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Sunday, July 21, 2013

CIA MK Ultra: False Information Abounds

"You admit you were once in the CIA. There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die."
--Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson to Barbara Hartwell, in a letter published by Ken Adachi on Educate-Yourself
The above (false) statement by my former professional colleague, FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, the late Ted L. Gunderson, has become the lynchpin for a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, initiated in 2000, and which continues to the present day.
The damages to me have been inestimable. As a result of this libel campaign I have been "blacklisted", treated as a pariah, and donations from the public have become a thing of the past. Nobody wants to support someone they believe to be an "evil CIA agent" spreading "disinformation".
This report will focus on some of those who are disseminating ACTUAL disinformation in relation to the CIA MK Ultra program, and the so-called Monarch project, as well as those who are promoting the shills for personal gain, of one kind or another.
And just as "ignorance of the law is no excuse", so it is that "ignorance of the facts" is no excuse for promoting false information about any subject, including MK Ultra. There are many people who do NOT know the facts, and apparently they have no problem simply parroting the disinformation they read or hear, either from government shills, or other very dubious sources.
I have a serious problem with people who love to hear themselves talk, who seem to be presenting themselves as knowlegable, but don't know what the hell they are talking about. These individuals are directly responsible for the damages that accrue to legitimate whistleblowers/expositors of MK Ultra, as well as genuine survivors of same. Their promotion of falsehoods also serves to keep the government-sponsored controlled opposition in a position of power to hoodwink countless people who are sincerely searching for the truth. 
I will start with Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, who has been running a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell since 2000, at the behest of the late FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson. Adachi also promotes a large body of disinformation on the general subject of mind control.
Ken Adachi: "Educate-Yourself" (2004) 

Tim White sent me an e mail that Barbara Hartwell, the most vicious and slandering CIA mind controlled disinfo agent on the Internet, has apparently pulled her web site and all of its mendacious, venom filled odorous content. But fear not, Hartwell fans, we've downloaded her web site in its entirety and will recount her catalog of outrageous fabrications flung at real American patriots like Ted Gunderson and Fritz Springmeier in great detail when I attend to her story-which is long overdue. It's hard to say whether the Crimson Viper has decided to get out of Dodge permanently or maybe she just couldn't pay the server. Another possibility is the UK server which hosted her may have been paid for by a duped fan (or the CIA) and that person decided to stop supporting her. I don't know, but I do know that she's an expert at crying poor, hitting on innocent readers to support her and will then turn around to savagely attack them if they dare express a word of concern about Hartwell's unconscionable attacks on people like Don Stacey. Hartwell is a piece of work whose lies have served to damage the reputations of many innocent American patriots over the Internet . Her boat load of lies, however, are not going to be forgotten by this writer. Her web site may have disappeared from the Internet, but her name and her LIES will be scrutinized and exposed for a long time to come at this web site. You can take that to the bank.


Send flowers and Sympathy cards to CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia. They will understand.

First, note Adachi's "source": Tim White, the notorious fed snitch, career criminal, predicate felon, who stalks, threatens and harasses, libels/slanders genuine whistleblowers, as a result of the "deal" he made for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002. 

Adachi, as usual, engages in wild speculation about Barbara Hartwell. There is not so much as ONE fact given here. The "unconscionable attacks" of which I am accused are in actuality EXPOSURE of the FACTS about criminals, liars and government operatives, all of whom are a part of the COINTELPRO containment operation/protection racket. Take Don Stacey, for example: CIA, who worked with Gunderson in attempts to "contain" survivors of MK Ultra. They tried, with Barbara Hartwell, and failed miserably. Instead, they were exposed and Stacey's cover was entirely blown.

As a result, others have been warned, who might otherwise have been drawn into the net. As for Fritz Springmeier? Not only is he a charlatan, but a criminal. Springmeier has as many false identities (forgery) than a spymaster, which might lead any reasonable person to wonder why he needs all those aliases, false driver's licenses, etc. Honest people don't use false IDs. 
Chris Zucker: "Freedom Fighters for America"
Chris Zucker, like Ken Adachi, is promoting a number of people on his website who are spreading disinformation on mind control.
In this section on mind control:
Chris Zucker is promoting:
Arthur & Fiona Cristian

Video: Mind Control Goes Public - 38 Minutes 59 Seconds - This video exposes the government's MK-ULTA mind control program. Ted Gunderson, FBI (ret.), ex-black ops operative Chip Tatum, and two former MKULTRA mind control slaves, share their stories of government atrocities. This video was supposed to air on TV in Chicago, but was pulled to never see the light of day. Some time after this was taped, Barbara Hartwell (one of the ladies in this video) was exposed as a plant. She was attempting to infiltrate Gunderson's life to eventually discredit him. - -
These individuals, Arthur and Fiona Cristian, do not know Barbara Hartwell, nor are in possession of any factual information about me. However, they have declared themselves supporters of predicate felon Timothy Patrick White, who is promoted on their website, along with other stooges and shills.
Note that they identify Barbara Hartwell as a "former MKULTRA mind control slave".  And claim that "Barbara Hartwell was exposed as a "plant". Exposed? Exposed by whom? Ted Gunderson, naturally, and parroted by his army of government stooges, including Ken Adachi, Tim White et al.
This "mind control slave" nonsense is the same touted by Fritz Springmeier aka Arthur Alexander Jr. aka Victor E. Schoff aka etc. etc., Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor and the whole contingent of Monarch promoters. And somehow, the ignoramuses who are parroting it (in this case Arthur and Fiona Cristian), always throw the name of Barbara Hartwell into the mix, along with their claims that I am a "plant".
So, I must state (once again, how tiresome it gets...) for the public record that I have NEVER been any kind of "slave", nor have I been involved in "Monarch".
Also promoted by Chris Zucker:
Walter Bowart
Walter Bowart (deceased 2008) is known for his book OPERATION MIND CONTROL.  What the ignorant do not know, however, is that Walter Bowart was in fact a mind control handler, and scam artist, who for years was committing mail fraud in connection with his book. Bowart stole $100.00 from Barbara Hartwell (late 1990s) when I ordered his book, which was never delivered. I never got my money back, despite all my efforts, and now I never will. 
Walter Bowart: Scam Artist
More from Zucker:
Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien
Mark Phillips was the original promoter of "Monarch". He claimed to have "rescued" Cathy O'Brien from mind control, but Phillips is just another handler. During the late 199os Phillips harassed Barbara Hartwell by e-mail, trying to draw me into his net, along with a number of  "survivors" who apparently found him credible, but later learned what Phillips was actually up to, after considerable losses (monetary and otherwise) and damages. 
His e-mail messages to me (a person he did not know) at first contained unsolicited advice, and when I wrote back to him telling him that I was not interested in communicating with him, and telling him to MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS, he began to attack me publicly in attempts to discredit me. It was clear he considered me a threat to his containment operation, since I was completely independent in my exposure of my own experiences re MK Ultra, which does not share commonality with the "Monarch slaves".
So, Chris Zucker is promoting the same old shills, charlatans and scamsters, just as he promoted Ken Adachi, which contributed to the damages to Barbara Hartwell via Adachi's massive libel campaign. Why would any intelligent person take Zucker seriously? Yet Zucker launched a libelous complaint against Barbara Hartwell, for no other reason than that I discerned that he was profoundly ignorant of the topics (and characters) he was promoting on his website, that I found no value in it, and that I therefore had no interest in his aggressive approaches to me via those he tried to use as intermediaries. Just another fool who promotes what he knows nothing about.
Rayelan Allan: Rumor Mill News
Government-sponsored Disinfo Video Targets Barbara Hartwell
See the liars at Rumor Mill News exposed here:
This piece of trash video was posted on two separate forums on Rumor Mill News, by two different anonymous cowards, both hiding behind idiotic screen names, "BoldFenianMan" and "Susoni", who are both ignorant busybodies, promoting idiocy about subjects they know nothing about.
Exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell, promoting FALSE information in connection with my name ("Barbara Hartwell & Britany Spears: Project Monarch Victims"), using a video rife with copyright violations (injurious to Barbara Hartwell) and then, adding to the insult AND the injury, Rayelan has the effrontery to place this announcement under the post:
If you enjoyed this article,
Please consider a monthly subscription to Rumor Mill News!!
(No, I certainly did NOT enjoy it. Who would enjoy being libeled by scamsters who are profiting off damages to your reputation.) 
Then, this, on Rayelan's main page:
Checks & Money Orders:
P.O. Box 5-007
Rome, OH 44085

RMN is Reader Supported

Our Goal for July:

The scavengers now, are trying to bilk their readers out of their hard-earned money, in direct connection to disseminating libelous falsehoods and exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell. How utterly shameful and despicable. But oh-so-typical.

And by the way, my "goal" for July (or any other month) is the hope that I might survive, even if only to make it through a few more weeks. I am, unfortunately, NOT "reader supported", not anymore, and the reason for that is simple: My good name has been ruined by the liars and scandalmongers who are profiting from running disinformation campaigns, and/or from promoting government shills who make their living lying to the public.

Considering the fact that Rayelan also violated my confidence, showing herself to be a person of no integrity; and shortly afterwards (November, 2003) created a public spectacle in which she falsely accused me of working for CIA; AND of being in collusion with malicious government stooge, Brenda Negri (a Gunderson minion); AND of running a 'psy op' against Rumor Mill News (which Rayelan claims is the ONE "silver bullet" of TRUTH in all the world), this stunning betrayal will continue to haunt her (through my public reports) unless and until she retracts her lies about Barbara Hartwell (Not likely, until Hell freezes over).
This whole issue --Barbara Hartwell made a scapegoat, libeled and slandered ad infinitum by COINTELPRO operatives and their party-line government disinformation specialists; by CIA liars whose only interest is CYA; and by anonymous cowards who claim their lives are in danger, is absolutely sickening and I have had enough!
I am not, and have never been, part and parcel of the controlled-opposition containment and protection racket, in which everyone involved agrees to compromise themselves; to tell half-truths and outright lies; to support and promote liars, con men, scamsters, misogynists and evildoers, "for the cause" or "for the children"; to "band together" in order to "fight the Illuminati and the NWO".
What a pathetic bunch: Let's all spout the party line! hell with Truth, to hell with Principles, to hell with Individual Spiritual Integrity, to hell with Moral Absolutes! We have a war to fight!
A reader of Educate-Yourself sent a link to an article by Len Horowitz, exposing Ted Gunderson and his entourage of shills and stooges. 
Note that Adachi, as always, falsely claims that Barbara Hartwell is the villain behind the "smearing" of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp.

Adachi: "Yes, please send it, I'd like to see what he has to say. However, do not assume everything (or anything) he says about John DeCamp or Ted Gunderson is true. The CIA is in the background on this smearing campaign and their agent is the MK Ultra mind controlled liar, Barbara Hartwell. It's a long story and I won't attempt to get into it here, but there's much more going on than you are aware of."

"The CIA has been using Hartwell since the late 1990s to smear both John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson. John DeCamp was looking to sue Hartwell for libel in 2005, but didn't know where to find her in order to serve her. Hartwell began to lose credibility in the earlier half of the 2000 decade because I had exposed her insane fabrications in a series of articles written between 2000 - 2008. After that, I stopped writing about her since she no longer seemed to have an audience. It seems that her reputation for lying had finally caught up with her. Recently, however, she latched onto to Len Horowitz and his girlfriend, Sherri Kane, and has once again found a forum for doing what she does best: lie through her teeth about Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp."

"Tim White, a two timing back stabber if there ever was one, has also injected himself into the Hartwell/Gunderson/DeCamp embroilment from the very beginning. For a time he had ingratiated himself with me until he showed me his true colors in 2006, after which I broke off with him completely. He has since tried to bad mouth me with the same intensity as his fellow CIA agitation troll, Barbara Hartwell."

Ken Adachi makes the false claim that Barbara Hartwell "latched on" to Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Dead wrong, as always, Adachi. Len and Sherri contacted me, after reading my detailed reports exposing Ted Gunderson, Tim White, and Adachi himself. They found merit in my reports (as many others have done), being that they themselves had later been targeted by the same crew of COINTELPRO operatives and their minions (Adachi included).

Now, instead of defending Tim White from "attacks" by Barbara Hartwell, as he did for years, he reverses his position and accuses White of being a "CIA agitation troll", along with Barbara Hartwell. Adachi's idiocy knows no bounds, and is only superceded by his malice.

Henry Makow

Here, another shill in the controlled opposition, Henry Makow, male-supremacist, rabid misogynist, psycho-babbling secular humanist, and staunch supporter of Fritz Springmeier. Adachi heavily promotes both Springmeier and Makow, and his site is rife with their disinformation.

Makow also promotes the "Monarch" crowd of "sex slaves", such as Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor.

Francine Kelly: Lunatic

Francine Kelly's delusional belief (one of many) that she is a "Project Monarch CIA asset" is ludicrous and laughable; however, the ONLY thing of concern to me is that she continues to libel and harass Barbara Hartwell, now extending her lunatic rantings to contacting the FBI, using my name.

From her letter to FBI agents:
"My primary concern is Barbara Hartwell's abuse and threats, and the potential danger from her camp."
Here are the facts: I do not know Francine Kelly. I have never had any communications, nor interactions with Francine Kelly. I never heard of Francine Kelly until she started slinging my name around in her public commentaries. She is an accomplice of Tim White, who apparently filled her ears with many outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell. I have been accused by this  nutcase, Francine Kelly, of all sorts of crimes and dastardly deeds, directed against her. This, from a woman I never knew existed until I found my name being maligned --but that didn't stop Kelly's libelous rantings, harassment and invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell.
But I find it interesting that she is being promoted by my enemies, government shills Alma Ott (aka "True" Ott) and his accomplice, Doug Millar, a lackey of the late Ted Gunderson.
Here, an announcement from Millar and Ott:

On June 9, 2010, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time, "The Story Behind The Story" with Dr. A. True Ott, PhD, ND, will be the first media venue to air Francine Kelly's Above Top Secret story about the Reptilian Draconian Vampire Agenda.

Dr. Ott's show is streamed on the Internet at

"I chose Dr. True Ott as the media host to break this very dangerous part of my story because he is a genuine activist with a stellar reputation. Dr. Ott works with patriots like Doug Millar, Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, whose work I admire and respect," Ms. Kelly announced today.

Alma Ott claims fraudulent credentials of "N.D" (Naturopathic Doctor) and "Ph.D.", and calls himself  "Doctor A. True Ott". Ask yourself why Ott and Millar would be promoting this flaming whackjob, Francine Kelly, if they were not intent on spreading disinformation. And why are they attacking legitimate persons like Barbara Hartwell, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane? Again, spreading disinfo.
Aaron James
Barbara Hartwell Exposed CIA Disinformation Agent 
Aaron James, a government stooge who, in collusion with Tim White, is spreading outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, has made a number of sensationalistic tabloid videos in which he accuses me of being (you guessed it...) a "CIA Disinformation Agent".  Aaron James is one of the most aggressive of the stooges, who has taken it upon himself to destroy my good name, with a vengeance. His videos come up on the front page when my name is entered into a search engine.
Here is a typical ignorant comment from some moron, in response to Aaron James's libel of my name:
"The only reason i believe what john stockwell had to say is he is the only whistleblower that didnt throw out phrases like "the grace of god saved me".... so many spooks tie religion into their message... they all work together
John Gill"
Todd Brendan Fahey
Todd Fahey is yet another government stooge, an accomplice of Tim White, Ken Adachi, Aaron James, "Xena Carpenter" (one of the names Fahey hides behind to do his dirty work). Fahey is a blackmailer, stalker, porno freak and sex pervert/predator (including targeting children), a degenerate drug addict/pusher and a pathological liar extraordinaire. This psychopath targeted Barbara Hartwell in 2004, and due to his rabid obsession, has continued for almost a decade to stalk, harass and libel Barbara Hartwell, usually hiding behind countless screen names, being the coward he is.
Fahey has posted his lies on hundreds of websites and message boards, including pornographic filth he ha fabricated in connection with my name. Here, just one sample.
Note that Fahey also posted photos of my house on the Internet, along with my UNLISTED PRIVATE street address, for the purpose not only of monstrous invasions of my privacy, but also to solicit crimes against me by like-minded criminals. 
Todd Fahey and Tim White (known as the demonic duo) have also libeled many innocent people, dragging their names into their scandalmonger hit pieces, simply because they are either related to Barbara Hartwell, or because they are friends or colleagues.
Anonymous coward Todd Fahey wrote:
Who is Barbara Hartwell?
"Barbara Hartwell appeared online around the time the rest of the world did, circa 1995. She claims to have been employed by the Central Intelligence Agency "for nearly twenty years," prior to "breaking from her handlers." She says she is a "black-ops survivor of Project MK-Ultra"--the CIA's hydra-headed program to brainwash American soldiers and civilians, using drugs such as LSD. Ms. Hartwell claims to come from "a CIA family" and that her own sister, Irene...was kidnapped in Mexico by the late Nelson Rockefeller and current Vice President Dick Cheney..."
The liar Fahey typically uses quotes, AS IF they come from Barbara Hartwell. Nowhere, in any of my reports, have I ever stated "for nearly twenty years".  Just another fabrication by Fahey. What I have actually stated, always consistently, is that I worked for CIA "between 1969 and 1994." That is twenty-five years, but not only is Fahey too stupid to do the math, the truth is completely irrelevant to him. Only the spite and malice matter to this demonic minion, and concocting more lies, more plots to destroy Barbara Hartwell.
Get behind me, Satan!
On this site, Todd Brendan Fahey posted this libelous statement against Barbara Hartwell:
"Barbra Hartwell Exposed Says: [...] claimed that “the CIA got hold of me as a child.” Such a claim would render her part of Project Monarch–a particularly twisted sexual slavery and brainwashing subproject of MK-Ultra, alleged by..."
Again, Fahey posts his libelous falsehoods on hundreds of sites, hiding behind countless screen names. This time, he fabricates a story about "Project Monarch", stating falsely (as is every statement he makes): 
"Such a claim would render her part of Project Monarch".
Says who, you low-grade moron?
There has been an organized operation, run by the controlled opposition, to cite Monarch as a CIA operation, under MK Ultra. The same perpetrators of this operation, whom Fahey is parroting here, have continually thrown my name into the "Monarch" and "sex slave" categories, though in fact, there has never been any connection whatsoever.
Paul Edwards: Activist Post
Here is an excerpt from an article on a site called Activist Post, a eulogy of Ted Gunderon. Note that Mr. Edwards also cites Brice Taylor (aka Susan Ford), Cathy O'Brien, Arizona Wilder and Paul Bonacci, all promoters of Monarch.
"Ted Gunderson conducted seminars with Brice Taylor, a healed survivor of MKULTRA trauma-based mind control, who went public.  She wrote the book: Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-Controlled Slave.  In it, Taylor documents the process used to create artificially-induced Multiple Personality Disorder, also called Dissociative Identity Disorder. This trauma-based conditioning technique can produce many discrete "personalities" inside a single person. These personalities can then be programmed, somewhat like a computer, to perform specific tasks, as either sex slave-prostitutes, couriers, or "mind-files," accessible only to the person who knows the special "codes" that will access the "program." Gunderson also interviewed MKULTRA victim Paul Bonacci.  Former victims Cathy O’Brien and Arizona Wilder have also shared their experiences."
Paul Edwards has a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  He is passionate about educating himself and others to achieve peace, equality and justice for all
Well, I think it would behoove Mr. Edwards, if he truly wants to "educate" himself, to expand his scope of research, and not just jump on the controlled opposition bandwagon, like so many others. Since he himself is ignorant of the truth and the facts, how can he expect to "educate" others?
Janet Phelan: Activist Post
From an article titled Streamlining the Process to Split Your Mind, these excerpts:
"The MK ULTRA programs intended to create the “perfect spy,” according to many pundits. MK ULTRA was purportedly abandoned in the late 1970s after the Church hearings, when the widespread nature of these human experimentation programs was brought to Congressional attention. Many of the programs, as revealed during these hearings, utilized drugs and other chemical agents."
"The 1996 publication of the book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave, by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, reawakened widespread concerns that the MK ULTRA programs had not been terminated. The book detailed a system of trauma-based mind control, harkening back to the human experiments done in Nazi Germany as the genesis for the recent efforts to create a crop of “mind controlled slaves.” The book became a cult sensation and in his introduction to the book, Springmeier alleged there were over 40,000 such “mind-controlled” individuals within the borders of the United States."
"It’s a brave new world, folks. Very little is as it appears to be in our post-9/11 America, and the abuse of unsuspecting individuals has become an epidemic. The revelations of how easy it is to create a perfect patsy or fall guy might just keep some of us awake at night. Let’s just hope the phone doesn’t ring."
Here, Janet Phelan promotes Fritz Springmeier's book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undectable Mind Controlled Slave. She says that this book "reawakened widespread concerns" re the MK Ultra program.  In point of fact, it was not Springmeier's book, but Tranceformation of America, by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien, which was the first to be pushed into the limelight, claiming to "expose" MK Ultra mind control. This was the controlled opposition on MK Ultra, as well as part of the containment operation/protection racket run by Mark Phillips, Ted Gunderson, Walter Bowart, Don Stacey (CIA) and others.
It is also a fact that Fritz Springmeier, although just as much a charlatan as Mark Phillips, scavenged much of his material from Mark Phillips. Lastly, this article (read at link above) supports the idea of  "how easy" it is to create a "perfect patsy".  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth --it is not easy at all. 
In my considered professional opinion, having conducted decades of investigations on this subject matter, as well as the individuals involved, this sort of fear-mongering, suggesting that anyone and everyone could be in danger of being suddenly co-opted by perpetrators of mind control, only serves to confuse the issue:  "Let's just hope the phone doesn't ring."  Worse, it creates a climate which serves to exonerate a perpetrator of crimes, as in: He couldn't help it! He was under mind control...
Clarence Malcolm aka "The Fifth Seal"
Mind Control Goes Public

Ted Gunderson, Chip Tatum, Brice Taylor, and Barbara Hartwell are interviewed in 1998 for Chicago Health TV. Needless to say, this program never aired. Barbara Hartwell was later exposed by Ted Gunderson as a CIA mole, still under mind control.

Clarence Malcolm, the last sidekick of Ted Gunderson, before his death in 2011, posted this Mind Control Goes Public video (copyright violation) on dozens of websites, always accusing Barbara Hartwell of being a "CIA plant", a "phony survivor", and here, a "CIA mole". And throws in another lie, for good measure, that "she is still under mind control".

This moron, Clarence Malcolm, is also a criminal, a counterfeiter, to be exact. But that should not surprise anyone who knows about Ted Gunderson's accomplices: They are ALWAYS criminals.


CIA MK Ultra is the subject of much speculation, and unfortunately,  often written about (as demonstrated here) by those who have NOT done the serious research.

Monarch was designed as a side show, to distract attention from the REAL MK Ultra program, the purpose of which was to train a superior breed of intelligence agents, during the Cold War era, NOT create "sex slaves", nor any other kind of "slaves".

Anyone who is promoting the charlatans, shills, criminals, liars, con artists exposed here, and/or who promotes Monarch, very simply either is doing so out of gross ignorance, OR has an agenda.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
July 21, 2013


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