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Monday, December 21, 2009

Government Stooges' War on Whistleblowers: Spotlight on Tim White & Francine Kelly

Most of the world's problems would be solved if only aggressive people would leave other people alone. Some of us (including me) just want to be left alone. Others (control freaks, aggressors and government officials) just won't leave us alone. Therein lies our problem.
--Barbara Hartwell quote (letter to a friend), 1967, age 16

For as long as there's been an intelligence community, there've been intel groupies and camp followers. These rank amateurs, these wannabes, attempt to attach themselves to (former or current) intelligence professionals.  Some of the professionals claim to be "whistleblowers", and the groupies, seeking attention and approval for themselves, and having no experience, training or background of their own, are hoping to latch on and bask in the reflected light.

What a sorry lot!  Without exception, they are loud, rude and aggressive. Their methods are crude and bumbling, and their profound ignorance of the topics they address is glaringly apparent.  Ignorance and arrogance: it's a bad combination and these intel groupies display it in spades.

But the bottom line is this:  In their self-serving aggression, they just refuse to leave others alone, no matter how many times they are warned to stop their aggression, interference and meddling. They are gatecrashers whose aggression knows no bounds. And like their government masters, they won't stop until they are forced to stop.

I for one, intend to stop them, by any and all lawful and ethical means necessary! Some people have asked me why I bother exposing these little nobodies (Tim White, Francine Kelly et al) when I could be focusing on those evildoers at the top. My answer: They may be nobodies, but the damage they do is not to be dismissed or forgotten. They need to be exposed and their lies refuted, from time to time, inconsequential though they may be. And like their government masters (whom I do also expose), they should be held accountable for their lies, their harassment and their wrongdoing.

Should any of them escape exposure simply because they are mere slugs, nobodies and low-level lackeys? No, no, no! Each and every one of them has exercised their free will and decided on aggression as opposed to loving their neighbor as themselves; and respecting the rights of others; they have rejected the philosophy of live and let live, meaning leaving others alone to live their lives as they see fit.  They have brought upon themselves any and all criticism and exposure by their innocent targets, myself included.  And I have no doubt that they will certainly see God's Justice, whether in this life or the next.

Would any legitimate whistleblower tolerate the behavior of these hangers-on? Would they associate with them? Would they promote or support them? Would they call them "friends"? Would they share "inside information"?  In a word: no.  In several words: no, never, not in this life or any other. Rather, we will expose them and warn others about their self-serving, self-aggrandizing deceit and treachery.

But unfortunately, there are many others, who, while they may have a legitimate claim to the background and training in intelligence work which their fawning groupies lack, are all too eager to enlist these stooges and exploit them for their own ends. Certainly such is the case in the COINTELPRO-style operations.  This gaggle of amateurs and wannabes  (including Tim White and Francine Kelly) are nothing but useful idiots, though they fancy themselves "players", and even "intelligence assets".  Absurd! Preposterous!


One of the most notorious of  these intel groupies is Timothy Patrick White, a career criminal who latches onto anyone who will lend an ear to his bizarre conspiracy theories (none of which are backed up by facts or evidence); and who is used as an attack dog by corrupt government officials (former and current) to harass, stalk, libel and slander legitimate whistleblowers whom the feds want to neutralize.

Tim White is nothing more than a loud-mouthed aggressor, who slings around obscene language and threats. Yet oddly enough, Tim White promotes himself  (among other self-aggrandizing titles) as: "Investigator"; "Whistleblower". But White has no training or experience whatsoever as any sort of  "investigator."  He is, in point of fact, uneducated and has no background in any professional field or discipline.  As for "whistleblower"?  You can't be a whistleblower unless you were INVOLVED in the operations and/or were a direct witness to the corruption/crime(s) being exposed. And White was never involved in anything of consequence.

But worst of all, Tim White has wreaked havoc in the lives of countless journalists, radio talk show hosts, genuine whistleblowers (former law enforcement/intelligence professionals/military, etc.) I call them Messengers of Truth.

As for anyone who exposes real truth, based on facts and supported by evidence, White will home in on these individuals like a heat-seeking missile. He'll first try to get their attention and insinuate himself into their good graces by claiming he has "important inside info" on.....fill in the blank.....

Then, he'll drop a few names he thinks will impress the target, stating that he is a "personal friend" of this so-and-so...or that so-and-so....(Examples: Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, James Rothstein, Eric Phelps.) What White, in his ignorance and stupidity, does not realize, is that these very names will throw up a red flag which will cause any intelligent, discerning person to avoid contact with the likes of Tim White.

I've heard the same story from numerous acquaintances, friends, colleagues and even strangers, who have contacted me, stating that they have read my reports about this criminal stalker, Tim White; and further, stating, in their outrage, that White has targeted THEM for stalking; criminal harassment; threats (including death threats); libel/slander; outrageous violations of privacy (publishing private info like telephone numbers, street addresses, etc.).....and in certain cases, all of the above!

In reality, White has no access to any "inside information" on any subject. His so-called "inside info" is nothing but:  1) wild speculation;  2) old news/common knowledge recycled by White; 3) information which White scavenges off other people's work on the Internet, then claims as his own; 4) disinformation fed to him by corrupt (former or current) government officials, which he then disseminates far and wide; 5) His own false assumptions, delusions, etc, etc.; 6) malicious gossip fabricated and promoted by his fellow stooges and wannabes.

For just a little background on G-Man wannabe, government stooge, Tim White, here's an excerpt from a report (April, 2009):

Unbelievable as it would seem, Tim White is still on the loose...harassing, stalking, threatening the lives of targets. His libel and slander of targets is more prolific than ever, and may be found on numerous message boards and websites all over the World Wide Web.

In fact, White has more accomplices than ever before: those who support and/or defend and/or promote him (including his libelous and defamatory writings and malicious lies, some of which are disseminated as gossip and slander); and/or are using him to do their dirty work in targeting legitimate whistleblowers and journalists.

Some of the accomplices of Timothy Patrick White (only a partial list): Ken Adachi; Pam Schuffert; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Todd Brendan Fahey; Brenda Negri; Larry Lawson; Charles Bruce Stewart; "Xena Carpenter" (identity unknown); Francine Kelly; James Rothstein; Mark Hostlaw; Marilyn Guinnane; Don Nicoloff; Craig Oxley; Eric Phelps; Aaron James.

For those who may have been reading the outrageous lies disseminated by White and his cohorts, but who have yet to learn the real story, the unvarnished truth about Timothy Patrick White, here it is. This comprehensive summary was written in 2003.

A True (But Stranger-than-Fiction) Crime Case: Tim White, the Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist


Earlier this year (2009) White, on one of his usual libelous rampages against Barbara Hartwell,  teamed up with one of his silly intel groupie cohorts, a woman named Francine Kelly. See:

Fed Snitch Timothy Patrick White: Criminal Harassment, Stalking & Death Threats

I had never heard of this Francine Kelly, until one day it came to my attention that she was sending out public group e-mails to a whole list of people, most of whose names I recognized. What's more, most of those on her list are connected in some way to Tim White.  And finally, a number of them are known to be gov't shills, bad guys and their stooges (also bad guys), and the usual crew of demonic liars, whackjobs and criminals. (See Francine Kelly's e-mail below for names/addresses.)

And, of most importance to me personally, many of these persons have libeled/slandered and/or harassed/stalked/persecuted Barbara Hartwell, over a period of a decade, and in some cases, longer.

To make myself crystal clear, I should state that given the persecution I have been targeted for these many years, anyone who supports, defends, promotes, or is otherwise associated/aligned with my known enemies, I consider an enemy.  That is my decision, my prerogative and my policy.

My way of looking at it is diametrically opposed to those who say: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. No, not for me. Rather, I say: The friend of my enemy is my enemy. That's the way it is, and I don't care who likes it or who doesn't.

Francine Kelly has become an aggressor.  She is now harassing me and like her pal, Tim White, is making absurd demands. Though I've tried to ignore this buffoon, Francine Kelly, as is typical of her ilk --the government stooge and intel groupie--she apparently just will not allow this.

So okay, Ms. Kelly, intead of ignoring you, let's give you the attention you are so desperately seeking. You are now exposed for who and what you are. Does this make you happy? Maybe it will teach you to leave others (namely me) alone and to mind your own business. Maybe it will teach you that if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. But if not, it will at least expose you as the parading idiot that you are.

Here's an e-mail header from Tim White to accomplice, Francine Kelly.  Note that White, as always, describes Barbara Hartwell as a "CIA BITCH".  The message is simply White's copy of some comments (not included) I wrote about Francine Kelly.

