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Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Pretensions & False Claims of Amy Rayboun, “TI Investigator” & “Angel of Light”


NOTE: See ADDENDUM at bottom of report for updates.


I do not know Amy Rayboun. The first I had heard of this woman was some time in 2020, when ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, as part of a vicious defamation campaign, falsely accused Barbara Hartwell of being a CIA agent and “CIA handler” of several persons, including Amy Rayboun.

Stewart posted idiotic cartoons on Facebook and Twitter, and wrote numerous screeds, falsely connecting me to this woman, Rayboun, whom I do not know, and with whom I had never at any time had any communication, and which I might add, never will.

From my observations, Stewart and Rayboun were engaged in petty sniping matches on social media, which included malicious gossip and invasions of privacy, on both sides. I found it to be revolting, and would have gladly ignored the whole debacle, had it not been that MY NAME was irrelevantly dragged into their vulgar altercation, not only by Stewart, but also by Rayboun.

And before I go further, I must make it clear that I have never, in any way, supported or endorsed Amy Rayboun. I do not consider her to be a credible source of information on any subject, and in fact, I vehemently disagree with the viewpoints and ideologies she promotes.

The purpose of this report is to set the record straight on this issue, and to make it crystal clear that there are no connections, no commonalities, no similarities in any way, shape or form, between me and this woman, Amy Rayboun. I don't allow my name to be tainted by the misguided actions of busybodies, interlopers, aggressive, ambitious amateurs, exploiting my name for their own self-serving purposes. This has unfortunately happened many times, over a period of decades, and it is my policy always to expose it, with the purpose of putting a stop to it. I can guarantee that anyone who uses my name in connection with Amy Rayboun is promoting false information, and it should be entirely disregarded.

Here are some quotes from Amy Rayboun, showing her claims, opinions and beliefs. My statements follow.



hacker · June 2013 to April 2018 · The World Wide Interweb

maintain anonymity to hack for the good of humanity via exploiting covert ops and illegal experimentation programs executed against humanity without their knowledge and permissions. identify what alphabet agency and/or who is involved in the execution of covert war crimes against humanity. humanity has a right know the TRUTH! (former Anonymous name: Teresa Reed)."

I do not support “Anonymous”, nor any other such groups, on principle. Hackers are invaders of privacy, no better than the government operatives engaged in unconscionable snooping. The "information" they promote is often false, as it cannot be corroborated by reliable sources. And, no, “humanity” at large does NOT have the “right” to know certain information which has been classified for a reason, such as to keep it from dangerous enemies.

Aside from that, anyone who uses “anonymous” as a cover is a coward who has ZERO credibility. A public source should always be identified by a legitimate name. And note, that I have never seen Amy Rayboun to repent of her snooping; on the contrary it appears she takes pride in it.

"May 12, 1974 to present

Lightworker and angel of Elohiym, Yeshua, Holy Spirit"

Here, Rayboun pretentiously boasts her claim of being a “Lightworker” and “angel”. This is pure blasphemy and New Age gobbeldygook. She can't even spell correctly. It is Elohim, for the record.

"i have been investigating TI cases for 5-6+ years and advocated and acted as a platform on behalf of TIs for a 1+ year. During my stint in Anonymous, I took on the role/job as a hacktivist and researcher. A hacktivist strives to hack for the good of humanity, for justice in exposing corruption, and for exposing covert war crimes against innocent people. technically, my hacktivism in Anonymous is what led me to my work on behalf of TIs and the TI community. Due to my hacktivism shifting from anonymity to Targeted Individuals, I chose to leave Anonymous. a few of the most critical accomplishments achieved in working with TIs are the following: the identification and exposure of the main ‘program’ as Joint Non Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP) in which ALL TIs are blacklisted in; the identification of several warfare tactics, techniques, and inducements that JNLWP executes; and the compilation/creation of the list called ‘TI Resources and Countermeasures List’."

Here, Rayboun makes a sweeping generalization, that “ALL TIs are blacklisted" in this “program”. She does not know what she is talking about. As a journalist and CIA whistleblower, I have done legitimate investigations, involving these weapons, deployed against actual individuals, in real time, and have collected voluminous case files, none of which had anything to do with people identifying themselves as “targeted individuals”, nor with any such program. This is going back to the late 1980s.

By identifying every person who has been assaulted with “non-lethal” weaponry as a “TI”, connected with such a “program”, she is spreading disinformation, NOT “exposing TRUTH”, as she regularly boasts.


Now, some comments made by Rayboun on Twitter.

"sadly,the implant altering one's DNA will align one's soul with satan.the implant IS the mark of the beast and those who receive the implant via the vaccine will have received their mark!"

