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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Barbara Hartwell Radio Interviews with Vyzygoth: 4 Part Series

A Conversation with Barbara Hartwell:
4 Part Series of Radio Interviews with Keith Hansen aka Vyzygoth

Note: Keith Hansen's website, Beyond the Grassy Knoll, is no longer online. Keith's new site is:

The series of 4 interviews (done early in 2009) can be found here:

I have downloaded parts 1 and 4. Parts 2 and 3 can be accessed at the above link.

Here are the original comments posted with each interview, which I have consolidated into one post.  

I hope you will enjoy the shows, I think they are among the more entertaining of my radio interviews...especially Part 4! 

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 8, 2009

Keith Hansen Interviews Barbara Hartwell on Beyond the Grassy Knoll

Radio talk show host Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth) first contacted me around 2002. At that time I was invited to be a guest on his radio show, but for whatever reason, which I don't remember now, I never did do the interview, although I did have some lengthy telephone conversations with Keith, in which we discussed a variety of topics...mostly the usual, government corruption, the "patriot" movement, etc. etc.

In the intervening years, I lost contact with Keith, but a couple of months ago, I received a letter by post from him (the only way to contact me, since I don't have a public e-mail address), in which he told me that he had recently been reading my website; that he recognized the truth of much of what I have exposed, and inviting me to be a guest for a series of interviews on his radio show.

I was very glad to hear from Keith after all that time, and to renew our acquaintance, as I remembered him as a spirit-filled Christian and a straight arrow.

Keith recorded a series of 4 programs, over a period of a few weeks.

A Conversation with Barbara Hartwell:
Part 1

Beyond the Grassy Knoll: Barbara Hartwell Radio Interview, Part 4

In the last of a 4 part series, Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth) and Barbara Hartwell discuss the "alternative media"; government-sponsored disinformation, including the notorious COINTELPRO.

Quite a few years ago (2002) I had warned Keith about some of the criminals, liars, scamsters, grandstanders and assorted government plants and shills who tout their wares on the Internet, on radio and TV, at conferences.

After years of doing his own research, interviewing witnesses and seeing firsthand the unscrupulous nature of these individuals, Keith told me that the information I had given him (which at first he was reluctant to believe), to the best of his observations and knowledge, turned out to be accurate.

But the way I see it, Keith was right to be skeptical...everyone needs to do their own research, use his own spiritual/intellectual discernment and to see for himself what is true --and what is not.

Some of these individuals are well-known journalists, investigators, researchers and "government whistleblowers"....with a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with exposing Truth or defending Liberty.

Some are merely government stooges with an axe to grind, who harass, stalk and participate in libel/slander campaigns against legitimate journalists, patriots and whistleblowers.

In this program, we finally expose the names. Initially, I had told Keith that I was reluctant to name these liars and shills on his radio program; mostly out of concern for him, as I figured they would swarm out of the woodwork (it has happened many times before, to talk show hosts who dare to interview Barbara Hartwell) to attack Keith. Keith's response? So what....bring them on!

And though this show was the longest of the series, we only scratched the surface, naming but a fraction of who all...and what out there, peddling their outrageous lies.

Thank you, Keith, and God bless you, for having the courage and integrity to stand up for the Truth; and for doing your part to expose Satan's deadly lies.

A Conversation with Barbara Hartwell: Part 4

Beyond the Grassy Knoll: Barbara Hartwell Radio Interview Part 3
(see link at top of page)

In this interview, Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth) and Barbara Hartwell discuss Psy War on American citizens: government-sponsored neutralization campaigns against targets.

We cover Psy Ops; criminal stalking; recruiting of neighbors, "friends" and even family members by government operatives; and fed infiltration of local communities (chamber of commerce, police departments, etc.)

Government stooges (psychopaths) are also enlisted to harass/stalk targets; and to participate in libel/slander campaigns to discredit the targets.

In addition we discuss the so-called "non-lethal" weaponry (directed energy, microwave, pulse beam, psychotronic, etc.) deployed against targets.

The case of ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee is given as a prime example of the brutal persecution directed at government whistleblowers who come forward to expose the truth about corruption in the FBI/CIA.

We also discuss the research of Eleanor White and the documentation she has gathered to expose the truth about these diabolical weapons.

For more information on high-tech weaponry see Eleanor White's website:

Statement from Eleanor White:

One reason that the general public, media, and uninformed government officials scoff at the truth of our story is that people tend to focus on the personal testimonial aspect, and ignore the crucially important organized stalking crime wave, and the UNclassified and commercial devices which can duplicate, right now, some of the effects we report.

A Conversation with Barbara Hartwell: Part 2
(see link at top of page)

In this radio interview, Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth) and I discuss government disinformation tactics in the "alternative media"; UFOs and the paranormal sector of black operations; and the New Age movement's insidious doctrines and the connection to collectivism and the New World Order.