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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Keith Hansen Interviews with Barbara Hartwell (2009)

Here are two interviews with Keith Hansen (aka Vyzygoth) from January 2009.

I had known Keith since 2002, when he contacted me requesting that I be a guest on his radio program.

For whatever reason (I don't remember why now), the interviews did not take place at that time. 

In 2009 Keith contacted me again by post, as by that time I did not have a public e-mail address.

At that time I was living in Maine and Keith was in Florida. I don't know where Keith is now or if he still has a radio program. In doing a search I could not find anything later than 2012.

There were originally 4 interviews in the series, but I could only find two of them, part one and part four.

From the original post on my website, the links were no longer working, but I did manage to track down the ones given here.

I have not done any radio interviews since 2013, due to the nature of my personal circumstances. In 2013, I barely survived a series of disasters which ended in being driven to homelessness. I lost my home in Maine (for the second time in three years) and nearly all of my property.

This horrible ordeal was a result of the government's neutralization campaign against a CIA whistleblower, a not uncommon occurrence, as other targeted whistleblowers can attest.

I only recently listened to these interviews again and decided to repost them, as they contain information on a variety of issues which may be of interest to my regular readers, and possibly more so to new readers who may not be aware of some of the events covered therein.

I don't run a “news” site and as a rule don't cover much on current events. My focus is more on the timeless issues of ethics/morality and the principles of liberty, justice and especially God-given individual rights.

Also, I tend to discuss things in more detail in radio interviews that I would not necessarily put into my written reports. My radio shows (both as host and guest) have always been more spontaneous than scripted or pre-planned, as these interviews are.

Keith Hansen has been one of my favorite talk show hosts, someone who is easy to talk to, as well as being knowlegable about the issues of importance to me.

Some of the subjects we address include:

*Counterintelligence operations run by FBI and CIA against whistleblowers, journalists and dissidents

*Project Paperclip and Nazi origins of CIA

* CIA MK Ultra

*Media personalities and networks promoting government-sponsored disinformation, such as GCN, Alex Jones, Coast to Coast

*Controlled opposition

*FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, former senator/CIA asset John DeCamp and their minions and stooges, such as predicate felon/career criminal Timothy Patrick White, PR shill Ken Adachi

*Jew-hater propaganda organs, especially American Free Press, where Ted Gunderson was a CEO

*Groups such as WE ARE CHANGE, promoting hysteria, hyperbole and sensationalism, while lacking facts and evidence for their claims

*The case of former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, targeted for a brutal neutralization campaign

*Directed Energy Weaponry to assault Targets

*Idiots on the Internet, wannabes seeking attention and their 15 minutes of fame

*Christian principles for opposing totalitarianism

*Satan as the primary engineer of New World Order schemes and destruction of society

I have lost contact with Keith Hansen. The last I heard from him was a letter by post in 2011 and I no longer have contact information for him.

Keith, if you are reading this, please contact me by post. I want to thank you for your efforts for freedom, in service to the truth, and especially as a messenger for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God bless you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 17, 2018

Keith Hansen interviews with Barbara Hartwell




Since this was posted I was able to find the 'missing' parts of the series, 2 and 3.

Ex-CIA agent Barbara Hartwell being interviewed by Vyzygoth on Beyond the Grassy Knoll

Additional topics addressed, with much more detail, which tie the series together. Best listened to in the order recorded. 

Here they are: