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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Urgent Appeal for Political Prisoner Sherry Jackson

Urgent Appeal for Political Prisoner Sherry Jackson

I've been posting updates on Sherry Jackson ever since I heard about her illness at the beginning of December. 

I spoke to Sherry's husband Colin by telephone earlier this month, and the last I heard, he thought they had moved Sherry to another facility, but he was not sure where she was. That was on December 17.

In hope of finding an update, each day I kept checking the Free Sherry Campaign site:

But the last update was on December 17.

I am very concerned for Sherry's welfare.  I have been praying for her and her family, and today I called Melanie Phoenix, a mutual friend of mine and the Jacksons, to see if she'd heard any news.  She hadn't, so I asked her to call Colin.

Here's what she found out:

No one has heard from Sherry since Thursday, December 17th.  They did move her, as they told him that they had, to investigate why she "may" have contacted the press, which would violate rules.  They know she did not do this.

Colin is quite confident that Sherry has been moved to Talahassee, FL.   He thinks a federal prison but yet does not know the exact name but suggested I look on google for the location.  I did and this is what I found.

Bureau of Prisons website    

He said her inmate number remains the same: 59085-019

Name: Sherry P Jackson
Register#: 59085-019
Age: 47
Race: Black
Sex: F
Release Date: 08-08-2011

I find this situation very distressing. Sherry was prevented from having Christmas with her family, and has not even been able to speak to them.  And I happen to know that Sherry did NOT contact the press. But a lot of us who care DID contact as many journalists as possible. Sherry should not be blamed for that, nor should there have been punitive measures taken.

We do not know anything about the current state of Sherry's health.  And I repeat: NO ONE (including her husband) has heard anything from Sherry since before the last update was posted on the Free Sherry Campaign site.

Christians, Patriots, Defenders of Liberty, Messengers of Truth, Everyone who cares:


Please post/forward this message far and wide!

And don't stop with that, there's a lot more you can do!

Please pray for Sherry Jackson and her family.

To write to Sherry Jackson:


For a recent feature article/commentary by investigative journalists Barbara Hartwell and Joe Lanier see:

Special Message to Radio Talk Show Hosts: Please plan a special program to publicize Sherry's case.

To Radio Listeners: Call in to talk shows and start a conversation about Sherry's case, even if another topic is being discussed.

Thank you all for your consideration and God bless every one of you who does something to help Sherry.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 27, 2009

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