From: Tim White
Francine Kelly
Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2009


Now, let us look at an e-mail sent by Francine Kelly to my good friend and professional colleague, investigative journalist Janet Phelan.  As I understand it, Janet is on some e-mail lists and/or belongs to some groups which also  include Tim White and Francine Kelly. Janet forwarded these e-mails to me, as she considered me to be a concerned party. Janet is also a target of criminal stalker Tim White, who in fact fled to Canada in fear for her life as a result of the harassment and persecution of this madman and his accomplices, including criminal stalker Pam Schuffert.

My comments, refuting Francine Kelly's misinformed opinions and idiotic speculation, are contained in brackets, in the body of the text, preceded by my initials, BHP. Other comments by me (from original reports) are also included and should be obvious.

From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Barbara Hartwell's Defamation of My Character
Date: Friday, April 24, 2009, 6:23 PM

Dear Janet Phelan,

It is incredulous that Barbara Hartwell is not reachable by email, but she has access to emails that I have written that weren't even sent to her.

[BHP: Contrary to Ms. Kelly's claim, I am certainly able to be reached by e-mail; except by the likes of government stooge, Francine Kelly. My e-mail address is private, and will stay private. Again, contrary to Ms. Kelly's claim, e-mails she has written were in fact "sent to" me, by a third party on her e-mail list.]

Following are Barbara's libelous comments about me. Under her comments are my comments about which statements I would like her to remove from her blog.

[BHP: Do not call me by my first name, Ms. Kelly. You do not know me, nor ever will. Your familiarity shows you to be a low class gate-crasher, like your pal, Tim White. And I don't give a tinker's damn what you would "like". Your self-created problems are of no interest to me.]

As Pat and Mike Shupe and Will Wilson have probably told you, as Will's CIA MK-Ultra asset, I am deeply involved with life-threatening investigations of drug trafficking in homeless shelters, CIA MK-Ultra and The Alien Agenda.

[BHP: Personally, I do not know (nor have ever heard of) "Pat and Mike Shupe" or "Will Wilson". As I do not know these people, I have no reason to attribute credibilty to anything they may say. 

As for Ms. Kelly's so-called "life-threatening investigations", this sounds typical of a delusional wannabe, just like her whackjob cohort, Tim White; or other wannabes like Brenda Negri and Shirley Anderson (also accomplices of Tim White.)  And I would bet my life on the fact that this buffoon, Francine Kelly, knows nothing at all about "CIA MK Ultra".  As for this "Alien Agenda" nonsense, it is most likely gleaned from her delusional fantasies.]

Obviously, I cannot risk flaws to my impeccable reputation on the Internet, even from people with tarnished reputations.

[BHP: This woman is a flaming whackjob! What impeccable reputation? Nobody has ever heard of this little brainless twerp, except possibly those on her e-mail list.  I can assure you CIA doesn't know her name, nor has ever had any dealings with her.  As for the "tarnished reputation" she imputes to Barbara Hartwell? Well, I wonder who is responsible for that? Ms. Kelly, you are truly a parading idiot and clueless fool!]

If Barbara Hartwell does not remove her libelous comments about me by Friday, May 1, 2009, I will visit the Google office in Fremont, which is about an hour's drive from where I live to discuss the issues with Google executives.

I do not object to this visit. I enjoy having lunch at a restaurant in Fremont, and the Google office is only a few blocks away. It will also be a very interesting experience since I've heard that Google is CIA.

[BHP: Well, May 1 has come and gone.  And I doubt that this fool, Francine Kelly, has made good on her threat. And so what if she had? Does she really believe I would care where she goes, or what she does? And does this pathetic, ridiculous creature really believe that Google will take down my website as a result of her statements? Her buddy, Tim White, made the same impotent threats long ago. My website is still online.

If these morons want the truth, here it is: Google is interested in only one thing: money. If the websites sponsored by them are generating money (one way or another) they don't give a damn about anything else.]

A couple of months ago, I met a CIA agent from Europe who works at Google. He told me he is very interested in cleaning up the pedophile and drug trafficking rings in Fremont.

[BHP: Just more hearsay. Nobody cares, and I doubt if anyone from CIA would bother speaking to a buffoon like Francine Kelly.]

