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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Globalism by Deception & Hypocrisy: Left Wing Agitators Destroy America

As a hard-line defender of God-given unalienable individual rights, I have many adversaries who are hell-bent on destroying my good name by promoting outrageous falsehoods, malicious gossip, absolutely diabolical calumny.

Of course, the campaign of defamation was spawned by the utterly corrupt satanic government which hijacked my life in childhood, but it has expanded via the Internet, drawing in countless unprincipled individuals, some of whom merely parrot the smears of government-issue liars-for-hire, and others motivated by malice, usually when their hypocrisy, dishonesty, their aggression, their self-serving ambition, are exposed.

And I must say, the leftists are by far the worst. Their ideology spits in the face of everything I believe in, everything I love, all that I have spent my life defending, and will continue to fight for, until God sends the chariot to take me home.

Here are excerpts from reports (December, 2014 & November, 2016), which exemplify the mentality of just a few of my adversaries, who continue with their defamation of the name of Barbara Hartwell, to this day.

For me, it is all about the ISSUES and the consequences to this nation, and for every individual who WILL stand up against tyranny, and who WILL stand up for liberty, no matter the consequences to themselves. It is about our children and grandchildren, and what they will inherit.

As for the leftists, the liars and hypocrites, as far as I am concerned, they can go straight to their overlord, the devil, and take their diabolical ideology with them!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 3, 2017


Globalism by Deception & Hypocrisy

This second part of the report covers material from previous reports, in which the misdeeds of several individuals are exposed. I find the most effective way to make my argument against the left-wing agitators who operate by deception and hypocrisy is to bring their own words into the spotlight. They are then easily refuted with facts, evidence, reason and principle.

But first, here is my analysis based on some of their typical tactics in their attempts at gaining influence for their totalitarian agenda.

Use of rhetoric comprised of noble-sounding (but deceptive) phrases.

Substitute emotional appeals for a narrative based on facts.

Projection: Accuse their ideological adversaries of what is actually true of themselves. Make assumptions based on a false premise that “We are all alike”, “We all want the same things”, or “We are all on the same team”.

Group think and herd mentality: Consensus that “We are all in this together”, or “We must all agree” in order to achieve “peace”, “justice”, “freedom”, etc.

Cite “divisiveness” as the root cause of conflicts, in attempts to reconcile irreconcilable differences, justify the unjustifiable, defend the indefensible.

Label any disagreement on issues as an “attack”.

Compromise: Rather than take a solid position based on immutable principles, weaken your stand, tainting it with incompatible ideologies.

Peace” at any price, whatever the sacrifice (justice, integrity, freedom, truth....)

Substitute “reconciliation” for justice, no matter how heinous the offense.

Replace moral absolutes with moral relativism, situational ethics and social engineering.

Attempt to negotiate on non-negotiable issues (justice, integrity, freedom, truth....)

Replace the unalienable rights of the individual with the “common good” of the collective.

The ends justify the means: Nothing is sacred, nothing matters, except that the desired schemes are implemented.

Replace equal rights for one and all with “special rights” of any of a number of designated groups.

Force “legislation” of morality, rather than allow the rule of law to prevail against actual criminals.

Cherry pick the Constitution to support certain of their views, while disregarding what does not serve their agenda.

Promote/support anyone, especially public figures, who are also advocates of the UN, globalism, regardless of their lack of honesty, integrity, or their detestable track record of abuses of power, human rights violations, criminality. “He's no angel, BUT...(fill in the blank with some rhetoric which supports their position), or, “Nobody's perfect”, BUT (more nonsensical rhetoric...)

The “sob sister” mentality: Manipulation by engendering guilt, wherever possible. It's “for the children”, “for the elderly”, “for the disabled”, “for the disenfranchised”, “for the poor”.

Use “opposites” to label their opponents (defenders of Liberty, unalienable rights of the individual). Label them “haters”, accuse them of malice, animus, whenever they protest against injustices or unconscionable actions of those who would steal their liberty, their property or insult their honor.

Demonize their opponents with false accusations, charges. Attribute false motives to any who oppose them.

Smugly claim the moral high ground against all who expose them or stand up against them, no matter the issue, or how well-proven by facts, evidence or principles by their opponents.

Pragmatism vs. Principle: Negate principles in favor of “pragmatic” solutions. No matter how unjust, how wrongful.

Use flattery to insinuate themselves into the good graces of those they can use for their own self-serving ends.

