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Monday, January 17, 2011

FBI Whistleblower Sosbee Attacked by Former Supporter, Government Stooge James F. Marino

If the title of this report sounds familiar, it should. That's because FBI whistleblower, Geral Sosbee, has once again been atttacked by a former supporter. The first time around, it was a government stooge named Charles Bruce Stewart, whose outrageous lies about Sosbee and Hartwell were refuted quite a few years ago.

Here, a commentary written and posted by another government stooge, James F. Marino, on his website, 'FASCISM-- "9-11" --MIND CONTROL- THE MOTHER OF ALL BLACK OPERATIONS'.

My comments, refuting the libelous falsehoods of James Marino, are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

But before I get to that, it is important to note that little Mr. Marino, despite his melodramatic zeal to discredit his target, oddly enough, fails to tell us the  NAME of the person he is attacking. This is a typical coward's ploy. Only a coward would launch a vicious assault on a person's character, leaving the reader wondering to whom he refers.

But by the time I get finished ripping Marino's desipcable smear piece to shreds,there will be no doubt as to the target's identity: One of the greatest  Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty in the world today --whom I have had the honor of knowing and working with for the past decade, my friend and professional colleague --former FBI agent, whistleblower, attorney and Vietnam Veteran, Geral W. Sosbee.

Also note that along with the lack of a name, Marino presents no sources, no  evidence, nothing at all, to back up his defamatory claims. No name, no sources, no evidence.  Considering this, what credibility could any discerning, intelligent person possibly attribute to Marino's smear piece? As I always say: Consider the source.

But as always, I'll leave it to the readers to decide for themselves. Best to let Marino hang himself with his own words....


In Regard To A Lying Hypocrite Whose Idea Of The Truth Appears To Change With The Weather

"A word to the wise for TI's and those who wish to learn about how mind control targets are psychologically manipulated. If you sense that a certain Website that you have been regularly visiting begins to have words, phrases or colors that you have been covertly sensitized to -- "psychological triggers" -- then it is best to refrain from going to these Websites in the future, since they are unhealthy for you to visit."

"The name of the person whom the following post is addressed to has been omitted for obvious reasons. Especially since the FEDS would like very much to use him as an excuse to have this Website deleted. That is how these snakes operate. They have been attempting to get this done since the moment that this Website was first created. Moreover, the Website of the person whom this post is addressed to is loaded with such dangerous psychological triggers, so much so, that I will not go back to it ever again. It is also clear from my observations, that this guy is in reality a puppet of the very federal agencies whom he claims to abhor, yet whom he knowingly allows to use him for their own nefarious purposes. He's a stooge."

"And he's a complete and utter LIAR."

[BHP: Marino begins his assault on Geral Sosbee by accusing him of using "psychological triggers" on his website for the purposes of "mind control". The presumptuous fool touts himself as some sort of authority from whom others can "learn". Does Marino give any examples of what such "triggers" could possibly be? No. Does he elaborate on the "words, phrases or colors" to which he refers? No. Does he name the "unhealthy" websites to be avoided? Again, no. It is all very nebulous and makes no sense at all. So what in the hell is he talking about? Inquiring minds want to know. 

Next, Marino states that the name of the person "has been omitted for obvious reasons." The only obvious reason I can see is Marino's yellow-bellied  cowardice. If he omits the name, he thinks he can escape being held accountable for his libelous attack. Wrong.

As for the "FEDS" needing an "excuse" to do what they please? Marino is clueless on that score, but more to the point, I can't imagine the "FEDS" would have any interest in Marino's website, much less in having it deleted. Marino is a nobody, as far as the feds are concerned. He's not a whistleblower, and has no professional training, background or area of expertise in any field or discipline, which could possibly qualify him as any sort of expositor. I can guarantee Marino is the furthest thing from a "person of interest" to anyone in a position of power or authority in the government.

About his claims to being an "alternative journalist"? Please. They are laughable. He doesn't even know the basics. Just a couple of small examples: Marino blathers on and on about "targeted individuals", one of which he claims to be. He refers to them as "TI's"  (targeted individuals) in the possessive sense, rather than as a plural noun.  He refers the same way to UFOs, calling them "UFO's".  It's a common mistake among the uneducated, but telling.  If Marino aspires to be a journalist, removing the ubiquitous apostrophes might be a start.... 

In the titles of his "articles" and even in the long, convoluted paragraphs which comprise the links on the sidebar on his website, Marino capitalizes every single word, including "And", "The", "Of" and so on....and on and on it goes...  

More importantly, the material on his website is nothing original, but is  comprised of  little more than what he has scavenged from legitimate former intelligence professionals, journalists, whistleblowers and expositors of government corruption, simply parroting what he's read. But even worse, Marino doesn't bother checking facts, and often grossly misrepresents the individuals   about whom he is writing.  Same goes for the issues on which he pontificates, without having even a rudimentary knowledge of the subject matter.  

Then, there are his self-aggrandizing commentaries, describing his purported  "precedent setting case" (which is anything but). Marino also skirts the borders of plagiarism on a regular basis, poaching from the writings of others, stopping just short of setting off the alarm bells.

Marino claims that Geral Sosbee's website contains "dangerous psychological triggers". Thank you, Dr. Freud, for the heads up. But since when has Marino become an expert in psychology or  behavioral science? And I can only imagine that in his paranoid fantasies, just about anything could "trigger" this delusional whackjob. 

Marino calls Sosbee a stooge, but it might behoove him to look closer to home. In fact, Marino is simply parroting the very accurate description of himself which was exposed by Barbara Hartwell, when he first started his libelous attacks against Hartwell and Sosbee in 2007.

Marino accuses Geral Sosbee of being "a complete and utter LIAR". Never once, in all the time I  have known him, have I ever heard Geral tell a lie. Marino is grasping at straws, here.  And note that he never cites any particular "lies" to support his claim. No mystery there, as there have been no such lies.]  

"He also regularly visits this Website, and when seeing this post, will immediately know to whom I am referring and to why. Since I am one of the few people who has ever legitimately helped him, yet was covertly and viciously attacked by him in the past, while having never done anything to harm him."

[BHP: As usual, Marino makes assumptions, which lead to vague accusations, with nothing whatsoever to back up his claims about the "covert" and "vicious" attacks. Tell us, Marino, what kind of attacks? What did he do or say?]

"This is the type of a person whose abhorrent actions could prevent you from ever donating to a charity cause again."

[BHP: Geral Sosbee is not a "charity cause". So what's his point?] 

"Over the past several years, I have tolerated the machinations of this former federal agent whose work I once supported -- including financially. However, since that time, it has become quite clear that he has routinely engaged in the same types of psychological warfare activities against my person at the direction of the very federal agencies that I document on this Website.

And in this time he has sought every possible means in which to use this psywarfare against my person. He is a LIAR. He is also guilty of perpetrating the same exact types of psychological warfare crimes against my person that he vociferously condemns other federal agencies for perpetrating against himself."

[BHP: James Marino has "tolerated" no such thing.  His claims are preposterous. Geral Sosbee does not engage in psychological warfare against anyone; rather, Geral is the target of such by the very federal agencies Marino accuses him of representing. The truth is, Marino is an aggressive gate-crasher, name-dropper and busybody, who tried to ride Geral Sosbee's coattails, falsely thinking that by doing so, he could get credibility for his so-called  

"This so called "do gooder" and "truth seeker" has also at least on one occasion accepted money from someone whom he claims to disapprove of.

Namely, myself."

[BHP: If Marino chose to make a donation to Geral Sosbee of his own volition, that was his decision.  At the time, Geral had not expressed any disapproval of Marino.  It was only later, when Marino's inappropriate behavior and  aggression against Sosbee and Hartwell became intolerable, that we found it necessary to make the issue public.  All we wanted was for him to leave us alone, to stop misrepresenting us in his public commentaries; to stop exploiting our names, to stop meddling in our professional business.

Like all busybodies, when confronted with his offenses, rather than back off, Marino refused to respect our personal boundaries, but became even more aggressive, launching attacks, accusing us of being in collusion with the feds, CIA, FBI and so on and so forth...]

"Consider that as of yesterday he was recommending my Website to others for how well the *site exposes the crimes of federal agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA, only to then use this comment as a setup to claim that I owe his "best friend in the world" an apology for writing a comment several months back, which documented how this person was using their Website to gaslight my person just as this former agent was.

This was a clear indication of what a slick operator this guy and his "best friend" really are."

[BHP: Once again, Marino fails to identify the second person he is attacking, namely Barbara Hartwell.  "Gaslight my person"? What in the hell is Marino talking about?...hell if I know...but he just loves to sling around those intelligence terms, hoping to sound like he knows what he is talking about. 
But for those interested, here are the facts. Geral and I, having reached the limits of our tolerance for Marino's exploitation of our names, as well as his misrepresentation of us, decided that it was necesssary to set the record straight. Marino was engaging in wild speculation, didn't have his facts straight, was presumptuous in thinking he could speak with authority about issues he clearly knows little or nothing about. We did not want our names connected to any of this, plain and simple. And we had every right to say so.

We also found his leftist politics objectionable, and he was promoting and endorsing certain individuals, such as Ken Adachi (who has been running a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell since the year 2000, and has also attacked Sosbee), who is a PR shill for COINTELPRO  Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson; and Barack Obama (need I say more?), along with various others, all of whom are the enemies of Truth, and whom any Defender of Liberty would find despicable. 

I stated these facts (and others) in a report and asked Marino to stop using my name, as he was  presenting a false picture of Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee. Marino then launched a number of assaults against Barbara Hartwell, in a pathetic attempt to save face. And typically, he accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "CIA disinfo agent", while parroting the lies of Gunderson, Adachi and numerous others, most of whom are government stooges of the ilk of Marino himself.]  

"He was right about this particular comment since my Website documents crimes perpetrated by the US Congress and military industrial intelligence complex that most people are either unaware of or too frightened to comment on; even if they are aware of such treasonous criminality."

[BHP: In point of fact, any endorsement of Marino's website by Geral was given BEFORE he discovered the extent of Marino's ignorance on numerous issues he was covering on his site (including about the "military industrial intelligence complex"), and before his presumptuous attitude in dropping our names went over the top.

And if Marino were not "too frightened" to comment, why in hell would he not use Geral Sosbee's name when launching his attack, accusing him of being in collusion, in their "treasonous criminality", with the feds?]

"However, there will never be an apology forthcoming in regard to this person or his "best friend" because these two miscreants were DEFINITELY guilty of engaging in the use of psychological warfare against my person, which LIARS that they are, they have since denied."

"It is their MEAN SPIRITEDNESS which must be pointed out here."

[BHP: Marino's accusation of "psychological warfare" used against his "person" is ridiculous. The only thought I ever gave to Marino's "person" was getting him OFF MY CASE, stopping him from meddling in my business and exploiting my name.

Yes, Geral stated that in his opinion, Marino owed his "best friend" (Barbara Hartwell) an apology. That's because Marino, rather than simply admitting that he was in the wrong by overstepping his bounds, in misrepresenting Sosbee and Hartwell, instead responded to Hartwell's factual report by attacking my character and falsely accusing me of being CIA. The old standby, whenever one of these stooges is exposed for who and what they are...Red Alert! Red Alert! Hartwell is CIA!

There's some "MEAN SPRITEDNESS" for you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Marino.]

"And there is no question that they have both been used by the FBI and other Intel agencies, and have LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH about it, only helping to aid and abet these federal thugs. The biggest threat to the US Bill Of Rights in the history of this country."

[BHP: Now, (the unnamed) Hartwell and Sosbee are accused of being "the biggest threat to the US Bill Of Rights in the history of this country"? Lord have mercy! I must say, I think Marino is giving us more credit here than we deserve!]

"As for this flimflam man, if he is as principled as he claims to be, he would have returned the money which I sent him; money which has helped to make his life easier.

However, he is not the principled person whom he claims to be, which is why I will never see a dime of this money again. This guy's idea of morality goes into the toilet the moment that such morality becomes an inconvenience.

My Dad warned me not to give this guy a cent and I should have listened to him. He was absolutely right.

And instead of being grateful for this donation, even the guy's thank you E-mails were peppered with psyop phrases that this hypocrite used against my person, while biting the proverbial hand that helped to make his life a bit easier -- when absolutely no one else would do so. This guy is EVIL."

[BHP: Geral Sosbee never asked James Marino for a donation. In fact, I know that at the time in question, Geral was not soliciting such donations from the public, and there was no such notice on his website. But even if there had been, as any ethical person will agree, a donation made to support any cause or individual, should be made with no strings attached.

As regards Marino's father warning him not to make a donation, I can make an educated guess that this is because his father would most likely be the one footing the bill. Marino, a fifty-some-odd year old man, by his own admission, is still living with his parents. He doesn't work for a living, so I'm sure that leaves him with plenty of time on his hands to indulge his paranoid fantasies.  And in at least one of his commentaries, claiming that he was "targeted" by the "FEDS", he stated that his father threatened to throw him out of the house, all because the "FEDS" had turned his family against him. 

Be that as it may, if Marino decided he wanted to support Geral's work by making a donation, that was his choice.  No one forced his hand. Marino had absolutely no right to attach conditions to such a donation, nor to expect anything in return. But in the typical way of  leftist busybodies, Marino apparently holds the false notion that his donation "buys" him the right to meddle in the affairs of the recipient, or that the recipient (in this case Geral Sosbee) is now beholden to him in some way. Wrong!

I have experienced the same damn thing, when certain donors (always the busybodies) thought they had "bought" some of my time, or when they were trying to "buy influence" over my personal and/or professional business.  Again, wrong! Mind your own beeswax, busybodies!

And while we're on the subject of donations, I wonder if Marino asked Barack Hussein Obama to return the donation (according to online public records, $275.00) he made to Obama's campaign. Marino zealously touted Obama throughout 2007, voted for Obama in 2008, then celebrated the usurper president's victory, as if it were the greatest thing ever to happen in the U.S. of A. He even claimed that, with Obama, the middle class will get a "fair shake" for the first time in the history of this nation! 

But low and behold!...only a few months later, Marino was suddenly calling Obama a "Zionist puppet", doubtless just one of the phrases he was parroting, in his usual copy-cat style, from some commentator or other.]

"Moreover, this two faced federally aiding and abetting miscreant honestly believes that he has the right to order people around and routinely attempts to get the Websites of those whose posts he does not approve of regarding himself, taken down, while in turn slandering myriad others with complete indifference to the pain and suffering that he causes them.

He obviously believes that he alone is entitled to his First Amendment rights, while looking to deny those who may challenge his dictates, the very same rights."

[BHP: Marino's ignorance once again surfaces. He accuses Geral Sosbee (a former professor of Constitutional Law) of "denying" the "First Amendment rights" of others.  

Marino apparently believes that the First Amendment pertains to civil matters, rather than being a constitutional protection against violations of an individual's unalienable rights by the  government.

But then, anyone who has perused Marino's website will have seen that Marino is nothing but a pretentious fool, and an ignoramus, to boot, especially when it comes to all issues of Constitutional law. Like many others of his ilk, he simply parrots what he has read or heard from other ignoramuses and then, in his usual ludicrous fashion, uses the misinformation as a club to bludgeon his targets.] 

This guy is nothing but an abject hypocrite and LIAR who should have stayed in the Intelligence community, since he belongs there.

"And it is quite clear that although he claims to have left the US Intel community, much of the deceptive tactics which he was taught by them, remain within his lexicon.

I have also long wondered why it is that in knowing how corrupt the Bureau is, and that he had no chance of improving his situation there, that he fought so hard to stay instead of leaving to work for a more honorable organization.

And I think that much of his hostility in this situation has more to do with the fact that this US Intel agency did not want him as part of their organization, than anything else. And that if they had let up on him, he would have simply continued on within the same agency that he now deplores, while making certain that in the future he remained silent in regard to the crimes he may have witnessed being committed by other agents."

[BHP: Pure speculation here, tainted by Marino's obvious spite and envy of those who actually KNOW anything about the workings of the intelligence community, based on personal and professional experience.

Once again, Marino gets it all wrong. Geral Sosbee was forced out of the FBI BECAUSE he reported crimes committed by his fellow agents. BECAUSE he was unwilling to back down and go along with the corrupt practices. BECAUSE, unlike so many others, he honored his oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Geral Sosbee has never "remained silent" about the corruption he witnessed firsthand, and he never will. Which is the very reason Geral has become a target of political persecution by the FBI and CIA terrorists.

But the same cannot be said for James F. Marino. Marino is just a spiteful little coward who will spew out his venomous lies, none of which have any basis in fact, simply because he feels slighted by those who refuse to tolerate his aggression.] 

"In reference to his honesty, I have caught him lying on myriad occasions, as well as taking a sadistic enjoyment when sending me E-mails and posting certain messages on his Website which were specifically loaded with triggers normally used by the FEDS in their psychotic attacks of my person."

[BHP: Here we go again, with those pesky "triggers". I can only guess that lacking any grasp on reality, Marino's paranoia has once again taken flight.] 

"And his comments appear to be highbrow enough to come right out of a Shakespearean play, which does have me questioning his overall sanity. I should also note that he has been used by the FEDS in their attempts to drive me to such a state of insanity over the past three years. This guy is a roach."

[BHP: I honestly don't think Marino needs any help from the "FEDS" in relieving him of his sanity. It would appear that he's doing a fine job of that all by himself. But to accuse Geral Sosbee of being "used by the "FEDS" in this purported plot is nothing short of absurd. Nice touch though, calling Geral a roach. It really enhances your credibilty, Marino.]

"It would also appear that some of these agencies may actually be helping this guy out, in exchange for taking part in their harassment campaign of myself. Mind raping government garbage that has violated every aspect of the rights of my Family and self for years. And that are now attempting to cover up what are the most outrageous violations of civil rights in US History. And in order to protect one of their own --FBI agent/criminal Raymond Migliore."

[BHP: Well, if there was any doubt about Marino's delusions of grandeur, they have been set to rest. Marino is continually boasting that HE, JAMES MARINO, is at the forefront, making "US history"!  Yes indeed, his "precedent setting case" is certainly the be-all and end-all where violations of "civil rights" are concerned.

Too bad Marino doesn't know the difference between 'civil rights' and God-given, unalienable rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution. But then, what can be expected of someone who claims that God does not exist, and who denies the very existence of God-given rights?] 

"Which would make this rat bastard one of the biggest and sadistic hypocrites on this entire planet.

He is a LIAR and a sociopath.

And this so called whistleblower is also nothing but a hypocrite who quite obviously believes in the parallel justice system that he claims to abhor.

That is as long as he is not included in it."

[BHP: Copy-cat Marino started using the phrase "rat bastard" only after Geral and I included it frequently in our reports, describing "government rat bastards".

Otherwise, he sounds like a little spoiled brat, taunting his "enemies" on the playground. LIAR, LIAR! Pants on fire! Nah nah nah nah nah nah....]

"Like his former fellow brethren in US Intel, he is a sneak who will write to Webmasters attempting to get the Websites of anyone whom he has contentious issues with deleted, which I am certain he was responsible for with one of my Angelfire Websites -- which was deleted on the very same day of our last altercation -- some coincidence I might add.

However, it was the FEDS themselves who baited this guy and myself into the first confrontation due to their psyops. So in essence it was the FEDS who really got the Website taken down, while using this guy to give them plausible deniability.

The same FEDS who have gotten at least two other Websites taken down which documented their precedent setting crimes against my family and self."

[BHP: The pretentious Mr. Marino just loves to sling around terminology that he thinks makes him sound important and knowledgable. "Plausible deniability", and "precedent setting." Too bad he doesn't understand the meaning of either phrase.

And, with the fervor of a true paranoid government stooge, he continues to heap blame on Geral Sosbee for all the offenses he imagines are directed against him by the "FEDS".

In truth, Geral Sosbee has no agenda regarding Marino --except perhaps to get this whackjob off his case!] 

"Behind most of the disasters on this planet -- including geophysical manipulation of the weather -- there is almost always a US Intel agency who's perpetrated the crime from a safe distance away.

And there is little doubt that this snake will now attempt to have this Website taken down, even though this Hi C, has absolutely no legal grounds in which to do so.

He is guilty of what I have accused him of, and he knows it."

[BHP: What does "geophysical manipulation of the weather" have to do with Geral Sosbee?  Why throw in this nonsequetur? Is Marino now accusing Sosbee of this additional charge?

I seriously doubt that Geral Sosbee has even read this smear piece. After all, Marino, in his cowardice, didn't use his name. I only found it recently, or I would have addressed it long ago. But it was right up there, included in the titles on the sidebar of his website, though my prediction is that Marino will remove it as soon as he sees that he has been further exposed.] 
"And as far as I am concerned, I have been taken to the proverbial cleaners by this guy. And if he was the so called moral individual whom he claims to be, he would do whatever he needs to, to see to it that the money which he was sent is returned to me as soon as possible, since I no longer support him or his EVIL ways of operating.

And if he fails to do so, it is only further proof of what a complete hypocrite this guy truly is."

[BHP: I've already refuted Marino's foolish ideas about the donation he sent to Geral Sosbee. But note that he uses the word "proof." It is a word which Marino often throws into his commentaries when trying to misrepresent the facts. He claims that such-and-such (his misguided opinions, speculation or delusional paranoia) is "proof" that "Hartwell is CIA", or that I am a "liar" or "EVIL" (as he calls Sosbee, here), or an "Agent of Satan", etc. etc. But he never provides even a scintilla of evidence to support these claims, much less "proof".]

"And who incidentally has deliberately left comments which I placed on his Website at a time when I supported him and his associate, even though he knows very well that I no longer support either one of them.

A deliberate attempt to mislead those who visit his Website. And further proof of what a LIAR this so called "truth seeker" really is. If he was as honest as he claims to be, he would never be working with an Intel community that he claims to despise."

[BHP: Once again, Marino presents his spurious claims as if they were facts.  And no, Geral Sosbee is certainly NOT working with anyone in the "Intel community", about which it is clear Marino knows nothing.] 
"However, unlike this dictatorial fool, I am not delusional enough to think that I have the right to order this person (or for that matter anyone else) to "remove" links from his Website. It is my prerogative to make such a request. Not demand it! Which only goes to show what a completely pompous ass he really is on top of everything else."

[BHP: Marino again parrots what has been accurately exposed about himself. I called him a pompous ass, with good reason --but Marino exposes himself with his own words.] 

"And the recent situation in which he is complaining about now, was deliberately orchestrated by himself at the request of the FEDS, through his continued use of these psychological warfare tactics. He is clearly operating with agents of some of the same agencies whom he claims to abhor.

And he is definitely being used by the FBI, NSA and DHS to routinely harass my person through the use of the same types of psyops that he claims to speak out against; even though he knows that what he is doing is clearly illegal."

[BHP: What's with this guy? His "person"? Why doesn't he just speak English? Let's see...he trots out the FBI, NSA and DHS, accusing Geral Sosbee once again of psychological warfare tactics. Maybe his "person" could benefit from taking a break from all the paranoid fantasies.]  

"It's good to finally be done with this CREEP and his hypocrisy.

I just hope that he doesn't soak too many other people for the kind of money I wasted on him. And he'll no doubt be used by the FEDS to make more of an issue after this post, which only serves to prove what I have learned about him. That he's a LIAR, and has been contacted and used by the very federal agencies who have been illegally attacking my person in an ILLEGAL COINTELPRO STING operation that has lasted for nearly three decades."

[BHP: Fact: Geral Sosbee has never made an "issue" of anything related to this piece of idiocy written by James Marino. He's never even commented on it. My guess is he hasn't even read it. But  I'm happy to make an issue of it, and I won't need any help from the "FEDS".

And once again, Marino claims that his purely speculative nonsense about Geral Sosbee's collusion with the "FEDS" (obviously fueled by his paranoia) will "prove" that he is a "LIAR."

Marino talks nonstop about this so-called "COINTELPRO STING operation" for which he claims he has been targeted. But who is Marino that the "FEDS" would expend the time, the money, the resources, the man-power, for nearly three decades?

For what purpose? And why, if Marino is such an important "target" of these "FEDS", is he still sitting on his butt in front of his keyboard, day after day, spewing out his prolific paranoid fantasies, living off his parents, and stirring up trouble by his foolish efforts to gain credibility for his "case" by riding the coattails and exploiting the names of  legitimate whistleblowers?]

"This was not an investigation that took place legally. This was a criminal conspiracy in which the FBI and NSA colluded to deny me my rights as an American citizen. Something which has turned out to be precedent setting given the nearly three decades in which these crimes have taken place, and the most outrageous spying ever documented by any American citizen, including the remote neural monitoring and manipulation of my thoughts by way of electronic brain link."

[BHP: Here we go again...Marino's "precedent setting" case!  The FBI and NSA, according to Marino, are "manipulating" his thoughts. Well, if that's the case, maybe he should consider that this is the source of his paranoia. According to this line of reasoning, maybe Marino should consider the possibilty that the reason he is attacking Sosbee and Hartwell (who happen to be genuine whistleblowers and ACTUAL targets of the feds) is that the "FEDS" made him do it!]

"And given his cooperation with the FEDS, he has helped these agencies to BREAK THE LAW. Which also makes him a criminal conspirator.


Moreover, this is not the first run in that I have had with this guy, as a direct result of the FEDS' infiltrating him to use in their attack of my person. The FEDS have caused such disharmony with virtually everyone whom I have known since their initial COINTELPRO began against me in 1980."

As for this former agent, he thrives on the hunt -- something no doubt taught to him by the predators within US Intel.

But hopefully, this time around he'll keep his PUBLIC RELATIONS PIT BULL on a tight leash. Another abject LIAR and FOOL who actually makes this guy seem like a walk in the park by comparison."

[BHP: The "PUBLIC RELATIONS PIT BULL", according to little Mr. Marino, is none other than (the unnamed) Barbara Hartwell. And although he's got it all wrong about everything else, I will admit that Geral Sosbee is a far nicer person than I am when it comes to dealing with pretentious, aggressive stooges like Marino.] 

"And to avoid any further harassment, this afternoon was the very last time that I will ever visit either of their Websites, since much of what they write is total gibberish, while avoiding key issues like the remote sensing technologies which I focus on here on my Website.

A serious problem which is unknown to practically all of the world's population, yet should be understood by all of them."

[BHP: Great news, Marino! You won't be visiting my website. Which means you won't be reading my latest report exposing you, once again, as the delusional, self-important ignoramus, government  stooge, leftist busybody and flaming  whackjob that you are.

And FYI, Marino, neither Geral Sosbee nor I have ever harassed anyone, including you. All we ever wanted was for you to mind your own business and to get you off our cases. But if gate-crashing, name-dropping, coattail-riding, meddling, misdirection and spreading libelous falsehoods isn't harassment, then I don't know what is.

As for what we publish on our websites, that is our prerogative and none of your damn business.]

"They are more content to get into verbal assaults in their attacks on others, which oftentimes results in necessary retaliatory posts simply to document those facts which they somehow conveniently leave out. Like the one in regard to the FEDS constantly using them in their attacks on my person."

[BHP: Marino's "person" has apparently gone off the deep end. He accuses Sosbee and Hartwell of "verbal assaults". Okay, Marino, let's list all the verbal assaults (for the purposes of this report, limited to name-calling) against us (most of which were directed against Geral Sosbee) made by you, in this smear piece alone: "EVIL"; "LIAR"; "CREEP"; hypocrite; miscreants; "PIT BULL" "FOOL"; "snakes"; "stooge"; "morons"; "MEAN SPIRITED"; "flim flam man"; "puppet"; "slick operator"; "two faced"; "psychotic"; "dictatorial fool"; sadistic"; "roach"; "mind raping government garbage"; "sociopath"; "pompous ass"; "CRIMINAL"; "criminal conspirator".

That's quite a list. You ought to be nominated for Character Assassin of the Year. Great job in "exposing" your enemies, Marino! 

But unfortunately for Marino, his vitriol against (the unnamed) Sosbee and Hartwell doesn't change the facts.  And since Marino brought up "documenting facts", I must wonder why Marino never, ever focuses on facts, and never  furnishes ANY facts in his writings. Rather, Marino engages in wild speculation; conjecture; supposition, tainted by his delusional paranoid fantasies. And as this very smear piece demonstrates, Marino wouldn't know a fact if it bit him on his sorry ass.]

"Which deny this as they will, is the absolute truth. They are working with the very miscreants whom they claim to disdain, and in the process aiding their criminality and violating the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

So what does this really say for them? Perhaps the following comment says it best in regard to both of these morons:"

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is far less to fear."
-- Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 BC

End of smear piece.


This report wouldn't be complete without naming some of the "sources" used by Marino to libel his targets, Sosbee and Hartwell. It must be remembered that since Marino is in possession of NO knowledge, NO evidence and more importantly, NO facts, he must do his usual scavenging from other malicious  government stooges of his ilk, parroting from their smear pieces.

What is perhaps most idiotic is that James Marino is using sources who are minions and stooges of the very COINTELPRO Marino claims to despise and to be "exposing."

Marino has posted numerous links to government-sponsored disinfo websites, as well as excerpts from the writings of his fellow stooges and whackjobs, all of whom are part of a government-sanctioned libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell.  And if Marino wants to talk about "criminals", this bunch includes extortionists, identity thieves, forgers, plagiarists, counterfeiters, psycho- stalkers, sex perverts/predators/porno freaks (including targeting children), murderers, child rapists, embezzlers, blackmailers, drug traffickers...what a marvy bunch of folks!

Good luck, Marino! You'll need it with endorsing and promoting these scum criminals.

Timothy Patrick White; Todd Brendan Fahey; Ken Adachi; "Xena Carpenter" (aka Todd Fahey); Aaron James; Brenda Negri; John DeCamp; Ted Gunderson; Pam Schuffert;  Charles Bruce Stewart; Craig Oxley; Doug Millar; Clarence Malcolm.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 17, 2011

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust