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Friday, June 6, 2014

EXTREME PREJUDICE: The Government's War on American Whistleblowers

by Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee
O LORD my God, I take refuge in you;
save and deliver me from all who pursue me;
Lest like a lion they tear me in pieces
and snatch me away with none to deliver me.
O LORD my God, if I have done these things:
if there is any wickedness in my hands,
If I have repaid my friend with evil,
or plundered him who without cause is my enemy;
Then let my enemy pursue and overtake me,
trample my life into the ground,
and lay my honor in the dust.
Stand up, O LORD, in your wrath;
rise up against the fury of my enemies.
Awake, O my God, decree justice;
let the assmebly of the peoples gather round you.
Be seated on your lofty throne, O Most High;
O LORD, judge the nations.
Gice judgment for me according to my righteousness,, O LORD,
and according to my innocence, O Most High.
Let the malice of the wicked come to an end,
but establish the righteous;
for you test the mind and heart, O righteous God.
God is my shield and defense;
he is the savior of the true in heart.
Psalm 7: 1-11
This report, co-authored by Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee, will shed light on the true nature of  counterintelligence operations, specifically regarding the campaigns of retaliation against government whistleblowers, otherwise known as neutralization with extreme prejudice.
Due to its length, it will be presented in two parts.
It should first be made clear that when a person enters government service (police, military, FBI, CIA, etc. etc.) the oath taken is to follow orders, but there is a caveat: They must be LAWFUL orders, and the oath requires upholding and defending the Constitution (the Supreme Law of the Land), against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and operating under the Rule of Law, established by the Constitution.
We are NOT required to "follow orders" that are LAWLESS or UNconstitutional. If a superior orders a person under his/her command/supervision to commit a lawless act, or aid and abet in any crime, it is our duty, as defenders of the Constitution to REFUSE.
Those government whistleblowers being persecuted and targeted for neutralization, deemed "enemies of the state" or "enemy combatants", are in fact acting lawfully. The true subversives and "enemies of the state" are the criminals in government, which at this point include just about every member of Congress and the Senate (and obviously, the constitutionally ineligible usurper occupying the White House), for FAILING TO OBEY THE CONSTITUTION. Period. Case closed.
Geral Sosbee wrote this note to me a few weeks ago:
The nightmare life continues against me and I am truly worn down. The world may not know or even care that the horror put on me is waiting to be used on others by the enemy of mankind (the fbi, cia, police community and their stooges.) I believe that in the future the plan of attack on a Target will be more deadly because the assassins of this government need to more expeditiously and more permanently silence voices of dissent."
Until May, 2014 I hadn't spoken to Geral since late summer of last year, when I called to wish him a happy birthday.  Geral and I, as best friends and professional colleagues of thirteen years, have a sort of unspoken agreement, that if one of us is going through a particularly bad time, the other intuitively knows and understands that the withdrawal from contact is necessary in order to focus all attention and efforts on the battle for survival; simply put, there are certain times we know we must fight alone. The value of such a friendship is inestimable, because you know that the friend will always be there, no matter what --never having to worry that your silence will be taken as a lack of caring, or interpreted as abandonment.
Always in my heart, always in my prayers, you are my friend, forever and ever. 
It is my belief that a true friendship lasts a lifetime, and is primarily defined by respect, trust and loyalty, not granted blindly or gratuitously, but earned over time, and based on shared spiritual and ethical values and principles.
In 2013, I lost nearly everything I owned; was forced to leave my beloved Maine, where I had lived for more than a decade, and for a brief time became homeless --which had never happened in my entire life, no matter how extreme the persecution against me by the government. True, I had moved literally dozens of times, from place to place, to different states, back and forth, as I was never "allowed" to have a stable, permanent  home (probably my greatest strictly personal desire), or develop any kind of lasting support network, comprised of a community of friends, family and fellowship of Christian believers. By design, I was always placed under extreme stress, left to fend for myself as best I could, just struggling to survive.
After months of sheer hell, being uprooted yet again, losing yet another home; being utterly destitute, and not knowing where I could possibly go to find even temporary sanctuary; not being able to find the kind of assistance (material  and otherwise) I needed; and the actual abandonment and/or ill treatment by a number of those persons from whom I'd thought I had a reasonable expectation of true concern and support, I was finally able to relocate to New York State, where I had previously lived on and off for many years.
Praise God! I was delivered, my prayers were answered. But about all that, for now, I will say no more.
This report exposes the true nature of neutralization campaigns, which as those of us who have been targeted for these campaigns can attest, are incredibly brutal, and difficult, at best, to survive. The Target is relentlessly assaulted (one way or another) in such a way that severe stress and recurring trauma become the norm, and so the person becomes habituated to a lifestyle of having to prepare a continually changing defense system;  on each occasion, to decide between flight and fight, because the objective of the perps is to totally destabilize the Target's life, to rip away all sources of comfort and support. As I've stated many times in my reports: CIA Psy Ops 101. Isolation, alienation, deprivation.
Probably the most daunting and emotionally distressing problem we face is that the perpetrators are working covertly, in an organized effort, under 'plausible deniability'; thus, it is extremely difficult to convey to others the truth of what is actually happening to us, and so we are denied the support and assistance we so desperately need.
Friends, family and colleagues, rather than being willing to listen, with an open mind and compassionate heart, will often try to minimize our circumstances (Oh, come now, it couldn't be all that bad, chin up, stop being so negative, think positive!...); discount our reports of persecution (Well, I don't see how that could be happening, that's too outlandish to be true...); blame the victim of persecution (You know, I really think you have some 'issues'. You really should have done such-and-such, then you wouldn't be in this situation. You're just taking the consequences of your own irresponsibility...blah blah blah...); and worst of all, impugn our sanity (I really think you're paranoid. Why would the government see you as a threat? The government doesn't do those kind of things, they're there to help and protect us...) Etc. etc. etc....
Geral Sosbee:
"In abandoning me, my former fellow agents (and all current agents), family, friends & colleagues in academia and law also abandon human rights interests, truth, honesty, & freedom, thereby causing all of the people in one way or another to suffer because the few who know or learn of the truth of our reports and who hide same (or otherwise by inference cover up such atrocities) become accessories to crimes against humanity and other high crimes and misdemeanors that we labor to bring to light."
"...and what kind of sick agency would turn all, every single associate of mine (for 7 1/2 years) away from me during the fbi campaign to silence me from reporting their heinous crimes!"
"What is a man if he so swiftly abandons a fellow worker when convenient?  Such are the men and women of the fbi, having no loyalty, neither to friends, nor to the nation."

