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Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Blood: Howard Nemaizer's Outrageous Lies Refuted

Howard Nemaizer (using the pseudonym Nema) has published an outrageous and defamatory article, filled with fabrications and libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. This, along with monstrous invasions of my privacy, in what is clearly a desperate attempt to discredit me and to cover his own grievous injustices and wrongdoing with additional lies.

This is his attempt at justifying the unjustifiable, defending the indefensible, because he has no legal or ethical ground whatsoever to stand on.

Nemaizer is in the wrong, has always been in the wrong. His wrongful intrusions into my private affairs. His wrongful exploitation of the name of a legitimate government whistleblower. His wrongful appropriation of my unpublished and published material for unconscionable, self-serving ends. His wrongful misrepresentations of my name and website, in attempts to make it appear that I am affiliated and in "partnership" with a number of individuals, including himself and his program, "Truth Talk News"; as well as with individuals whom I had clearly and publicly denounced and exposed for their misdeeds. 

The fact of the matter is that I have never, at any time, been a "partner" of Howard Nemaizer, nor of any of the persons listed in his fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH". Nemaizer was well aware of this, via both my private and public statements, as far back as 2012. Thus, he knowingly promoted false information, in an attempt to deceive the public, which is inexcusable by even the most lax standards of honesty or decency.

Since December 15, 2014, I have made it crystal clear, through a number of public notices and reports, in response to Nemaizer's public misrepresentations, fraudulent notices and promotions, exploiting and defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell, that I wanted all the false information REMOVED, that which I specified beyond any doubt. 

Nemaizer chose to disregard all such notices, all such demands, a formal warning and most recently, a formal complaint.

Until his latest defamatory article, filled with false witness against Barbara Hartwell, many misstatements of fact and outrageously false accusations, the one response by Nemaizer was a defamatory notice on his website, Howard Nema dot com (February 2015), in which he made false accusations against Barbara Hartwell and arrogantly stated that he refused to remove the fraudulent material in connection with the name and website of Barbara Hartwell.

He actually stated that he expected to be PAID to remove his own false and fraudulent notices. To cash in on his own wrongful actions, when any decent, honorable person would have immediately removed the fraudulent notices and false information, and not only that, would have also issued a public retraction and apology, upon the first request. And I did give him the opportunity to do that. Before I issued the demands, I published a polite request, “with all due respect”, which Howard Nemaizer chose to disregard.

These facts alone should clearly indicate his dishonest and unprincipled character and his utter lack of respect for the privacy, personal boundaries and fundamental rights of others.

Such hypocrisy is evident in his phony claims to be defending and advocating for unalienable rights, as protected under the Constitution. Nemaizer claims to be a "Constitutionalist". He claims to be promoting "truth", as shown by the name of his TV/radio program, "Truth Talk News". And pigs will take flight into the wild blue yonder...

In this report I will refute his most recent malicious lies, one by one, and set the record straight. I will also (once again) expose the truth about Howard Nemaizer's many wrongful and injurious actions against Barbara Hartwell. Not by fabricating lies, as he does, but by citing his own words, his many false statements.

It has been my experience that dishonest persons always end up hanging themselves with their own words, and thus discredit themselves. But as I live and breathe, I will not stand by and allow such an unrepentant malicious pathological liar to smear my good name. 

Howard Nemaizer has drawn first blood, as liars and wrongdoers always do. And he will be held accountable, as God is my witness. 

All I have ever done where Nemaizer is concerned is defend my good name and my unalienable rights against Nemaizer's aggression, intrusions, extreme provocations and defamatory statements. The facts and the evidence, all of which I have documented, vindicate me, while Nemaizer's lack of such stands in stark contrast.

But first, some background. I first came into contact with Howard Nemaizer in 2012, through mutual acquaintances, when I was invited to appear as a guest on his radio program, "Truth Talk News". Subsequently, I was invited back for a number of shows. At that time, I had no reason to believe that Nemaizer was a dishonest person and malicious pathological liar; that revelation came later, after much firsthand experience.

Nemaizer also revealed himself to be a very aggressive and ambitious amateur, a name-dropper and gate-crasher, looking to make a name for himself by riding the coattails of legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, survivors of government operations, some of whom, unlike Nemaizer himself, have risked our lives, in the face of brutal persecution, to stand against government corruption and to defend unalienable rights and liberties.

Howard Nemaizer is not a journalist, nor has any professional background or training, no area of expertise which would qualify him to speak or write authoritatively on the subject matter he addresses on his websites or TV/ radio programs. Howard Nemaizer is a rank amateur, a poseur, posturing as a "patriot", as a "truth teller", as a knowlegable expositor, when nothing could be further from the truth. Nemaizer is a salesman by trade, and as per the most recent public information available on the Internet, he is a used car salesman in Torrington, CT.

I have seen numerous examples whereby Nemaizer plagiarizes the work of others (both legitimate and not), without giving credit to the source, and without separating his own added comments from the material written by others. His "knowledge" (such as it is) comes solely from reading the work of others, on the Internet, or from books he reads, which he then copies to his websites or parrots on his radio/TV shows.

There is nothing wrong with using excerpts, even entire articles written by others, as long as the source is given and properly credited, but there is something very wrong with stealing the work of others and claiming it AS IF it were his own, while tampering with it by adding comments not written by the author. That is not only plagiarism, but forgery.

Nemaizer frequently contradicts himself, and switches from one position to another, from promoting one political ideology, to changing it to another. The same goes for political candidates, across a broad spectrum.

I have seen him on his TV show, announcing himself as the campaign coordinator (or some such thing) for the state of Connecticut, for this or that presidential candidate, spewing rhetoric which parrots that of the contender, and then, a few weeks later, he drops the campaign and picks up another.

Nemaizer is like a weather vane; any way the wind blows, so go his opinions, his alliances, his bandwagon-jumping. As the old saying goes, When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. And Nemaizer does fall, hard, time after time, seemingly unaware of his own gullibility and lack of discernment.

I should make it very clear that my ONLY concern as regards Nemaizer's unscrupulous m.o. is that MY NAME and website have been promoted and exploited in connection with a plethora of false information, wild speculation, unwarranted assumptions, erroneous conclusions, and the outright idiocy of much of what Nemaizer promotes on his websites and TV/radio programs. That, and placing MY NAME in connection with certain unscrupulous characters AS IF I were associated with them, or worse, affiliated with them, when in fact, I am not.

Howard Nemaizer has attempted to appropriate the fruits of my labor, my decades of hard work, and has made many false claims as to the nature of my former association with him, which never consisted of anything more than occasional appearances as a guest on his radio/TV programs.

And although, for a short period of time (2012-2013) I considered him a "friend", that is, until he showed his true colors as anything but, he has misrepresented the nature of that association, and blown it way out of proportion, by his many deceptive public comments, in which the reader (or audience of his shows) is led to believe there was some professional "partnership", or that I was part of some group effort, or team, which included him and certain of his cohorts, such as the many “friends” he claims on Facebook or other social media, most of whom I do not even know.

I am not part of Howard Nemaizer's world of Internet culture, Facebook “friends”, social media, group think, where anything goes and all are welcome to participate in my endeavors.

The truth is that I have always been strictly independent in my professional work. I am not a team player, and I don't work with amateurs. As for my professional colleagues, I choose them with great care and discretion. I can guarantee that Howard Nemaizer was at no time one of them.

This upstart amateur, this aggressive, intrusive busybody, this gate-crasher and name-dropper, this publicity hound and grandstander, this wannabe, Howard Nemaizer, has stirred up a world of trouble, has been responsible for immeasurable damages to my good name and personal/professional reputation.

Now, to add insult to injury, Howard Nemaizer has published yet another pack of malicious lies, more false accusations, and outrageous invasions of my privacy. He has violated confidential information by publishing it on the Internet; he has published photos which were taken without my knowledge or consent, in direct disregard of my clearly stated prohibition of ever using any such material in a public venue. He has overstepped the bounds of the most basic decency.  

I will not allow these lies to stand, and, as always, I find it necessary to refute them here with the truth and the facts.

Due to Nemaizer's extreme violations of my privacy, and the accompanying lies he has concoted, some of which are of a personal nature, I will not allow Nemaizer to bait me into responding to provocations which would only further invade my privacy.

The fact of the matter is that Howard Nemaizer has commingled issues which are totally unrelated, and has done for quite some time. He addresses issues by way of his personal, subjective opinions, feelings and viewpoints, instead of dealing with objective reality. He dismisses hard facts as if they were unimportant; disregarding the actual issue at hand (whatever it may be) in attempts to make himself appear credible, truthful, or justified in his actions, when in fact his extreme subjectivity reveals his unscrupulous self-serving, ego-driven agenda.

The issue is very simple, and has been since Nemaizer first began to exploit my name with his fraudulent promotions. The issue is libel, defamation, misrepresentation, false light, exploitation, theft of the fruits of my labor, and invasion of privacy. All of which have been directly responsible for extreme damages.

Anything I have ever stated in regard to Howard Nemaizer in my reports and notices has been solely for the purpose of setting the public record straight; of standing in my own defense against his aggression and provocations; of refuting Nemaizer's lies with facts and evidence.

I do not have the resources to sue Howard Nemaizer, though his offenses are certainly actionable under the law. As in the many other cases of defamation, the massive, unrelenting libel/slander campaigns waged against me by government operatives and their minions and stooges, the best I can do is expose the liars and state the truth for the public record.

Here are excerpts from Howard Nemaizer's latest verbal assault and character assassination. My comments follow.

"I have learned through friends that Barbara Hartwell has been maliciously attacking and spreading lies about me."

This is a vague statement. What “lies” are these? He does not specify. I have never, at any time, “maliciously attacked” Howard Nemaizer. Nor have any lies about him been published by me. If he wants to make this claim, let him name the “lies”, otherwise it is meaningless.

I seriously doubt that Nemaizer “learned” of these alleged “lies” from “friends”. No, he saw what was written by me, did not like being exposed for his offenses, which he refused even to acknowledge as such, so he called my statements of fact lies. Typical tactic of a habitual liar: accuse another person of what you yourself are guilty. Project your own character flaws and misdeeds on others.

"She claims I have not deleted her work, when I have, long ago. Aside from this post there is not one article, link or video on TRUTH TALK NEWS or that I have not deleted."

I have made no such claim. The issue was not deleting MY work, with the exception of a series of unpublished interviews, which Nemaizer published, without my knowledge or consent, in which he also stole the name, “The Barbara Hartwell Chronicles”, in violation of a “good faith” verbal agreement.

The ONLY issue is my truthful and factual claims, and the subject of my demands, specifically that Nemaizer has been exploiting and misrepresenting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, including with fraudulent notices, such as “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”. By his own admission, this notice has been published on his websites “since February 2014”, in “over 200 posts.”

The demands were that Nemaizer REMOVE HIS FALSEHOODS about Barbara Hartwell. Which he had previously publicly stated that he refused to do, unless he was PAID to do so.

He claims: “...there is not one article, link or video on TRUTH TALK NEWS or that I have not deleted.” And that he has done this “long ago”. This is a bald faced lie.

As of October 29, when I published a formal complaint against Nemaizer, he had not deleted these fraudulent notices. They still appeared on a number of pages in the “categories” on Howard Nema dot com. Had he removed the offensive material “long ago”, as he claims, I would not have found it necessary to publish an additional formal complaint against him.

As well, Nemaizer's video (July 2014), titled “MK Ultra and the CIA Book of Dirty Tricks”, in which I had no involvement whatsoever, and in which Nemaizer presented false information about my background with CIA, as well as about CIA operations (of which Nemaizer himself is entirely ignorant) and shamelessly exploited my name, was still there, on the same page, along with his fraudulent notice.

How many people, since July 2014, have watched this video? How many have believed the false information about Barbara Hartwell presented by Howard Nemaizer? How much damage has he done to my reputation? The very thought is responsible for extreme distress to me.

Nemaizer has proven by his actions that he is an habitual and unrepentant liar. I can only believe what I see with my own eyes, which, when I last checked, was right there on Nemaizer's website, just as it had been since 2014.

"Yet she continuously attacks me, tries to discredit me and even was so lame as to publish my real name, as if it is a secret."