Here are Barbara Hartwell's libelous statements and my comments about them:

Public E-mail from Francine  Kelly

1) This was not a public email. It was sent to selected individuals. Barbara Hartwell was not one of them.

[BHP: Again, the moronic Francine Kelly gets it all wrong. She quite obviously fails to understand what the term "public" actually means. Once you send out an e-mail, addressed to more than one recipient, the e-mail is automatically "public".

Recipients are free to forward/distribute the message to all and sundry; to publish it on any message board or website. And unless you are a complete fool (obviously the case with Francine Kelly) you cannot expect your message to remain "private".

I recieved the very PUBLIC e-mail message from one of the recipients. And considering the content, I decided to comment on it.]

From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Resolving this once and for all
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009, 3:24 PM

Note some of the recipients. Some may be recognized by name, others by e-mail addresses: Tim White; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Sue Arrigo; Don Nicoloff; James Rothstein. 

For the record: I know from reliable sources that all of the above individuals have, at the very least, been spreading malicious and defamatory lies about Barbara Hartwell (and certain of my associates); at worst, some have done so publicly, via libel and slander.

2) I have never spread malicious and defamatory lies about Barbara Hartwell. I only recently learned about Barbara Hartwell's existence.

[BHP: Once again, Francine Kelly displays her ignorance and stupidity. I never mentioned her name, as one spreading malicious lies. Check my statement above: The ONLY names I mentioned were: "Tim White; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Sue Arrigo; Don Nicoloff; James Rothstein. " Francine Kelly's name was NOT among them.] 

Excerpt, opening  paragraph:

"Dear Pat, Mike & Will,

I don't want to be called an accomplice by Barbara Hartwell. I'm not an accomplice to Tim White. Just like Ted Gunderson told me, Tim has helped me. He has educated me about this sleazy Intel world, and he has been right about many things since May 2008 when I was thrown into the drug-infested homeless shelters in Seattle. As you all know, I do not approve of how Tim talks to people."

Note that Francine Kelly claims that Tim White has "educated" her about "this sleazy Intel world".  
According to Ms. Kelly, Ted Gunderson is in agreement with this statement.

3) Ted Gunderson told me that Tim While has helped him with investigations. Please clarify this statement.

I do not know Francine Kelly; but I have
seen numerous public e-mail messages written by this woman, correspondence between herself and Tim White (among others);

4) My emails were not public. They were addressed to selected individuals. Janet, did you send Barbara these emails? And, if you did, where did you get them? Did you get them from Pat Shupe?

[BHP: I'm sure that Janet Phelan did not bother answering these questions from the nutcase, Francine Kelly. In any case, once Ms. Kelly sent out her very public e-mail, it was fair game for anyone to forward it/use it/ publish it as they chose.]

Was Pat Shupe forced to send these emails to you, or did she send them to you by her own free will? I am very interested in Pat Shupe's motives for sending you these emails.

[BHP: Now Francine Kelly gets even more aggressive in her interrogation of Janet Phelan. And who does she really think would care about her obvious delusional fantasies?]

Pat told me that she and her husband Mike, and Will P. Wilson are forced to be double agents. Answers to these questions may prove vital to the work I am doing in Seattle which I suspect would interest Google. In fact, maybe Google could help us sort this out.

[BHP: Double agents? Give me a break. I can assure the readers that none of these individuals were ever, at any time, any kind of "agents", much less "double agents". What the hell is wrong with these people? Francine Kelly and her friends have apparently been reading too many grade B spy novels! This entire concept is totally and completely absurd!]

...and she appears to me to be living in a delusional fantasy world. Her writings are far from coherent, as suggested by this excerpt:

Francine Kelly wrote: "I really thought you wanted me to help you expose the Draconian Reptilian Vampire Agenda and MK-Ultra. Pat, you even said that day when I arrived at the house and Carson was pulling at my clothes saying, "Go downstairs and tell Will that you can't live without him," and you were saying, "You have free will," that maybe Will and I could work together on MK-Ultra"

5) I need Barbara to talk with my psychiatrist Dr. Jim Hopfenbeck. Jim  asks me how I can be so equanimous after what I've gone through as a CIA MK-Ultra sex slave and intelligence asset. I'd like Barbara to post what Jim says about me on her blog.

[BHP: Talk to her psychiatrist??? Why in hell would I be interested in this whackjob, or in anything some psychiatrist has to say about her? And why does this self-important flake think that anyone else would be interested in reading about her psychopathology?

I can guarantee this woman was never, at any time, any kind of "intelligence asset". The very thought is ludicrous! But like her pal, Tim White, she obviously has delusions of grandeur.]

Did Barbara make this comment because she is working as a MK-Ultra asset for people who want to limit the exposure of The Alien Agenda and CIA MK-Ultra? Is this why she posted disinformation in a recent blog about MK-Ultra?

[BHP:  I won't even bother with this idiotic comment. Except to say that with every word that comes out of her mouth, Francine Kelly further exposes her own ignorance and stupidity.]

Google should be very interested in these topics. In fact, I am going to call Google's executive office, and them I'm going to send a copy of this email to the company.

As I address Barbara's libelous statements, it is becoming clearer that Barbara may have written them to discredit me to minimize the exposure of The Alien Agenda and  CIA MK-Ultra.

Did she also defame my character in an attempt to discredit my intelligence gathering on drug trafficking in homeless shelters in Maui and Seattle?

[BHP: Unbelievable, unmitigated stupidity! Where in hell does this woman get her twisted, harebrained ideas?  I don't know her; have never heard of her. But considering her loud-mouthed arrogance and her connection with psycho stalker Tim White, I find it necessary to at least expose her for what she is.]

So if Ms. Kelly wishes not to be named as an accomplice of this psychopath, Tim White, perhaps she should stop defending, supporting and promoting him; and cease and desist from parroting his malicious gossip.

6) I am not, nor have I ever been, Tim White's accomplice.

[BHP: Sure you are, Ms. Kelly. You promote Tim White; you support him and you defend him. You have stated that you find him credible and that he has "educated" you.  Tim White is a criminal. He harasses and stalks patriots, whistleblowers and journalists. You are an accomplice by virtue of your alliance with him. Again, your ignorance shows.]

Thank you for forwarding my comments to Barbara Hartwell. Since Barbara's site is under re-construction, I would appreciate if you would send me a copy of the revisions she makes relevant to her defamation of my character since I cannot find the blog on her current site.


Francine Kelly

[BHP: No revisions will be made. This further exposure of your ignorance and stupidity is all you're going to get, Ms. Kelly.  Furthermore, stating the facts and the truth about a person does not constitute defamation of character.]

But Francine Kelly did not give up her harassment in April. No, she decided to continue it right up to the end of the year. Here, find her recent (December 16, 2009) letter to my friend Janet Phelan, in which she pursues her foolish ideas about defamatory remarks by Barbara Hartwell.

So let's end this once and for all, shall we?  I do not know anyone named Patricia Shupe, nor have received e-mails from such a person. And I have no intention of removing any remarks I have made, at any time, about anyone, including this delusional moron, Francine Kelly.

Let her contact Google, it does not concern me in the slightest.

And FYI, Ms. Kelly, there is no project called "Monarch" which was ever connected with CIA's MK Ultra program.  Nor were you ever involved in MK Ultra. You're obviously a mental case, and you've obviously been duped, but that's not my problem.

As for your claim of being an "Intelligence Asset", no one (including CIA) uses nutcases like you. And were you actually such an asset, you wouldn't be boasting of it in public e-mails to your pals.

You're a "Writer"? I doubt you have ever published anything more than your delusional, self-aggrandizing fantasies, sent to your like-minded pals on an e-mail list.

Give it up, Ms. Kelly and stop harassing legitimate people.

But about those aliens: Why not ask them to get you a one way ticket to lala land. They could abduct you for good and we would all be rid of another harassing intelligence groupie, government stooge and CIA wannabe.

Get lost!...get off my case and leave me alone.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Harassed by whackjobs
December 21, 2009

From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Defamation of Character by Barbara Hartwell
Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 8:02 PM

Dear Janet,

I asked you months ago to have Barbara Hartwell remove the defamatory remarks she made about me on her blog. I have highlighted the comments below in yellow that I would like her to remove.

I told you to tell Barbara that I would notify Google if this was not done. As I recall, I even said that I would visit the Google office near Seattle to make certain her defamatory remarks are deleted.

I don't know who would have sent Barbara Hartwell my emails except you and possibly Patricia Shupe.

Thank you for taking care of this matter.


Francine Kelly
CIA MK-Ultra Project Monarch Intelligence Asset, Alien Abductee & Writer