Seek publicity anywhere they can find it, form alliances with anyone who will have them, indiscriminately, and then exploit the credentials, the influence of others, as means and opportunity permit. These left-wing agitators are extremely aggressive and ambitious. They are nothing if not opportunists.

Exploit the suffering, the misfortunes of others, promote the cases of legitimate whistleblowers, Targets/Victims of government persecution, in order to gain “credibility” for themselves, which they then use to further their own agenda, which has nothing to do with the actual plight of those they exploit.

I will begin with a notice posted on a website called FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA, run by one Chris Zucker.





How utterly bizarre. Mr. Zucker promotes left-wing agitator for globalism and advocate for the UN, Janet Phelan, on his website, and has done for many years. He has even listed her under the category of “HONEST HEROS” (misspelled by Zucker.)

I give this as just one example of a person so misguided that he not only fails to see the smallest glimmer of truth about the New World Order, but who has clearly been duped into believing that some of the very individuals he supports (not only “LIBERALS”, but those who have the mentality of communists) are his fellow PATRIOTS.

So, Mr. Zucker wants all LIBERALS to hang! And he and his trusty band of PATRIOTS will personally lead them to the gallows! That seems a bit over the top to me, but Zucker is clearly only posturing with sensationalism to gain attention. Well, he got some, but I doubt it will help his cause. One can hope not...


Howard Nema (real name: Nemaizer) has notices posted on his websites stating that he wants to restore constitutional government. Banners proclaiming: GET US OUT OF THE U.N.!

Why then does he so often engage in promotion of the flagrant left-wing ideology spouted by Janet Phelan?

I've been surprised more than once to see him nodding along while his guest holds forth, inveighing against the principles of Liberty on which this nation was founded.

On one program Janet Phelan spoke about Hugo Chavez, his “leadership”, how much “good” he had done for “his people”, how he was loved by them, etc. etc. Never a challenge from Howard, never the slightest disagreement. (Had there been, no doubt Janet Phelan would have labeled it an “attack”.)

On another program, in the same leftist vein, Janet Phelan spoke out against capitalism, and actually tried (unsuccessfully) to draw a parallel between capitalism and “attacks on First Amendment Rights”.

Here, the link posted by Janet Phelan:

"How capitalism accommodates attacks on 1st Amendment Rights--Impromptu with Howard Nema"

At one point, in explaining her complaint against capitalism, she makes the apparent disclaimer, “I'm not a socialist.” Really? Then what's her point?

Maybe Hugo Chavez can explain it:

"Capitalism is the way of the devil and exploitation. If you really want to look at things through the eyes of Jesus Christ - who I think was the first socialist - only socialism can really create a genuine society." (2006)

Hogwash! Chavez clearly had not the slightest understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus was no socialist. Socialism is a system of forced compliance with the dictates of the state, an odious form of bondage. Jesus Christ proclaimed Liberty to the captives. Morality, spiritual discernment, love of God and your neighbor, true Christian charity, none of these can be legislated, they cannot be contrived, cannot be forced on a population at the point of a gun. Which, when you're dealing with leftists, is where it always, always ends up.

And irony upon irony, Howard Nema titles the program:


Howard has a guest whose political ideology supports the very “global totalitarianism” he claims to be dead set against. And he doesn't see this?


It's time to wrap up this segment. Just one quick anecdote regarding a discussion I had with Howard Nema (2013), regarding the nature of the political ideology espoused by Janet Phelan. As previously stated, I did not bring up Janet Phelan's name to Howard after I had broken off my association with her. I had said what I considered necessary, and had no reason to revisit the issue.

But one day I was having a discussion with Howard in which I outlined my strict dedication to the principles of Liberty and God-given unalienable individual rights. Howard's idea was that “everyone sees things in a different way”. True, but if the way they “see” things means that they will violate the unalienable rights of others, fail to respect the privacy, the personal boundaries of others, or try to force their viewpoints on others, then no true defender of Liberty will tolerate such behavior. They may “see” it as they will, but that right to “see” morphs into wrongdoing when they fail to respect the rights of others, or take action to trample the rights of others.

Howard brought up Janet Phelan, in an apparent attempt to persuade me of the value of what she had to offer in terms of defending human rights and related issues. My answer was as follows: You cannot claim to be a “defender” or “protector” of “rights” if you fail to acknowledge the ultimate supremacy of the God-given unalienable rights of the INDIVIDUAL.

