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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


As happens from time to time, I find it necessary to make a public statement to outline my policies and rules of engagement.


I have published my reports on the Internet since 1995. At first, they were published on various websites and in 2000 I put my own website online. From 2000 until 2004 I had a series of webmasters, because I had no knowledge or training in web design. That did not work out at all well for me, because having a webmaster meant that one way or another, I was "at the mercy" of other people.

One of the webmasters was targeted for harassment and threats. He suffered a home invasion. While he was out, perps broke in and his apartment was trashed, his electronic equipment destroyed, thrown into the bathtub. All of the hardcopy files/documents I had given him were stolen, and the finishing touch was that the perps had made numerous photocopies of a brochure he had designed, titled Barbara Hartwell: CIA Black Ops Survivor (to be distributed at my speaking engagements, and to advertise my website) and scattered them all around his apartment, and on top of the destroyed equipment.

This was a person I had known for many years, whom I trusted. I could not blame him for being targeted; this is what happened to many people who tried to help me in connection with my work. I hate to think what it cost him. As for the damages to me, I lost documents that could never be replaced. But the message could not have been more clear: Woe to anyone who gets involved with Barbara Hartwell's work in exposing government corruption.

I fared no better with other webmasters, one of whom overstepped his bounds by refusing to publish certain material, simply because he did not "approve" of the reports. I made it clear that he had no say in what I published, and that he was immediately dismissed from his job as webmaster.

Then, there was the "Christian minister" who, I later found out, had been betraying my confidence and discussing my personal business, behind my back, with certain FBI agents, and had given my PRIVATE phone number to an aggressive busybody who tried to force her brand of "Christian" beliefs on me, via her "ministry". (I was ordained as a minister in 1979, and had no need of anything she was trying to foist on me.)

When there was what I believed to be a credible threat to my life, I left my home to go to a safe place. But the "Christian minister" blabbed all my business to the FBI agents. Thank God I didn't tell him where I was going. And that was the end of that association.

(The names of these "Christians"  may  be found in my reports, and in the HALL OF SHAME on this website.)

In August, 2004 I took my website offline. The reason for this was that I did not own the domain name. It had been "donated" by a person from the UK, who claimed to be a "supporter". I made the mistake of trusting him, though he did not provide me with his name, but only a screen name. (Foolish of me, I know, but never again...)

As it happened, in late 2003, "somebody" from among my adversaries in the government decided to perpetrate a hoax in one of their many attempts to discredit me. They hacked in to the site, 'allwhois', where there was supposedly a record of every domain name registered. The liar/hoaxer entered the following information for the 'owner' of Barbara Hartwell dot com:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C.

Which, as everyone knows, is the White House.

Now, I was being harassed by hundreds of people I did not know (and some whom I did know), sending e-mails demanding to know "the truth", and if I had any "comment" to make about who really sponsored my website. Was it the White House? Was it George W. Bush? CIA? (the most common accusation) FBI? NSA?

None of the above, but, as is my policy, I did not bother to respond to these unsolicited e-mails.

A swarm of angry, aggressive hornets was now descending on me, not for anything I had actually done, but because they apparently were easily hoodwinked by the government's disinformation/black propaganda campaign against Barbara Hartwell.

Next item: When I contacted the "supporter" from the UK to explain what had happened, he told me he would look into it and try to fix the problem. But the next thing I knew, the White House had been expunged from the record, and replaced with this:

9/11 Nuke Iraq Street

I had been very vocal in my opposition to the government's "wars" (undeclared by Congress), but somebody was obviously trying to make it look as if I were a supporter of the U.S. government's invasions of other countries.

Then, there were the hordes of government minions and stooges who published the fraudulent information, making all sorts of vile accusations. But of course, that was the plan all along. Exploit the ignorance and fear of those seeking an outlet for their pent up anger and misplaced aggression. Provide them with a scapegoat, then sit back and watch the fireworks.

I did not own the domain name. I had no control over the government perps hacking into the 'allwhois' site. There was nothing I could do, so in disgust I took the website offline. From August 2004 until September 2006 I had no website.

I published reports (on other websites) documenting what had happened, exposing the names of those who were publishing the libelous falsehoods and fraudulent information and refuting their claims. Those reports are now archived on this site, for those interested.

I have not used a public e-mail address since I removed Barbara Hartwell dot com in 2004. For a short time I had a yahoo address, only so I could post my reports elsewhere. Unfortunately, there was no way to keep this address private, as it was "required" for posting. But the harassment and threats, the cyber-stalking from the government stooges continued. I finally had to expunge the address; it was the only way to stop the assaults by these loathsome characters.

In September, 2006, I decided to use a 'blog' site, since I could not afford to hire a webmaster, nor to pay for another domain name or web space for a 'real' website. The most important issue for me was to be autonomous, and not dependent in any way on others, such as a webmaster, to publish my work. By this time, I had also decided not to publish on other sites, as I had in the past, with a few exceptions, those being trusted colleagues who valued my work and respected my privacy, my personal boundaries and my fundamental rights.

In 2010, I transferred much of the material from my old website on to my current site, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.  I don't like the format, and I certainly don't like the fact that the Google Gestapo owns the 'blogspot' sites, but it was all I could manage without resources or hired help, so here I am.

For those who don't understand why I was not able to afford to maintain a website, all I can say is that they have no idea what it is like to be the Target of a neutralization campaign, and the abject poverty to which I have been  driven. The constant interference and invasions into every area of my life made it difficult to work at all....but then, that was the objective.


From the time my first website went online (2000) until 2014, I solicited donations from the general public to support my work.  Most of the journalists and government whistleblowers I've known (or known of) do the same. Unless you are independently wealthy, or have some other reliable source of material support, it is difficult to sustain life, much less your professional work.

But soliciting donations brought its own set of problems. I've always made it crystal clear in notices on my website my policy on donations:

All donations given in the spirit of 'Christian charity' or 'love gifts', free and clear, no questions asked, no strings attached, are gratefully accepted. All donations are to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell.

And yet, some of the donors could not seem to accept or respect this policy. Some mistakenly believed that any material support they provided "bought" them some of my time, my allegiance, or even that it gave them carte blanche to exploit my name, have their questions (some of which were of an intrusive personal nature) answered, or meddle in my personal or professional business. 

Some tried to push their unsolicited advice on me, and even responded with anger when I explained that I had not asked for their advice, and did not want or need it. Some tried to tell me how I "should be" spending the donations they sent. This, despite the fact that in my notices I stated that "all donations are to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell."

I have also received requests by post from people who say they want to make donations by PayPal (or other electronic means). I have been asked to give my e-mail address, to set up communications.

I don't use Paypal or other electronic means to receive funds. I don't give out my e-mail address. E-mail has never been reliable for me, which is why I rarely use it. Protecting my privacy and security is my main concern.

As stated, I no longer solicit donations. It has been more trouble than it is worth. For those who want to send donations, they are free to do so, as long as they understand the policy. I accept donations only by postal mail, at the address given at the top of this website.

I have posted a number of notices, prominently displayed, which I ask new visitors to read first. The title is: NOTICES & Vital Info: New Readers Please Begin Here.

The purpose of this website is to publish an archive of my work. It is not a "news" site, nor do I seek interaction with the readers. I do not engage in any form of "social networking".

For those who find my work of value, who share the principles I uphold, such as defending Liberty and unalienable rights, and want to make donations for this reason, they will always be greatly appreciated. 

But please, those who have expectations of some kind of quid pro quo arrangement, or who are not willing to accept the policies stated here, you might be better off using your money to support another cause.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival 
True Recluse
Defender of Liberty & Unalienable Rights
February 4, 2017