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Sunday, October 7, 2007



Note: I noticed the post (below) on Geral Sosbee's news log (New Civ) linked to his website:

Yesterday, October 6, when I went there to copy the message for posting on this site, it was gone. I then received a phone call from Geral, explaining that his message had been "removed" from the site, without his permission or knowledge, evidently a regular occurrence, from my own observations over a period of years.

The sending of "death messages", usually by anonymous parties, has been a common tactic among criminal elements of the military/intelligence agencies.

The "death symbols" used include a single rose; often a "black rose".

Another "death message" symbol is theAce of Spades: These sinister and ominous "calling cards" were air dropped over the Ho Chi Minh Trail or planted with VC bodies. The skull and crossbones symbol was integrated into the design of the playing card.

Please note that Geral Sosbee is not only a former FBI agent, but also a Vietnam veteran.

And lastly, the same tactics have been used on me, the sending (by e-mail or postal mail) of such "death messages"; and even more nefarious, the placement of such "calling cards" in my home, when I was away, left by the agents (criminal perps) for me to find when I returned home.

The most outrageous instance of this crime was a Queen of Spades left on my bedside table, in 1994. There were no signs of a break-in and nothing was missing. Only the card left for me as a threat.

Neither Geral Sosbee nor I have ever been intimidated by such messages or threats. Such a despicable act of cowardice does not generate fear, but loathing and outrage. We may not be able to stop them, but we WILL EXPOSE THEM.

Barbara Hartwell
October 7, 2007

From Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee

October 7, 2007

For all who seek to understand the cowardly nature of America's intelligence agents (in whose hands security of the United States is entrusted), see the "Death Messages" update below and prepare to deal with the fall of the uSA.


I know my work is increasingly and adversely affecting the assassins and torturers of the fbi/cia globally as the hate mail and **death messages roll in voluminously. The so-called 'intelligence ' services of the uSA (including their agents, operatives, handlers, associates and supporters) have discovered how to anonymously transmit hate messages and death wishes to me. 

In response I must admit, however immodest this may sound, that I am heartened by each and every hate mail sent to me. The *contemptible and misguided miscreants who send the messages are exactly the same low minded hoodlums who run this country (and who are incapable of defending it) and I am grateful for the opportunity to expose their hideous and weak mind-set to the world.

Sosbee writes:* the little ones: you must ask this question: WAS IT ......the multi-million dollar & decade long cowardly battle to silence me...

I know it was to me. Yours Truly, Geral