"Here is the fact: For the average fbi agent, a sense of humanity has been programmed out of his lexicon; he is by indoctrination a sociopath with obedience to the macabre culture that breeds, pays and feeds him. He is not a man whom most would want to befriend. He is a traitor and often an assassin."
February 3, 1951- April 13, 2014
"I've been walking the walk I've been walking for 35 years, being called an idiot, being attacked, threats on my life, being discounted...being a faithful scout who brought the reports back, and over time my reports have been found to be honorable and true."
--Michael C. Ruppert from documentary, Apocalypse, Man
" Mike Ruppert's plight, his story, appeals to a collective paranoia that has been cultivated in most of us.
'They' really are everywhere. And because we concede that much, we also must concede the possibility that Ruppert's private obsession is some aspect of responsibility the rest of us have failed to assume."

--Randall Sullivan, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 1981
Michael Ruppert committed suicide on April 13, 2014. I didn't learn of his death until more than a month later, as I don't spend much time on the Internet, and haven't travelled in the same circles as Mike, nor kept track of his work, for roughly a decade. His death came as a terrible shock, however, and has been a source of deep distress and sorrow for me, especially knowing that he had been put through a living hell for so many years, as a direct result of the government's retaliatory campaign against him.
Though I hadn't kept in contact with Mike, I always did consider him a kindred spirit. Mike and I came from a very similar family background: CIA/Military Intelligence, going back to OSS, on both sides of our families, respectively. Mike's mother was a cryptanalyst (code breaker); so was my father, who was Military Intelligence (Army G-2) during WW2. (And the rest is classified...) Mike and I were born in the same year (1951), only about a month apart. 
And most significantly, we have suffered the same sort of longterm persecution from the Agency we both rejected (Mike refused when they tried to recruit him, and I became a defector), and whose massive criminality we later exposed, as a matter of integrity and honor, and in defense of Liberty. 
Michael C. Ruppert was a government whistleblower, former LAPD investigator, journalist, radio talk show producer/host, and Patriot Extraordinaire, and aside from his investigation of 9/11  (Crossing the Rubicon, published 2004) is probably best known for exposing CIA drug-trafficking, and his public confrontation with CIA Director John M. Deutch --which shortly thereafter resulted in Deutch stepping down as DCI.
Mike's original website, Cop Vs. CIA, later became From the Wilderness, where he exposed government corruption --of much of which he had direct personal knowledge. That is a key factor --direct personal knowledge-- for which there is no substitute. When this knowledge is backed by solid evidence, it becomes a very serious threat to those in positions of power  who are abusing their authority and betraying the public trust.
I first got to know Mike Ruppert sometime in the late '90s, while I was working to expose CIA black operations in which I had been involved, including MK Ultra. In August 1999, I was invited to be one of several guests on The Expert Witness Show (WBAI, NYC), hosted by Mike Levine, former DEA agent and government whistleblower, author of Deep Cover (later made into a film of that name) and The Big White Lie, exposing CIA drug running and sabotage of DEA operations.
Mike Levine had planned a series of radio programs on CIA MK Ultra, and knowing that I was not only a survivor of the operation, but also had an extensive professional  background in electronic media, radio/TV production and as a talk show host, asked me to be a co-producer for the series.
Mike Levine asked me to help line up some guests who were survivors of MK Ultra and/or knowledgable investigators of its operations. At the time I was still working with "retired"  FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, and had yet to discover his true identity as J. Edgar Hoover's primary COINTELPRO Kingpin, a shocking fact I was to learn only a few months later.
[NOTE: I subsequently began my own investigation on Gunderson, which by 2000 caused me to break off my professional association and personal friendship with him. Thus began an adversarial relationship (and media war) which was to last until 2011, the time of Gunderson's death, but continues on via Gunderson's gaggle of minions, lackeys and stooges, who to this day keep on with the relentless libel/slander/criminal harassment campaign against Barbara Hartwell.] 
So of course, I suggested Ted Gunderson as one of the "expert witnesses" for the program, given that he had been "investigating" CIA MK Ultra and was on the radio/TV/ lecture circuit with a number of "survivors", all of whom were (one way or another) part of the controlled opposition/"Monarch" sideshow. (Monarch was never a part of CIA MK Ultra, as I have exposed repeatedly in my reports/radio broadcasts over the past two decades.) Monarch was meant to divert attention from genuine intelligence operatives trained under MK Ultra, groomed as "the perfect spy" during the Cold War era. I was one of only a few legitimate MK Ultra survivors with a bona fide CIA background of many years, ever to have been involved with Ted Gunderson's operations; and I cut the ties once I recognized that Gunderson was not a whistleblower, but was running a containment operation/protection racket.  
I also contacted Mike Ruppert and asked him to be on the Expert Witness program with me. Mike and I had spoken on the phone numerous times, discussing all manner of subjects, especially CIA operations, our similar family backgrounds and the neutralization campaigns being run against us and mutual acquaintances. Mike was as outraged as I was about the out-of-control U.S. government and its war on its own citizens, especially egregious against those of us who had been in government service, and were "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore", and were doing something about it by exposing the corruption and demanding accountability.
But oddly enough (as I thought back then), though he agreed to be a guest, Mike Ruppert did not appear on the program.  The host, Mike Levine, had suddenly and inexplicably decided that Ruppert "lacked credibility", and since I was the one who had invited Ruppert to participate, it was left to me to deliver the news of Levine's decision. I felt awful about this; I couldn't understand it, because Mike Ruppert was one of the most credible, trustworthy sources I knew. He had done his own investigations, and unlike many others who purported to be  "exposing " vital information on CIA operations, he knew what he was talking about.
And although I took Ruppert's side and defended him, in an attempt to persuade Levine to change his mind, my efforts failed. Levine seemed adamant in his position, though he offered no real explanation, and since it was his show, I had to respect his wishes.
I should make it clear that it is not my intent to cast suspicion on Mike Levine, whom I respect and who has done great work in exposing the "Criminally Insane Agency". I am only reporting the facts and events which transpired at that time.  
It has taken me fifteen years (and Mike Ruppert's death) to understand the real reasons why Mike was excluded from the program, though back then, the truth was right in front of my eyes and I simply did not see it. As you read on, the answers will become clear, most notably in the plots hatched by Super Spook Ted Gunderson and his accomplices.
Immediately upon learning of Michael Ruppert's death, I dedicated much time to searching for related information. It was important to me to understand what had happened, and why.
I watched the videos, Collapse, and Apocalypse, Man, as well as a number of his radio/TV interviews. I read commentaries written by Mike's friends and colleagues. In all this, what I found very disturbing were the "conspiracy theories", and speculation that Mike's death was not a suicide, but rather an "assisted suicide" by government perps.
So please, if you are in any doubt, watch this video:
The Death of Mike Ruppert, narrated by Jack Martin
Which provides all the facts, a timeline of events, and all the evidence any intelligent, discerning person would need to understand that Mike Ruppert in fact planned and executed his own death, whether or not he was "driven" to it by the neutralization  campaign against him.
Also see:
Worst of all, among the many commentators, there were those who had the arrogance, the lack of compassion and sensitivity, to pass judgment on Mike Ruppert, calling him a coward, and/or aggrandizing themselves at his expense.
One such individual, calling himself  "Mark Dice", whose real name appears to be Mark Shouldice (but also using the alias "John Conner") had this to say:
"....and let this also be a lesson to those who get a little too wrapped up in the negative aspect of the new world order... you know, poor Michael Ruppert just stared too long into the abyss, too deep and just simply lost hope. You know, sometimes you got to climb out of the rabbit hole, stick your head out at least and kind of smell the flowers. Smell the roses, get some fresh air. You know, it should be FUN and exciting, fighting these scumbags, it should be FUN ridiculing these losers, these propaganda masters. Unfortunately if you're going to just off yourself like that, that's what they want, that's one less soldier in the resistance fighting against these losers...The fight should be exhilirating!....."
Mike Ruppert Dead from Suicide....
I'd never heard of this character, Mark Dice, but from his insulting and condescending  comments about Mike Ruppert, I know all I need to know. How dare he presume to make such judgments? How dare he presume to decide what another person "should" be feeling, thinking, believing? And who is he to report with such self-righteous, self-appointed  authority on the "state of mind" of Mike Ruppert? His amateur psychoanalysis only reveals his own profound ignorance and shallowness, and nothing whatsoever about the life of Mike Ruppert, or what was in his heart.
Furthermore, what direct personal experience has Mr. Dice ever had in dealing with intelligence agencies? How could he claim to know what it would feel like to be persecuted with "extreme prejudice", to be harassed for years on end, to have his life threatened, to be continually stalked, provoked, libeled and slandered? To be driven into homelessness, more than once, to be financially ruined, so impoverished he couldn't even pay his rent?
Answer: It is very obvious, listening to his comments, that Mr. Dice wouldn't know, and that he doesn't have a clue. If Mark Dice's idea of  "FUN" is fighting a deadly cabal intent on destroying lives, or dodging bullets and continually looking over your shoulder in efforts merely to survive the persecution, then let him live in his little fantasy world of Grade B spy thrillers, of amateurs and wannabes. 
As part of his spiel, Dice boasts, "I've been at this for ten years" (supposedly, fighting the 'bad guys'). Try nearly 4 DECADES, like Mike Ruppert. Decades of blood, sweat and tears, knowing that the most powerful forces of evil, in positions of authority were plotting against you, simply because you had the integrity and courage to stand up and tell the truth. To defend your country against a corrupt government who is hell-bent on destroying it. Because in good conscience, you couldn't just walk away, so you took a stand; and you stood alone, even when no one was there to support you. Try that, Mr. Dice, then come back and tell us all about how much "fun" you had.
I can guarantee that he is not a Target of these people (the bad guys), nor does he pose any threat to them. He's just another armchair warrior, a keyboard commando, seeking attention and talking about things he doesn't begin to understand. Shame on you, Mark Dice (or Mark Shouldice, John Conner, or whatever the hell your name is...)
It so happened that shortly before I learned of Mike Ruppert's death, I had been discussing with my friend Geral Sosbee the need of an updated and comprehensive report on the brutal and relentless persecution being directed against him. Geral's reports tend to be short and published only sporadically, due to the fact that he has no regular access to a computer (the enemy has destroyed the ones he had), but must be written and posted under the pressure of time limits imposed by the places where he does have access.
It amazes me that he is even able to do this, considering the harassment for which he is targeted, and especially so in the only library close enough to where he lives.  He is accosted by government thugs on a regular basis, in attempts to provoke him, with the intent of finding an excuse to arrest him, should he respond to the assaults in his own defense.
Geral Sosbee:
"The UT POLICE put out a BOLO (not far in reach from an APB, on me while they and fbi send thugs to assault & provoke me. They all stand by ready to arrest me on campus if I defend against the thugs' assaults. I am trained to defend and the thugs all know this, but I knew that I must not defend."
I decided to include a tribute to Mike Ruppert in the report, for Geral's experiences as a targeted whistleblower, and the enemies he faces, are in large measure, the same.
Geral Sosbee:
"I had one phone conversation with Mike Ruppert around the period from  2001-2003, as I was enduring extreme assaults on me by the fbi, as I have documented in "My Story In Detail."

Mike advised me that each Target of fbi/cia covert neutralization campaigns experiences unique assaults (psych & phys) tailored for that specific Target. I have since learned that 'neutralization' means forced suicide, imprisonment, or death by government.

Mike elaborated that government agents use weaknesses of the Target (or vulnerabilities) in order to incapacitate the particular Target. I was grateful to speak with Mike and I recognized that he was focused primarily on his efforts to expose cia crimes and that his life was very difficult at that time. When I learned of his suicide, I at long last accepted the notion that this government in all branches is at war with America's true patriots & heroes (like Mike Ruppert himself) because a patriot does not accept murderous tyranny by corrupt USA officials.
I also thought that truthful expositors/whistleblowers like Barbara Hartwell and I were being slowly and inhumanely targeted in a manner consistent with Ruppert's explication referenced above. Since my talk with Ruppert, I have accepted the reality of our times: that the evil of the USA (as perpetrated by fbi, cia, et al) is responsible for the ongoing global carnage and suffering; that few persons seem to care, and about which no one in government openly seeks to address." 
In 2002 I sadly announced these  concepts to the world: 
From Mike Ruppert's most recent website, here are some excerpts from an autobiographical article.
"My mother was a Cryptanalyst, or code breaker, at the recently renamed National Security Agency."
"There was a lot my parents never talked about.  Relatives of my father had worked for the CIA’s forerunner, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and were now employed at the newly-created Central Intelligence Agency. It was a standing joke between my parents and me when I would come home from school and ask what was for dinner. They would always respond, “We can’t tell you. It’s a secret.”
"I was soon to be of draft age, and the Vietnam War loomed large in every American’s life. My father insisted that I would never go to Vietnam because that war was “really fouled up”. He was in a position to know. I personally opposed the war deeply… but silently. I wanted to be a cop, and knew that open protest would ruin my chances. I was taken by a desire to follow in the family tradition and place myself in harm’s way for a good cause – a rite of passage and an initiation."
"What I didn’t know was that, when I had applied for the PSW program, a background check on me had revealed something that even I didn’t know: namely that I held a “Q”, which was a secret compartmentalized clearance above Top Secret in the American Defense establishment. The letter “Q” meant that I was cleared to handle or see material related to atomic warfare in case my father left his briefcase open. It had been a customary practice to obtain clearances for family members of those involved in the most-sensitive government work. This was the first time I had heard of it."

"The clearance caused some automatic assumptions about my belief systems. I was exposed to secret intelligence operations involving the government, its military and the police department. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t fully comprehend that what I was seeing were elements of a program, known as COINTELPRO. It was an anti-subversive operation run jointly by the FBI and CIA from the 1960s. It had no significance for me until I was to feel its sting directed toward me, starting in early 1979. That was to last until 2007 because I have had a habit – as some have called it – of thrusting sticks into hornet’s nests to see what would happen."

"In the spring quarter of 1973, I was flown back to Washington, D.C. where the CIA attempted to recruit me officially. Their offer was that I would become a CIA case officer, and then go back through the Los Angeles Police Department’s academy to be a police officer as a cover. At the time, that was illegal, and did not appeal to me in the least. In fact, it made me feel very uncomfortable. I never followed up on the stack of papers the CIA man in the Old Executive Office Building had given me. I was too full of a desire to crush crime. By December of 1975, when I had more than two years on the job as a badge-and-gun police officer, I thought the CIA meeting had been long forgotten... I was mistaken."

"In December of 1975, I “met” a very beautiful woman, who was a career contract agent for the CIA. She kept this secret from me for five months. Her name was Teddy, and she had been sent to meet and recruit me by unconventional means. We became engaged and shortly after that she revealed that her people wanted me to work for them, and that they were the U.S. Government."

"Teddy had made it clear that her people were focused entirely on a guns-for-drugs trade, and that they had no interest in stopping or seizing certain narcotics shipments."

"Once it became clear to me that I would be asked to allow narcotics to be delivered to the street, I flatly and categorically refused. It would have been a violation of a code of honor which had been deeply instilled in me. Within short order my fiancée disappeared, and I was to spend the last two years of my five-year tenure at the Police Department in constant fear. It had been revealed, and was to be confirmed years later, that, throughout its history, the CIA had routinely contracted key personnel in major police departments around the country and also placed CIA officers under cover as a standard procedure, even though it was illegal."


In March 2001, Ted Gunderson wrote an open letter to Barbara Hartwell, titled A RESPONSE TO BARBARA HARTWELL. It was published by Ken Adachi, one of the most notorious and despicable criminal perpetrators among the controlled opposition, and the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson, on his website, 'Educate-Yourself'.

Earlier that year, I had written a report which was the first published documentation which stated my reasons for breaking off my association with Ted Gunderson. It should  be noted that this report revealed only a small fraction of what by that time I had learned about the criminal activities of Ted Gunderson et al, both while he was still officially in FBI service, and after he "retired". I cited little more than "irreconcilable differences", as my purpose at that time was to set the record straight about false rumors circulating about me and Ted.  To be fair, I gave Ted credit, at least, for behaving like a gentleman in his treatment of me. What little I did expose was the simple truth.

Ted's so-called "response" to Barbara Hartwell was in fact not a response to me at all.  Rather, Ted used it as a window of opportunity to implement some damage control, and to take shots at a number of other researchers, investigators, journalists and survivors of government black ops, using me as a convenient scapegoat.

As regards his attitude to me, Ted took a patronizing tack, playing the role of the injured-but-forgiving party, claiming that I was "under CIA mind control", which was the reason I had "turned against" him. He stated: "I have no animosity against Barbara. I love her and always will."

But only a few years later (2005), in another open letter to Barbara Hartwell, he took the gloves off, and made this accusation: "You admit you were once in the CIA. There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die."
And even more outrageous:

"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came."
 Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee, as always, came to my defense:

"There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die"

" the rule, but you are proof that he is wrong; the same applies to me and the assassins of the fbi who are trying to kill me in the only cowardly manner they know. My question for gun is why he does nothing to expose the crimes against Humanity that are currently ongoing; and further, with his vast experience as a fbi chief, why he has not confessed to the world of his many crimes against the American people."
"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came."
Sosbee, to Ted ('the gun', as we called him) Gunderson:

"ted gunderson, former fbi chief, verbally assaults a true American Hero, Barbara Hartwell, by the use of language that reveals gun's own warped character."

Mike Ruppert was one such individual whom Gunderson included in his open letter to Barbara Hartwell, and ironically, labeled a "disinformation specialist". Disinformation, black propaganda, the libel/slander campaigns based on outrageous fabrications, which  Gunderson directed against "enemies of the state" (genuine whistleblowers, activists and journalists) have since become legendary, as COINTELPRO, once a "secret" operation, has become widely known over the last decade, thanks to the efforts of whistleblowers/journalists like Mike Ruppert, Geral Sosbee, Dr. Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane and others.

This letter written by Mike Ruppert was published in the Ted Gunderson Data Dump, on a site called News Making News, out of the San Francisco Bay area, along with some of my reports, exposing Ken Adachi (more on this diabolical liar later) and Ted Gunderson.

[re Gunderson's Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell]

March, 2001

Dear Kate:

Since I see that Ted Gunderson has taken a swipe at me too and accused me of being a "disinformation specialist" let me just take a minute to respond in support of all the brave women who have taken him on. And truly, a minute is about all the time that his pitiful message is worth.

I would also hope that at some point journalist Cheri Seymour - whose great book "The Last Circle," describes in detail Gunderson's relations with Michael Riconosciuto and the openly exposed CIA operative Robert Booth Nichols - might join the ranks of those nailing Gunderson for his rather comical actions. I have a copy of an envelope, given to me by Seymour, wherein Gunderson's own handwriting discusses his participation in a drug transaction. Her documentation of Gunderson's connections to weapons, drugs and Promis software and illegal activities at the Cabazon Indian reservation is above reproach.

As to Gunderson's reference to me let me just state that Gunderson was the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Los Angeles FBI office in 1978. It was then that I went to the L.A. Office of the FBI seeking help when, as an LA Police Officer, my life was in danger after discovering that the CIA was dealing drugs. Under Gunderson's direction the L.A. office took the public position that I was crazy and refused me any assistance even though I had a tape recorded death threat in my possession and an attorney at my side verifying my allegations and the documentary evidence I presented.

I did not know until 1999 that it was Gunderson who had been running the LA office in 1978. I even appeared on his Las Vegas radio show in 1997. But that was before his bizarre behavior revealed him to be what is now so obvious to so many people. It is strange that he never mentioned to me that he had directed the Bureau's efforts against me in 1978 even though FOIA documents clearly indicate that he knew damn well who I was in 1997.

As to my status as a "disinformation specialist" then, he ignores the fact that I was made unemployable and arrested by LAPD in 1980 or that, after having been homeless for nearly three years, The "LA Herald Examiner" wrote two front-page Sunday stories on me in 1981. That means, I guess, that Ted is saying that I went to all this trouble 20 years ago so that I could be in a position to trash him today. Forget mind control, the question is does Ted Gunderson have a mind at all.

My newsletter, "From The Wilderness" is now read in 17 countries, by 16 members of the US Congress and by professors at 10 universities in North America and Europe. Although belated, I would like to add my male voice to support the brave women who have told it like it so obviously is. My hat is off to all of you. Beyond that however, no one really takes Gunderson seriously anyway.

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Mike Ruppert
From The Wilderness

"Michael Ruppert currently lives in Culver City, California. Michael has stopped researching and writing about collapse. His latest book came out in May and was largely ignored. He now spends his time writing lyrics and playing music. He is currently late on his rent and trying to avoid eviction."

--From Apocalypse, Man

We will miss you, Michael. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your dedication to our righteous cause, for your courage in taking a firm stand against evil, for your faithful service to this Republic, for your personal friendship and support to those of us suffering persecution.
May your eternal soul live on in peace, praising God on His throne of Glory, enjoying His boundless love and redeeming grace, forever in the company of His Saints and Angels.
Please stay tuned for PART TWO of this report, where we will go into greater detail on the case of former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee; will expose those persecuting the Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty; and will examine the motives and ideology of those claiming to be operating in defense of human and constitutionally protected rights and liberties, but who in fact are agitating for left-wing mob rule and globalist totalitarianism.
To be continued... 
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA