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Friday, September 13, 2019


Yet another anonymous coward (one of many who pollute the Internet with trash and hype designed to peddle influence for an tiresome it gets...), hiding behind the name “condemned”, has produced a ridiculous video, an obvious attempt to legitimize Ella “Free”, the figurehead of a group called “Freedom for Targeted Individuals”.

Ella Free, Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell - the Heavyweight FIGHT

Here is the program description written by Mr. Condemned:

"Two days before this years world wide rally (29th August 2019) aiming to expose the illegal intrusive and harmful extrajudicial operations targeting anecdotally mainly innocent people with a panoply of tactics that include stalking, various harassments and surveillance, Ramola D with Barbara Hartwell make an attack on Ella Free. They raise many questions as well as take potshots at her appearance and intellect. The timing of the attack is questionable being so close to the T.I. (targeted individual) rally day two days later but ignoring some of the spiteful and personal attacks about Ella's appearance and intelligence Barbara and Ramola's other observations are valid. Where did the funding for the billboards and advertisements about the contract stalking and electronic harassment come from? Why are a few members on the board of the web allowed to be board members when they have advocated violence and why is Ella reluctant to give her real name so only uses a pseudonym (Ella Free and Ella F)? What I will take issue with against Ramola and Barbara is their comments that Ella is a) not a journalist b) unprofessional and c) had the temerity to state she thought 5% of her callers had mental illness. One does not have to be a journalist to be a successful podcaster. I find Ella engaging, articulate and intelligent and have no problem with her alleged statement about a small percentage of her callers. Remember some of the callers will not be genuine and will be part of the misinformation and disinformation brigade and some also will deliberately talk crazy s*it as part of the controlled opposition."

Mr. Condemned, typically for his ilk, claims that Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell have “attacked” Ella Free (hereinafter EF). The same claim made by EF herself, in her many inane and whiny complaints against anyone who dares to state obvious FACTS. Anyone who produces EVIDENCE. Anyone who has the discernment, the direct personal/professional knowledge and experience, to expose a shill, a poseur, an impostor, who is glaringly unqualified to be a “spokesperson” for large groups of people who call themselves “targeted individuals”. Much less, to run a “crisis hotline”.

Ella Free has no background, no training, no credentials whatsoever which would qualify her to deal with anyone's psychological issues, especially people who may feel enough desperation to call a “crisis hotline”. I find it not only absurd, but despicable, possibly even criminal. She has no business presuming to “counsel” anyone on issues of which she has proven herself, by her words and actions, to be ignorant and misguided. So much for the so-called “attacks” on Ella Free.

Mr. Condemned then claims Ramola and I “take potshots at her appearance and intellect.”

Ella Free has pointedly and deliberately established herself as a public figure, who runs an organization, Freedom for Targeted Individuals. She is using a false name (Free),
which was obviously chosen as a psychological trigger. In keeping with Free, and Freedom, she uses a photo of a woman (whether Ella Free or a substitute), standing at a height with a sunset in the background, with her head thrown back and arms thrown out in a posture of declaring Freedom. Freedom! Message: YOU TOO can be FREE! Just like me, Ella Free! Follow me! Recite after me! Be FREE!

Then, there was another photo EF was using, of a naked woman, waving an American flag. When questioned by Ramola about this sleazy photo, EF claimed it was a “feminist” symbol. Which defies logic, but then, who could expect anything logical from Ella Free?

EF has referred to herself as a “leader”, in her own words, though she is quick to deny that she ever intended to establish herself as such, and that she does not want attention. Then, I have to say, she has a strange way of showing it.

She has chosen to advertise a particular photo of herself which conveys (at least in my opinion) a sort of vulgar-looking “sexpot”, slathered with clownish makeup, posturing for the camera. As I stated in the podcast with Ramola, she looks like an ad for a Russian mail order bride. Which I am perfectly free to comment on, as I choose.

In fact, Mr. Condemned has promoted this photo of Ella Free in his Clown Show video, exclaiming, Hubba, hubba! Enough said.

Regarding her “intellect”, I can only judge that by what I have heard coming out of her mouth, or by her written words. All of which display her 'sob sister' mentality, her ignorance of the issues she addresses, and the lack of logic, reason and principle; rather she is all about appealing to emotion, which is dangerous for anyone who falls into the trap of expecting any sort of “Freedom” to result from her deceptive presentations. So much for the “potshot” theory.

Again, Mr. Condemned hammers on the “spiteful and personal attacks”. And again, how typical of an anonymous coward, hiding in the shadows, while he falsely accuses others and exploits their names. He clearly has no concept of what it actually means to pursue TRUTH or JUSTICE. For people who are ruled by their emotions (or pretend to be, for an agenda), any statement made, any opinion expressed about any person which is less than favorable or laudatory, is labeled as “spiteful” and as a “personal attack”.

This is an attempt to manipulate people by engendering guilt, a method used to silence any criticism. Fortunately, this manipulative tactic does not work on anyone who is ruled by reason and principle. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who lack the discernment to see this attempt at manipulation for what it is. But Ella Free's brother-in-clownhood is wasting his time if he thinks his tactics will generate anything but righteous outrage, leading to exposure of his deception and idiocy, from me.

Mr. Condemned, in his presumptuous, self-appointed role as “referee” and moderator of what he falsely deems the “Heavyweight FIGHT”, presumes to call me by my Christian name. How dare you! It's Hartwell to you, fool.

So, an anonymous clown comes out of the woodwork, to make a moronic video, totally misrepresenting Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D, entirely built on a false premise, that there is a “Heavyweight FIGHT”.

For Mr. Condemned's information, I am not involved, nor ever have been, in any FIGHT with the likes of Ella Free. A fight assumes engagement. My policy is, I DO NOT ENGAGE with persons of her ilk. I do not know EF. I have never had any contact with her. And I never will. However, that is not an issue for an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist. I have observed. I have analyzed. I have documented my findings, my conclusions and presented the corresponding evidence.

Parenthetically, if I chose to engage in a FIGHT, I certainly would not waste my time on a vacuous featherweight like Ella Free.

Now, to some of the comments from the Peanut Gallery.

Ella Free posted a long-winded “defense” of herself, which, at the risk of boring the readers to tears, I will not copy here. It consisted mostly of her boasting about how wonderful she is, how “compassionate”, how “clever”, how much she “helps” others....and on and on, ad nauseum.

Has she ever heard the old adage, Self praise stinks? Never mind, I doubt that would stop her self-aggrandizing, shameless self promotion.

Here, just a sample:


"LOL!!! Bless you Sir for giving me a huge laugh today! I will answer your concerns: 1) but the least important. That picture is 4 years old but I am not wearing excessive make-up, the picture was shot with tunston lighting which gives the photo a shadowed appearance. I just have prominent cheek bones and features. At least I don't use a photo from the late 70's or early 80s..... no names will be named...( I was a baby then so it is actually impossible for me to use one from that time period, unless people like baby pictures-.)"

So, aside from boasting about her bones, and denials of clown makeup (which should be very obvious to anyone with a trained eye), she throws in this comment about using “a photo from the late 70's or early 80s..... no names will be named...”

Well, of course no names will be named, she is far too cowardly and passive-aggressive to make such a direct accusation against Barbara Hartwell.

For the record: No photos POSTED BY ME, on my website, or anywhere else, come from the late seventies or early eighties. Not a one. The earliest photo I have USED comes from 1998 (age 47). I have posted photos from 2004 (age 53), and from 2005 (age 54). The latest photos USED by me are from 2019 (age 68).

As for unauthorized theft (copyright violation, without my permission or knowledge) by unprincipled scavengers (example: Mr. Condemned himself), I don't have the resources to sue these bastards. But at no time were these photos “used” by me. Just another shoddy attempt by Ella Free to misrepresent and discredit Barbara Hartwell.

Now, some comments posted by one Julianne McKinney. These are excerpts, but anyone who wants to see the comments in full may go to the video link above.

Julianne McKinney:

"This particular video obviously appeals to the TI Community, since it addresses the internecine warfare being promoted by Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell. Who, outside of the Community, would be in the LEAST bit interested in this type of internecine warfare?"

Again, a patently false claim is made about “internecine warfare”. And again, I must soundly refute it. This is the same mentality held by Ella Free and many of her accomplices and supporters. “We are all on the same team”, or “We are all in this together”, encompassing a broad spectrum of individuals, whom they are labeling as “targeted individuals”, and/or members of the “targeted individual community”.

There is no “WE”, at least as far as I am concerned.

This is a collectivist, hive-mind, group think mentality. It is Marxist, and I take no part in it. It negates the personal boundaries, even the fundamental God-given unalienable rights of INDIVIDUALS, in service to the so-called “greater good” of the mob of collectivists. It also negates personal responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL for his (or her) actions.

For the record: 1) I do not refer to myself as a “targeted individual”. 2) I am not a member of any “team”. 3) I am not involved in any way, shape or form with the so-called “targeted individual community”. 4) I am not personally acquainted, nor have any contact, or dealings with such groups.

There is no engagement, no connection, no commonality, no agreement between me and these groups, the individuals involved, or their various agendas.


Therefore, there can be no “internecine warfare”, nor “infighting”, one of the many false claims which have been repeatedly launched against me.

I am entirely independent in my work. I don't join groups. I speak strictly for myself, and don't presume to speak for others. I am nobody's “leader” and nobody's follower.

Anyone interested in MY work may go to MY website and find what I have chosen to publish. My website is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY and the readers may make of it what they will.

I have no interest in engaging in public discussions, arguments, or debates with my detractors, who are legion, many of whom are hiding behind false identities. On the many occasions I have found my name exploited, slandered, libeled or generally defamed, it is my decision to address it, or not. Mostly, I ignore them. Who could find the time, or want to waste it, on such a fool's errand as engaging these idiots.

In cases where I do decide to address it, I write a report, or do a broadcast, exposing them as liars, shills and/or criminals. And that is where it ends.

I am only one person. I can't stop the hordes of aggressive busybodies and gossips, liars and stooges, from exploiting my name. But I will certainly not engage them, nor will provide a platform for them.

 AGAIN: I am NOT engaged in “internecine warfare”, nor “infighting”.

No quarter given, none asked. No engagement, no contact, no involvement. Period.

Julianne McKinney, addressing Condemned:

" criticized Ella for using an alias. She does this for the same reason that compels you to identify yourself by the name, "Condemned," and for the same reason that Ramola chooses to be identified as "Ramola D." Why are you objecting?"

Here, another false statement, evidently based on an assumption. How can she claim to know the reasons why anyone uses an alias? Or lump all these people together, rather than regarding them as disparate individuals. I happen to know for a fact that though Ramola uses the name Ramola D, she has never tried to hide her real name, which is Ramola Dharmaraj. On the contrary, she has posted this name on the Internet, for anyone who wants to know.

In the case of Ella Free, or Condemned, they very obviously have everything to hide, out of cowardice. If I knew their real names, I would place them in my HALL OF SHAME. (Ella Free is already there, has been for years, with a notation that she is using a pseudonym.) Same goes for anyone else, if they wanted to file a complaint, or a lawsuit, or even just expose these reprobates for what they are. Cowards hide behind false names, because what ever their agenda may be, they try to protect themselves from the consequences of their deception and their wrongdoing against others. Shame on them!

And now, for a refreshing change. FACTS and EVIDENCE from a legitimate journalist, who actually KNOWS the subject matter on which she reports, Ramola D.

This article is well worth reading, for anyone who is concerned with the issues covered here, especially where ethics are grossly violated in order to promote false narratives, which do tremendous harm to victims/targets of persecution by governments and their minions, their propagandists.

Excerpts follow.

"In this particular case, it has been extraordinarily concerning to myself and other journalists and human rights activists to note that Ella Free who runs talk shows on Talkshoe for TIs and has tried to establish herself as a radio and talk show persona under her banner “Freedom For Targeted Individuals,” purporting to be deeply concerned about TIs and seeking to offer human rights “support” is quoted as herself calling TIs mentally ill."

From Neil Steinberg's article in Chicago Sun Times:

Calling spokeswoman, “Ella Free,” started with a surprise.

"A good portion of people who claim to be Targeted Individuals are actually mentally ill", she said. Straight to the elephant in the room. "So many of them, people have the same story: it’s interesting that a person isolated is having a very similar scenario."

"In the course of the convoluted text/email conversations that followed, it became clear that Ella Free had 1) indeed said to Steinberg that a “portion” of Tis were mentally ill, and 2) sought to explain to him simultaneously—with her apparently non-existent communications skills—that TIs "came across that way" because "it’s hard to discern the symptoms/the symptoms seem the same." Her texts sought to explain to me that she’d had a “strategy” behind this statement of hers, a strategy which had apparently backfired."

"Post the publication of Report #144 with CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, Ella Free left a torrent of comments on Twitter, including one disavowing any claim from her of being a journalist, and one suggesting that talking about the technology being used on targets was provenly pointless, in response to a tweet from me pointing out that Targeted Justice Board members Dr. Katherine Horton and Richard Lighthouse were both putting out Disinfo regarding the technology, and that Midge Mathis was blindly supporting them, despite, most especially, Dr. Katherine Horton’s well-reported and widely-known petty, juvenile, but profoundly injurious and sinister smear attacks, sabotage-activities, calls to violence, and echo-stalking/mirroring displays-in-plain-sight of her Intel Neuro-Linguistic-Programming efforts, the latter aimed directly at me, earlier described in The Consequences of Infiltration, Swiss Cheese and Bayonets, and The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory."


And, for those who may be interested in what kind of person is supporting and promoting Ella Free, Midge Mathis, (Targeted Justice), Richard Lighthouse (Targeted Justice), Katherine Horton (STOP 007) and others promoting false information in attempts to influence the public for a nefarious agenda, here is just one such individual.

Furthermore, in case anyone is wondering if some of those claiming to be “targeted individuals” are actually mentally ill, this one takes the cake! Deborah Anne Weber is not only a certifiable whackjob extraordinaire, she is hell-bent on malicious defamation of numerous legitimate journalists, whistleblowers, or for that matter, just anyone who, in her delusional mind, she deems fair game for her fabrications of libelous falsehoods.

I do not know this woman. I never heard of her until I found her slinging my name around on Twitter and another site she uses, making all sorts of false, defamatory claims about Barbara Hartwell.

Now, get a load of this, one of her latest, on Twitter:

Deborah Anne Weber:

"Glad to see you're alive. I'm enduring bizarro-world smear & hostile attack campaign by Ramola, then Karen joining in & then Hartwell - who all helped hurt my son. My email (hushmail that someone else uses) & some accounts had been hacked & I felt like I had been hacked w/an axe!"

This delusional whackjob and malicious liar is now accusing me of “hurting” her son! What in the bloody hell! I never heard of her son, never met him, never had any contact with him, whoever he is.

And by the way, the bizarre lies of this woman are also being promoted by Midge Mathis and quite a few accomplices, who share the hive mind/group think on Twitter.

Anyone who is not outraged by this unconscionable and utterly despicable behavior needs their head examined, as far as I am concerned.

But back to the sensationalist damage control video. By all means, watch the video, assuming you want to waste a quarter hour to be “entertained”, with all the bells and whistles, by the Clown Show.

Mr. Condemned should not give up his day job, assuming he has one. Likely not. Judging by the quality of his moronic video, he might well be on the dole, getting handouts from the government, living rent free in his mother's basement.

Be that as it may, if Ella Free and her accomplices can do no better than to recruit this clown for damage control, that should tell you all you need to know – in spades.

As always, by their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
September 13, 2019


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