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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Directed Energy Weaponry & Weather Control by US Government & Testimony of Investigator & Whistleblower Bob Fletcher

In 1997, I was a speaker at Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado. My topic was the government harassment for which I had been targeted, including with directed energy weaponry (DEW).

I felt I had to be very careful about what, precisely, I exposed, what (and how much) I revealed. I had only been out of CIA operations since 1994 and I was under intense persecution. In 1997, I had been living in motels for nearly two years, since the government had engineered a situation where I lost my home in Connecticut (a situation which happened repeatedly), and was forced to stay in motels, unable to find a permanent residence, a stable home where I could work undisturbed.

In my lecture at Global Sciences I never mentioned CIA. Never mentioned MK Ultra. I chose the subject of government harassment of UFO witnesses. I had been involved in field investigations of UFOs since the 1980s, as well as the paranormal phenomena which accompanied the sightings and experiences I had for many years.

My investigations (conducted with the assistance of experts in technology/surveillance) revealed that the government was behind much of the phenomena, using military technology, which included the directed energy (electromagnetic) weaponry which was deployed against witnesses and investigators (I was both) and especially those who documented it for the public record.

I should mention that my area of expertise is not scientific or technological – far from it. My expertise was (and is) in psychological operations and counterintelligence.

During the 1980s and 1990s I had done a number of radio and TV interviews on this topic, and was frustrated by the fact that so many people involved in UFO research were claiming that “aliens”, which they believed to be extraterrestrials, were responsible for the abductions, the implants in those targeted, and the bizarre (otherwise known as 'high strangeness') events.

When I repeatedly explained to news reporters, or talk show hosts, that my investigations had revealed the government (specifically US Air Force, DARPA and others) were responsible, my segments were cut from the interviews, in favor of the so-called 'abductees', New Agers who believed in 'space brothers' who were here from other planets.

The paranormal phenomena, in my opinion, is caused by demonic entities. As for the technology, that is courtesy of the government.

But I digress, as the subject of this report is technology utilized by the government to assault the citizenry for purposes of control, and ultimately, destruction of lives.

Back to the Global Sciences Congress in 1997. I happened to meet a man named Bob Fletcher, an investigator of this very weaponry, which I was there to discuss. After having a lengthy conversation with Bob, I requested that he take a portion of the time allotted to me to give an introduction regarding the technology.

I think it is important to mention that roughly one week after my lecture at Global Sciences, a very unnerving incident occurred, which it was clear to me showed the displeasure of the government at my speaking engagement. A military fighter jet (as I later found out, F-15) was deployed to fly too low for radar, and violating FAA regs, over a house where I was temporarily staying as a “safe house”, after I had left the motel, searching for another rental property.

When I reported this outrageous incident to the FAA, I learned that the jet had been spotted over West Point (flying too low for radar), and that an investigation was supposedly to begin. However, the person who took the report was summarily “transferred” across the country, from New York to California, and that was the end of any investigation.

Here is Bob Fletcher's talk, which fortunately was transcribed in hardcopy at the conference, along with my presentation. I have copied it by typing it out myself.

The videotape I had was lost, along with all my other videotapes and audiotapes of my lectures, my radio and TV programs I produced and hosted, and all my radio and TV interviews on other shows, going back more than thirty years. Along with my audio and video tapes of evidence from my investigations.

This was a disastrous loss for me, all my work, gone. Which can never be replaced.

In 2013, the last time I was driven out of my home and into homelessness, in desperation, when no help was available to me, I made the mistake of accepting an offer of temporary “sanctuary”, which turned out to be a bait and switch, by a liar who made false promises, who claimed he would make sure I was able to save the most important items I needed. Including my boxes of tapes, all my camera equipment, all my computer software. All gone, forever.

I did manage, however, to save some boxes of hardcopy documents, from which I recently retrieved this transcription.

PRESENTATION BY BOB FLETCHER (Global Sciences Congress, 1997)

I'm going to be really rather brief. I will be doing a workshop Sunday and I'll probably, because my information covers a huge, a very, very large program, so to speak. I actually can do –I do presentations of possibly 2 or 3 hours in length on about 5 different individual subjects.

What I'll be speaking about Sunday is Electronic Weather Control. I have a videotape and actually there is a book that comes with it, which is documentation on Electronic Weather Control. Now, it's been discussed an awful lot and banged around as a possibility, etc. etc. But what I have is totally, completely documented. The video and the booklet of 80 pages of documents has been out, and has been in everybody's hands, and by that I mean everybody in government, etc. and everyone that potentially might challenge it, including the scientific community etc. etc. It has not been challenged.

I completed that, actually had started it several years ago, and I didn't have enough information several years ago to really put it in its final form. After speaking before the United States Senate in 1995, relative to the terrorist activities of American Patriots, which does not necessarily really jive, but according to the Senate and the Congress and Janet Reno, if you're an American Patriot and questioned corrupted government, well then you fall into the terrorist category.

So, as some of you are aware that the Militia leaders and membership, and a group of us spoke in 1995 before the US Senate. The intention at that time, of the Senate quite simply was to make fools of everybody that stepped up. There were 5 of us that were brought on board. One thing was to make us all look like racists, and on that side of the fence I intentionally saw to it that we had JJ Johnson with us, who is a black man that runs the Ohio Militia Patriot Group. They did not know he was black. That was one that I pulled over on those guys.

About 3 days prior to the Senate Hearings, I get a call from Senator Arlen Specter's office, and they said, “Bob, we understand that J.J. Johnson is a Negro.” And I said, “Yes, that's correct.” And there was a silence on the phone for a minute. And then I said, “Would you like me to tell him not to come because he's black?” So then there was a silence again, and then they said, “Oh no. Certainly not.” And I said, “Okay”. And I said, “Well, we considered him, and he considered himself to be a secret weapon of the Militia and the Patriot groups.”

So, anyhow, that sort of terminated their best shot, which was this bogus baloney that they feed everybody that's a Patriot and/or involved with the Militia are racists, or anti-Semites, and course, that's not true. There certainly is that 10 percent out there that I challenged, as a matter of fact. What I told the Senate was that it's that same 10 percent that we have in every police force that we would consider to be maybe not favorable characters. We certainly have them in the Militia Patriot movement, and we have them in this room, too, probably. I don't know which 10 percent it is, but I'm sure that there is.

The reason that I wanted to touch base with you ahead of Barbara is that I have been chasing government corruption for 10 years. I started off being a victim of the Central Intelligence Agency in rather a major manner. Then I became a witness in the Iran Contra Hearings. I then became, also, a witness in 2 other major legal events revolving around that which involves the drug operations of, sorry about this, but of Oliver North and some of his buddies, which is totally, completely documented in his own paperwork.

I have another videotape which is an hour and a half long that I completed several months ago at the request of 2 congressional offices. Once I finished it, I'm not sure that they appreciated that, because I pretty much dumped on all of their neighbors in the Senate and the Congress relative to the drug operations.

I have Oliver North's personal paperwork where he refers to supplying an aircraft to pick up 1500 kilos of mash. I also have his own paperwork in his own handwriting where he talks not only of picking that up, but “to assist in the relocation of drug refineries in Nicaragua”. So, this baloney that he's fed everybody for 10 years, particularly now where he talks about being a “born-again Christian”. He's actually a born-again drug smuggler. So, whatever.

And we have to remember the bad guys in government are on both sides of the fence. You can't come down and say, “I hope the Republicans get back in.” What you have to hope is that somebody that's honest gets in. To hell with the Democrats and Republicans. That's got nothing to do with it. And that's their mindset. Their mindset, you know, it's like Bill Clinton functioning with the drug operations that George Bush and Oliver North were running, and he was covering them up in Arkansas. So, he was a Democrat and they are Republicans. It has nothing to do with it.

I'll be speaking on Sunday. I'll be doing a workshop. I will answer any questions, and I will have my materials there on any of the different subjects. I will speak mostly on the weather control at that time. But the harassment that I've had, and which Barbara is going to talk about the harassment that she's had, the harassment that I've had include 2 attempts to murder me in 1988, right after the Contra hearings when I was becoming a real pain-in-the butt in Washington, DC. It was 2 direct attempts to kill me. I was in intensive care on the second event.

The third event which took place one year ago is the shoulder that you see is now not functioning properly. [BH Note: Bob had his arm in a sling, which the audience could clearly see.]

I was actually hit by some of the exotic weapons that will be discussed also a little bit on Sunday, and Barbara will talk a little bit about them here, too. The microwaves, lasers, sonic weapons, etc. are completely finished. Done. They are accomplished. Only a few weeks ago, the US News & World Report did a brief story on it, as a matter of fact. And I have a few pages of it over here, which, not that that verifies it. What really verifies it probably, is these declassified United States Army and Air Force papers.

Now, I had already finished, or it is not finished, but it's half done, and that is a new video expose' on these weapons and what they can do. This declassified information right here covers everything. It includes the weather control. Now my video I finished on weather control, like I say, almost nine months ago. These I got 5 or 6 days ago. [BH note: Bob holds up a sheaf of documents.] it completely discusses all the weapons. It discusses the weather control. As a matter of fact, in one title of one chapter it's called “Owning the Weather”, by the United States Air Force.

Now, I'm not going to go into it any further, other than to say that the harassment of those of us that are out in front, and I've been out in front to the tune of running for the United States Congress in Florida in 1990. When I ran for Congress, as a matter of fact, I almost beat this slug that I ran against. Oh, excuse me. That's a nasty term. Bill McCullom is the guy I ran against. This guy is just a bad guy.

I got 41% of the votes and I had no money whatsoever. I spent 27,000 bucks out of my own pockets. Bill McCullom spent $275,000. He's been in there for 10 years, or 8 years at the time, so he was known. Nobody even knew myself. So there was a lot of upset of people in his own community. Obviously. I only missed by 9 percentage points.

All right, I'm going to hop off here now and let Barbara get back. But in terms of harassment, and I'm basically going to talk about this later on, too, my shoulder was literally exploded inside of my arm at 1:30 in the morning while I was sound asleep in my home. And it was done 3 days after I had completed an East Coast tour where I had, for the first time shown the documentation on these very weapons.

When I returned from the tour, I was home 3 days. I was asleep. I was blown out of bed. No external damage whatsoever. I now presently have a titanium insert in my arm. The entire ball of my arm is titanium and there is a shaft that goes down inside my bone. This entire part from here up [he gestures] was totally removed because it was destroyed. It was the worst shoulder repair they attempted to do in the Veteran's Hospital in Los Angeles, California, ever. Other than that, everything's fine.

So, I want to ask Barbara to come back up and if you want to attend my workshop on Sunday, it's 3 hours. I will cover a variety of subjects. Everything that I have is completely documented.

[BH note: At this time, there were questions and comments from the audience, where they broke in without being invited, but Bob cut them off.]

Right, I don't want to get into that beyond this point because this is Barbara's time. Okay. But in terms of the harassment, and when somebody talks about microwaves, laser, etc. it is absolutely a done deal, period.

And I'm going to ask Barbara to step back up, so when she talks about the possibility of being hit, or moved, or whatever the case may be, you have to take it very seriously. Thank you. We'll see you Sunday.


I have not stayed in contact with Bob Fletcher, since I first met him at Global Sciences in 1997. I received something by post from him a couple years ago, concerning his investigations. I do not even know if he is still among the living. I hope so. I did a search for him and found some of his work, including from his website.




I am not the sheriff, that is another Bob Fletcher.

I am an investigator, concerned with the future of America, and doing something about it!

After years of a business professional career, Bob became involved with US Government top secret covert arms sales without even knowing it!

In a simple business merger, Bob merged his toy manufacturing company with a company that imported watches. But, exported weapons for the U.S. Government, top secret intelligence services!

That company was called Vista USA INC. and was a covert operational front for US arms sales and covert mercenary training! Eventually the owner, Gary Best, attempted to recruit Fletcher into the business or arms sales and Fletcher refused to become involved.

Later, Bob became a witness in the Iran Contra mess, and he then became an investigator assisting with several House and Senate investigations. (more on that later!)


Since then, Bob has been chasing bad guys in the government, and producing some of the world's best exposes. Bob's reports on DVD and VHS are viewed all over the world.

After completing a report for Sonny Bono, which involved CIA and the drug connections leading back to top US government officials, a tragic death took place. Sonny had decided to do a major Congressional investigation into Bob's report!

Sonny's offices called Bob and confirmed the planned investigations. Ten days later Sonny was found dead (murdered) on the ski slopes! Bob's latest DVD is the report on Congressman SONNY BONO'S MURDER, titled " Destiny Denied".


Here, are just two videos where Bob speaks about weather control. Those interested may find many more.

Bob Fletcher Exposes Weather Weapons of War Treaty

Bob Fletcher: Weather Control As A Weapon - Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith ¼

Stan Monteith passed away a few years ago. I was also a guest on his radio program a few times, back in the 1990s, discussing similar subject matter.

I hope this information is of value to the readers.

Barbara Hartwell
January 22, 2019