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Saturday, July 29, 2017

OPEN LETTER TO MR. CHRISTOPHER WRAY: Justice for Political Target, Former FBI Agent & Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

When FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump, I, among many other Americans who support and defend the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic (including some of us who have taken the oath), recognized that decision as a sound judgment, based on Comey's egregious track record of deception, malfeasance, cronyism (especially in collusion with the ultra-corrupt Clintons and Obama); and his utter failure to honor his oath to the Constitution.

Numerous critics (including current and former FBI agents) have spoken out against Comey's misdeeds and he was called (rightfully so) a “dirty cop”.

But this report is not about James Comey. As far as he is concerned, I can only say, good riddance!

The man nominated to replace Comey is Christopher Wray.

Following is my open letter to Christopher Wray, in part a response to his prepared testimony, the most relevant excerpts (for my purposes) given here.


Dear Mr. Wray:

I have read your testimony regarding your nomination for FBI Director. And there are some issues I find it necessary to address. Though I speak strictly for myself, I have reason to believe my concerns are shared by large numbers of liberty-loving patriots who defend the principles on which this Constitutional Republic was founded, and who are absolutely disgusted with the levels of corruption in every branch of the government, who practice not the rule of law, but rather lawlessness.

In particular, I will focus on the FBI. To be even more specific, I hope to draw your attention to a case which I have personally investigated for more than a decade and a half (since 2001) and which has been the subject of numerous written reports.

This is the case of former FBI agent Geral W. Sosbee, who joined the FBI in 1971, and was forced out of the FBI in 1978 –for, of all reasons- honoring his oath to defend the Constitution and the unalienable rights of all, including those under investigation.

Not only was Mr. Sosbee forced to resign from the Bureau under duress, he was threatened with incarceration should he fail to comply with this directive. He had committed no crime, and had done no wrong.

Since that time, nearly forty (40) years ago, Geral Sosbee has been the Target of a campaign of retaliatory persecution so brutal it beggars belief, all of which he has documented, and for which he has publicly furnished evidence to support his claims.

I will not presume that you are aware of Geral Sosbee's case, though it has been high-profile at least since 2000, when his website, Sosbee v. FBI, came online; but if not, then I deem it a matter of great urgency that you take the time to familiarize yourself with his documentation.

Geral Sosbee is a decorated combat veteran (Army, Vietnam). He is an attorney, a former prosecutor and judge, the recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award. While serving in the FBI he received several letters of commendation, one of which described his work as “reflecting the FBI's highest traditions”.

And yet, despite all his many years of honorable and heroic service to this nation, rather than being acknowledged for his accomplishments, his defense of liberty for one and all, his sincere efforts to pursue justice for those who have been denied it, he has suffered egregious political persecution, including: driving him to bankruptcy (and at one point, homelessness); relentless harassment by agents and operatives of the government; home invasions; vandalism and destruction of his private property; assaults on his person by directed-energy weaponry (DEW) as well as chemical/biological warfare. Attempts on his life, including while he was hospitalized. Make no mistake: attempted murder.

He and his wife have been stalked by operatives everywhere they go, even including at a church. He has been forced to move house numerous times, due to constant criminal harassment and menacing, as well as toxic fumes pumped into his environment, from which his health has suffered terribly.

Geral Sosbee has been unjustly vilified, slandered and libeled, including by false allegations that he may be a “murderer” or “mass murderer”, in connection with his military service, by those attempting to ruin his personal and professional reputation, for the purpose of discrediting his testimony as a FBI whistleblower.

His sanity has been impugned by those to whom he made truthful, factual reports (including by a medical doctor and police), describing some of the assaults perpetrated against him. He has been denied access to documents he requested, a violation of the Open Records Act. His formal complaints against government officials (including police officers/detectives and U.S. Postal Service) have been ignored or dismissed.

It is in reference to these many crimes perpetrated against Geral Sosbee, at the direction of FBI officials, in collusion with their operatives and hirelings, that I address the statements given in your written testimony.


July 12, 2017


"I am honored to be nominated by the President to lead the FBI and humbled by the prospect of working alongside the outstanding men and women of the Bureau. Time and time again—often when the stakes are at their highest—they have proven their unshakeable commitment to the American people, upholding the Constitution and laws of the United States, and demonstrating the virtues found in the FBI motto: Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity."

Given all of which I have described above (which does not begin to cover the entirety of offenses he has suffered), I must say that I have found none of the “virtues” you mention. And why then, if they were “upholding the Constitution and laws of the United States”, did the FBI flagrantly break those laws, in retaliation against one of their own, who had in fact honored his oath to the Constitution? A rhetorical question, but necessary nonetheless.

"While the FBI has justly earned its reputation as the finest law enforcement agency in the world, its special agents, analysts, and support staff operate largely out of public view. They toil at great risk to themselves and at great sacrifice by their families. But they happily defer individual recognition because they believe that the principles they serve are so much larger than themselves.

I feel fortunate to have been able to witness this selfless and inspiring commitment firsthand throughout my career in public service."

What principles do these FBI employees serve? From my observations, had they cared in the slightest about the Constitutionally protected, unalienable rights of individuals, or their oath to defend the Constitution, they would never have been participants in the unlawful conduct, violations, invasions of privacy and felony crimes against law-abiding citizens. According to one FBI manual, defenders of the Constitution are to be considered “anti-government extremists” or “domestic terrorists”. Yet the actions of FBI officials would clearly demonstrate such terrorism, in cases of political persecution, most notably against Geral Sosbee.

"As a line prosecutor, I learned a great deal from working with many brave special agents of the FBI on cases ranging from bank robberies to corruption, from kidnapping to financial fraud. My friends to this day, they taught me much about playing it straight and following the facts wherever they may lead."

As for “playing it straight and following the facts wherever they may lead.” Had the FBI actually followed the facts, in the case of Geral Sosbee, he would have been spared the many horrors visited upon him, these many years. He has furnished numerous facts, along with solid evidence, but to no avail. The facts were dismissed, ignored, denied, or became part of a coverup.

"After 9/11, I witnessed the FBI’s extraordinary capabilities as the people there moved heaven and earth to try to ensure that horrific attacks like those on September 11 never happen again. I know, from up close—and I sleep better because I know—that the horror of 9/11 has never faded from the FBI’s collective memory. The Bureau has never grown complacent and continues to work tirelessly every day to protect
all Americans."

I must take issue with the statement that the FBI “continues to work tirelessly every day to protect
all Americans.” Why hasn't the FBI protected the rights and liberties of Geral Sosbee? On the contrary, they have done all in their power to see to it that he can never enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not as long as they continue to abuse their power and authority against him, in efforts to cover up their own wrongdoing.

"As head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, I likewise saw countless examples of the FBI’s unflagging pursuit of justice, free and independent of any favor or influence. From counterterrorism and counterespionage to the escalating threats of cybercrime; from human trafficking to public corruption and financial fraud—I worked with and
learned from the men and women of the FBI, who put it all on the line to make our streets safer and our lives better."

If this has really been your experience, Mr. Wray, then perhaps you have yet to learn what the FBI is capable of, once they mark a person as an enemy, whom they hate without just cause. Ever considered the term “extreme prejudice”? No street is safe for one of the FBI's Targets, as any one so targeted can attest.

"If I am given the honor of leading this agency, I will never allow the FBI’s work to be driven by anything other than the facts, the law, and the impartial pursuit of justice. Period."

That would most certainly be a tremendous improvement, if not just short of a miracle. But since I do believe in miracles, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and hope that you mean what you say. I have no bias against you personally; but I do believe that if you are sincere in your statements, you will make it a priority to see that justice is served, in the case of a man, formerly one of your own, whom I (and quite a number of others) regard as an American hero, a true patriot, who served his country with honor, in his mind and heart, and to this day, stands firm for the principles you say you espouse.

"My loyalty is to the Constitution and the rule of law. They have been my guideposts throughout my career, and I will continue to adhere to them no matter the test."

Then here is a test for you, Mr. Wray, which might be the most important test of your career. You have the opportunity to make right a great wrong, if you are confirmed as Director of the FBI. You will have the authority to put a stop to a grievous injustice, one which harms not only one man, but every individual in this nation who stands for liberty, every one of us who seeks justice for those wrongfully persecuted.

"There is no doubt that our country faces grave threats. As others have noted, America’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies have to pitch a perfect game every day, while those that would inflict harm on us need only succeed once to advance their aims. I consider the Director’s most important duty to ensure that nothing distracts the selfless patriots at the FBI from their mission.

In conclusion, I pledge to be the leader that the FBI deserves
and to lead an independent Bureau that will make every American proud.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I look forward to answering the
Committee’s questions."

Mr. Wray, I sincerely pray that you will follow through on your statements of intent, as given in your testimony. If your loyalty is truly to the Constitution and the rule of law, then I wait in expectation that you will do all in your power to see justice done, which is long overdue, for a former FBI agent whose actual service to this nation, as proved by his actions, exemplifies all the best that any American patriot could ever hope to be.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
Friend, Supporter, Witness for Geral Sosbee