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Friday, September 28, 2007


Quest for Freedom
By Elaine Brown

Where do we stand today in our country in the matter of freedom? Do we even know what freedom is today? The founders of our country knew, but it took them a couple of years to realize it.

After escaping from Britain and the rules of the king, it took those brave pilgrims some time to fully realize and be able to appreciate the fact that they had no one to whom to answer, save their own conscience and common law (common sense). What joy to know this kind of liberty, which they had never before experienced. They could now conduct themselves as freely as they wished, as long as they honored their contracts and did no harm to another. This is the total of common law; this is the law by which the people, the sovereigns, of this country are to abide, the law we were intended to obey.

How ludicrous to think that our fathers would leave the tyranny of the king, only to implement a tyranny of a strong central government. As Mel Gibson's character in The Patriot asked, "Why would I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?"

My thanks and appreciation to Robert Hart in his enlightening book, Citizen/Slave, Understanding the American Sovereign Spirit," for reminding me of one crucial fact: the constitution was written not only to guarantee our God-given rights by the Bill of Rights, but also to give the guidelines for the federal government to conduct itself. All laws, statutes, policies, etc. apply ONLY to them. NONE APPLY TO YOU AND ME, PRIVATE PEOPLE. The constitution is meant to tie down the government from mischief.

Title 28 USC defines the United States as a federal corporation. If you are not a part of that corporation, i.e., you have no contract with it, you are not employed by it, you are accepting no benefits from it, then by the 'right of association' clause of the first amendment, you are not required to obey any of its dictums; it has no jurisdiction over you. This is where we have all gone astray. We have been made to believe, through fraud and trickery, that everything congress dictates applies to us, when in reality it applies only to themselves and consenting corporations (which are a creation of the state.)

Of course, one can always volunteer to join the corporation, and by so doing enjoy the privileges bestowed by it, keeping in mind that for every privilege one accepts, one gives up a right. Freedom is not for everyone; some people want to be taken care of; that's OK. We all have different desires, limits and abilities. It is for none of us to judge those who choose a different path. But for those of us who choose freedom, we have not chosen the easy road. Freedom is hard, it is work, it is constant vigilance. It means taking care of yourself and yours, of accepting responsibility for your actions (and non-actions), of being aware and considerate of those around you so as to do them no harm.

Ed and I have said 'enough,' and even though we are currently unable to leave our home without risking being unlawfully assaulted by the federalies, we are more free now than we have ever been, as we have boycotted any and all government claims on us. At the same time the government has unlawfully attacked us by terminating our electricity, internet access, television satellite, telephone, and mail (the federal marshalls keep all mail that is sent to us.) The federal marshalls have said they know we have broken no laws, but they will come against us when ordered to. That makes them mercenaries, not law enforcement officers. On the local level, even though the law states that the police and the sheriff are duty bound to protect us from foreign assault (the federals are foreign inside any of the fifty states), Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Prozzo, Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillins, and the Plainfield Selectboard have all stated that they will not protect us. I include this personal account only to make the point of the dangers of a strong central government. Remember, injustice to one is injustice to all; what will you do when they are at your door?

Our country has gone astray, my friends, and it needs to be put right. It is time for a third Continental Congress. We are ordered by the Declaration of Independence and by the New Hampshire Constitution, Article 15, The Right of Revolution, to throw out the old and put in the new when the government no longer serves the needs of the people. We are on dangerous ground with an ever increasing central government that infringes on states' rights and on our God-given rights. When will we stand together and say, 'enough?' When will you stand? When the critical mass point is reached, when enough Americans take the stand, we and thousands of Americans like us will be able to walk in that freedom.

Yahweh bless and protect us all.

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