Janet Phelan, by her own admission, and by her many statements advocating for the U.N. and “left-wing politics” (her own words) is in favor of compromising, modifying, adulterating the rights of the individual in service to the dictates of a collective.

And finally, in terms of a clear overview, I explained my position by asking Howard to consider this scenario:

One person (for example, in this case, Janet Phelan) decides that she will dedicate much time and effort in attempts to influence people (via her writings, radio appearances, etc.) to believe that left-wing ideology is not only acceptable, but preferable; that it has merit in that it contains solutions to various problems; will result in improving the lives of the citizens of a country, will “affirm our basic humanity”, and so on and so forth...

As a result of her efforts, some of the audience she is addressing (those who lack discernment and don't think for themselves) are actually influenced to join in and support what she is promoting. And remember, according to Janet, she already has a “large following”. (This statement was in fact made on Howard Nema's show.) Her work is posted on numerous large commercial sites on the Internet, spanning an entire spectrum from those who profess “conservatism” to those who are openly leftist, New Age, secular humanist.

(And remember, Janet Phelan is only one person. How many others are there, embracing and promoting the same ideology?)

Over time, more and more people jump on the Leftist Bandwagon, and soon they themselves are spouting the same ideology, and become agitators, not only by their words, but now by their actions. (For example, they get sucked in by the rhetoric, and join the 'Occupy' movement.)

Soon, as the mob of leftists gains momentum, U.N. Treaties gain signatories. Legislation that defies the Constitution is passed. A person's right to keep and bear arms is “signed away” by meddlers from the U.N. Now, the unconstitutional legislation becomes “law”.

What's next? The U.N. decides that they have the right to invade our sovereign republic with impunity, for the “common good”, to “protect human rights”, to “keep the peace”. (After all, the welcome mat has been rolled out, is ready and waiting for such an invasion.)

Meanwhile, the criminals run rampant, because criminals don't respect the law, nor anyone's unalienable rights (never have, never will) and they still have guns and ammo, which they will use in assaults against the citizenry. Robbery, rape, murder, mayhem, all at the point of THEIR guns.

But where are YOUR guns and ammo? Nowhere to be found, they've been confiscated by lawless men (or women) with badges and guns (operating under the color of law), who are “just following orders”, orders given by tyrants who themselves are “following orders”, the directives of even bigger tyrants at the top of the global food chain.

This is how totalitarianism is achieved, by recruiting one individual at a time, then groups of individuals, using propaganda (especially manipulation by engendering guilt: It's for the children, for the disenfranchised; for the elderly; for the disabled, etc. etc.), pressure tactics, and finally, threats.

At long last, a paramilitary team is standing on your doorstep, brandishing their weaponry, pointing guns in your face, in your wife's/husband's face, while your children or grandchildren huddle in fear in the background.

You will do what we say, or we will lock you up, or kill you.

How then, can you possibly stop them?

Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Chairman Mao did it...and on and on it goes....

The objectives of each of these tyrants (and many others throughout the course of history) were the same: TO STRIP YOU OF YOUR GOD-GIVEN, UNALIENABLE RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE & DESTINY. And they gained this power because the people, AS INDIVIDUALS, failed to stand up and stop them.

Totalitarianism, courtesy of the New World Order.

Don't be fooled: The promotion and support of even one leftist opens the door, throws out the welcome mat, for more leftists, and their godforsaken globalist totalitarianism. And who is to be held accountable for all this?

Every single person who is a part of it, every person who encouraged it, who aided and abetted the mob of leftists (or just one) in any way, shape or form.

When I finished my little stump speech, Howard told me, “I never thought of it that way.” 

And apparently, he's decided to continue NOT to think of it that way. That is his prerogative, but at least I know that I did what I could in service to the truth. I can only offer the truth to anyone willing to listen, but I won't try to force it on anyone.

And with this, I conclude this report.

I implore all Liberty-loving Patriots, Defenders of Unalienable Rights, of the Sovereignty of this Constitutional Republic, to take a closer look, a hard look, at those claiming to be what they so clearly are not. Only a few are mentioned here, but they are legion.

You will find their propaganda on numerous high-traffic commercial websites. You will hear their deceptive rhetoric booming out on the airwaves.

But what of their actions? Whom and what do they actually support?

Whom do they attack with their libelous/slanderous falsehoods?

They are deceivers and hypocrites, merchants of false hope, masquerading as patriots, freedom fighters, opponents of the New World Order.

They are the enemies of Liberty, while claiming to champion it.