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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama, Satan & the New World Order: A Whack Job Speaks Out

"Hopefully, he ["President-Elect Barack Obama"] will battle the New World Order and its Totalitarian agenda; something Bush and the PNAC have aided and abetted for the past eight years."

--James F. Marino's promotional statement in support of Barack Hussein Obama
November, 2008

Here's a question for everyone reading this report: What could possibly be a more "Totalitarian agenda" than communism?

Another question: Who in their right mind (and we'll get to that topic later...) could possibly  believe that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro --the usurper "president", the Kenyan-born, constitutionally-ineligible,  gun-grabbing, community-organizing, card-carrying Neo-Bolshevik; the gay men's club member and morally bankrupt, coke-snorting sodomite; the godless constitution-shredding, hate-crime-law-crusading, Christian-criminalizing, 'healthcare-reforming' pimp, this illegal-alien-pandering tyrant-- would have any motive whatsoever to "battle" the New World Order?

Say what?! Preposterous!

Obama is the perfect Icon of the New World Order, in every aspect imaginable. In point of fact, he was trained, groomed and set in place for the very purpose of locking down this very New World Order.  

And every self-respecting Defender of Liberty, every hardcore Freedom Fighter, every Human Rights Activist (of the non-U.N. stripe), every American Patriot, knows it. Every single one of us. Period. Case closed.

Could there possibly be a more outrageously ignorant statement than that made by James F. Marino?

(And there are many more such statements where that came from--see my reports exposing government stooge, Marino.)

And let us not forget that all of the accurate, factual information, all of the truth stated here (only the tip of the iceberg) about Barack Hussein Obama, has been readily available --for many years-- for anyone who took the time and made the effort to do the research.

As the old saying goes, ignorance of the law is no excuse. And neither is ignorance an excuse for the support and promotion of a communist traitor who flagrantly and arrogantly tramples the God-given rights and liberties of every man, woman and child in this nation.

True, Marino doesn't believe in God-given rights, but that doesn't change the facts; it doesn't change the truth. The foolish beliefs of the godless are irrelevant, as the natural, inherent, unalienable rights of the Individual,  bestowed by the Creator, cannot be negated by any means --they are non-negotiable. 

Marino's profound ignorance and unmitigated stupidity --and his aggressive promotion of evildoer Obama-- serve as just one example of the pervasive  mass-brainwashing which is destroying this country.

But has Marino ever admitted that he was mistaken about Obama, that he was wrong in touting this impostor as a "new hope" (Marino's words) for America?

Hell, no.

Marino has simply denied being an Obama supporter; has tried to sweep his idiotic statements under the carpet; and claims he only ever posted "one" such article, from which the above statement was taken. He has removed all his articles in support of Obama from his website.

Marino now posts articles calling Obama a "Zionst puppet" and the like, but he is merely parroting someone else's phrases, and as is his wont, scavenging from the opinions and views of others.

But he has accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "pathological liar",  because I exposed his ignorance and stupidity. Not only for his support and promotion of communist usurper Obama, but also for his misguided and ill-informed opinions on numerous other subjects,  and including his unconscionable exploitation of the names of various individuals, among them Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee.

Until 2007, when Marino was exposed as a gate-crasher, name dropper and worst of all, a communist sympathizer, he shamelessly attempted to ride the coattails of legitimate government whistleblowers Hartwell and Sosbee, in the apparent hope of promoting himself and his claims of being "targeted" by the FBI and NSA.

Marino has been launching public attacks against Barbara Hartwell ever since.

I've refuted Marino's idiocy many times, but still he continues on....

How about this statement from James F. Marino, the title of one of his many libelous posts attacking Barbara Hartwell:

"Barbara Hartwell An Agent of Satan and Incarnated Evil."

As for Marino's other smears, they are nothing more than an idiotic amalgam of mud-slinging, name-calling, wild speculation (a specialty in Marino's repertoire) and paranoid conspiracy theories, most of which he parrots from his fellow government stooges.

As for Marino's "sources" on Barbara Hartwell, whose outrageous lies Marino has posted as permanent "headlines" in prominent spots on the front page of his website, they are, predictably, the minions of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson: namely criminals, porno-mongers, drug dealers, blackmailers, identity thieves, psycho stalkers, child porno freaks, and their ilk. 

Just to name a few: Ken Adachi; Tim White; Todd Brendan Fahey; "Xena Carpenter." Great choices, Marino! What a marvy bunch of folks!

But enough on Marino's spiteful attacks on Barbara Hartwell. Let's move on to a different set of Marino's comrades: supporters of Barack Hussein Obama.


Here, some excerpts from 'Intrepid Liberal Journal' and 'Democratic Fundamentalism', where I found a number of Marino's comments posted.

Standing up for the Fundamental Principles of Democracy

Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need

This was the header on one of several websites and message boards (all leftist/liberal/"progressive", naturally) on which James Marino was posting his moronic opinions on various topics.

Here, the discussion turned to "brain-mapping technology", a subject on which Marino regularly blathers on, though it's clear he doesn't have the foggiest notion of what it's all about. 

"A decade ago President-Elect Obama taught constitutional law. Has he I wondered pondered what the legal framework for brain mapping technology should be? Will President-Elect Obama or his Attorney General ask any prospective nominee to the federal judiciary their view of how to reconcile technology and civil liberties? He should. And it's our obligation in the progressive community to remind him."

Next item: Marino boasts of his "precedent setting" (a phrase he slings around ad nauseum) "case".

"My case describes the most outrageous and precedent setting civil rights violations of an American citizen by US Intelligence agencies in United States History.  And the FEDS are well aware of this since my information shows them for the complete and utter Nazi criminals and frauds that they are, and if propagated in a court of law would destroy the reputation of US Intelligence in this country.

For this reason, I am subjected to federally sanctioned organized stalking 24 hours a day, even though I have no criminal record.  There is no logic here because the FEDS cannot win a rational debate, so they choose to slander and libel me behind my back, because they know that if confronted I can expose them for the crimes they have and continue to perpetrate against my Family and me.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/US Government Non Consensual Cover Research Human Experimentee."


Now, Marino waxes philosophical about God and religion. Marino has repeatedly accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "religious fanatic" and claims that my belief in God and Jesus Christ is nothing but "religious indoctrination".
Marino promotes the typical New Age, secular humanist psycho-babble, so prevalent in leftist/liberal circles. 

(For more such gobbeldygook, see this New Age site, one of many promoted by Marino on his website: And let's not forget government stooge Ken Adachi's  site, Educate-Yourself, another favorite touted by Marino.)

"With regard to such religious indoctrination, I, myself, having been born and raised a Roman Catholic, gave up on this belief system quite some time ago, realizing that Roman Catholicism was not historically accurate in its depictions of Jesus Christ, and also that it hid its own criminal history in efforts to further the agenda of its Zionist controlled Vatican leadership. And the same can be said for all formalized religions which seek to use such indoctrination to empower themselves at the expense of their congregations.

If in fact Jesus Christ did exist, this would certainly be a perversion of his teachings.

However, I should also state that while I do not believe in formalized religion, neither do I practice atheism in the traditional sense. Instead, I believe that we are all part of the same energy and that it is this energy which can take many different forms; an energy which is infinite in that it has never had a beginning, nor will it ever have an end -- a belief in total contrast to that of the physical world where all things are subjected to this constraint of time. If one chooses to refer to this energy as God, then so be it.

As both our conscious and unconscious states of mind continue to evolve through our own personal experiences within this world, it would appear that our energy vibrations ascend, and in doing so manifest themselves in the way of attaining higher levels of conscious which greatly exceed those of the physical world.

As this transformation occurs, it also becomes apparent that all monotheist religions are in essence nothing more than refined versions of the multi-theist religions which have gone before them; such religions as Roman Catholicism and Judaism are prime examples of this religious evolution. While both have come to dominate present day society, there is little doubt that in time they will cease to exist, having been replaced by more sophisticated dogmas.

Moreover, it seems fairly clear that as humans progress, they will eventually evolve to the point where they no longer need any of the religions or symbolic deities which now serve as substitutes for the unanswered questions that they have about themselves and the time space continuum in which they exist.

However, these changes will occur slowly, and in myriad instances, painfully for those who attempt to propagate them before society as a whole is ready to adapt to this new way of thinking. This has always been the case in regard to any substantive changes that the human race has been faced with."

Why, I wonder, does Marino call Barbara Hartwell an "Agent of Satan" and "Incarnated Evil"? He apparently believes in "religious evolution", and "human progression", a belief system which acknowledges neither God nor Satan.  There is no distinction between good and evil in Marino's twisted perspective either. No, according to Marino, we're all just part of the same "energy".... 

But I can't expect any form of spiritual or intellectual discernment from the likes of Marino.  So to wrap up, let's hear just one of James Marino's many  paranoid fantasies.

"This author also finds it of great interest (given the FBI/NSA decades' long COINTELPRO against my person), that Aaron Russo died on the same day as my Birthday - Is this a further illustration that Russo was given cancer as well as murdered by way of Directed Energy Weapon's technology?

Is this also a covert warning that Intel intends to murder my person in the same way that they murdered Aaron Russo?"

What evidence does James Marino have that leads him to state, as if it were an established fact, that "they murdered Aaron Russo"?

Answer: None at all. Marino is engaging in wild speculation, as usual, about people and subjects he knows absolutely nothing about. He's come up with similar wacky conspiracy theories about many well-known people, always trying to make non-existent "connections" (of the self-aggrandizing variety) to his own "case".

And if he really believes that Aaron Russo was "murdered" on Marino's  birthday, as a "covert warning" to him, he truly needs to make a reality check, and while he's at it, rein in his ego.

But in any case, I'm absolutely disgusted with this pompous ass, this delusional whack job, this government stooge, James Marino, and his attacks on Barbara Hartwell.

You want to see an "Agent of Satan"? "Incarnated Evil?"

Take a closer look at Obama, fool, and leave me and mine alone.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 15, 2010

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