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Monday, December 7, 2009

Former FBI/CIA Sosbee & Hartwell Expose Counterintelligence Ops, Gov't Torture & Persecution on Radio

Addendum: December 7, 2009. This radio program was aired live on April 17 of this year.  Janet Phelan is no longer hosting her program on Liberty News Radio and the station has since removed the links for her archived shows, including this one.

I found other links on one of Janet's websites and tested them to make sure they work. I had been offline for six months and was unable to correct some problems on this site with broken links, etc. which I am now trying to rectify.

I am reposting this because I believe it is one of the most important radio shows I have ever done. With all the lies and disinformation out there on the Internet, specifically about Barbara Hartwell,  which  accuse me of being a "CIA plant" or "CIA disinfo agent", etc., this program might give the truth at least half a chance....anyway, for those with open minds and compassionate hearts.

My good friends, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, program host Janet Phelan and I discuss and expose the issues which rarely see the light of day, certainly not in the mainstream media. And which are often distorted by disinformation in the so-called "alternative media."

I hope you will take the time to listen and I hope you will find the program of some benefit. I hope you will encourage others to listen as well.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
--John, 8:32

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 7, 2009

Former FBI/CIA Sosbee & Hartwell on Liberty News Radio

One If By Land, Hosted by Janet Phelan

Note: The topic for discussion on this program is the neutralization campaigns run by criminals in government against whistleblowers, including Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell. The government criminals also exploit their many stooges and minions to harass, stalk and libel/slander targets.

The discussion focuses on the tactics used by government perps to neutralize a target, including:

1) Engineering the financial ruin of the target.

2) Isolating a target to stop potential supporters and well-wishers (from the general public or even friends and family) from providing support, including donations.

3) Libel/slander campaigns against a target, for which demonic liars are enlisted to smear a target's name with outrageous falsehoods and diabolical calumny which presents the target in a totally false light. This is done to discredit the target and again, to stop any support, material or otherwise, for the target.

4) Assaults with directed energy weapons and/or biological/chemical warfare to ruin the target's health, and which eventually may result in the "plausibly deniable" murder of the target. In other words, tortured to death in increments.

5) Criminal harassment/stalking, designed to cause extreme stress and trauma for the target. Otherwise known as intentionally inflicting emotional distress.
6) Monstrous invasions of privacy, such as publicizing private information about the target's home address, posting photos of the target's house on the Internet, etc.

7) Soliciting further crimes of harassment, stalking etc. against a target by these invasions of privacy and libelous falsehoods, by like-minded criminals and psychopaths.

We don't name the perps on this program; however, there are plenty of reports exposing some of them by name on this website. Read all about the psycho stalkers, demonic liars, forgers, identity thieves, transvestites, child porno freaks, perverts and predators, and BEWARE. Boycott them all!

For those who want the truth about just how far the criminals in government will go to neutralize the opposition (Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty) listen to this program.

Geral Sosbee can be heard only on the second segment of the program, so if you choose to listen to only one part, make it part 2.

Lastly, there were the usual "technical difficulties" in the beginning of the program, caused by electronic sabotage; also, the volume throughout is lower than it should be, so turn your speakers up to full volume.

The government rat bastards don't want you listening to this show!
Please, listen anyway.

[NOTE: The links are no longer online.] 
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3

Another Radio Interview: March 2009

Barbara Hartwell on One If By Land, Hosted by Janet Phelan

Topics: Counterintelligence Operations & Persecution of Government Whistleblowers and Journalists

Janet and I discuss these issues, and our discussion includes the case of former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee, his forced retirement from the FBI and the political persecution directed against him. Geral also calls in (beginning of Part 2) and joins the conversation briefly with his comments.

Note: Volume is low, due to the usual "technical interference". Please turn up your speakers!

Part 1
Part 2

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