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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barbara Hartwell: CIA/ FBI Plant?

Here is a letter which arrived by post and I'll take this opportunity to answer it, especially since it addresses a particularly important issue: targeting whistleblowers and patriots for libel campaigns.
To protect the writer's privacy, I'll identitfy him only by an initial, S.
"Dear Barbara,
I found your website while looking for some other research. I am inquiring if you might have a DVD testimonial shot live?
If so where can I get it and how much is it.
I see on the comments about you are very negative -most feel you are a CIA or FBI plant.
Being in the Patriot movement over 20 years I've found out if you have a lot of critics, you're probably on the right track.
Awaiting To Hear From You,
Dear S,
Thank you for your letter. I see that it was mailed in September, but due to the mail being forwarded, I only received it last week.
No, I don't have any DVDs for sale. Mostly, I stick to writing reports, although I occasionally do a radio program, and if you're interested, you may find several of my broadcasts posted on my website.
Unfortunately, the only video I know of which contains any of my testimony  does not accurately  represent me, but has been posted on various Internet  sites by my enemies, along with malicious lies ("Barbara Hartwell, CIA plant", etc.) for the purpose of attempting to discredit me.
This particular video was made in 1998, at a conference in Daytona Beach, Florida. This was a bootleg copy of an interview taped for Chicago Health Televsion, which followed a seminar called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption, presented by four of the speakers at the conference, namely myself, former CIA agent Chip Tatum, former FBI chief Ted Gunderson, and Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, a woman claiming to have been a "sex slave" to politicians in connection with the so-called "Monarch project". (Which, by the way, was never a CIA operation, nor a sub-project of MK Ultra, but a smokescreen used in attempts to obfuscate the truth being exposed by survivors of the real black operations.)
At the time, I was still working with Ted Gunderson and had not yet gone public exposing what I later learned: that Gunderson was still involved in counterintelligence operations, specifically targeting former intelligence agents/whistleblowers (including myself) for containment operations; disseminating disinformation, and running massive cover-ups of the very crimes he claims to be investigating and exposing.
This interview was simultaneously taped by one of Ted Gunderson's lackeys, Jon Gentry, and later incorporated into a video called Mind Control Goes Public, by Susan Ford. She and Gunderson raked in the cash, selling the pirated video through various venues, complete with copyright violations --as the only release I (or Chip Tatum) ever signed was from Chicago Health Television. They never aired the interview because the content was deemed too incendiary by the station, who received some kind of "friendly warnings" (read: threats) by the government.
And speaking of being a "CIA/FBI plant", yes, that seems to be the primary libelous falsehood disseminated in the smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell. Ted Gunderson, my former friend and professional colleague, has had this to say about Barbara Hartwell:
"Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out, or expose them, you either go to jail or you die."
--from an open letter to Barbara Hartwell
This malicious lie, originating  with COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson, has been promoted far and wide, and taken up by all sorts of loudmouthed, sleazy COINTELPRO minions and government stooges, many of whom are criminals, including blackmailers, extortionists, psycho stalkers, forgers, identity thieves, and child sex predators/porno freaks. (Which tells you exactly what kind of persons the government exploits to do their dirty work!)
But I certainly agree with you about the negative comments (by many critics) against those who are "on the right track".  The bad guys don't bother to engineer massive smear campaigns against their own kind --only against those who are exposing the truth about government crimes and corruption, and who defend Liberty and the God-given, unalienable rights of the Individual, are targeted.
Thanks again for your interest in my work and for taking the time to write to me by post.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 24, 2010
Barbara Hartwell Percival
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