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Thursday, September 27, 2007


If I wanted to kill Ed Brown, I would have done it a long time ago.
--U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier

Flash Alert!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elaine: “U.S. Marshal Steve Monier, the other day, indicated that they are preparing to come against us.”

When I saw this alert yesterday, I called Marie Miller, a friend/supporter of Edward and Elaine. I asked if she knew about this or had any further information as to the source of Elaine's statement. Marie told me she hadn't heard anything about it, but that she would call Elaine to see what she could find out.

As I explained to Marie, I am always careful to check sources and make every effort to verify information before making it public. Unfortunately, there are many foolish people calling themselves "journalists" who will post anything (rumors, gossip, etc.) they read or hear; and to make matters worse, they often engage in wild speculation, based only on their own unwarranted assumptions. I've seen a lot of that, especially as it relates to the Browns.

So Marie called Elaine to see what she could find out, and after speaking to her, called me back. Marie told me that Elaine had heard about this from reliable sources, so I have to take it seriously, at least as a possibility.

Marie Miller is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Marie is also a patriot and defender of Liberty. She has known Ed and Elaine for a long time, and was one of the first to show up at their home in Plainfield, N.H. when Ed was there alone, with no backup.

A few weeks ago, Marie visited Ed and Elaine again, bringing with her a journalist who made a video, interviewing Marie Miller and the Browns. I'm waiting to get a copy of this interview and will post it on this website.

In my discussions with Marie Miller, by telephone and in person, I have been privileged to learn much information about the situation in New Hampshire which I would not otherwise have had access to. Some of that information was told to me in confidence, and will remain confidential. The rest, I will publish with the hope that readers will use discernment and try to verify on their own, from credible sources.

One thing I learned yesterday was that the feds intend to hold all prisoners (including Danny Riley, whose father spoke out about the police state outrages, in a video, posted on this site) until such time that the Browns are captured. Marie told me that this was on the local news in New Hampshire.

These men were arrested on completely bogus charges.

The charges which have been made (at the least the ones made public, but who knows what is being withheld) are "accessory after the fact" and "possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence."

What crime of violence? The fact is, nobody has committed any such crime! Not the Browns, nor their friends/supporters.

The only "violence" has come from the feds. They shot at Danny Riley while he was walking the Browns' dog. They invaded the property on various occasions and fired shots. They threatened violence against a video journalist, Terry Melton. Not just garden-variety violence, but rape! A U.S. Marshal actually threatened to sodomize this journalist. This is "law enforcement" ???? If so, God help us all.

The truth is, these political prisoners are being held as hostages in an attempt to make the Browns feel responsible and guilty. This is despicable behavior and only goes to show how low so-called "law enforcement" will stoop to intimidate, terrorize and destroy the lives of those willing to stand up for Liberty and Justice and for the principles this country was founded on.

Back to Marie Miller: She also told me (as did her son William) that a couple weeks back they had low-flying helicopters buzzing their home in Farmington, New Hampshire. Bill Miller has posted a number of audioblog reports on this and related issues, which you may find on this site:

A few weeks ago, I watched the video of Danny Riley's father. As Mr.Riley talked about the horror he was subjected to as the feds invaded his home to arrest his son --no search warrant, they just barged in and ransacked his home-- I was sitting at the computer with tears streaming down my face.

Mr.Riley broke down into tears as well. Seventy three years old, a widower. A survivor of cancer and stroke. An American patriot who considers Ed and Elaine Brown, as well as his son, Danny Riley, to be his heroes, for standing up to tryanny and refusing to be intimidated by evildoers who believe they are above the law: God's law, that is.

The law which the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10 of the United States Constitution) is based on.

God-given. Natural. Inherent. Unalienable.Constitutionally Protected and Guaranteed.

They are your rights, bestowed by the Creator.

Use them or lose them.

Barbara Hartwell
September 27, 2007