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Monday, January 25, 2010

Barbara Hartwell Exposes Ken Adachi as Liar, Stooge and Shill (2001)

NOTE: This letter was written in the Spring of 2001. I had never heard of this buffoon, Ken Adachi, until he came out of the proverbial woodwork to attack me in defense of Ted Gunderson, for whom he serves as a PR shill, stooge and gopher.

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Gunderson Data Dump

Ken Adachi never published my letter to the editor on his site (naturally), but he has continued, throughout all the ensuing years, to libel and slander Barbara Hartwell.  

Adachi has even gone so far as to dedicate a special section of his website to libeling Barbara Hartwell. Adachi calls it: Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of Liars, Inc.

Ironically, Adachi is the liar, not Barbara Hartwell.  Adachi has been exposed as a liar and charlatan many, many times, by many, many people and organizations, all legitimate journalists and expositors of government corruption.  (See reports on this site re liar, Ken Adachi.) 

For the public record, Ken Adachi is a PR shill for ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, and is involved in criminal activities, including racketeering and the solicitation of crimes against targets (including Barbara Hartwell) by publishing PRIVATE information, such as UNLISTED  telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and street addresses.

Adachi is criminal scum, and I say that with a vast knowledge of all the damage he has done to innocent people's lives --most notably, the children victimized by the criminals, pimps and child rapists he supports and defends.

In addition to Ted Gunderson, some of Adachi's known accomplices are: Tim White; Brenda Negri; Todd Brendan Fahey; Don Nicoloff; Larry Lawson; John DeCamp; Don Stacey; Marilyn Guinnane; Susan Ford aka "Brice Taylor"; Doug Millar; Jon Gentry; Pamela Schuffert; Barbara Crouse Brown; Charles Stewart; John Allman; "Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown).

Adachi has promoted and/or defended and/or supported (including financially) all of these criminal perpetrators; and "coincidentally" all of these perps have slandered and/or libeled and/or harassed and/or threatened Barbara Hartwell. What a striking coincidence!

Adachi (like his overlord, Ted Gunderson) claims I am CIA.  Adcahi lies...and lies...and lies...

May Ken Adachi reap what he has sown, and may God judge him accordingly for the outrageous lies he has published, which destroy the lives of legitimate patriots, journalists, whistleblowers and expositors of government crimes and corruption. 

But without further adieu, here's my letter to Ken Aadchi.

January 25, 2010

Barbara Hartwell's Letter to the Editor: Ken Adachi, Government Shill/Stooge for Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson

March, 2001

Dear Mr. Adachi:

You will be receiving a commentary from me in the near future in reference to the report you published by Ted Gunderson.

But for now it is important that I make it clear that you have published misinformation regarding myself, in your "Editor's Note" which I hold you directly responsible for.

It is one thing for you to publish Ted's testimony regarding me. It is quite another for you, as an editor, to make false assumptions and then state them as if they were facts. For instance, I never "became convinced that Ted was a double agent".  I have never stated such a thing to anyone --publicly nor privately.  Nor did I ever "join in with others striving to discredit him". These are lies, Mr. Adachi.  And you are merely publishing your personal opinions about a situation you know nothing about.

You don't know me; therefore your allegations are based on nothing but hearsay and uninformed speculation. I will refute them based on facts and the testimony of credible witnesses; rather than the erroneous suppositions and spreading of misinformation which evidently define your concept of "journalism".

I also notice that you don't state your name when writing the "editor's note". Yet you make a point of insisting that others state their names right up front when sending e-mail to you. I had to go to the home page on your site to find out your name.

Perhaps if you adopted a more professional approach--like maybe checking your facts and establishing the credibility of your sources-- before writing your editorial commentaries-- you might have some credibility as regards the subjects you write about.

But as far as I am concerned you have no credibility whatsoever.  I'm sure that other discerning individuals --especially those who know me and are familiar with my case-- may come to the same conclusion without having to hear it from me. However, I do find it necessary to state my position up front, in advance of writing a more detailed commentary, in order to minimize any potential damage to my reputation which may result from false allegations which are the product of your own ignorance.

This letter will also be posted on other websites and forwarded by e-mail to other concerned parties.  And if you have even a shred of objectivity, or journalistic integrity, in the interest of fairness, you will post this letter on your own site as well.

Barbara Hartwell