Here, Rayboun parrots an idiotic conspiracy theory, with no basis in fact. The Mark of the Beast must be willfully and knowingly accepted as such, as stated in the Bible . There is no evidence that any vaccine, especially taken unknowingly, would “align one's soul with satan”. This is just pure sensationalist nonsense and fear-mongering.

"you are mistaken as 1/3 of the angels had chosen El Shadday and 2/3 of the "fallen" angels chose Lucifer. hence the fallen angels are cursed by El Shadday. they (fallen angels) are demons."

First, she has got it all wrong as to fallen angels. It was ONE THIRD of angels who fell with Lucifer, NOT TWO THIRDS. This is a grievous error. And it is El Shaddai (God Almighty, or Deus Omnipotens in Latin) , NOT “El Shadday”. Again she does not know what she is talking about, but keeps on blathering, nonetheless...



Here, Amy Rayboun promotes the Communist/NWO United Nations, the enemy of Liberty, and their front man, Nils Melzer, no supporters of “human rights”. If anyone actually believes they will be “helped” in any way, by appealing to this demonic cabal, they are as ignorant as Amy Rayboun, who obviously doesn't have a clue.

"yes it is truth i am His angel of His Light. 3. there IS NO TRUTH in Karen's statement of "wishful thinking". bluntly honest; i stated a FACT of possibility based on Karen's own perpetrative behavior and executed EVIL actions against many innocent individuals. to..."

Here again, Rayboun claims to be an “angel of His Light”. Self-glorification, not glory to God. Seems delusional to me.


"true TIs...i am going to address these fact ALL of them...where to start? let me state that Ramola Dharmaraj nor Galina nor Barbara Hartwell nor myself are trash as #KarenStewart slandered to dehumanize ALL of us to make us out to be."

"Barbara makes a critical point so insightfully,eloquently.#KarenStewart is known for her #MobStyleAttacks brutal in context filled with nothing but LIES! no matter WHO Karen Stewart targeted she had need to surround herself by shills and perps i.e.flying monkeys to "back" her."

Here, Amy Rayboun falsely drags my name into her “true TI” category, AS IF I am a part of the so-called “TI Community” and AS IF I have anything to do with her altercation with Karen Stewart. I am not involved, nor ever have been, in any way.

To continue, here is an excerpt from a report, in which Amy Rayboun is also exposed for her exploitation of the name of Barbara Hartwell.

Wicked Words, Ghastly Images: Egregious Defamation Campaign Against CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell by Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart

Here, in this idiotic cartoon, Stewart depicts Barbara Hartwell as a drill sergeant (or perhaps, “CIA Handler”, as she has accused), using the names of Ramola, “Amy” and “Galina”. As it happens, I do not know anyone by those names, with the obvious exception of Ramola.















However, I have seen the name of a person, Amy Rayboun, whom it appears Stewart refers to. I do not know this woman, nor have ever had any contact with her. And yet, for some unknown reason, this Amy Rayboun has been using my name, in a false pretense of familiarity, which she has no business doing, as it misrepresents me. Here, as example, is just one of several comments I have found posted on Twitter by Amy Rayboun:

"...and progress notes.therefore; Ramola's nor anyone elses education would "benefit me" but my own! TWELFTH; i hold a high level of respect and camaraderie for Ramola,Galina,Barbara,and other true TIs who fight each day for innocent people who are being maimed,tortured,..."

Now, this comment could easily be used (and apparently has been) by anyone, including Karen Stewart, as false “evidence” that there is some association, where none exists. To claim “camaraderie” with a person who is a total stranger, as well as adding in these other names (whom I do not know), and calling me by my Christian name, is insupportable, by any standards.

For the record, Amy Rayboun does not know me. Furthermore, I do not identify myself as a “true TI”, nor any kind of “TI”. I have no dealings or commonalities with those claiming to be involved in the so-called “TI community”. I do not support or endorse anything Amy Rayboun has publicly stated on social media, or elsewhere. Here, an example of a person exploiting my name, for what purpose I do not know, or care. But the damage is done, as anyone who reads this, or believes it, could use this false claim of association to do more damage to my reputation.

In summary, I need to make it abundantly clear that I am in no way, shape or form involved in the so-called “TI community”, nor with any such individuals or groups.

I hereby direct anyone (including Karen Melton Stewart and all accomplices) who is exploiting my name, for any purpose, to CEASE & DESIST and leave the name of Barbara Hartwell OUT of all commentaries, articles, posts, on social media, websites, podcasts, and to REMOVE all such content from the Internet, post haste.


Why is Amy Rayboun exploiting and misrepresenting my name? She has not removed the offensive content, as I directed she should do. When I checked her Twitter account, it was all still there, for anyone to read.

Amy Rayboun has falsely identified Barbara Hartwell, repeatedly, as a “TI”, and “true TI”. And then she states:

"The Program All True TIs are Blacklisted Into"

I am NOT a “TI”, nor a “true TI”. I have never been “blacklisted” into any such “program”.

Has she even bothered to read the NOTICES on my website, or my reports? If she had the slightest concern for “the truth”, she would have known better than to drag my name into her squabbles, or label me according to her misguided and ignorant notions.

As should be obvious, I am outraged by this total lack of respect for my personal boundaries, this utterly intrusive behavior.

For the record, none of this, nothing to do with Amy Rayboun, has anything to do with me. In my opinion, she is misleading the public in a most dangerous way, as well as tainting the credibility of the entire subject matter she addresses.


And on principle, I would warn anyone who is listening to this woman to do some serious research and reach your own conclusions.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

June 12, 2021



At the time I wrote this original report I had one objective: To make it abundantly clear that in my considered professional opinion, Amy Rayboun is not a credible, reliable or trustworthy source of information, on any subject, and that anyone who was promoting my name in connection with Rayboun, in any way, was promoting false information. That is an irrefutable fact which I find it necessary to make known.

Such false information, to my knowledge, was being promoted by ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, by Rayboun herself, and I later learned, by a few others who promote themselves as “targeted individuals”, and/or who are involved with groups connected to the so-called “TI Community”.

I must again state for the record that I am NOT, nor ever have been, involved with these persons, nor their “ TI community” and that there are NO similarities or commonalities involved.

This false information is damaging to my reputation and good name, both personally and professionally, and especially as a legitimate CIA whistleblower/journalist, having worked to expose government corruption for decades, with expertise in psychological operations and counterintelligence. I must make it clear that such expertise is totally lacking in anyone who would use my name in connection with Amy Rayboun or her ilk, or who would attribute credibility to Amy Rayboun, in her own right.

Shortly after I published this original report exposing Amy Rayboun, I observed that Rayboun had removed public access to a Twitter account (from which some of the entries had been evidence of Rayboun's ignorance, lack of education, promotion of false information, and exploitation of the name of Barbara Hartwell) by stating that her account was now “protected”.

Protected from what? Evidently, from anyone who could find evidence from her own statements to show her lack of legitimacy.

I have seen this happen frequently, when one of these characters is exposed, and after a warning is given to the public by the expositor. 


[NOTE ADDED: Rayboun has now also scrubbed her You Tube channel, which I cited as providing evidence in her videos of her promotion of false info and her fraudulent boasting of being a "high profile target of NSA", the title of one of the videos. The account still exists, but she has removed all content. Very telling....] 

Amy Rayboun is publicly soliciting persons whom she calls “true TIs”, claiming that she is an “investigator” who will “help” them. But she has no credentials as an investigator, and in fact her regular promotion of false information, shows that she does not know what she is talking about, and therefore would be a liability to any vulnerable person seeking assistance, especially should they need psychological or spiritual counseling, which she is certainly not qualified to provide.

Further, Rayboun makes the claim of being a “high profile target of NSA”, an extravagant claim with no basis in fact. (See her You Tube channel for evidence). I doubt NSA has ever heard of this woman, and would certainly have no reason to “target” her, a person with no professional background, no credentials, and who has never “exposed” anything of importance, but from my observations, has only poached and parroted the work of others, boasting that it is her own.

Absurdly, she is even being promoted on some websites as a “whistleblower”, which is a term being bandied about by quite a number of people seeking public attention and status they have not earned.  

Why, some might wonder, do I find it necessary to expose this woman and issue a warning? Because by her aggressive self-promotion she is misrepresenting the subject matter she addresses, and because she is also being promoted, supported and endorsed by others, some of whom are using my name in connection with Amy Rayboun, apparently having disregarded my publicly stated protests against any such use of my name.


So I must repeat, for the record, that if the name of Barbara Hartwell is ever used in connection with Amy Rayboun, I can guarantee, it is false information and as such, I ask my readers to disregard it.



One of the promoters of Amy Rayboun is Ramola D of the Every Day Concerned Citizen. In fact Ramola was responsible for making trouble for me when she repeatedly used my name in connection with Rayboun in her public articles, even after I made it clear that I wanted nothing to do with this woman and did not want my name ever used in connection with her.


These two, leftist New Agers, promote the evil United Nations and much false information about "targeted individuals" which is actually preposterous, sensationalist and self-aggrandizing. BEWARE of any info promoted on Every Day Concerned Citizen.