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Monday, August 3, 2015

Formal Warning to Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema: CEASE & DESIST Exploitation & Misrepresentation of the Name & Website of Barbara Hartwell

Howard Nemaizer (who bills himself as Howard Nema), host of TRASH TALK NEWS (aka "Truth Talk News") has gone wild in his outrageous exploitation of the name of Barbara Hartwell. Until recently, I had no idea the actual extent of it.
I am now using his real name, Nemaizer, because to use his pseudonym, Nema, would not be accurate, factual or truthful. That is what this report is about --separating the facts and the truth from the falsehoods promoted by Howard Nemaizer. Since this is a formal warning to cease and desist, I will issue this warning in the name of the actual person for whom it is intended, Howard Nemaizer.
And since he has taken it upon himself to very publicly, consistently and repeatedly misrepresent Barbara Hartwell, my work and my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, I find it necessary (once again), in my own defense, to give an accurate, factual and truthful account to set the record straight.
For quite some time, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was as polite and respectful as I could possibly have been, under the circumstances. I asked him politely, "with all due respect" to remove the false information he has posted, in connection with my name. I gave him the opportunity to remove the falsehoods he had published about Barbara Hartwell, which he could easily have done, had he chosen the right and honorable course of action. But by his actions, in his persistent, aggressive and unprincipled refusal to respect my clearly stated wishes, my privacy and personal boundaries, he has made it necessary for me to continue to stand in my own defense, against what I can only view as acts of aggression and extreme provocation.
I demand that he STOP USING MY NAME. I demand that he REMOVE his fraudulent promotions of Barbara Hartwell from his websites.
By the end of 2013, I had walked away from any association with Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema. By that time, he had revealed himself, by his words and actions, to be indiscreet, untrustworthy, dishonest, manipulative and lacking in integrity. 
Because of Howard Nemaizer, his false pretenses and promises, in offers and assurances of "help", including "sanctuary", made to me, while I was in one of the most dreadful situations of my life, I (a disabled senior citizen, under persecution, and totally destitute) narrowly escaped being thrown into the street, into true homelessness, which I would not have survived. 
By the grace of God, I was delivered from such a fate, no thanks to Nemaizer.
Howard Nemaizer was responsible for losses and damages of quite a number of my personal possessions, of great value to me (most of which are irreplaceable), which I could ill afford, after having lost literally everything else I owned. 
He lied to me, misrepresented circumstances which directly affected me, and withheld vital information which I had a right to know. 
He placed me in a position where I could have been implicated in a crime, when, without my knowledge or consent, he enlisted his friend, a drunk-driving convict, to drive my car illegally, from the state of Maine to Connecticut, a five hour drive. I was not told of this until after the fact. Naturally, I was outraged by this negligence, which considering the circumstances, placed me at great risk, and could have resulted in even worse disasters for me.
And the list goes on...but I have already documented much of this in detail in previous reports (see links below), which, had he not continued exploiting my name, after this grossly unjust and disrespectful treatment, I would not have found it necessary to document for the public record.
By May, 2015, I thought I had finally set the public record straight, with the truth and the facts. I did not have the time, nor the inclination, to pursue this issue further, nor thought that it would be necessary, in defense of myself and my good name. I had decided to boycott his websites, and had suspended my efforts to stop him from misrepresenting and exploiting my name, which were draining my precious time. But I was astounded when I discovered that Howard Nemaizer has left his grimy footprints all over my name, since the time I ended my association with him, in December, 2013.
While conducting a search for an unrelated subject, what do I find but more of Howard Nemaizer's trash. I know I haven't found it all, because I haven't taken the time to search for it, and it only causes further distress to see my name exploited and misrepresented, with each such discovery. But for now, here's what I found on his website, dated in late 2014, almost a year since I had broken off any association with him.
"Ever since this broadcast, Howard Nema has joined forces with Sherri Kane, Dr. Horowitz, Barbara Hartwell and Michael Vara to expose COINTELPRO."
For the record, I have never "joined forces" with Howard Nema(izer) to expose anything. I have been exposing COINTELPRO for more than two decades, based on my direct personal/professional knowledge of same, as a counterintelligence expert, former CIA. Nema(izer) tries to present this as some sort of "team effort", apparently to make himself seem important by association --as usual, at my expense. (And for the record, this is not meant to reflect negatively on any of the others mentioned here. These individuals have nothing to do with my grievances against Howard Nemaizer, nor do I have any issues with them.)
And now, this, from October 22, 2014. Here, Howard Nema(izer) publishes audiotapes WITHOUT MY CONSENT, which were actually interviews he did with me (not aired on his TV show), which I had clearly stated to him were NOT meant to be made public. At the time, I had told him that these interviews (called The Barbara Hartwell Chronicles) were to be held from publication, and to be sold, in future, once there were enough of them to form a numbered collection. I was in desperate need of money, and I explained that I would split the profits from the sale of these interviews with him. That was the sole reason for these interviews, to offer them for sale; some of the information was such that it had not previously been made public by me.
But that plan never came to fruition. So, what did Howard Nema(izer) do? He published the tapes, in DIRECT DISREGARD of an agreement I had made with him. He co-opted the name "The Barbara Hartwell Chronicles", without my permission. He violated the agreement, and simply used the tapes without my knowledge or consent. There was only a "good faith" verbal agreement, no contract. But that doesn't change the fact that he acted in bad faith, using these tapes without my knowledge or consent, for his own ends, at my expense. 
For the record, these tapes are NOT "The Barbara Hartwell Chronicles", a title I had chosen for my own work, which has nothing to do with Howard Nemaizer.
What kind of person would do such an unscrupulous thing? 
Alex Jones, for one. He betrayed the trust of the Gray family, when he published interviews they had given, without their consent, violated his agreement with them, then SOLD the tapes to make money for himself, causing extreme distress for this family, also compromising their security, endangering their safety and placing them at risk of furthur unlawful intrusions by the federal government.
Another example: Ted Gunderson and Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor), who published a bootleg version of an interview on Chicago Health Television, hosted by Ryan Elliott (1998), which the station had deemed too incendiary for airing. The subject was "Insider Secrets of Government Corruption".
What did Gunderson and Ford do? They made a pirated copy, videotaped simultaneously by Jon Gentry, one of Gunderson's lackeys, then SOLD it over the Internet. It was sold on Amazon, David Icke dot com, and by Susan Ford herself. 
I had NEVER signed a release for my interview to be used, EXCEPT for by Chicago Health Televsion. NOT Jon Gentry. NOT Ted Gunderson. NOT Susan Ford, or anyone else. These unscrupulous individuals infringed on the copyright, made money off it (of which I received nothing), exploited my work and name for their own profit, and later, to add insult to injury, used my interview in government disinfo videos about "mind control" (including the so-called "Monarch" project, which was not a CIA operation under MK Ultra), in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell, causing extreme damages by libelous falsehoods and character assassination. They also posted the video all over the Internet (once they had made what profit they could, from private sales) with the title "CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Hartwell", or "CIA Plant Barbara Hartwell"... etc. etc.
This bootleg tape was also exploited by a government disinfo/new age website, Rumor Mill News, run by a scamster and busybody named Rayelan Allan (aka Rae Smith aka Darlene Rae Smith, etc. etc.), where one of the "news agents", a low grade moron named Lynda Brasier (aka "Susoni") posted a video where the producers of this piece of trash outrageously linked the name of Barbara Hartwell to Brittany Spears, who they claimed was a "Monarch slave". For the record, there has never been any connection whatsoever between Brittany Spears and Barbara Hartwell. No connection between Barbara Hartwell and the sideshow called "Monarch".
This is insufferable. It never ends...the scavengers are everywhere, and there appears to be no way to stop them. All I can do is expose as many of them as possible, in defense of the truth and of my good name; but given the large amounts of time it takes, unfortunately I can't go after them all.
But back to Howard Nemaizer. Again, he exploited my name and reputation, thinking he could latch on and co-opt the fruits of my labor for his own ends.
Howard Nema(izer) wrote:
"This is the complete collection of interviews with my good friend and sister in Liberty former CIA whistle blower Barbara Hartwell."
[Link removed.]

For the record, I have not listened to this "collection" of videos. I don't know exactly which ones he has included, some of which may have been appearances on his TV show. I won't allow him to steal any more of my precious time than is absolutely necessary in my efforts to refute his falsehoods. 
Nema(izer)'s claim of me as a "good friend" and "sister in Liberty" is a fantasy. Scavengers of my material, who lie and cheat, and exploit me and my name to serve their own ends, are no friends of mine, nor do they have any business with "Liberty"...except, that is, in taking liberties, at the expense of the rights of others. Unbelievable.
Howard Nema(izer) has continued to exploit and grossly misrepresent the name of Barbara Hartwell via his TV program 'TRUTH TALK NEWS', which I now call, more appropriately, TRASH TALK NEWS. 
This has been going on (to my knowledge) since January 2014, in total disregard of my clearly stated public requests since 2012, again on December 15, 2014, and later, my demands, as of February 2015, that he REMOVE MY NAME from ALL promotions on his websites. (See links below for documentation.)
What part, exactly, about the phrase "REMOVE MY NAME" does he not understand? This issue has always been non-negotiable, and has never been up for discussion. It is a demand, one I have every right to make, on both ethical and legal grounds.
I have never had any affiliation whatsoever with Howard Nema(izer), nor his websites nor radio/TV programs. At no time had I ever been anything more than an occasional guest on his program, by his invitation, at various times between mid-2012 and December 2013, at which time was my final appearance on 'TRUTH TALK NEWS'. That was the extent of it --a number of guest appearances over a time period of one and a half years.
As a professional journalist, I have worked in electronic and print media for well over three (3) decades. I hosted/produced my own radio and TV programs in the 1980s and '90s, and have appeared as a guest on hundreds of other radio/TV programs since the late 1970s, most of which were in the mainstream media, rather than so-called "alternative" media, which uses the Internet as its main venue. In the "old days" (to which I dearly wish I could return, but alas...), journalism was a true profession, and the standards for professionalism and journalistic ethics were far higher. Today, anyone who can afford the equipment can place himself behind a microphone, or appear on a screen, and spout off his personal opinions and viewpoints to the world at large, whether or not he knows what he is talking about. That is not my idea of journalism. 
But I must make it clear that never, at any time, did Howard Nema(izer) have any role in my professional work, except as one of many talk show hosts who invited me as a guest on his program.
So why has he obstinately and unscrupulously refused to REMOVE MY NAME from his promotions? He throws my name around as if he were the Town Crier, issuing alerts about the cloak and dagger intrigue of Barbara Hartwell, and promoting his friends and cohorts in connection with my name AS IF I am to be included in some sort of group effort, as a "team player", where I in fact have no involvement whatsoever. 
He has, in essence, acted as a self-appointed, unwanted, uninvited PR rep for Barbara Hartwell, something I never agreed to, and which, on the contrary, I have vehemently protested against. Who does Howard Nemaizer think he is? Even were he promoting "truth", as he so vociferously claims, he has no right to speak for me, or about me. It is NOT his story to tell.
Howard Nema(izer) continues to promote a video (which he produced without my prior knowledge or consent, with no involvement on my part) which he has named "MK Ultra & the CIA Book of Dirty Tricks" (July 2014). It is listed in a column on his website, Howard Nema dot com, titled "CATEGORIES", where it is posted with other unrelated subject matter.
In this video, based on a book I gave him in 2013 ("The CIA Black Book of Dirty Tricks") he is promoting FALSE information about Barbara Hartwell, making FALSE statements about my background, as well as about CIA itself. When he expressed interest in this book, I gave it to him, as I had no use for it. It mostly contained recipes for explosive devices and uses of weaponry. Since I have no intention of building any explosive devices (Heaven forbid), and have all the knowledge I would need about weaponry, for my purposes (not gleaned from this book, but via my previous training), I saw no problem in giving this book to Howard Nema. 
But after seeing the unprincipled use to which he put it, I realized my mistake. (In hindsight, I might have found it prudent to issue a disclaimer. WARNING: Don't try this at home.)
I did not give Howard Nema(izer) any information about how I came to own this book. The book was NOT "classified", nor was it issued to me by CIA. The book had been published, which means it could not possibly have been "classified" at the time of its publication. Yet Howard Nema(izer), clearly through his erroneous assumptions and speculation, tried to turn this book into some huge, sensationalist "revelation". (You heard it HERE FIRST! On TRUTH TALK NEWS! The CIA is teaching their agents to make bombs! Beware, beware!)
Holding the book up to the camera, he informs the audience that this book is "CLASSIFIED"! (Look right here, folks, it says "CLASSIFIED" right on the cover!) And, that former CIA agent Barbara Hartwell was "issued" this book by CIA some time during the 1960s or '70s. This statement has no basis in fact. CIA does not issue such books to their agents. And I repeat: Never, at any time, did I make such a statement to Howard Nema, nor gave him any other information about the book's provenance. Later, he changed the title of the video to add "MK Ultra". This book has absolutely no connection to MK Ultra...except obviously in the fanciful and misinformed mind of Howard Nema(izer).
He knows this information is FALSE (as of December 15, 2014, when I made a public statement refuting the false information and asking him to remove it), yet he continues to promote this video (as of this time, August, 2015), in total disregard of my subsequent public demands that it be REMOVED. 
And so, the false information about Barbara Hartwell continues to be spread, and the damages to my good name continue, and increase, each and every time one of his viewers watches this program. His own profound ignorance about CIA is being displayed and promoted, AS IF I, Barbara Hartwell were the "source" of this false information. And, just so there can be no doubt, it makes my blood boil.
I won't have it. This is an outrage which I will not tolerate. Since he has refused to remove this video, he will be held accountable by me (as is my policy) and will be exposed for his wrongdoing, until such time (if ever) he REMOVES this offensive video from the Internet. An honorable person would not wait for a demand, but would immediately remove any false information (in this case, the video), the first time he was asked to do so. He would acknowledge his error and issue a public apology for his indiscretion. But not Howard Nema. This video has been up on his websites, as well as on YouTube for over a year...and counting. What the hell?
In a report of December 15, 2014, I politely and "with all due respect" requested that Howard Nema(izer) REMOVE my name from notices on his websites, 'TRUTH TALK NEWS' and Howard Nema dot com, after I discovered that he had been slinging my name around, dropping my name at his whim, inserting it all over the place, where it did not belong, and promoting false information in connection with my name. He was grossly misrepresenting the name of Barbara Hartwell, as well as my professional background with CIA, clearly basing his statements on nothing more than his own wild speculation and erroneous suppositions.
I can guarantee that Howard Nema(izer) does not know what he is talking about, especially as regards CIA operations, including MK Ultra. He merely scavenges his "information" from well known public sources, copy-cat style, and, like so many others of his ilk, adds his own uninformed opinions (and sensationalist comments), resulting in a hodge-podge of inaccurate information. If he wants to advertise his ignorance, that is his problem, but he has absolutely NO BUSINESS USING MY NAME in connection with it.
Howard Nema(izer) was also using my name in his broadcasts on 'Truth Broadcast Network' (where his program is aired), run by Harry Link, in discussions with his guests, including Janet Phelan. Janet Phelan appeared on his show in 2014, to promote her book, 'EXILE', and had the incredible nerve to use me as a "source" in attempts to gain credibility for her story that a man named Jack Smith, whom she claimed was a "federal agent", had "lured" her into a "romantic relationship". She actually quoted me (falsely) from a previous private conversation (Barbara Hartwell said.....), while Howard Nema sat there, as usual, nodding along and agreeing with everything she said. (How would he know?...he wasn't privy to my private conversations.)
The very mundane fact of the matter is that Janet Phelan had placed an advertisement in a "dating service". She herself openly solicited the "romantic" attentions of this man, Jack Smith, which she had admitted in some of her prior public statements, as well as in private conversations with me. At no time did I ever state to Janet Phelan, or to anyone else, publicly or privately, that I had reason to believe this Jack Smith was a "federal agent". I will state for the record that I did not form any such opinion, based on anything I had been told by Janet Phelan, nor from any other source. But that didn't stop these two, Phelan and Nemaizer, from exploiting my name (as a legitimate, bona fide CIA whistleblower) in connection with this story, for what was clearly the purpose of trying to enhance their own "credibility", at my expense.
More to the point, I had broken off my association with Janet Phelan in 2012, for cause, due to her increasingly aggressive, intrusive and manipulative behavior, her lack of discretion in connection with my name, and her betrayal of my trust by openly trafficking with my known enemies (including the infamous PR shill Ken Adachi, who promoted and supported Janet Phelan on his website, while running a libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell; and stalker Michelle Wolven, both malicious liars and criminals, running libel/slander/harassment campaigns against Barbara Hartwell), and even discussing me with these individuals, as well as with a number of others. No "friend" of mine discusses me (or even uses my name) with those they know to be my enemies, nor gossips about me behind my back, with anyone, be it friend or foe.
As well, Janet Phelan's "left-wing politics" (her own phrase) and her clear affiliation with the evil communist United Nations (regularly agitating for its propaganda and supporting its agenda) finally made it clear to me that she was working AGAINST everything I stand for (and have risked my life to defend): Liberty and God-given, Unalienable Rights of the Individual. Her mentality, in my opinion, is that of a communist. Howard Nema(izer) was well aware of my position regarding Janet Phelan, which I had publicly stated in my reports, as of 2012, one of which (Trafficking with the Devil) Howard Nema(izer) actually published on 'Truth Broadcast Network'. (Not at my request; I discovered this after the fact.)
All this, from Howard Nema(izer), AFTER I had made it very clear quite some time before (since 2012) that I did NOT want my name ever promoted in connection with 'Truth Broadcast Network', Harry Link, or Janet Phelan. I have never endorsed 'Truth Broadcast Network' (Trash Broadcast Network), nor have ever had any dealings with Harry Link, whom I consider to be just another loud-mouthed, boastful, aggressive and ambitious amateur, promoting sensationalist "news stories", ranting against the New World Order (which it is clear he knows nothing about), in his buffoonish garb. I do not have dealings with such individuals, and made that crystal clear to Howard Nema(izer). I told him in no uncertain terms to LEAVE MY NAME OUT of anything connected to Harry Link and his network. Did Howard Nema(izer) respect my clearly stated wishes? No, he simply disregarded them, and did as he pleased, at my expense.
I also found statements posted by Howard Nema(izer), promoting my name in direct connection with Janet Phelan and Harry Link:
"....truth tellers such as myself [Howard Nema(izer)], Janet Phelan, Harry Link and Barbara Hartwell..."...blah blah blah...
Could there be any more flagrant, in-your-face fraudulent promotions? Linking the name of Barbara Hartwell with these individuals, KNOWING FULL WELL that it was untrue, and against my wishes. There is simply no excuse. And for the record, I do not consider Howard Nema(izer), Janet Phelan or Harry Link to be "truth tellers".
The worst offense was that Howard Nema has included my name and website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA dot com, in a fraudulent promotion on his websites, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH". 
This notice was widely promoted, by Howard Nema's admission, in MORE THAN 200 posts on his websites, beginning in February 2014. And he continued to promote this, KNOWING IT TO BE FALSE.
Listed among the so-called "trusted partners in truth" are Harry Link (Truth Broadcast Network) and Janet Phelan (Janet Phelan dot com). Both of whom, as Howard Nema was well aware, had been openly and publicly denounced by Barbara Hartwell, for cause. Both of whom, as I had clearly stated, I did NOT want my name connected to in any way. There is also the fact that none of the others named in this fraudulent promotion had ever been a "partner" of Barbara Hartwell, including Howard Nema(izer) himself, who took it upon himself to exploit my name in this unscrupulous manner, for the obvious purpose of attaching his name to a person with the actual hard won credentials, professional experience and knowledge which he himself lacks.
When my request to REMOVE MY NAME from these fraudulent promotions became a demand, in February 2015, Howard Nema, rather than having the common decency to do the right and honorable thing, decided instead to defend the indefensible, to attempt to justify the unjustifiable, by publicly attacking me and making false accusations against me.
He stated:
"Sadly, I am forced to post this. I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time. I move ahead, not backwards."
Who, pray tell, "forced" him to post this? Did someone hold a gun to his head? And note that he actually is so arrogant that he expects to be PAID, to cash in, on his offenses against Barbara Hartwell. Could anything be more dishonorable, or patently ridiculous?
He also stated:
"By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial support I rendered to you over the years. In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul."
Aside from contradicting himself in two sentences, he now wants to drag in a totally unrelated issue, his so-called "acts of kindness and charity". Evidently, he is so blinded by his own delusions that he actually considers his utterly insufferable and dishonorable treatment of me as something to boast about, and be given credit for. 
According to Howard Nemaizer, I should be "grateful" for his false promises, his lies; for putting me at grave risk, and for the fact that due to his ill-advised and negligent actions, I nearly ended up homeless in the street?
I was fortunate to have escaped with my life. But apparently, Howard Nemaizer believes that because of his "charity", this had "bought" him the right to exploit my name, to use my material as he sees fit, to discuss me publicly with all and sundry, to disregard my clearly stated protests against his misrepresentations of my name and website, and his fraudulent promotions, which are seriously damaging to my name and reputation.
Dead wrong, on all counts.
At this point, given the longstanding attitude of total disrespect and disregard for my privacy, personal boundaries, and fundamental rights displayed by Howard Nemaizer, I would be foolish to expect a public apology or retraction; that would be the action of an honorable person.
I am not demanding that Howard Nemaizer remove the videos containing interviews given by me on 'TRUTH TALK NEWS', which were obviously made with my knowledge and consent.
But I am demanding that he REMOVE, once and for all, every written promotion using the name of Barbara Hartwell. Every video made or posted without my knowledge/consent, including "MK Ultra and the CIA Book of Dirty Tricks". 
Including the falsely labeled "Barbara Hartwell Chronicles". 
As well as any and all other unauthorized, false, fraudulent material using the name of Barbara Hartwell.
CEASE & DESIST all exploitation and misrepresentation of the name, work (fruits of labor) and website of Barbara Hartwell.
Stating the Truth, in Good Faith, for the Public Record
Barbara Hartwell
August 3, 2015