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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update on Whistleblower, Political Prisoner, Ex-IRS Agent Sherry Jackson

Addendum December 20: 
We Love You, Sherry Jackson!
Investigative journalist Joe Lanier, editor of The Conspiracy Zone, a website which also features my articles and reports, has put together a piece, complete with photos and graphics, on Sherry Jackson, presenting one of my recent reports, and adding his own comments on the nefarious  Federal Reserve (nothing "Federal" about it!) and banking system which (among other forms of corruption) is destroying this country.

If you don't know about Sherry's case, please see this report. If you do know about her case, then please forward the link to your friends, family, neighbors, everyone you know!

We love you, Sherry!

Addendum, December 18:

The latest from Sherry's husband, Colin Jackson, sent by e-mail to a mutual friend/supporter:

I just got notice today that she may be back at Coleman.  At this point, I really don't know where she is.

I'm certain that Colin must be overwhelmed with all this, so in light of this latest, I would suggest that you go to the new Free Sherry Campaign website, for updates and to learn what you can do to help.

Also, please be vigilant and do all that is in your power to keep Sherry in the public eye. Keeping the case high profile is extremely important; as is holding accountable any and all government officials and prison authorities who are/were involved in any way.

Lastly, another message from Colin, taken from the Free Sherry website:

I feel the need to ask you to please, when you are corresponding with the prison, our Congressman and others, to be very clear but cordial. I do understand the emotions that come when you learn of wrongdoings and how you want to express those emotions. But, when anger and vile is expressed in those letters and phone calls, it works against what we are trying to accomplish. I spoke with my Congressman's office and they are trying to work on Sherry's behalf, but it's very difficult for them sometimes when they are being screamed at and bombarded with negativity.

I pray and hope that you understand my position and that you will keep these things in mind as you continue to send letters and place phone calls for her freedom. I am forever indebted to all of you.
God bless you.

In Christ,

Update on Whistleblower, Political Prisoner, Ex-IRS Agent Sherry Jackson

I just received this e-mail message from Sherry's husband, Colin Jackson. Please take note of the new location where Sherry has been moved.

And please, continue to do whatever is in your power to see that Sherry is set free and returned to her home, her husband and children.

Consider this; What would you do if it were YOUR wife; YOUR daughter; YOUR sister; YOUR mother?

Truth is, it could be any one of us, there but for the grace of God go you and I.....

Please, use your time, resources, talents, and for the love of God, DO SOMETHING.

Free Sherry Jackson!

Thank you and God bless you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 17, 2009

Hi Barbara,

Sherry was moved to a new facility on 12-16-09.  Her spirit is strong but, I'm concerned about the kind of medical attention she may or may not get.  I'm also concerned that our planned trip to see her this Christmas may be cancelled.  Her new address is:

Sherry Peel Jackson
Booking # 2009-003275
ID # 0227712
P.O. Box 188
219 East Anderson Ave.
Bushnell, FL 33513

They said that the reason they moved her was because they are investigating whether or not she contacted the media (which is supposedly a violation of the BOP).  A magazine came to the prison with her picture on the cover and a copy of the letter she wrote to Congressman Hank Johnson.  She DID NOT contact any media and a very small investigation would show that without her being moved. 

By the way, very nice website.  Thanks a lot.
God bless you.
In Christ, Colin