Again, I have not “attacked” Howard Nemaizer. If he is stupid enough to believe that standing in my own defense against his exploitation and misrepresentation of my name is an “attack”, then there appears to be no remedy for his utter lack of intellectual wherewithal and his moral bankruptcy.

Howard Nemaizer has discredited himself via his own dishonesty and foolishness. He needs no help from me.

Howard Nemaizer is his actual name, though he uses a pseudonym, Howard Nema. Why should I use a pseudonym when addressing the offenses of a real person? I never made any claim that his name was a secret.

"Oh, heavens to Betsy. I have mentioned my REAL name, Howard Nemaizer on air many times and use Howard Nema simply because it has been my stage name as a musician and it is easy to remember. There is no great “deception” or alias. I don’t know if I can say that about BH, but I don’t attack others and normally ignore inaccurate rantings."

What the hell is Nemaizer on about now? I have no concern about his reasons for using a pseudonym, nor have ever stated such a thing.
Inaccurate rantings”? That is Nemaizer's province, not mine.
And in the midst of this malicious attack against Barbara Hartwell, he states that “I don't attack others”. Now, that is just plain absurd.

"BH ‘s obsession with trying to discredit me should be very revealing to those who know me and my work; and now the absence of any of the material BH claims I refuse to remove should set the record straight. But BH keeps stalking me and posting disinformation."

These statements are utterly preposterous. Taking necessary action to stop an aggressive gate-crasher from exploiting my name and publishing false information and fraudulent notices is my standard policy. There is no obsession involved, just business as usual. He wasn't the first and I doubt he'll be the last. It is the nature of the beast for his ilk to attempt to invade the personal boundaries of legitimate people, in attempts to latch on and appropriate what they are sorely lacking through their own initiative.

Now, he accuses me of “stalking” him? How moronic. Publishing notices demanding that a liar remove false information could not possibly qualify as stalking. A stalker is one who engages in pursuing a Target by unwanted communications, phone calls, letters, e-mails, or following on foot, in a vehicle, etc.

I have done no such things, ever. I have had no communication with Howard Nemaizer since May, 2014 (on a necessary business matter), nor wanted any, nor attempted any. In fact, I have publicly notified him that any further attempts to contact me will be regarded as harassment. Nemaizer, in one such attempt at unwanted communication, sent a letter by post to my PO box. I instructed the postal clerk to stamp the letter REFUSED and return to sender.

Is he delusional, or what? More likely, just once again projecting his own unscrupulous behavior on me.

He accuses me of “posting disinformation”. It is clear he does not know the meaning of the word, so I won't belabor the point. Again, what a moron.

"Like the fact I was asked to do a local radio show on UNITED FM RADIO by owner Keith Mutch, who saw my appearance on WAPJ and invited me to do a weekly 3 hr show.

It had been a year since I did any live radio and I agreed. We did several shows before I quit due to owner Keith Mutch’s shock jock style attacking residents, many I know in town, which caused great conflict and guilt by association with some of my friends here in Torrington, who informed me that Keith was convicted of felony arson."

According to Howard Nemaizer, this so-called “disinformation” posted by me concerned his association with one Keith Mutch. There was no such “disinformation”, and what's more, I have no interest whatsoever in Nemaizer's personal reasons for hosting a show on this network. That is not my concern. As always, my ONLY concern is that Howard Nemaizer was USING MY NAME on some of the same pages as his promotions of Keith Mutch.

Keith Mutch is a career criminal and predicate felon. All it would take for anyone of even minimal intelligence to find his extensive criminal record and other notorious public offenses is to put his name in a search engine. There are mainstream news articles, videos, police reports, etc. But Nemaizer had to “learn” of this from friends? Who does he think will believe something so stupid?

Keith Mutch also promotes demonic images on his website, such as a flaming skeleton, such as attendees of a heavy metal concert saluting Satan with the two-fingered devil horns, and the lyrics of the heavy metal “songs” come straight from the pit of hell. If Nemaizer wants to broadcast his program on such a loathsome station, and affiliate himself with its criminal owner, that is his business.

But when he has the unmitigated audacity to display MY NAME on the same pages, which he has impudently done, then it is my right to protest vehemently and demand that MY NAME be removed. So much for Nemaizer's claim of “disinformation”.

"I don’t need people like Keith Mutch in my life any more than I need Barbara Hartwell in my life. In any case, BH benefited far more from our association than I did, despite her lies, cries of outrage and crocodile tears."

I couldn't give a tinker's damn what Howard Nemaizer “needs”. His total and pathological lack of discretion and discernment is his problem, but I won't allow him to make it mine.

And how dare he use my name in the same sentence, comparing me to one of his demonic criminal cohorts. I cut off any association with Nemaizer at the end of 2013, for good, by my own choice, so what's his point? Maybe he should consider the very salient fact that had he not continued to pursue an association with me, unwanted on my part, and had he had the common decency to stop exploiting my name, none of my public protests of his wrongdoing would have been necessary.

Howard Nemaizer has brought all this on himself. He chose his own misguided actions. He is one of those people whose compulsive, pathological aggression will not allow him to take NO for answer. He will keep pushing and pushing, refusing to acknowledge his own errors and offenses, until he finally provokes rightful outrage from the subject of his aggression. Then, he will feign innocence of any wrongdoing. That is passive-aggressive behavior and typical of busybodies, who just can't seem to mind their own business, but refuse to be held accountable for their offensive actions.

He continued to obstinately disregard my rightful protests of his wrongful actions, his aggression and provocations. He has always been the aggressor, not I. Righteous outrage on my part is a given, and this surprises him?

For him to claim that I have “benefited” in any way from an association with him is a bald-faced lie, as well as utterly ludicrous and delusional. He doesn't speak for me, and the fact of the matter is that the brief association I had with Howard Nemaizer has brought nothing but trouble, losses, damages and grief into my life. And it is ongoing to this day, as shown by his latest offensive against me.

This, from an aggressive gate-crasher who attempted to horn in on MY professional business, who has shamelessly exploited MY name for his own self-serving ends; who has promoted fraudulent notices in deceptive efforts to make it appear that I am a “partner” of several persons (including himself) when it holds not a grain of truth.

He calls me a liar, when all the documented evidence I have furnished (in numerous reports and notices, links given below) clearly shows that he is the sole liar, and that he is projecting his pathological behavior on me.

Outraged? Who wouldn't be? That is the one true statement he has made. Nothing outrages me more than a liar, especially one who bears false witness, and makes false accusations, for his own unscrupulous ends.

"You see, I QUIT long before BH posted that I was a radio host on UNITED FM. Get your facts straight, Barbara if you are going to accuse people, unless facts and truth no longer matter to you."

No, I don't see. What in the bloody hell is he talking about? This, in connection to his very public association with a career criminal, whom he was promoting all over the Internet, which I mentioned solely in the context of his use of MY NAME on the same damnable pages.

In point of fact, I first posted comments about Keith Mutch in one of my updates at a time when Nemaizer's show was airing there and being promoted on both Nemaizer's sites and on UNITED FM Radio. September 13, 2015, to be precise. He was still broadcasting there by the Labor Day weekend. Another lie.

And why would I care, or even know, how long Nemaizer's show was running on that station? His promotions lasted for months. Does he think I would prioritize tracking a timeline of his activities, so that I can “get the facts straight”?

I have all the facts I need. The FACT is that Howard Nemaizer was using my name in connection with Keith Mutch, ON THE SAME PAGES. And that is the ONLY FACT that matters to me, or is relevant to Nemaizer's flagrant misrepresentation of my name.

"I remember when I thought they did. Your actions make me question everything you have ever confided in me with and everything we discussed on radio shows. 

You revealed your true self by attacking me. And I am sorry we ever met, Barbara.

Honestly, much as I thought I knew Barbara Hartwell, I clearly did not know her at all . But I know her now and I know her game:

By their fruits shall we know them.

This is the only and final response to BH."

"Honestly” is not a word which has anything to do with Howard Nemaizer, but typical that he would use it in attempts to cover his deception.

The only and final response”. Another of Howard Nemaizer's many lies and contradictory statements. What about the other defamatory notice on his website, of February 24, 2015, in which he states:

No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name.”

Really? Then what in the bloody hell is this new piece of scurrilous trash he has posted?

Now, here's some idiocy. Of course he never knew me. If he had done, he would never have been foolish enough to mess with me, nor would he assume that I would tolerate such unconscionable behavior. I don't tolerate such behavior from anyone, so why would he be an exception? 

He didn't know me then, and he sure as hell doesn't know me now. He will never know me, which suits me just fine, as long as he gets the hell off my case and leaves me alone. That is my one and only wish as regards Howard Nemaizer.

"By their fruits shall we know them."

Here, Nemaizer parrots a (mis)quote from scripture, which he knows I have frequently used (the correct quote) in my reports, including in reference to him personally, in an attempt to once again twist things around to blame me for his own wrongdoing.

There is no game here, only the brutal truth, which Nemaizer is too blind, by far, to see. And for Nemaizer's edification, you can't get good fruit from a poisonous tree, and the poisonous issue of lies, aggression, and a self-serving agenda is all I have ever seen as regards the fruits he bears.

And now, Nemaizer shows not only his lack of common decency, but his true malice.

"There has been much omitted from her attacks like the money I gave her and took her in when she faced homelessness. Barbara Hartwell lived at my home rent free in “squalor” for six weeks eating fried shrimp and filet minion provided by yours truly."

Howard Nemaizer repeats his false claim of “attacks”, which in actuality were my righteous protests of his wrongdoing.

The issues he raises here have absolutely nothing to do with my protests against his exploitation, misrepresentation, and fraudulent notices in connection with my name.

As far as his claim of what I have “omitted”, he apparently holds the false notion that I am somehow obligated to include in my reports what HE believes to be relevant. He clearly also believes that, assuming he donated money to me, that “buys” him the right to do and say anything he pleases; to exploit my name for his own ends; to invade my privacy; to treat me with a total lack of respect for my personal boundaries and fundamental rights. Dead wrong, Nemaizer.

Now, for the FACTS: I did NOT stay at Howard Nemaizer's house for “six weeks”. That is a lie. I arrived at his house on November 22, 2013. And I left on December 21, 2013, when an edict was issued from On High, from Maureen Nemaizer, the wife of Howard Nemaizer, that I (a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution) be thrown into the street.

Let us count the days, from November 22 to December 21: a total of twenty nine (29) days. Six weeks, as claimed by Nemaizer, according to his brilliant numerical calculations, would have been forty two (42) days. That would have included Christmas 2013 and the New Year, into 2014. So, Nemaizer is claiming that I was there during those holidays, when in fact I most certainly was not. And the lies just keep on coming...

Nemaizer then makes the ludicrous claim that I was “eating filet minion” (which he has misspelled – it is filet mignon, for his edification). In point of fact, and for the record, I have been a vegetarian for most of my adult life, for over forty (40) years. I do not eat the dead bodies of tortured and brutally slaughtered animals. No, that is Nemaizer's diet, not mine. To tell such a brazen lie only shows that he is so desperate to misrepresent me in a false light, and all that I stand for, that he will say anything he can think of to achieve his unscrupulous ends. And, for the record, Nemaizer has known full well that I am a vegetarian, and for ethical reasons, which naturally would count for nothing to him. He lies, because it serves his ends.

"Why won’t her OWN family help her?"

Due to Nemaizer's monstrous invasions of my privacy, and that of my family, I refuse to allow his further intrusions into my personal life by including his additional comments about them. It is none of his damnable business, nor the business of the general public.

He has the unmitigated gall to drag my family into his unconscionable attempts to discredit me. Howard Nemaizer does not know anyone in my family. For the record, none of my family, not one member, anywhere, has anything to do with the issue at hand. None of them are involved in my professional work, nor ever have been. None of them have been responsible in any way for the persecution directed against me, nor the dreadful circumstances I faced at the time, to which Nemaizer refers. In fact, my family has suffered the same invasions of their privacy, the same unjust demonization, for years, because of malicious people like Howard Nemaizer, simply by virtue of the fact that they are related to me. It is beyond despicable.

How much lower can Howard Nemaizer stoop, in his malicious assaults on my character? Read on...

"And why did she turn on me, after claiming to be so desperate and on the verge homelessness then complain how I displaced her when she was going to be thrown out on the street?"

I have no idea what Nemaizer is talking about. I have never made any statement, such that he “displaced” me. For the record, I have documented, in great detail, the entire ordeal I endured at the hands of Howard Nemaizer, his wife, Maureen Nemaizer and their trashy sleazebag friends. I won't repeat it here, except to refute Nemaizer's specific lies. (Links for the reports may be found at the bottom of the page.)

"I think she thought she had found another sucker to pay her bills. Her vindictive attacks are as relentless as her pursuit of  donations"

What in the bloody hell is this supposed to mean? “Another sucker”? Nemaizer, the habitual liar and character assassin, now makes yet another outrageously false statement.

At no time did I ever ask Nemaizer to pay my bills, nor did he ever do any such thing. And I have never in my life sought out any “suckers” for this purpose, nor engaged in any such unscrupulous activity . I have paid my own bills, to the best of my ability, and the sources of my material support are, once again, none of Nemaizer's damnable business.

As for the donations he makes reference to, that is also none of Nemaizer's concern. I have the right to solicit donations to support my work, just as many other journalists and whistleblowers do. And as I have clearly stated in notices on my website, all donations, given in the spirit of Christian charity, or love gifts, no questions asked, no strings attached, are gratefully accepted, with the understanding that they are to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell.

Nemaizer, aggressive busybody that he is, seems to be deluded in his belief that any “donations” by him would entitle him to meddle in my business, or to appoint himself as the Town Crier, publicly commenting on my financial affairs.

"My wife didn’t like the idea at all, but she went along with it and we took Barbara in."

Before I continue, I find it necessary to make the core of this issue perfectly clear. Howard Nemaizer made an offer of sanctuary to me in October of 2013, when I explained to him that I would soon be forced to leave my home in Maine, because I could no longer afford to pay the rent and other bills. I had nowhere to go, and though I made every effort to find even a temporary place to stay, I was unable to do so. I never asked for Nemaizer's help. I only accepted his offer, when it became clear that I had no other options, short of being homeless in the street.

When he made his offer of sanctuary, it came with a number of assurances and promises, all of which, I learned only after it was too late, were lies, misrepresentations of the actual circumstances. 

Nemaizer's offer was made under false pretenses. It was a “bait and switch”, which considering the dire nature of my situation, greatly exacerbated my plight, rather than helping.

Since I have already documented all of this in detail (see links to reports), I will stick to refuting the false statements given here by Nemaizer.

For one thing, Nemaizer failed to inform me of the truth: that his wife, as he states here, “did not like the idea at all.” I had no way of knowing this until after I arrived there. In fact, he stated that his wife would welcome me into their home. He lied. Had I known the truth, I would never have accepted the offer, no matter how desperate my circumstances. As previously stated, Howard Nemaizer does not know me at all, or he would have known that I would never set foot in a place where I was unwelcome. That is a matter of honor, one I'm sure Nemaizer is incapable of understanding.

But then, Nemaizer misrepresented the entire situation, and I did not learn of this until I was placed in the untenable position of being stranded there, with no resources, and nowhere else to go.

"In those 6 weeks she didn’t lift a finger to help around the house and even disobeyed wishes to make her presence living in Our home a secret from my in-laws and neighbors, who ultimately informed my landlord, by which time my wife was already quite sick of Barbara and her non-conformity of house rules."

At no time did Howard Nemaizer ever inform me that my presence in his house was to be kept a “secret” from anyone. No, this was one of many bombshells dropped after the fact. Furthermore, I never agreed to any such thing. His wife, Maureen Nemaizer, wanted me to lie about why I was there, when her parents came for Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, before I ever learned of any of this, she had actually fabricated a “story” to explain my presence there, fed it to her parents, and expected me to participate in the deception. She, like her husband, is a manipulative busybody and an habitual liar.

Nemaizer's statement is again, a misrepresentation of the entire situation. He never informed me that I would be expected to participate in such a deception, nor that my presence was to be kept a “secret”.

His arrogance, added to his dishonesty, should be clear: “disobeyed wishes”? This may come as a surprise to the likes of Nemaizer and the Gulag Commander, Maureen Nemaizer, but I am not obligated to “obey” anyone, just because they have decided to engage in a deception in which I never agreed to participate.

As regards the landlord: Another issue about which I was never informed until it was too late. This bombshell was dropped when Maureen Nemaizer told me that it was a violation of their lease to have a guest staying there. When I asked why I was not informed of this prior to my coming there, no answer was given, only some vague whining about the “rules” of their lease. But naturally, as a result of yet another deception of Howard Nemaizer, I was expected to toe the line.

What was originally presented as an offer of sanctuary to a “friend” in need, turned out to be an extremely stressful ordeal, where I was treated with great disrespect, insulted, blamed for circumstances beyond my control, and expected to “obey” the whims of this pair of pushy, meddlesome busybodies, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer.

"Did I mention that I moved her stuff from Maine to Connecticut for free, in a van I rented and paid for. The expenses of the move came close to $400."

No, I don't believe he mentioned this, but I certainly did, in one of my previous reports detailing Howard Nema's many deceptions. He lied about this too. He assured me that he would help me move all the possessions I needed to take with me, which I had clearly explained beforehand. But he reneged on his promise (as with many others) at the last minute, which resulted in irreplaceable losses of things which were of great value to me.

"Did I mention that Dave chauffeured Barbara in her own car from Maine to CT, also for free?"

As usual, Nemaizer misrepresents this situation entirely. Here are the facts: I had told him that I am not able to drive on highways, or in heavy traffic due to disability, a condition which has limited me for over fifteen (15) years.

He told me that he would find someone to drive my car from Maine to Connecticut. Who did he enlist for this task? David St. John aka “Dave”, who just happened to be a drunk driving convict (DUI). A person who was prohibited under the law from driving any vehicle, unless under specified conditions. Some “chauffeur”.

Was I told of this? No, not until after the fact. Thus, Nemaizer placed me at great risk, as I would have been implicated in a crime, should we have been stopped by the police during a five hour drive, across state lines from Maine to Connecticut.

I would never have consented to such a thing, had I been told the truth. Nemaizer, typically, arranged this without my knowledge or consent. Just as Howard Nemaizer has done repeatedly, in many other cases. The knowledge or consent of others is clearly unimportant to him. He does what he pleases, at his own misguided whims, placing others (in this case, me) in a position to be harmed by his actions. It seems Nemaizer's philosophy is: The ends justify the means.

"Did I mention that I even paid for a nice meal before we all headed down on the day of the move?"

What relevance to the real issues could this possibly have? What is Nemaizer trying to prove? Boasting of one of his “many acts of kindness”, for which he has claimed I am a “terribly ungrateful soul”.

"Did I mention that after a month’s notice before we took her in that hardly anything was packed when my friend Dave and I arrived and that we had to do basically all the packing?"

Another misrepresentation aimed at blaming me for circumstances beyond my control. It is untrue that “hardly anything” was packed. Many boxes had been packed by me.

And I had clearly stated to Nemaizer well ahead of time that I was UNABLE to pack many of my possessions because I could not get access to them. It would have involved heavy lifting, of which I am not capable, due to disability. Nemaizer had assured me beforehand that he would help me with this on the day of the move, but reneged at the last minute, so I was forced to leave these things behind.

Then, there was the fact that I had no money to purchase the necessary boxes and packing materials, not enough gas in the car to go back and forth to a market to get free boxes. I had no help from anyone, and I did the best I could, as Nemaizer was well aware. Again, he misrepresents the situation to make it appear that I am at fault for something beyond my control.

"All BH could muster in her tirades about Dave, was to ridicule him and call him a drunk."

Another misrepresentation of my words. I called him a “drunk driving convict”. That is a fact. And I did so in the context of the aforementioned deception by Howard Nemaizer.

"Speaking of drunks. BH couldn’t wait for me to return to get her wine that very first day. She borrowed $10 from my wife and had my 13 year old son drive with her in her own car to show to show her where the package store was. Talk about a drunk.”

Now, he tries to twist things around and call me a “drunk”? Simply because I bought a bottle of wine. I have been drinking wine with dinner for my entire adult life, as is my family tradition. So what? I have never been arrested for any sort of DUI, never had any sort of “drinking problem”, nor have ever been a “drunk”. And any money I may have borrowed from his wife was paid back in full. And why drag his son into this? Is he actually trying to suggest that I was “corrupting a minor”?

The absurdity of this statement reveals his desperation to smear my character. Considering the fact that Howard Nemaizer was rarely without an open can of beer in his hand, the entire time I was there, this is just another example of his projection of his own habits on me.

"Here are the squalid conditions of the room Barbara stayed and was forced to endure, complete with fireplace."

Next item: Nemaizer posts a photo of the cold, dark, dirty basement of his house where I was staying during the 29 days of sheer misery.

But, as usual, the photo is purposely deceptive and misrepresents the actual nature of the area. Only a small portion of one (ugly) cinderblock wall is shown, with a table standing in front of it. Why didn't he show the whole thing? The filthy concrete floors and walls, for a start. The place was not fit for human (or animal) habitation, due to mildew, dangerous black mold, cold and damp. I've no doubt it would violate the building code, should an inspector come to check.

It seems likely that is why the landlord prohibited any guest from staying there: he could be cited for violating the code.

"There was NO gratitude, only empty words of gratitude. . .and lies. Clearly, Barbara also has selective memory."

In point of fact, I have an excellent memory. I also have a photographic memory. There is nothing “selective” about it. The conditions in Nemaizer's basement were precisely as I have described them in my previous report (for which a link is given below.)

And he expects me to be "grateful" for his many lies, for placing me at grave risk, in any number of ways, for his arrogant expectation that I would “obey” his whims to participate in his deceptions as the “price” of these horrible accommodations?

There have been no lies, not on my part. I described the conditions as they were, nothing more.

"The first opportunity BH had to “blow her cover” with my in-laws happened that Thanksgiving eve, when she claimed being so exhausted, she couldn’t wait for my in-laws to leave and reported she was going to go to bed, causing immediate and constant conflict. BH knew that day that we told her NOT TO LET ON she was living with us to Our in-laws."

Again, this moron, Nemaizer, actually believes that I was obligated to suffer his whims and “obey” them. I never agreed to any such thing. What's more, I was not on any kind of “undercover” operation, I was simply a guest in his house, though I certainly was not treated as such. Any “conflict” that was caused is entirely on Nemaizer himself. He was the one who misrepresented the situation to me. He was the one who arrogantly expected me to participate in his and his wife's deceptions.

"Believe me, the 6 weeks were full of conflict between me and my wife. I had Barbara’s back. In retrospect, I realized how I was duped."

Again, Nemaizer's lie about the “6 weeks” surfaces and his blame of me for the conflict with his wife. In truth, the conflict was caused solely by Nemaizer's deceptions and the fact that he was living in thrall to the fear of the disapproval of his in-laws.

At no time did I lie to him, nor “dupe” him. He was solely responsible for the situation he created through his own lack of honesty and integrity.

"After BH was forced to leave by my landlord, I stored her belongings for more than 6 months for free."

I was not “forced to leave by his landlord”. That is another bald faced lie. No, I was forced to leave when his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, issued an edict that I must be OUT BY NOON on December 21 (day 29, NOT day 42, as claimed by Howard Nemaizer).

This neurotic, whining harridan was constantly harassing me, following me around, insulting me, criticizing me, and even impugning my sanity. I had told her, from the first time the edict was issued, that I would be leaving on the designated day, no matter what. Unlike Nemaizer and his wife, I mean what I say and say what I mean. And no matter the circumstances, it is a point of honor never to remain in a place where I am told I am not wanted.

Howard Nemaizer had told me that it would be “no problem” for him to store my possessions for as long as was necessary. Considering the fact that I had nowhere to take them when I left, there was no other option.

And in fact, my things were stored there not for six (6) months, but for five (5) months, from December 21 to May 22, when I finally was able to scrape up the money to hire movers to pick up my things.

"She then had the audacity to accuse me of stealing her stuff when movers finally came to get her things. Apparently BH got a cheap deal by crying poverty and disability. The movers asked if she was disabled and I told them yes. They didn’t seem convinced. I assured them by mentioning she was a whistle-blower."

This is pure unadulterated bullshit from Howard Nemaizer. Here are the facts. I hired the movers myself and my contract with them had nothing to do with Nemaizer. The only involvement he had was to be home to let them in to retrieve my possessions. Period.

In their ad it was stated that they gave discounts for senior citizens and the disabled. I had arranged up front to receive the discount. There was never any question about it in their minds. There was no “cheap deal by crying poverty and disability”.

The movers did not ask the idiot Howard Nemaizer if I was disabled, that is just another outrageous lie.

The truth is, Howard Nemaizer, the busybody and gossip, the Town Crier, couldn't restrain himself from discussing my private business with the moving men, with his tales of cloak-and-dagger intrigue, trying to make himself seem “important” by association. This, after I had clearly stated that I did not want my business discussed with ANYONE after I left.

Fat chance of Nemaizer ever having an ounce of respect for the wishes of others, or for their privacy and personal boundaries.

Howard Nemaizer has been doing the same thing ever since, with his name-dropping, fraudulent notices and idiotic presentations, all exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell. He thinks he will make a name for himself by lying about what was a very brief and unremarkable association with me. Just a typical hanger-on, a wannabe who thinks he can gain his objective by exploiting the name and work of a legitimate individual.

And lastly, the moving men had no need to know that I am a “whistleblower”, nor anything else about my background. It was a simple business contract, nothing more. I was again outraged when I learned from the moving men that Nemaizer had been shooting off his mouth, in direct disregard for my clearly stated wishes.

"Apparently, BH didn’t like me invading her privacy to appease the movers who felt they were being played. I should’ve said, no. She’s not disabled. Rake her over the coals. But by maintaining her disability story, I was invading her privacy."

Nemaizer is really off the charts with this absolute nonsense. Of course he invaded my privacy, as he had done many times before. There was no need to “appease the movers”, and they never felt they were being “played”. Nemaizer was not involved in the transaction. It had nothing to do with him, nor did he have any business discussing me with them. This is his pathetic fabrication to try to justify his gossip and meddling. What a stupendous parading idiot!

"She then had the audacity to accuse me of stealing her stuff when movers finally came to get her things."   

In a previous report, in which I detailed the many lies and offenses of Howard Nemaizer, I stated this FACT: That a number of my possessions, which had been left in plain sight on the day I left, were missing when the movers made their delivery.

I know exactly what I had and where I left it. These items were necessary for me to take, since I could not afford to replace them. Some of the items, of more sentimental value, can never be replaced. Nemaizer stole them, and that is the truth of it. 

Just like he stole some of my mail, which was forwarded to his house after I had left. Nemaizer told me on the phone,shortly after I had left, that a package had been delivered for me, and I asked him to send it to me at another address. But he never did. I don't know who it was from, or what it contained, and now I never will. Nemaizer opened it himself, and kept it.

None of this surprises me, considering that Howard Nemaizer has been lying for quite some time, about many things, so after stealing the fruits of my labor, why not steal my possessions as well.

"Then she disappears from the radar for about a year and then suddenly comes out of the woodwork, not with a phone call, or letter describing any of her so called “concerns” about me, even though she knows my number and my address."

Here are the FACTS. I did not contact Howard Nemaizer again after the day my possessions (what was left of them) were delivered by the movers, specifically on May 22, 2014.

After the utterly disrespectful, insulting and callous way I had been treated, and after the last straw, the theft of my possessions, I had no intention of ever having further contact with Howard Nemaizer.

I would not have bothered even to expose his misdeeds, except for one thing. I had discovered that he had been publicly exploiting my name, specifically since February 2014, including his fraudulent “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH” notice, his videos, and his comments about me which were plastered all over his websites.

I was outraged. Nemaizer had never admitted any wrongdoing in his treatment of me. I never received any apology. I wanted nothing further to do with him, for good reason. Evidently, Nemaizer foolishly believed that I was still a “friend”.

At the first opportunity I had, which was in December 2014, I published a report citing only a small portion of Nemaizer's public offenses, as outlined here. At that time, I politely requested, “with all due respect”, that he remove the false information and fraudulent notices from his websites. I waited for two months, but he chose to disregard my request, and never removed the material I specified.

Then, I received a letter from Nemaizer by post, in February 2015. My PO box is given on my website. He did not have any other contact information for me, because I did not want him to have a phone number or e-mail address, for what should be obvious reasons.

Here is the evidence that Howard Nemaizer knew of my public request to remove the false information and fraudulent material. He stated:

"Please accept my apologies for anything I have done that has upset you regarding my work since we last spoke. I read and continue to read your reports.”

He sends his “apologies” in a private letter. But did he honor my public request to REMOVE the material? No.

Therefore, his apologies were insincere. This was never a private matter, since Howard Nemaizer's misrepresentations were made publicly.

Apparently, he thought he could acquit himself by such a ploy, but this was unacceptable. The only decent thing he could have done was to remove the material, as per my request, and issue a public apology and retraction.

Shortly thereafter, after waiting two months, I issued a public demand that he remove the false information and fraudulent notices.

At that point, he chose to attack me publicly, make false accusations against me, and state that he refused to remove the lies, unless he was PAID to do so.

Now, he makes this statement, in reference to the fact that I did not contact him privately, after he put out his false information PUBLICLY.

"No. She goes out on the attack from behind the isolation of her blog instead.
What does that tell you? BH is happy to invade everyone else’s privacy without any concern , but you best not invade BH’s privacy or there will be relentless hell to pay."

What hypocrisy is this? I made a PUBLIC request, and later, demands, addressing Howard Nemaizer's PUBLIC offenses. There was never any “attack”, and I have never once invaded his privacy. I have only stated the truth and the facts, in my own defense, against his false accusations.

"Barbara Hartwell is a coward. She is such a coward that she can only attack people from behind the veil of her blog. She doesn’t even permit comments on her blog."

What the hell is he blathering on about? What I post on my website is my own business, and none of Howard Nemaizer's. If he chooses to believe I am “attacking” people the fool is entitled to his opinion.

Unlike those of Nemaizer's ilk, I have never participated in the Internet culture of free-for-all, where anything goes, anybody is welcome to stick their nose into my professional business. I am a journalist who publishes reports, and my website is not a forum for the use of all and sundry. 

I am not interested in interacting with the public, nor have any interest in their opinions about my work. If Howard Nemaizer had taken the trouble to read my notices he would have seen that “This website is for information purposes only. The readers may make of it what they will.”

And for this, he calls me a coward? No, the coward is Howard Nemaizer. He is a coward because he lies to cover his own wrongdoing, rather than admit to it and make amends.

"Her goal was never to talk to me, but attack me and stir a response. She even refused a letter I wrote her, as if I was this horrible fiend who took such advantage of her, invading her privacy, yada, yada, yada. I held back until now, but I have finally be goaded on enough to speak my peace and put an end to this."

It was a personal decision for me not to speak to him, with good reason, not a “goal”. He vastly overestimates his own importance, as far as I am concerned. I had no intention of engaging him in arguments or debates about an issue which has always been non-negotiable. I don't negotiate or argue with liars or gate-crashers.

Just as he accused me of “stalking” him, he now accuses me of “goading” him. Nothing could be further from the truth. His arrogant refusal to remove his false information and fraudulent notices in connection with my name was an extreme provocation, an act of aggression.

"And now, after more than a year in obscurity, Barbara Hartwell finds herself living in the tony town of Rhinebeck, NY still attacking me?

How’d that all come about? Where was she?"

I have no idea where Howard Nemaizer gets the idea that I have been “for more than a year in obscurity”. He's free to believe what he will, it makes no difference to me.

And what is the point of this? He continues his theme of “attack”.

It is none of Howard Nemaizer's business where I live, how it came about, where I have been, or about any of my private affairs. This creep is one of the worst, most invasive busybodies I have ever encountered in all my years on this earth.

"Who’s paying the bills now? She claims to be disabled and unable to work a job, but her writing ability seems unaffected..."

How dare you, you lowlife sonofabitch! It is none of your damnable business how, or where I live, or how I pay my bills.

"I am certain BH will take every word I write and in true COINTELPRO fashion, twist my words and the truth in an attempt to justify her lies and con-artist-like deceptions, and try to further discredit me as she was so skillfully trained to do by the CIA."

Why in hell would I bother to do such a thing? When dealing with a malicious pathological liar like Howard Nemaizer, it is very easy to let him hang himself with his own words. As far as I am concerned, he has done that very well.

For the record, Howard Nemaizer does not know what the hell he is talking about, regarding COINTELPRO, or any other issues related to the intelligence community. He merely parrots what he has heard and read from others.

"This overall experience has certainly made me see the light about the true character of Barbara Hartwell, the ever persecuted whistleblower and MK ULTRA victim."

Cut the crap, Nemaizer. Your moronic blather is becoming extremely tiresome.

"To me, what is important is that I now know all I have to know about BH. I wish her no ill will. I just kindly ask her to stop her attacks."

No ill will? No, just a plethora of false accusations, character assassination, monstrous invasions into my private affairs and malicious lies. All because I refused to tolerate his public falsehoods which have been extremely injurious to my good name, and issued demands that he remove his offensive material from the Internet.

Great job, Nemaizer! You have exposed your dishonesty, your aggression, your total lack of decency, honor and integrity, and your utter disrespect for the privacy, personal boundaries and fundamental human rights of others, better than I ever could.   

"If you truly are a sovereign child of God, Barbara and not a CIA disinformation agent, do what Jesus would do. Turn the other cheek as I am going to do–and get on with your life."

Unbelievable. Can he possibly be serious? He now invokes the name of Jesus Christ, in his phony attempts to appear holier-than-thou. Get behind me, Satan! And take your lies from the pit of hell with you.

"Leave me out of it. But I know you won’t. You can’t. There is a gnawing pathology in your bearing of false witness, cutting and pasting pieces to support your agenda while omitting pieces that dispel it. You and I both know the truth."

Once again, Howard Nemaizer is projecting his own psychopathology on me. He is the one –the only one-- bearing false witness. In fact, my demands for him to leave ME out of his idiotic promotions, and his refusal to do so, is the whole core of this issue.

As for my agenda as regards Nemaizer, it has never been anything more than to get this aggressive gate-crashing sonofabitch OFF MY CASE.

"You seek conflict and want to start fights to stimulate responses.

It won’t work. Sadly, I was a fool.

But no longer. And I won’t look for a response from you.

I will never visit ever again, so continue doing what the CIA trained you to do if you must, or be a good Christian and turn the other cheek.

Either way, I really don’t give a fuck.

This is the last you will ever hear from me."

Howard Nemaizer lies yet again. I have never sought conflict, I have only stood in my own defense against this upstart wannabe, whose invasions into my life have been outrageously aggressive and offensive.

And although I can hold out the hope that I will never hear anything from him again, I wouldn't bet on it, considering the fact that he has proven himself to be an habitual and unrepentant liar.

"You know exactly what you are doing, Barbara. And so do I."

Howard Nemaizer is utterly clueless about anything I am doing, and that suits me fine.

"I will pray for you. Sadly, I was a fool. But no longer."

Please, Nemaizer, considering who it is that you “pray” to (and it isn't God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth), I want none of your prayers.

"I cannot stop BH from blathering on and on, but I will not stoop to her level in an attempt to discredit or defame her anymore than she has already done so herself."

What a load of happy horseshit. Can he possibly get any more ridiculous?

"I will say that if anyone would like to investigate BH’s claims and derogatory puke about me , they will find no trace of BH anywhere on TRUTH TALK NEWS or as she so feverishly insists.

Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema”

Now he claims that everything has been removed from his websites. Even if that were true (no way to tell with such a liar), now that he has published this new article filled with libelous falsehoods, character assassination and monstrous invasions of privacy, what does he think will happen now? Is he stupid enough to think that I will allow this latest outrage to stand, that I will not continue to seek justice?

Howard Nemaizer has outdone himself, with his melodramatic pronouncements and his pathological projections of his own dishonesty, low moral character and idiocy on me.

 I think it would behoove him to get out of the “conspiracy” business and limit himself to selling used cars. I can't see that he is qualified for much else.   

Howard Nemaizer: By his corrupt fruits shall you know him.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Target of Amateur Wannabe & Busybody from Hell, Howard Nemaizer
Seeking Justice for the Wrongful and Injurious Actions of Howard Nemaizer
November 14, 2015


Barbara Hartwell Percival

Legal Defense & Research Trust

PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA