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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Government-sponsored Disinfo Video Targets Barbara Hartwell: More Libelous Falsehoods

I rarely put my name in a search engine anymore. Most of what's out there is nothing but trash, attempts to discredit me by the continued commercial exploitation of my name, coupled with a plethora of disinformation, libelous/slanderous falsehoods, outrageous (and often bizarre) lies.
Just today, while searching on another topic, I happened to find a video with the title:
"Barbara Hartwell & Britany Spears; Project Monarch Victims"
It did not surprise me that it was posted on Rumor Mill News, one of the most notorious government disinfo, anti-Christian commercial websites, run by New Age occultist, charlatan and scamster Rayelan Allan, who is one of the many liars and false witnesses/accusers to have targeted Barbara Hartwell for libel and slander. No, she herself doesn't dare use my name openly, not for years, she is too cowardly, and besides, the damage was done when she accused me of working for CIA in 2003 (I have been out of CIA since 1994), and of being in collusion with some amateur CIA-wannabes, most notably a criminal stalker named Brenda Negri.
Rayelan, rather than stand for the truth, allowed herself to become another supplicant in the Ted Gunderson COINTELPRO containment operation/protection racket, because Gunderson had threatened her with a lawsuit. This, from the man Rayelan had publicly claimed was hired to kill her on a government contract!
Better to make a scapegoat of Barbara Hartwell, who has never been intimidated by threats, be they of death or lawsuits. 
The individual posting this video, in the typical 'anonymous coward' fashion (there are few who actually use their real names on Rumor Mill News), hides behind an idiotic screen name: "BoldFenianMan".
This moronic character (whoever he/she is) does not know Barbara Hartwell. He (or perhaps she), I can guarantee, knows nothing whatsoever about Barbara Hartwell. I have no idea who was behind the production of this piece-of-trash video ("Truth Shock TV" was the only label given), but since the idiot who posted it on Rumor Mill News watched it, apparently deeming it "credible" for dissemination, then he/she is responsible (and will be held accountable by me) for exploiting my name, as will the editor of RMN, Rayelan Allan, and any others who are involved, including the producer of the video. I will track them all down, eventually, and they'd best believe there will be hell to pay.
And for the record, I demand that it be REMOVED.
But enough of the imbeciles, freaks and liars at Rumor Mill News.
I watched the video, which began with a televsion interview of Britney Spears, then segued into a television interview of Barbara Hartwell (1998, at Global Sciences Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida). Others interviewed with me were: The late FBI chief Ted L. Gunderson (at the time a friend and professional colleague); former CIA agent Gene Chip Tatum; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, who claimed to be a "survivor" of "Monarch", a "presidential model", used as a "sex slave" for politicians.
The interview followed a seminar called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption, presented by  Hartwell, Tatum, Gunderson, and Ford. Chicago Health Television never aired the piece, as it was deemed too incendiary, being that real former FBI and CIA agents (Gunderson, Hartwell and Tatum) were exposing  information which named names of high-level government officials, and covered such topics as government-sanctioned assassinations.
Ted Gunderson and Susan Ford later made their own bootleg copy of the interview, using the one simultaneously taped by videographer Jon Gentry, a Gunderson minion who travelled with him on the lecture circuit. Subsequently the pirated video was sold, at first by mail order, and later on the Internet, including on and by disinformation specialist and Gunderson crony, David Icke.
But here's my very serious problem: I never signed a release for my interview to be used, EXCEPT by Chicago Health Television. Period. At the time, I had no idea that a copy had been made by Jon Gentry, and did not know about it until segements of it appeared in a propaganda video produced by Susan Ford, called MIND CONTROL GOES PUBLIC.  Ford made herself the "star" of the video, using portions of her own lectures, filled with disinformation about government mind control programs, and by association, making it look AS IF my background and experiences had commonality with hers. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Jon Gentry, Ted Gunderson, Susan Ford (and others) violated the copyright, and illegally exploited my name. Later, numerous minions of Gunderson used the video in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell, posting it all over the Internet, with the caption "Barbara Hartwell CIA Plant on Mind Control".
How typical for these unscrupulous individuals to violate the copyright, shamelessly exploit my name, and then use it to discredit me, and of course, raking in the money from sales.
But back to the latest video mentioned above. The segment containing ONLY the isolated testimony of Barbara Hartwell (why me?) was followed by more about Britney Spears. Lurid scenes of hospitals, of hysteria, and scandal-mongering by commentators (including on CNN) in what passes as "the news".
This was also interspersed with text on the screen, describing "Monarch", and the "slaves" (Britney Spears) and their handlers. There were images of tattoos, including a monarch butterfly,  which is said to identity the "slaves".
And so on and so forth....but none of any of the "Monarch" material (including the tattoos, or being a "slave') has anything whatsoever to do with the experiences, the background, or the life of Barbara Hartwell, in any way, shape or form.
In refuting the lies and disinformation, here are just some of the most salient facts.
1) The correct spelling is Britney Spears, NOT "Britany" Spears.
2) I, Barbara Hartwell, was never involved in any project called "Monarch", nor was a "victim" of such. I was never any kind of "slave" either.
3) "Monarch", touted by charlatans such as Fritz Springmeier, Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien, Susan Ford, Ken Adachi, "True" Ott, Doug Millar et al, was NOT a CIA operation, under MK Ultra, but a smokescreen, a side show, meant to deflect attention away from the real CIA black operations and the genuine survivors of such, including Barbara Hartwell.
[See my reports on this site exposing Monarch.]
4) There is NO commonality whatsoever between Britney Spears and Barbara Hartwell. This is the worst sort of libelous/slanderous falsehood, which attempts to paint Barbara Hartwell in a completely false light.
Just more sensationalism, more misdirection, more outrageous lies. The claim that Barbara Hartwell is a "victim of Monarch", and comparing me to a person (Britney Spears) who is clearly mentally/emotionally unbalanced; who is not, and never has been, any kind of government agent (CIA or otherwise), is, aside from being ludicrous, one of the most insulting hit pieces I have ever seen, defaming my name.
How dare you! You morally bankrupt S.O.B.s!
You people, any of you, all of you, each and every one of you, any who had a hand in this debacle (same goes for anyone who posts this piece of trash or is the editor of a site where it is posted):  May you live to deeply regret your unmitigated stupidity, your abject ignorance, your greed in attempting to make a profit off misrepresenting the facts of my life, exploiting my name, along with the injustices perpetrated against me, and using the suffering of a legitimate government whistleblower and survivor of MK Ultra (namely Barbara Hartwell) to line your pockets, --but most despicable of all, your absolute lack of integrity, and your utter disregard for truth.
May God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon you.
In Profound Disgust,
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations)
MK Ultra Survivor
May 16, 2013 
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