited for relevance. See original report.]


"I am one of the radio talk show hosts on Genesis and I must now release several things starting with this.
As well, others have the right to know first hand that this story from Barbara Hartwell is true. Barbara did get cut from Genesis last night on my program and it was out of my control.

The following information that I am about to post took place on my radio program last night on Genesis Communications radio network.
What I am about to report to you took place and you can take any of what I am about to say as hearsay if you want, but this has been an on going problem that I have had to deal with for a number of years, dealing with people I have gotten on the air and talked about issues other people will not cover.

During the interview I got a call from Alex Jones and the person that was running the show at the time, a woman by the name of Stephanie, told me during a break that Alex Jones wanted to talk to me after the broadcast about the person that I was having on the air in this case Barbara Hartwell.
After which I thought nothing of it at the time and continued with the interview.
Later, about 5 mins towards the last half of the 2 hour show, about 7:31 pm Mountain time, I was told another message from Stef that Michael Trudeau, who I have been told and have a letter from, is the Vice President of Genesis, told me and the board operator that I had to let my guest [Barbara Hartwell] go. I was not told why and didn't do it.
After coming back from the 30 min break, Barbara had about 3 min and 20 seconds, from my best guess before Genesis cut her with out my permission. In this case it deals with the Franklin Coverup and people directly involved in covering up the incident, John Decamp, Ted Gunderson, & George Pender, Known as "Operation Brownstone".
After this book was released a second book was put out following up book one, The Franklin Coverup, to continue to coverup the incidents involving child abuse, rape and other things.
It was done by these 2 [Gunderson and DeCamp] after the information leaked out on radio years ago. These 2 were used by the CIA to spin the story about what really happend and who was really involved.

But there is more. There is one last commerical that takes place at about :45 after or rather closer to :50 after the hour, at which time I got another call from Alex Jones saying to me the following.

That this issue with Ted Gunderson he knew all about, but that I was not and I quote NOT to contact Barbara Hartwell or Stew Webb again or have them on the program again. What needs to be said beyond this are several things but I don't have alot of time left to explain this sitution so I will try to be brief.

See, here is the thing: there is so much more to this story and what it is I have seen since being on this network, it's going to take me weeks posting articles like this, but it boils down to this. This Ted Gunderson issue is so hot that Alex Jones called me 3 times in a 40 min period to get me to stop what it was I was broadcasting [Barbara Hartwell] not to mention the vice president of Genesis, Michael Trudeau."



In November, 2003, I, Barbara Hartwell, was summarily cut off in the middle of a radio broadcast on the Floyd Report by Alex Jones, who threatened the host, Jeremy Floyd, never to speak to me again --or else!....I was also permanently banned from Genesis Communications Network, courtesy of Alex Jones and others operating in the shadows...

Jeremy Floyd quit his job at GCN over that incident of censorship, on principle, and went over to Truth Radio. I know this to be a fact, as I discussed it at length with Jeremy and he told me all the details. Alex Jones then lied, claiming that Jeremy had been fired, in what was clearly an attempt to cover up the truth. I was denounced as a "nark" and a "CIA disinfo agent" by some of Jones's cronies at GCN and on his websites, Prison Planet and Info Wars, including by some arrogant punk kid, Jones's sidekick, Paul Joseph Watson.

I'd been on GCN many times before, over a period of years, at least since 1997, on various programs, and this was an unprecedented event. Now, I am officially banned from GCN, have been since November 2003, when Alex Jones literally pulled the plug on me in the middle of a broadcast. I do not know Alex Jones personally and have never had any direct contact with him. But another shady character seems to be involved here: Larry Lawson, who claims he was the person who called Alex Jones to "warn" him about Barbara Hartwell being "CIA". I have no way of knowing if this is true, because Larry Lawson is yet another notorious liar, who has been on my case, libeling and harassing me (and many others) since 2001.

Why was I censored and banned? For telling the truth about some of the criminal activities of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, including the FACT that Ted Gunderson indeed sold Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI. Alex Jones later described John DeCamp as "a Great American" on his program on GCN, on which John DeCamp was interviewed. Ted Gunderson has also been a guest on Alex Jones's program.

Later, after Jeremy Floyd quit GCN and went over to Truth Radio, he introduced me on one of his programs as, Barbara Hartwell, the woman who has been banned from nearly every radio show in America. How true that is. Most of the "patriot" and "Christian" radio shows have run on GCN for years, along with an affiliate WWCR (from which I was also banned, after having appeared on various programs for years.) In fact, Ted Gunderson had his "Wake Up America!" radio show on WWCR. I was on the program myself, as well as on Ted's cable TV show.

As I have publicly stated many times, I cut off my professional association with Ted Gunderson in January 2000, when I finally realized (and had gathered the evidence to substantiate) the level of corruption in which he was involved, both while inside the FBI and since his" retirement" in 1979.

So, for those Alex Jones apologists, I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways. You either support and defend selective censorship, bullying, threats and lying, or you don't. You support coddling, promoting and covering for criminals, or you don't. There is nothing "patriotic" in this behavior. It certainly has nothing to do with Truth.

I'm well aware that it is possible I will lose more friends over this "Alex Jones" issue, as I've never seen more people willing to make excuses for anyone, as they have for Alex Jones. But I do know that if people are REAL friends, they will be able to agree to disagree with me about Alex Jones, or just about anyone else. 

But l'd like to see how they would feel if THEY were the ones being censored, banned or blacklisted, for no other reason than for exposing the truth about criminals in government. I'll keep standing for the Truth, even if I have to stand alone. To hell with Alex Jones and his censorship.

And if John DeCamp and his crony, Ted Gunderson, continue to be promoted by some of the largest radio programs and websites and held aloft as the Icons of Great American Patriots, I can only say TO HELL with the "patriot" movement and the Trojan Horse it rode in on!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust