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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Government Stooge, Busybody James F. Marino: A Reminder for All & Sundry


The Internet can be a terrible place, especially when you have been targeted by a pack of rabid hyenas, hell-bent on ripping your good name and professional reputation to shreds. It wouldn't be so bad if these assailants were interested in ISSUES. Let's say, if they disagree with my "politics" --defender of Liberty and God-given unalienable Individual rights as protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Period. Or, my "religion" -- devout Christian, believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Period.


But no, the "issues" seem to be meaningless for those launching their vile personal attacks against Barbara Hartwell. They're out for blood, and they don't give a damn what they have to say, how many outrageous lies they have to tell --in print-- to get it. Let it bleed!


Recently, someone I've been working with to expose the COINTELPRO operations which are literally destroying people's lives (not just mine, but many others), after putting my name into a search engine, commented to me, Man, they really hate you!  He was actually shocked to see what was out there, every kind of filthy smear imaginable --and not a word of it based on facts or truth. And forget the issues...nobody cares.


As I've often explained in my reports, COINTELPRO exploits rank amateurs, a loosely organized network of minions and stooges, who do much of the dirty work in smearing Targets, by parroting the outrageous lies originally fabricated by government operatives intent on discrediting the Target.


I've exposed these stooges by name, and refuted their lies, time and time again, over a period of more years than I care to remember. But in their aggressive nature, they just keep coming back, repeating the same old lies (often adding variations to the fabrications) and spewing their white-hot hate.  


James F. Marino is one of a gaggle of government stooges who has been spreading outrageous and malicious lies in his attacks against Barbara Hartwell --in Marino's case, since 2007.


The way it looks to me is that he is never going to stop, until one way or another, he is forced to stop --which is why, on principle, I make sure I continue to expose him and periodically refute his lies. This is my policy in regard to anyone who has engaged in character assassination and  defamation, until such time (if ever --and it's not likely) that these perps REMOVE all libelous material from their websites. I keep documenting their offenses and the mounting damages, for the public record. 

Marino is an oh-so-typical example of the government stooge: An extremely aggressive busybody, gate-crasher, name-dropper and belligerent ignoramus, who has taken it upon himself to write about subjects (and people) about which he claims knowledge he does not possess.
Marino first came out of the woodwork (to my knowledge) around 2006, when he began his attempts to ride the coattails of former FBI agent Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell, claiming that he was a "target" of COINTELPRO. Marino was dropping our names all over the place, even plagiarizing our work, as well as writing articles about us which contained much false information, based on nothing but his own subjective opinions, wild speculation and erroneous suppositions,  and which displayed his profound ignorance, not only of our professional backgrounds and current work, but also his dearth of knowledge relating to the very counterintelligence operations of which Geral and I, as FBI/CIA whistleblowers, have been longtime Targets. Geral and I have been working together to expose and fight government corruption, criminality and massive human rights violations for over a decade, and he is my best friend.
In a nutshell, James Marino tried to attach himself to us and to promote his so-called "case" by exploiting our names. But what he ended up doing (as busybodies always, always do), was causing a world of trouble by his unconscionable meddling, in conjunction with spouting off, in his profound ignorance, on the various issues Geral and I deal with.
In addition, Marino's politics (leftist, collectivist and a communist sympathizer, who heavily  promoted the usurper "president", Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, voted for him, made campaign contributions, and publicly celebrated his "victory" in the 2008 election --all of which he later denied), are diametrically opposed to what we believe in and fiercely defend: God-given unalienable Individual rights, as protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. 
After a couple years of Marino's attempts to exploit us and ride our coattails, we had had enough! We asked him politely (at first) in a public notice (2007), to stop using our names; stop writing about us; stop invading our privacy; stop promoting false information (based mostly on his own false assumptions), which was damaging to our personal/professional reputations, as well as to our efforts to expose the truth about what we had personally witnessed, experienced and investigated, none of which was related to James Marino (or his claims) in any way.
But being what I call the Archetypal Busybody, instead of having the decency and common courtesy to respect our wishes, to respect our privacy and our clearly-drawn personal boundaries, Marino foolishly interpreted our efforts to get him to simply LEAVE US ALONE, to stop his meddling and  exploitation of our names for his own agenda, as wrongdoing on OUR part, and started attacking us. Geral Sosbee and I have been called a variety of nasty names and accused of every dirty trick in the book, simply because this government stooge, James Marino, had a temper tantrum when his own ignorance and unscrupulous interference had not been tolerated by us.
In typical government stooge fashion, Marino then brought forth his  accusations that Geral and I are "government agents". (Where have we heard that before? That's right, from Marino's fellow stooges...) Worse, he actually went so far as to accuse us of  "targeting" HIM for some evil government agenda.
Since James Marino started his libel campaign in 2007, he has been repeatedly warned to stop, to cease and desist, in public reports which expose his offenses. But instead, he obsessively continues his cowardly attacks (often not using our names, but using inference and innuendo) and has posted permanent links to his own libelous articles in the sidebar of his website, as well as those of his accomplices, whose outrageous lies he simply parrots, having nothing of substance, but only his own malice, to fuel his ignorant attacks on Barbara Hartwell.
Like most of his fellow stooges, James Marino does not know Barbara Hartwell. He has never had any contact with me, never spoken to me, never exchanged as much as one e-mail with me. I had never heard of him until I saw my name being bandied about in his articles (2006).  Yet his idiocy knows no bounds, in making statements for which he has no evidence whatsoever, and certainly no knowledge of what the hell he is talking about.
Just to be clear on the nature of some of Marino's "sources", here are just a few: Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, primary PR shill for the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson; "Xena Carpenter", one of many aliases used by forger, identity thief, blackmailer, sex predator, stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey (and whose website "Xena Carpenter" runs libel campaigns against legitimate whistleblowers and journalists); Timothy Patrick White, career criminal, predicate felon, notorious stalker, sex predator, child porno freak; Aaron James, who falsely accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "CIA Agent" who "targets our family", and posted a number of sensationalistic  tabloid-style videos slandering/libeling Barbara Hartwell, and which to this day appear on PAGE ONE of  Google search for my name. (Of course, that's the very point of a COINTELPRO campaign against a Target.)
Great sources, Marino! What a marvy bunch of folks! All of your ilk, all cowards and malicious liars, and all of whom take pleasure is doing harm to innocent people who have done them no wrong.
Here is just one of James F. Marino's many articles, smearing Barbara Hartwell. Marino's M.O. is to keep editing the same piece over and over, so that it changes with the seasons, with the latest lies being promoted by his fellow stooges, or perhaps, if no new sordid gossip is available, his own latest spiteful whims.
My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP. I have REMOVED a false name which Marino (parroting his fellow stooges, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey aka "Xena Carpenter", as usual) has attributed to me and replaced it with XXX.
[Note for the record: My "legal" name is "Barbara Hartwell". It appears on all documents, licenses, etc. I also use "Percival", which is my family name, by bloodline. I have no other names, nor have ever used other names. The stooges who are attempting to discredit me think they can do so by claiming I am not using my "real" name, just one of many falsehoods they have fabricated.]


CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara [XXX] Hartwell Also Exposed As An FBI Provocateur Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author

Editor's Note: The hyperlink's section which this author maintains on the right side of this blog includes a link to the following report on CIA disinfo miscreant Barbara [XXX] Hartwell. This link is routinely electronically disabled by the FBI/NSA team of miscreants, who protect [XXX]  Hartwell. Why would the FBI protect Barbara [XXX] Hartwell? Because [XXX] Hartwell is an FBI snitch, and one of myriad provocateurs whom the FBI has used in its long-term COINTELPRO against this author.
[BHP: Firstly, it is laughable and ludicrous that James Marino actually seems to believe that he would be a "person of interest" to any government agency. He is not a whistleblower, nor even any kind of legitimate journalist, and he has never "exposed" anything which could possibly be a threat to any government agency. He is simply a scavenger who parrots and plagiarizes the work of others --some legitimate, some not-- and adds his own wild speculation and 'spin' to the mix. He is not doing anything but shooting his mouth off , and like other stooges of his ilk, he is apparently so stupid, so filled with delusions of his own "importance", that he doesn't realize that he himself is being exploited by the very feds he claims have "targeted" him. But then, that is the classic tactic, it is how COINTELPRO works.
Marino claims I am a "FBI snitch". No Marino, why don't you look more closely at your "sources", like Tim White, for example. There's a REAL FBI snitch for you, one who made a deal with the feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, in exchange for his harassment, stalking, threats, libel/slander of patriots and whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell.
Marino, the useful idiot, is in point of fact, by attacking Sosbee and Hartwell, "aiding and abetting" the very feds he claims to despise, and to be "exposing". ]

This is also the reason why [XXX] Hartwell never posts anything derogatory in regard to the FBI or NSA, since she doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds her. This is also further proof that [XXX]Hartwell is a complete fraud as a government whistle blower, who in reality protects many of the Intel community's criminals, and as such has lost all credibility with the whistle blowing community.
[BHP: Now here's a perfect example of Marino's gross ignorance!  He claims I "never post anything derogatory" about the FBI or NSA?  In fact, anyone who goes to my website may see the hundreds of articles EXPOSING government corruption, in these agencies and others, including those written by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who happens to be the foremost whistleblower in U.S. history,  exposing the truth about the FBI.
Now, as usual, this low-grade moron, Marino, claims to have "proof" of his own spiteful fabrications about Barbara Hartwell. What "proof"?  Proof can be established only by indisputable facts, supported by hard evidence -- where is it , Marino? Where's the proof?  If you had anything except your own malicious lies and idle speculation, you would certainly have presented it by now. Case closed.
And how, pray tell, would Marino know anything about the so-called "whistle blowing community"? He's not a part of any such entity himself, nor does any legitimate person I've ever known or even heard about endorse a buffoon like Marino.]

[XXX] Hartwell is blowing smoke; not offering anything of substance in regard to the Intel community's inherent criminality. [XXX] Hartwell is a despicable liar.
[BHP: Says who? You, James Marino, busybody and government stooge?]

The FBI Uses Barbara [XXX] Hartwell In An Attempt To Get This Author's Blog Deleted

"Today I posted this report, which once again exposed James F. Marino, a malicious liar and government stooge who has been attacking Barbara Hartwell since 2007."
[BHP: I have never, at any time, attempted to get Marino's blog deleted. However, I am repeatedly accused of same (in collusion with the "feds" or "Intel", naturally), and not only that, but blamed by Marino for all kinds of other mishaps and problems he claims are happening to him. As for my statement, quoted by Marino above, that is the only truthful statement in this whole smear piece against Barbara Hartwell.]
-- CIA Disinfo Agent/ Incarnated Evil Barbara [XXX] Hartwell

Rather than waste any further time on this piece of CIA disinfo garbage, the following articles speak volumes in regard to Barbara [XXX] Hartwell and the Intel cesspool that she hails from, yet falsely claims to despise.
[BHP: This refers to smear pieces by Marino's fellow stooges, evidence of exactly what I have stated: that having nothing of his own (except his delusional fantasies), Marino uses the libelous material of others, thinking he can "prove" his point about the "CIA Disinfo Agent/Incarnated Evil" Barbara Hartwell.]

This lowlife miscreant has been using her blog in which to provoke this author into the type of swill bashing that characterizes the entire existence of someone like [XXX] Hartwell. [XXX] Hartwell is a miscreant's miscreant - a lowlife thug who is still doing the Intel community's dirty work for them and collecting a paycheck for it, which is why after more than five consecutive years of claiming poverty, [XXX] Hartwell still has enough disposable income to afford Internet access - a luxury; when she claims that she can't even afford food.
[BHP: All I ever wanted regarding Marino is for him to GET OFF MY CASE --the same thing I want when it comes to every last one of these aggressive busybody government stooges and lackeys.  I'd be very happy never to hear of any of them again! But when they keep on attacking me, I am accused of "provoking" them when I expose their idiocy and defend my good name against their calumny. How very typical.
Again, little Mr. Marino engages in wild speculation, this time about my finances -- which, by the way, are NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS, Busybody Marino!
That's right, as I have stated in some of my reports, it's true that there have been times when I was actually going hungry, since I could not afford to buy groceries. I've never had anyone I could rely on for help, haven't had any form of reliable material support, and unfortunately for me, all this was a result of the government's neutralization campaign against me. I could have starved, for all anyone cared, and there were times I had to sell some of my possessions (including my furniture)  just to put food on the table.
So that's right, Marino, it would just figure that a rich spoiled brat like you, a fiftyish "man" (I use the term loosely), who by his own admission, is still living with (and living OFF) his elderly parents (whom he complains about in his own writings, for "threatening" to throw him out their house), who does not work for a living, would accuse a person like me, just trying to survive, of collecting a government "paycheck".
And by the way, did you know WHY I have been forced to live in such a state of poverty and deprivation? Because scumbags like you, who participate in the libel/slander campaigns, have ruined my good name and reputation to such an extent that not only has it effectively stopped me from getting support in the form of donations from the public, but has made it nearly impossible for me to do business with anyone who puts my name into a search engine. Reading the outrageous lies from people like you, they head for the hills, screaming, Evil Government Agent!  BEWARE!]  
Who even takes this liar seriously anymore? I've lost count of [XXX] Hartwell's lies, and so have her detractors, who include virtually every person foolish enough to have ever taken [XXX] Hartwell seriously in the first place.

She lies about everything, including having a graduate degree when she never even finished college, and still lacks an undergraduate degree. She also lies about owning a home which she doesn't, and still expects to be taken seriously?
Who the hell is [XXX] Hartwell trying to kidd?
[BHP: Now, busybody and malicious gossip Marino once again parrots the lies being promoted by his fellow stooges.
FACT: I have never "lied" about having a graduate degree. Nor is it true that I "never even finished college". This particular lie was fabricated by Todd Brendan Fahey, hiding behind the alias  "Xena Carpenter", and was then posted all over the Internet by busybody stooges Tim White, Ken Adachi, Alex Studer. and many others.
These demonic liars also claimed that I "attended NYU but never graduated." Well no, I never "graduated" from NYU...the logical reason being that I NEVER ATTENDED NYU to begin with. 
I have no idea where these idiots came up with their "information", all I know is that morons like you, James F. Marino, have made a mission of spreading these lies all over the place, and stating them AS IF THEY WERE FACTS, which they most certainly are not.
Next, Marino parrots the lie, which he thinks he "knows", about my PRIVATE business regarding the ownership of my home. What are Marino's "sources" for this particular lie? (one which I have refuted many times) The demonic duo, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter") and Tim White, once again.
And again, it is NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS, Busybody Marino, about the ownership of my home, nor any other aspect of my personal life. That too, is a PRIVATE matter, and the monstrous invasions of my privacy, in conjunction with all the lies, have resulted in massive damages to me and those associated with me, all because of a gaggle of demonic liars and aggressive busybodies.] 

And these are just some of the harmless lies that [XXX] Hartwell has told, which don't include the myriad of absolutely vicious lies which she has promulgated in an attempt to destroy people's lives.
[BHP: Can he be serious? I'm afraid so...he has the audacity to accuse me of being a "liar" (about my PRIVATE business, no less) and "destroying people's lives"?  You need to look much closer to home, you despicable little worm, if you want to talk about that. Try MINDING YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS for a change.]

Moreover, [XXX] Hartwell operates in the typical Intel fashion of avoiding any exculpatory information which serves to prove that she is lying. What a surprise! Especially when she is being used as a provocateur in which to provoke someone into acting out in a way which can give an organization like the FBI a plausible reason for arresting them.
That is the sole purpose of a provocateur - to provoke. And here, [XXX] Hartwell has found her niche as both a provocateur and propagator of red herrings - anything but the truth.
[BHP:  "Exculpatory information"? What the hell is this idiot talking about? Is he reading too many legal thrillers?  Unfortunately for you, Marino, you are the one being "used" but you are far too stupid to see it.]  
"Disinfo Barbara - Queen Of The Smokescreen"

What her detractors long ago realized about her, is that Barbara [XXX] Hartwell is a puppet whose "strings" are clearly being pulled by her Intel handlers. Which is why no one in the alternative media trusts a word that she says any longer, and shunned her long ago. A smart move, since they also understand that [XXX] Hartwell is dangerous, and still maintains ties to some very unsavory characters within the Intel community.
BHP: Lastly, we have the usual pompous pontificating by this pretentious parading idiot, James F. Marino. He issues a warning to all and sundry about the "dangerous" Desperado Hartwell and her outlaw  accomplices in the Intel community!
James Marino:
If your life is truly so dull and uneventful that your only source of excitement is cooking up tall tales about unsavory spooks, feds, and bogeymen that don't exist --at least not outside of your delusional fantasies-- then, if not for your malicious attacks against me and my friends, I might be tempted to pity you.
You have exposed yourself not only as an aggressive busybody, trying to live vicariously by scavenging off the efforts of legitimate people who are ACTUAL TARGETS for neutralization by a corrupt fed government   --but you also are clearly a pathetic, cowardly loser, whose only source of ego-gratification seems to be launching attacks on the very people who will continue to work to save this country from destruction by your collectivist friends and "heroes" --or die trying. 
Get a life, Marino, and leave the rest of us alone.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 28, 2012

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