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Monday, July 16, 2007

YOU TALK TOO MUCH: Scandal-Mongering for Fun & Profit

You talk too much, you worry me to death,
You talk too much, you even worry my pet,
You just talk, you talk too much.

You talk about people that you don't know,
You talk about people wherever you go,
You just talk, talk too much.

You talk about people that you've never seen,
You talk about people, you can make me scream,
You just talk, talk too much.

--Words and Music by Joe Jones & Reginald Hall

In February, 2007, a link was posted on You Tube for a video of Barbara Hartwell. The original of this video was a bootleg copy made by a man named Jon Gentry, a minion of ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, a videographer who accompanied Gunderson to conferences around the country, taping his lectures and those of other conference speakers.

The REAL video, an interview with Ted Gunderson, Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, ex-CIA operatives Barbara Hartwell and Chip Tatum, was arranged and taped by Chicago Health Television in February 1998 at the Global Sciences Congress in Daytona Beach Florida.

The TV interview, hosted by Ryan Elliot, followed a seminar called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption. I was one of the presenters, along with Gunderson and Ford, by the invitation of Chip Tatum. The seminar was an unscheduled event, but nonetheless drew a large crowd of conference attendees.

At the time, I signed a release for Chicago Health Television, giving them permission to air the videotaped interview on their station. And that was the ONLY release I signed.

But the interview never aired. As I understood it, the show was deemed too inflammatory, even bizarre, including the allegations made against against (former and then-current) government officials, including Bill Clinton and GHW Bush. The corruption described included CIA drug-running, assassinations, mind control, illegal domestic and foreign covert operations, harassment/persecution of government whistleblowers and much more.

But not to worry...the scavengers soon sprang into action. The bootleg copy made by Gentry, at the request of Gunderson, has now been viewed by millions worldwide.

"Monarch sex-slave" Susan Ford first took a copy of the TV interview and incorporated it into a video titled Mind Control Goes Public. 

Most of that video (naturally) featured Sue Ford, promoting her government-sanitized/disinfo version of mind control programs and sensationalistic, lurid tales of satanism and sex scandals involving politicians and government officials.

Ford, Gunderson, Gentry and others sold this video through the mail, on the Internet and peddled it at conferences around the country. It also found its way into the "shopping carts" of numerous websites, including Ted Gunderson, David Icke and Nobody seemed to care that they were engaging in copyright violations, bootlegging and piracy. There was a profit to be made!

The quality of this video is extremely poor, starting with the original bootleg video and having become worse with each generation of copies. Yet Gunderson, Ford, Gentry and others made lots of money on sales, exploiting my work. And, I, who never signed a release, naturally received nothing.

To add insult to injury, Ted Gunderson and his minions, Susan Ford and Ken Adachi, since 2000, have been promoting the most outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell. Ken Adachi, the editor of a New Age/government disinfo website, called Educate-Yourself, has posted a permanent link dedicated to libeling Barbara Hartwell, titled Barbara Hartwell, CEO of Liars, Inc.

Adachi has written numerous vicious smear pieces, filled with libelous disinformation about Barbara Hartwell. In one such article, Adachi claimed that Barbara Hartwell was only allowed to "sit in" at the seminar and interview, due to the "kindness" of Ted Gunderson. He claimed I was not even invited to the conference!

The truth is, I was "invited" to the conference by the organizer, Dean Stonier. I was "invited" to be a presenter at the seminar by Chip Tatum, who originally had planned it with himself as the speaker. And I was "invited" to do the TV interview by Ryan Elliot, as were all the speakers at the seminar.

But it gets worse...

Now, some idiot, identiying himself only as "thefifthseal" has apparently edited the video, leaving in only the parts containing the testimony of Barbara Hartwell. And has titled the You Tube link: Barbara Hartwell CIA Plant.

Firstly, to view the whole interview would have at least given the viewers the opportunity to assess the material in its entirety, including the testimony of the various speakers. But to isolate the testimony of one person, namely Barbara Hartwell, prevents the viewers from perceiving the overall context, including conversations with the interviewer and the other speakers.

Secondly, this was an ad lib interview for which I had no opportunity to prepare; and the primary topic on which I spoke in this interview was the persecution I had been targeted for by the government (most specifically CIA.) Much of that persecution (along with some information re certain black ops, of a military nature) was corroborated by ex-CIA Chip Tatum, the only person among those interviewed that I deem credible.

There wasn't enough time (the whole program was under 60 minutes) to go into detail about my background connected to CIA; or my experiences with mind control programs. So there isn't much useful information contained in the interview, at least coming from me. The interview certainly does not represent me, or elucidate my experiences or background in any sort of comprehensive way, but only gives a very vague overview of the simple fact that I was utilized in CIA black ops, broke out, and was subsequently targeted for persecution.

At the time of the interview (February, 1998) I had a professional relationship and personal friendship with Ted Gunderson, which I broke off in early 2000, after having learned the truth about some of Ted's criminal activities and scams, as well as those of his cronies, including former senator John DeCamp.

I have no idea who this liar, "thefifthseal" is, or why he would take it upon himself to post this video, complete with this libelous title, Barbara Hartwell CIA Plant.

Whoever he is, he does not know me. He knows nothing about me, has never met me, spoken to me nor had any form of contact with me. Doubtless, what this fool thinks he knows comes from all the disinformation and black propaganda promoted by government-sponsored shills working overtime to destroy my personal and professional reputation.

Yet now, my good name has been trashed yet again by some anonymous scandal-monger who evidently has nothing better to do than disseminate malicious lies on the Internet.

But this comes as no surprise. Since roughly 2001, I have been accused by many people of being a "CIA Plant"; CIA disinfo agent"; "CIA bitch"; rogue CIA agent"....even a "CIA assassin".

Just a couple of quotes from my detractors, to round out the picture:

Ted Gunderson: "You admitted to having been a CIA agent. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent."

Ken Adachi: "Send condolence cards and flowers to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. They will understand." [Re Barbara Hartwell's website going off-line in 2004.]

I'm very tired of all this. Tired of the multitude of liars who populate the Internet who have taken it upon themselves to libel and slander Barbara Hartwell, especially by accusing me of being CIA, which I left in the dust 13 years ago, for good, once and for all. End of story. Finis.

I have exposed these liars many times in my detailed reports, over a period of years. Some are government agents/operatives with a lot to lose by the truth about their crimes being exposed; others are government minions, shills, dupes and stooges, useful idiots and wannabes who seem to take pleasure in scandal-mongering against legitimate people, apparently for the purpose of getting public attention and approval for themselves and/or making a profit. Scandal-mongering for fun and profit!

One thing I can say with absolute certainty: They are all liars. I have evidence that each one has lied, to me and/or about me, as well as spreading their lies to many others, including disseminating their lies to the general public through websites, message board and radio and TV programs.

Below is a list of some of the most notorious liars, who have libeled/slandered and/or harassed and/or threatened Barbara Hartwell. Most have accused me of being CIA. That seems to be a handy, all-purpose "justification" for their character assassination and defamation.

Since the liars don't have any facts to "expose"; and no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing or criminal activities on my part (simply because none exists) I guess it's easier for them to just claim I'm CIA. That covers all the territory, or so they foolishly think.

For the record, I have placed a double asterisk (**) before the names of those who have made this false and unjust accusation.

As for the little song, You Talk Too Much, given as a prelude to this report, I dedicate it to this despicable bunch of unscrupulous, babbling scandal-mongers. 

May they reap precisely as they have sown.

Barbara Hartwell
July 16, 2007


**Ted L. Gunderson: Ex-FBI Senior SAC, COINTELPRO, swindler, con man, liar

**Tim White: Career criminal, psycho stalker, transvestite/child porno collector, FBI Division 5 stooge, liar

**Ken Adachi: Government stooge, New Age/government disinfo monger, liar

John DeCamp: Former senator, swindler, con man, disinfo specialist, liar

Todd Brendan Fahey: Criminal psycho-stalker, grifter, identity thief, blackmailer, porno-monger, liar

**Fintan Dunne: Disinfo monger, New Age/NWO shill, liar

**Rayelan Allan: New Age occultist, runs government disinfo website, Rumor Mill News, liar

**Charles Bruce Stewart: Bogus "Christian", Government stooge, liar

**Alex Jones: Talk show host, con man, "patriot" shill, disinfo peddler, promotes government liars on his websites, liar

**Paul Joseph Watson: Shill, disinfo peddler, liar

**Pam Schuffert: Bogus "Christian", stalker, grifter, government stooge, liar

**Brenda Negri: Government stooge, criminal stalker, liar

**Shirley Anderson: Government stooge, grifter, liar

**Virginia McCollough: Disinfo shill connected to NewsMaking News website, liar.

Mark Phillips: CIA operative, MC handler, disinfo specialist, liar

Ronald Cerra: CIA operative, MC handler, criminal stalker, thief, liar

Mary Ann Cerra: CIA, same as above

Lenny Bloom aka Nelson Thall: Runs disinfo website, Cloak and Dagger

Eric John Phelps: Disinfo monger, liar

**Don Stacey: CIA operative, runs containment ops, government shill, liar

**Marilyn Guinnane: Government stooge, liar

**Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor: Government shill, disinfo peddler, liar

**John Gentry: Government stooge, liar

**Larry Lawson: Disinfo monger, criminal stalker, liar

Walter Bowart: Swindler, government shill, MC handler, disinfo monger, liar

Dennis Bossack: UFO hoaxer, con man, disinfo monger, liar

**Clay Douglas: Talk show host, disinfo monger, liar

**Sherry Shriner: Bogus "Christian", Bible code/space alien conspiracy nutcase,  government stooge, liar

**Rosalee Grable aka 'The Webfairy': government stooge, disinfo monger, liar

Daryl Bradford Smith: Talk show host, criminal, disinfo monger, liar

Alan Stang: Talk show host, misogynist, promotes government-sponsored liars, liar

.....And it would have been a Herculean task to list the hundreds of 'anonymous' morons and cowards hiding behind their stupid screen names to libel the good name of Barbara Hartwell. But for those interested in more scandal-mongering and outrageous lies, just put my name in a search engine, and they'll all come out of the woodwork.