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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The COMEY Effect by FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

This report by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee (July, 2017) was one I bookmarked for future publication. Now, Comey is once again in the spotlight, his many lies and crimes exposed for all to see. The FACTS are out there. The EVIDENCE is out there. The question is, will anyone listen?

If you have swallowed the propaganda promoted by the left-wing mainstream media, who embrace Police State Tyranny, and who support its most despicable proponents, working for the destruction of this nation, its sovereignty and the rule of law, such as career criminals Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their Neo-Bolshevik followers, please PAY ATTENTION to the truth of what is stated here.

Barbara Hartwell
December 11, 2018

The COMEY Effect

This short, but meaningful report shows how the psychopaths of fbi/cia engage in gratuitous atrocities when their crimes are made public.

James Brien Comey Jr. , an attorney and 15 years my junior, has in his lifetime shown how a traitor is born and nourished in the USA. He has not in truth ever served this nation, but is instrumental in destroying it.

Appropriately, as he switched from a staunch Republican to now as traitor to the US, he calls himself an independent. He, like all of his thuggish predecessors in the fbi & cia directorates, prove that his psychopathic character rules in USA. I know him and his fellow assassins in fbi far more than I care to because that group of homicidal fools hijacked my life 30 years ago and continue to this moment their dirty vendetta in failed efforts to silence me.

Comey makes no pretense to hide his arrogance, nor to obscure his trademark condescending personality. After all a murderous tyrant in power never needs to show respect toward those he imprisons, tortures and kills.

He treats his subjects (the entire U.S. population) as inferior idiots.

He knows that no one in Congress, nor SCOTUS can stop his juggernaut of crime and subversion now underway to convert (and *overthrow) the constitutional republic here into a full fledged fascist state ruled by the intelligence community.

The USA is alas in the hands of unrelenting traitors in fbi/cia and no one, not even brave President Trump, can stop them. Comey and fbi leave this legacy:

Comey and his fbi rot the soul of our nation, work secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of democracy, and they infect the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Cicero.

Darkness has fallen:


My Proclamation:

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After I posted the above report on fbi's Comey, his murderous friends at fbi took revenge by attacking me & my wife with DEW (Directed Energy Weaponry), and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) sound waves causing incapacitating sleep deprivation in both of us.

So, understand, Readers, that these invisible attacks by cowards in the intelligence community represent the evil that grips our world.

No more heinous and insidious cowards are hatched and nourished in USA than the clandestine assassins of fbi/cia.

From fbi history book, 1996, Turner Publishing Company:


The Dan Bongino Show

Also, please take the time to listen to this radio show, hosted by former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino.

I listen to his program regularly (see my LINKS section for his website) and he does a great job analyzing and exposing “The Truth about America”.

Ep. 868 Jim Comey Exposes The Police State. The Dan Bongino Show 12/10/2018.