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Monday, May 31, 2010

Illegal Aliens Meet the Bimbo Road Show

The "Truth Fairy" Brooke Kelley
"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free."

The issue of illegal aliens is of grave concern to me, as I know it is to many others --at least those who are well-informed, armed with factual information about the true consequences of this alien invasion; those who defend Individual Liberty, as bestowed by God; and who care about preserving the sovereignty of this nation.

I could vent my outrage about the pervasive crimes committed by illegals, especially in the border states; about the rapes, murders and drug-running; about the high percentage of illegals who make up the prison populations; about the loss of American jobs; about the massive drain on our resources; about the globalist plot to lock down the North American Union, which necessarily involves allowing open borders and amnesty for illegals, most recently supported by the communist usurper "president"  (himself an illegal alien, not a natural born citizen)...I could go on and on...but I won't. The facts and the statistics are available for anyone who cares, and who is willing to take the time to do the research.

Anyone who is ignorant of/unconcerned with these issues probably won't want to read on...

But for those who do, I will offer just one example of the stunning ignorance  which is destroying this country, under the banner (and the misnomer) of "activism for freedom".

I first heard of a woman by the name of Brooke Kelley while listening to one of the programs on Republic Broadcasting Network, a show called Declare Your Independence, normally hosted by Ernest Hancock.

On this particular day, Friday, May 28, a sub host, Jet Lacey, had invited this guest whom he introduced as a "freedom activist" who travels around the country, and whom he said was staying at his home while in Phoenix.

As a longtime listener of RBN, I often keep the programs on in the background while I'm doing household chores; and although there are some shows I make a point of listening to whenever possible (Dave Champion, Bill Carns, John Stadtmiller), I sometimes find topics and guests of interest to me on certain other programs.

I listened for awhile to the guest, Brooke Kelley, as she spoke about what she called her "activism" for "freedom", but I soon lost interest, given that she sounded somewhat flaky; because it was clear to me she didn't know what she was talking about; and because her focus seemed mainly on dropping names of people in the so-called "patriot movement" (including Alex Jones, whom she said had "inspired" her) --rather than discussing serious issues. So I tuned out of RBN and went for a walk, as I needed a breath of fresh air.

But later that afternoon, I decided to listen to the National Intel Report. I was surprised to hear John Stadtmiller announce that the guest would once again be Brooke Kelley. But I stayed tuned in when John mentioned that the topic of discussion would be illegal aliens. I now understood that had I stayed tuned in to the first program with Ms. Kelley, I would have heard her appallingly ignorant views on this issue, as well as Stadtmiller himself calling in to the program to voice his absolute disagreement with Kelley's position on the illegals.

Here, in a nutshell, is what I heard: Brooke Kelley believes that illegal aliens have the "right" to be here, despite their violation of immigration laws.  She says there should be "compromise" in allowing them to stay; and even refuses to call them by their true designation: "illegal aliens."

It became clear to me why John Stadtmiller invited her on the program: he wanted to openly air the issue, to generate a debate, and to fully refute Brooke Kelley's position; to furnish the facts and the evidence; as well as to give callers the opportunity to respond. Great idea!

The response, thankfully, was predictable, as many well-informed listeners of RBN called in, all but one of whom (a woman by the name of "Renee", from North Carolina, vehement in her support of Kelley's foolishness) made it clear that Brooke Kelley's position on illegal aliens was uninformed, untenable and indefensible. 

I give these callers credit for their courtesy, as they outlined the true facts and  attempted to reason with Kelley. They even tried to educate her, but Kelley would have none of it --she just blithely continued on her merry way, exposing herself as a pretentious fool.

Her response was also predictable, and I've seen it countless times. She chose the typical refuge of the ignoramus when confronted with the truth: Ignore the evidence, dismiss the facts and just stick to your own opinions, uninformed as they may be. 

John Stadtmiller was also patient, courteous and tried to reason with Brooke Kelley. He took the time to furnish documentation about illegal aliens, including about their agenda (in their own words) to take over certain territories which they claim "belong" to them. 

Kelley's response? She agreed with and defended the illegals, claiming they "owned" areas of our country, that they had been wronged, and that gave them the "right" to take portions of this country for themselves.

Throughout the show, Kelley engaged in shameless self-promotion, claimed she was a "freedom fighter"; that she was "against the New World Order" and said that she had been arrested several times for her "activism". She claimed to be a "target" of the government, and boasted, "the government doesn't like people like me."

I would have to say, in all truth, and in my considered professional opinion,  that the government would have absolutely no problem with someone who expresses such sentiments, and that the New World Order couldn't find a better advocate than Brooke Kelley, who has clearly been duped by leftist and liberal elements, and the government shills of the controlled opposition. And though I can't quote Stadtmiller precisely, he expressed the same basic idea.

Near the beginning of the second hour, I was so outraged, listening to the absurd arguments of this silly woman, I could not restrain myself any longer, so I decided to call in. It is a rare occurrence for me to call in to talk shows, as I usually pay a heavy price, that being having the government operatives and their shills and stooges who monitor the talk shows attacking me in print and on radio, most frequently accusing me of being  a "CIA disinfo agent".

It took me the better part of the hour to get through, as the lines were jammed; lots of other outraged callers were ahead of me, but my call was finally taken in the last segment of the show.

I stated my name; explained that I was a longtime listener of RBN, and that over the years, had been a guest on some of the shows, and said that I had called in support of John Stadtmiller's position. The illegals had no "right" to be here. This country is a Constitutional Republic. We have God-given Individual Rights, protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, and illegal aliens have no constitutional protections in this country, and no place interfering or taking over --not here!

I didn't have much air time, as the show was about to end --but in any case, the self-proclaimed  "freedom fighter", and "patriot", Brooke Kelley, hardly allowed me to speak, but interrupted me every few words, with her declarations about the necessity of "unity" with, and "love" of the illegal aliens.

Speaking for myself (and many others) I don't need "unity" with criminals, including illegal aliens. And although I can't argue against "love", at least in a Christian sense, I will not sacrifice my God-given rights, nor will I allow hordes of alien invaders to take over my country, not on my watch, not without a fight.

Most important of all, I love my grandchildren, and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure their rights and freedoms are protected --from all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

I've watched, with horror, the demonstrations by these illegals, aggressively demanding the "rights"  which are not theirs to take. Not here! Let them go through the proper lawful channels if they want to live here; let them learn English, and let them respect the God-given rights of the natural born citizens.

Failing that, let them go back where they came from, and let them demand their "rights" in their own country. 

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 31, 2010


I did a little research on Brooke Kelley, and here's what I found.

She promotes herself as: "the truth fairy" (a title she also gave herself on the radio programs.)

Brooke Kelley has various websites, and is a member of Facebook and My Space.

From those sites, here's a list of just some of the groups, individuals and ideology supported and promoted by Brooke Kelley:

[Dennis Kucinich
John McCain
Noam Chomsky
Alex Jones
My Hot Date with Jason Bermas
Witchcraft (The Wiccan Glade)
Reality TV
Illegal aliens
The U.S. Constitution
Hollywood Parties]

According to Brooke Kelley, she also "likes": 
"Intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say "F*ck" a lot."

And, speaking of the "F" word, I also took the time to watch one short video (one was all I could stomach) called "Patriot Reality", starring the "patriot" and "freedom fighter", Brooke Kelley and an unidentified man.

Ms. Kelley presented herself in what appeared to be a hotel room, in a state of partial undress, along with the man (also in the same state), who used the "F" word in almost every sentence. 

The main topic of conversation? Brooke Kelley's legs (a closeup for the camera!) and asking the man whether she should be wearing boots without socks, because she wanted him to notice her legs....whatever would make him happy...then, pouting for the camera in a display of bad acting, about how she was arrested for her activism. 

The camera next captures an exhibitionist scene of Brooke Kelley parading around the room, displaying (and shaking) various body parts --then suddenly cuts to a "freedom rally" in New Hampshire, Kelley brandishing a megaphone, exhorting passers-by to "join the freedom movement!"

(Has she been taking acting lessons from Alex Jones?)

As far as I am able to determine, Brooke Kelley has a long way to go if she truly aspires to fight for freedom or call herself a "patriot". 

First, she might start by dropping the bimbo road show and putting her ego in a box. Forget advertising the "hot dates", starring in "Reality TV" and promoting the Hollywood parties.

Secondly, she needs to get educated and informed before presuming to promote herself as some sort of traveling messenger of Truth and Freedom and Patriot Icon.

A little humility might be in order as well. It would certainly behoove Ms. Kelley to listen to those who DO know whereof they speak; who HAVE paid their dues, who HAVE made the sacrifices to defend Liberty; who DO understand the true meaning of freedom and of the God-given, unalienable rights, guaranteed and protected under the U.S. Constitution. 

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust