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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ted Gunderson & The McMartin Preschool Case of Satanic Ritual Abuse: THE REAL STORY

Along with documents recently released by the FBI on The Finders, they have also released information on the McMartin Preschool case. But the real story, the truth and the facts, have not been exposed, at least not by the FBI. (No surprise.)

Jackie McGauley is the mother of one of the children who attended McMartin, and the primary whistleblower who exposed the heinous crimes against children.

Jackie contacted me after reading some of my public reports exposing Ted Gunderson (2002). She sent me documents (many of which I still have in an evidence file, at least those which were not stolen in black bag jobs/home invasions.)

I have reproduced some documents here, along with witness testimony from Jackie McGauley and others.

Ted Gunderson attempted to claim credit for all aspects of the McMartin case, and touted it in mainstream media and on his resume. In fact, it was Jackie who worked the case, paid most of the expenses, through donations she raised, and publicized it, as a mother and also as a journalist.

Gunderson, the carpet bagger, got all the credit. And yet, the perpetrators got away with it, as they always seem to do when Gunderson is involved in a case. I've observed the same pattern operating time and again, over a period of decades.

Gunderson is hailed as a hero, but the victims get no justice.

Barbara Hartwell
November 15, 2019


FYI: This report comes from Jackie McGauley, the primary whistleblower in the McMartin Preschool case. The Ex-FBI agent mentioned here is Ted L. Gunderson, former Senior SAC of the Los Angeles office.

I have spent many hours hearing Jackie's tesitmony via phone conversations and have studied many of the documents relating to the case. I have also done radio programs with Jackie, for the purpose of exposing Ted L. Gunderson's illegal activities, based on my personal knowledge as another person who had been hoodwinked by Gunderson during a three year period of working with him professionally (1997-2000).

For those concerned about the abuse of children by satanist elements in the gov't and their cronies (and I think EVERYONE should be, whether a parent or not) this case reveals the brutal truth about the extensive network of pedophiles, child pornography and prostitution --the victimization of innocent children by criminals who act with impunity to commit and cover up atrocities. It's high time these evil-doers are EXPOSED, arrested and jailed for their crimes against God and humanity.


My daughter attended the McMartin Preschool 20 years ago. She was 2 and a half. She is now 22.

In the Spring of 1990 a group of parents gained access to the preschool property and decided to look for tunnels the children had described. Many children said they were taken into tunnels under the school, abused, and transported away from the property into the community.

I still live here in Manhattan Beach. There were hundreds of families who filed police reports and 42 families whose children were chosen to testify. I hired an archaeologist and he and his team uncovered 3 sections of tunnels directly under the preschool building foundation. The fact that tunnels were found was reported in the news.

A year later I commissioned a formal report. I arranged to pay the archaeologist $3,000 to write the formal report, $1000 in donations, $1000 from Gloria Steinam and $1,000 from me. I contacted many publishers. No one would publish it.

Technology has changed since then and publishing is not the major expense it used to be. I have had copies made at my own expense and sent them out on request, but I cannot do this on a large scale. I am disabled and have no other income than Social Security. I had to file bankruptcy in 1993 because of a carpetbagger X FBI con man [Ted Gunderson] who embezzled $30,000 from me.

Since then the group False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) has said "there are no tunnels." This false statement is repeated often by anyone researching the trial.


Hundreds of children are being called liars. This untruth is used DAILY to "prove" children are simply LIARS. It is used to set pedophiles free!

Sadistic (ritual) abuse DID happen at the McMartin Preschool!

If you are a parent or someone who cares about the safety of children, please contact me about getting this report published! I don't want to make money on this. I just want the truth out there!!!  Please copy this plea and distribute it widely.

Thank you for your help!

Jackie McGauley


[I have not given the name of this correspondent to protect her privacy. BH]

This would be of interest to anyone interested in ritual/sexual abuse of children and associated cover up, and also anyone who knows or knows about Ted Gunderson.

This is for anyone who has any interest in the McMartin daycare ritual abuse case.

I've been in touch with Jackie MacGauley, the writer of the E-mail below, for years. She appears credible and sane, and others - including investigators and journalists - have vouched for her credibility to me.

The ex-FBI agent she mentions below, really did a number on her. At the time, she was the most outspoken of the parents of the McMartin victims. That seemed to make her the enemy's #1 target.

In record time, Ted Gunderson romanced her, moved in to live with her, accessed all her documentation about the case, bilked her out of money (bankrupting her). And then, after he moved out, he told everyone who would listen to him that Jackie was crazy. (She became physically ill as a result of the tremendous stress he put her through.)

But Ted didn't stop there. He then published his version of the archaeological report, insisting (as he still does) that HE authorized and oversaw it. He did not. Jackie did. But who is going to believe a "crazy" mother over a respected ex-FBI agent who claims to be an advocate for ritual abuse victims?

I have tremendous respect for Jackie. She could have fought back dirty. God knows I wouldn't have begrudged her the right to do so. But instead, she took the high road and kept to her original mission, to fight for the credibility of the victimized children - who are now adults.
For whatever reasons, Ted Gunderson appears to be a serial predator. He has romanced and bankrupted at least 2 other women (they both contacted me, with outside verifications of their stories.) Each woman had also tried to speak out about the reality of ritual abuse. I helped another potential victim free from his control after that.

Unfortunately, there is another outspoken survivor who he is bilking and controlling to the max, using her to spread his disinformation (e.g., encouraging the victim to believe that the people who hurt and used her are "lizard aliens" who morph into human form. And of course, those lizard aliens rule our world from behind the scenes. Whatever. This stuff gets really crazy sometimes.)

There are at least 3 other "ex"-intelligence officers who are preying on outspoken female survivors and pro-survivors in similar ways, and are verified business partners with him. Two of them befriended and betrayed me, although they did not romance me. These women not only went through original hell - either their own or that of their children - they then were horribly revictimized BECAUSE they dared to speak out. And on top of all that, their (and our) credibility was torn to shreds by FMSF [False Memory Syndrome Foundation] spokespersons, most of whom - we can now prove - have had very questionable, if not downright dirty, motives for making their claims.


Ted stole the body of his work from me. I got documents from journalists in exchange for my interviews. I got ALL of the material on Michael Aquino and Anton Lavey from Ivan Sharpe of the San Francisco Chronicle. He got them from Anton and Aquino.

Ted stole the files when he was sharing my house-the place where he embezzled $30,000 from me.

He got his information about Aleister Crowley from me in conversations about what I had read. I confirmed with his ex-wife Jocelyn that Ted does not read books or know how to use a computer.

All that crap about how great he is, is written by his "Associates." [Ken Aadachi & Co.]

Ted met Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, Noreen Gosch, and many others through me. No professionals that I worked with during that time would have anything to do with Ted, in fact they warned me to get away from him.

I let him stay because he had gotten me in debt and I was determined to make him pay me back.


I have made it clear that Ted had NOTHING to do with my case, and has no authorization to put it on his resume much less give speeches claiming he was hired by anyone-or that he spent any of "his own" money on the investigation. This would be an excellent place for me and others to serve him with a subpoena for the money he stole from me and Mrs. Homer Young, and Lillian Madsen and Mary Scheibe, and many others as all of Ted's addressees are either mail box drops or other people's homes.

I own it because I commissioned the report [tunnel report] and the entire project. gunderson was there-like a leech on a vein, but he was NEVER HIRED OR INVOLVED IN ANY OFFICIAL CAPACITY-AT ALL in my case.
He embezzled $30,000 from me and my children. And now he continues to travel around the country conning and bilking people.

See his schlock website put on the web by Clarence Malcolm, convicted of counterfeiting $100 bills in Bellflower, CA and now on the lam for other criminal charges. is no longer on line because THAT webmaster [Christopher Jones] is in prison for molesting young boys.

The people who are ted's detractors [Barbara Hartwell was mentioned as such a detractor] are so because they KNOW him and follow his trail of deceit and cons. We don't go out of our way to follow this crook, people come to us. I'll never see my money again but he continues to steal from victims and little old ladies. For documentation to prove this contact me.


There is much more to this story, backed by the testimony of numerous witnesses, as well as documentation, including letters and e-mails exchanged among journalists, investigators and victims.

I am especially concerned that the truth be known, as increasing numbers of people, many of whom call themselves "targeted individuals", are promoting an affidavit written by Ted Gunderson (2011) as if it were the Holy Grail. Some of these same people (who in my opinion are frauds) run groups claiming to be advocates for targeted individuals and are exploiting this affidavit, falsely believing it gives them credibility.

Some of these same individuals are publishing defamatory falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell, seemingly because I have exposed Ted Gunderson, and/or because they believe the outrageous lies Gunderson and his cronies and minions had been promoting about me for decades, as retaliation for exposing their criminal activities.

Ted Gunderson & The Finders

McMartin Whistleblower Jackie McGauley Responds to Ken Adachi re Ted Gunderson

"I Just Want the Truth Out There!": Ted Gunderson Exposed by Targets & Victims

A Mother's Message on Sexual & Satanic Ritual Abuse

Sunday, November 10, 2019


NOTE: Here are excerpts from 2 reports (2005 & 2006) on the subject of COINTELPRO, which focus on the engineered spreading of disinformation, black propaganda and the defamation campaigns run against legitimate journalists, human rights activists and government whistleblowers, as well as genuine, sincere patriots and Christians.

These reports were written at a time before social media became the main venue for most everyone who uses the Internet. (What a crying shame!) I have made no secret of the fact that I HATE...hate, hate, media. I've never used it and never will.

Social media is a tool of totalitarian systems, socialistic/communistic in nature, designed to destroy the personal boundaries, privacy and spiritual integrity of the INDIVIDUAL. It is a free-for-all, where anything goes...anything, that is, EXCEPT for Christian values, moral absolutes, and the principles on which this Constitutional Republic, under the Rule of Law, was founded.

If you don't believe this, just take a hard look at WHO is being censored, banned and relentlessly harassed. Is it the violent lunatic leftists, the progressives, the New Agers, the secular humanists? Is it the psycho stalkers, the whackjobs, the pathological liars, the snoops and snitches, hell-bent on destroying the reputations of decent, honorable persons who love God, country and family? 

Hell, no! These reprobates, these God-haters, these demonic scum criminals, are allowed free rein, as long as the money keeps rolling in, and the principles on which this nation was founded are destroyed in the process.

Regarding the information presented here, it is still just as valid, just as relevant as it ever was. But social media has certainly tremendously exacerbated the problem. The crazies are now going hog-wild, and there is no end in sight.

Barbara Hartwell
November 10, 2019

Link to original report:



This report addresses several issues related to COINTELPRO-style operations.

COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program) was initiated in 1956 under FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. A similar program, Operation Chaos, was run by CIA during the Cold War Era.

Today, these programs continue, though under different names and operations, with various federal agencies involved in their web of deception, skulduggery, black propaganda and carefully-crafted disinformation.

Their overarching agenda: Mainly to neutralize and/or discredit legitimate government whistleblowers who have come forward with truthful, accurate, factual information which is damaging to the criminals who have overthrown the U.S. Government from within. These criminals have subverted the United States Constitution; they are operating in collusion with a cabal of elitist plutocrats worldwide, to implement a totalitarian One World Government, otherwise known as the New World Order.

Though this brief overview is common knowledge to all well-informed individuals, what most do not understand is the inner workings of the criminal conspiracy connected to COINTELPRO, whose agents have infiltrated ALL levels of government; ALL activist organizations; ALL political parties, coalitions and PACs.

You name it, they've infiltrated it. I have yet to see an exception and don't expect I ever will. In fact, the main reason there is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, though they each may outwardly promote a different agenda, is because both parties are controlled from above by the same cabal which runs the criminal conspiracy.

The criminal conspiracy is completely pervasive and functions like a well-oiled machine. The architects of the conspiracy are nearly "bullet proof". Their position at the pinnacle of the hierarchy is so far removed from – so far above-- the government officials, intelligence operatives, law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and the rank-and-file government employees and civil servants who simply "follow orders", that obtaining solid evidence against the movers and shakers of the Global Elite is a Herculean task. So it's no surprise that they are known in intelligence circles as the Olympic Cartel.


But for those persistent and dedicated investigators and independent intelligence analysts, there are ways to beat the system; to unravel the web of corruption. Starting at the top is not an effective method. We start where we have easy access to verifiable information and where collecting evidence is only a matter of time, effort and investigative legwork.

And for those whistleblowers and activists such as myself who have been targeted by the criminal conspiracy, we begin by focusing not on the higher levels of government operatives giving the orders, but on those tasked with carrying out the orders. Just as in the drug cartels, though it is already known who actually runs them, criminal investigators often start with the low-level street dealers, gathering evidence, and work their way up to the drug lords from there. It is often just a matter of connecting the nodes in the web and developing the evidence as the investigation progresses.

Now, it is important to understand the concept of "plausible deniability". Quite simply, this means that the conspirators and liars running the COINTELPRO-style operations set up a little insurance policy to protect themselves; a contingency plan in case their criminal operations are exposed. They can then DENY any involvement or wrongdoing which might implicate them in the conspiracy.

How do they do this? One way is to use lowly minions to do their dirty work: those who have no official status within the government, from whom they can easily distance themselves if their plans go awry. The minions fall into several categories by which they can be identified.

But most importantly, they are all considered expendable. They are expendable, because in the final analysis, in the Big Picture, they are deemed inconsequential nobodies by the powers-that-be.

[ALERT TO READERS, added November 17, 2006:

One (or more) of the COINTELPRO minions (not mentioned by name in this report) have taken this report and posted it on various websites, selectively DELETING certain parts of the report. One site on which I found that certain portions had been deleted was Liberty Forum.

I did not post this report on that site myself (the "source" was named as The Revolutionary Coalition message board, on which it was originally posted by Rick Stanley) and yet I found my name there as the purported "poster".

Below, in bold type, is one entire subheading of this report which was totally deleted, COINTELPRO MINIONS: EXPENDABLE HIRELINGS. Certain portions of another subheading, EXPUNGING LOYALTY, DESTROYING LOVE, were also deleted by this malicious "cut-and-paste" forger, specifically my comments on Jesus Christ and the importance of spiritual love in defeating evil.

I should also mention that one of the most despicable of these government stooges, criminals and provocateurs, a psychopath by the name of Todd Brendan Fahey, has for years been perpetrating identity theft and forgery (including of the "cut-and-paste" variety) among other crimes, against Barbara Hartwell; ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee and others.

In fact, Fahey was banned from Liberty Post in 2004, for libel, stalking, and for obscenity – fabricating pornographic filth in connection with my name. However, Fahey is known to use many aliases and screen names, by which he gets back into the forums from which he has been banned. In the "comments" section of Liberty Post, after this report, I noted that one of Fahey's many screen names (which being the coward he is, he has a habit of hiding behind) was listed.

I also find it interesting (and typical) that this DELETED subsection describes Todd Fahey to a "T". Criminal; stalker; psychopath; drug abuser; porno-monger; pathological liar; COINTELPRO minion and "spook wannabe". This creep is the lowest of the low, even among his fellow government toadies.

Fahey has also, in the past, "edited" the material of certain writers (including Barbara Hartwell) without permission and has notably REMOVED all references to Jesus Christ or anything of a Christian nature. By his own admission, he is not a Christian and has claimed that talking about Christ makes a person "sound too religious". Aside from the fact that Fahey has no right whatsoever to tamper with the work of others; nor to appoint himself as the arbiter of the religious beliefs of others, it is clear that there is a more sinister motive for him to DELETE all references to Christ. I'll leave it to the readers to figure that one out.

So that the readers may be certain they are seeing the WHOLE REPORT, and so they may see for themselves a case in point of the tactics used by these government stooges and liars, I have put this section in RED TYPE. BH]


1) Criminals

Those convicted of a crime (or known to be involved in criminal activities) who wish to make a deal for a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card by becoming snitches; and/or by targeting the former intelligence/law enforcement personnel or others who have become government whistleblowers.

2) Activists/Amateurs/ Wannabes

Members of political activist groups, or individual activists, many of whom are merely dupes, hoodwinked by the covert government operatives (who pose as patriots, especially organizers or "leaders") and are drawn into their web with (false) promises. The operatives often choose those who are ambitious amateurs; "wannabes" (those with no training, expertise or background in intelligence work, law enforcement or other disciplines) and appeal to their egos to give them a false sense of "importance" --when in reality they are merely stooges being used for a government-sponsored agenda.

3) Drug Abusers and Psychopaths

Some individuals from this third category may also fall into the first two. Psychopaths are particularly useful, as they can easily be dismissed by the government operatives as whackjobs, nutcases, kooks, lone nutters, etc. should they become a liability. These types are often easier to control --if they get out of line, they can simply be thrown into a mental ward with few questions asked. Now, this is not to say that the government operatives don't try to impugn the sanity of legitimate whistleblowers, in order to neutralize them --they most certainly do. But the difference is, some of those used as minions in the COINTELPRO are REAL nutcases and the operatives controlling them are well aware of that fact.

Most are also pathological liars who may be delusional; narcissistic and entertain paranoid fantasies, which are purposely fueled by the government operatives. Often the designated targets (whistleblowers) are falsely accused of various plots or crimes against the delusional/paranoid minions.

The COINTELPPRO operatives feed them such false information in order to engender a personal vendetta against the targets. A vendetta which is based on falsehoods; twisting factual information to demonize the target; and often outright lies.

There also may be an element of hero worship – worship of the covert (and not so covert) government operatives by their dupes and minions. When one of the bad guy operatives is exposed by legitimate whistleblowers, the minions rally to his defense, attacking the targeted whistleblowers for what they claim are their "unjust" accusations or "lies."

Nothing could be further from the truth. The minions have been manipulated into promoting the very lies their controllers have fabricated, and continuing the cover-up of criminal activity, be it drugs-for-weapons deals; child sex abuse; money laundering; blackmail; espionage or any other forms of criminal conspiracy/racketeering.

The primary key to using these minions to target whistleblowers is manipulation, often through behavior modification tactics. Appeal to their emotions, by which they are ruled. Flatter their egos. Make them feel "important." Make them feel like real "players." Make them believe they are "doing the right thing"; going after the "bad guys" (legitimate whistleblowers); fool them into believing they are serving "Truth"and "Justice."

Meanwhile, it's all based on lies. Usually outrageous lies, demonizing the targets (legitimate whistleblowers) with the purpose of discrediting their testimony about REAL government crimes and corruption.

Facts; logical reasoning; critical analysis: these have no place in the COINTELPRO. It is based upon a web of falsehood, spun by liars, inside a hall of smoke and mirrors.

COINTELPRO also exploits the "alternative media" to do their dirty work. Since the advent of the Internet as the major "news" venue, the level of professionalism in journalism has plummeted. These days, just about anyone can put up a blog and promote their opinions, write editorials and distribute them to be available to thousands, even millions of readers. The very same operatives who recruit the dupes and minions also rely on alternative media websites and radio programs to spread their disinformation far and wide.

COINTELPRO TACTICS: Excerpts from Open Letter to Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley (2005)

Link to original report:


I have been targeted for vicious harassment (at times of a criminal nature) by many of the unconscionable, ignorant and misguided people who populate the Internet. This harassment has included libel and slander campaigns by various individuals, many of whom comprise a loose-knit network of dupes and minions of the FBI/CIA et al, broadly known as a COINTELPRO-style operation.

(CIA also implemented a similar program, Operation CHAOS, geared toward illegal domestic spying and sabotage of the activities of "dissidents"; however, COINTELPRO better describes the operation as it has been run by both agencies since the advent of the Internet, which only became a major venue for such operations about ten years ago.)

The purpose of the COINTELPRO operation: To publicly discredit those legitimate individuals who are telling the truth about criminals, tyrants and traitors in government; and to sabotage the work of genuine activists standing up against the New World Order.

COINTELPRO --instituted in the 1950s under the auspices of the FBI by J. Edgar Hoover-- involves, among other operations, professional intelligence operatives who organize amateurs (who pose as political activists; "patriots" or even "Christians") to target bona fide whistle-blowers, survivors of government black operations, sincere patriots and defenders of the Constitution, by demonizing their character; spreading lies and disinformation; Machiavellian divide-and-conquer tactics; as well as harassment campaigns by e-mail and phone, even stalking (cyber-stalking included).

These sowers of discord --provocateurs and saboteurs-- are nothing but stooges, patsies being used for a purpose they are not nearly smart enough to comprehend. They do not think for themselves and thus lack spiritual and intellectual discernment.

They are little nobodies, aimlessly drifting nowhere --that is, until they are set on a 'remote-control' course to execute someone else's agenda.

These pawns of the powers-that-be don't need credentials, training nor even a formal education and most have none of these advantages.

It's a no-brainer. The only 'credentials' these self-important pathological liars (many of whom are also delusional) need to get the job done are a loud mouth; a dishonest, deceitful and dishonorable nature; a worship of government authority figures; a willingness to blindly follow orders; a lack of scruples; and an axe to grind...close enough for government work.

Voila: The COINTELPRO operatives have rounded up some cheap-and-easy labor to carry out the low-level dirty work for Le Grande Frere, now conveniently protected under the umbrella of the fascist behemoth Homeland Security and the treasonous Patriot Acts.

The COINTELPRO minions not only serve as provocateurs, they are also what I call "time-wasters", as the targeted individual often uses up much precious time defending oneself from the unrelenting attacks, usually in the form of libelous disinformation being spread on the Internet or on radio programs.

I should add that some of these very foolish people (including Shirley Anderson and Tim White) previously exposed and listed in my reports, have actually accused me of being a "CIA assassin" and of drawing up a "hit list" or even a "death list" with their names on it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, these pathetic losers wouldn't be worth the trouble for any real "assassin" from any government agency to target for elimination. The very thought is laughable.

They don't know anything; were never involved in anything important and are of no consequence in the larger schemes of political intrigue and government operations. They're merely stooges, dupes who inflate their own importance, often being delusional to boot.

But more to the point, I'm not a murderer, not an assassin and never have been...but being a warrior for truth and justice, I DO go for the jugular (figuratively speaking, of course) operating from righteous outrage over the perpetual harassment from these would-be, wanna-be, aspiring government goons and those who control them.

They've been warned and I can assure them they will pay a heavy price, spiritually (if not also materially) for disregarding my directives to cease and desist their harassment, cyber-stalking and vicious libel.


Most of the libel is presented in the form of brief "blurbs" in the sloppy hit-and-run style favored by most of the provocateurs who write and post them. They don't write real reports; neither do they bother gathering or furnishing facts or evidence.

They are not in possession of any facts. And their motto seems to be: We don't need no stinkin' evidence!

No, no....they do not concern themselves with such meaningless things as facts or evidence. After all, they are not journalists, not investigators; not professionals in any field or discipline.

They are merely a gaggle of rank amateurs, acting as provocateurs on orders from those above them in the COINTELPRO or DCS (Domestic Contact Service, an illegal domestic covert program run by CIA which also uses low-level snitches and provocateurs to target American citizens) chain of command.

These amateurs occupy the bottom rung of the ladder (more accurately, they are wallowing in the mud under the ladder) and there are none below them; thus they can't stoop any lower than they already are.

All provocateurs by nature are cowards. Many (not all) hide behind pseudonyms or silly screen names and thus have no credibility whatsoever.

Perhaps the most salient and ludicrous example of a screen name used by a notorious provocateur is "Ranger Rick" that of Brenda M. Negri.

Although anyone who has ever been targeted by Negri knows her real name, to the present time (January 2005) she has never used her real name, nor admitted that her many libelous posts under various screen names (even death threats, posted on public message boards!) were written by Brenda Negri.

And Negri has been at it (to my knowledge) since September 2001, beginning her malicious harassment of government whistle-blowers, including Barbara Hartwell, Al Martin, Ed Schooling, Michael Ruppert, Geral Sosbee, shortly after 9-11. Now, there's some food for thought...

It's best to remember that these provocateurs are all pathological liars. How else could they attempt to justify the unjustifiable: bearing false witness against their targets, most of whom are people they have never met; do not know, even by any form of casual acquaintance.

What they may think they know usually comes from the malicious gossip and libelous falsehoods being promoted by others of their ilk, other idiots with axes to grind.

As for the lies they promote: They will simply take one outrageous lie, the more outlandish the better, usually furnished by their dark overlords, such as: "Barbara Hartwell is CIA, once a spook, always a spook !" (Larry Lawson)...

...or "She's a nark --watch out!" (Spread by some of Alex Jones's cohorts, including Paul Joseph Watson, who posted such comments on Info Wars and Prison Planet after grandstander and false patriot Jones arranged to get me cut off in the middle of a radio program and then made sure I was banned from the radio station for good)....

...or "Barbara Hartwell is a rogue CIA operative with longtime connections to Wackenhut !" (Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick aka The Fifth Horseman aka many other idiotic aliases)...

...or "Barbara Hartwell is a whore, that CIA bitch, she's George Bush's trollop!" (Tim White aka the Phantom.)

......And by far the most damaging character assassination of any of the vile lies being disseminated by a provocateur, "I had sex with Barbara Hartwell" (alcoholic whackjob Todd Brendan Fahey aka Larry McDonald aka Agent Provocateur aka spookyermomma aka many other aliases).

If you are a legitimate whistle-blower, genuine patriot or sincere could be next in line to be targeted....


Here's how the scheme works: Each lie is posted and reposted ad infinitum, on every e-mail group or public message board the provocateurs can find --and there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of such places on the Web willing to accomodate these liars and provide a public forum for their libel campaigns.

Over time, many people (at least those lacking in intelligence and discretion) believe these outrageous lies to be true, simply for having seen them repeated so many times. They will believe anything they read, no matter how preposterous or improbable the lie; no matter how dubious the source.

Like so much horse manure, the lies are passed along by the trowel-full, used to fertilize the toxic grapevine which grows longer and more convoluted with each lie that sprouts from it. And so the cycle continues...lies fed in...lies sprouting out...lies fed in...lies sprouting out....

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Ted Gunderson & The Finders

When I saw the news stories about the FBI release of documents on The Finders, I did a related search for Ted Gunderson, knowing this was one of the cases he publicized, and for which he is given credit for exposing.

On the third page of the search I found one of my own old reports (2010), titled Ted Gunderson & The Finders, which I have copied in its entirety here.

For those who don't know the history, I worked with Gunderson from 1997 to 2000, on various cases. I was on the lecture circuit with him, as well as radio and TV programs.

I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Ted after I discovered (from reliable sources, followed by my own investigation) that far from being a “whistleblower”, he was running counterintelligence operations (same as COINTELPRO, where he was Hoover's right hand man in the FBI).

Then, I learned that he was covering up the fact that John DeCamp, former senator, assassin in Op Phoenix, CIA black ops, and author of The Franklin Coverup, was himself a pedophile, and that the so-called Franklin Coverup was in fact a double coverup.

Gunderson himself admitted DeCamp's crimes to me when I told him (November, 1999) that I had this information from an unimpeachable source. I told him that I was appalled that he would cover for DeCamp, that DeCamp was a dangerous predator and criminal who belonged behind bars. Ted actually tried to make excuses for DeCamp, claiming he had “still done a lot of good for the children.” I was outraged, and shortly thereafter broke off my association with him. After that day, I never saw him again.

The truth is, Gunderson was running containment operations, along with a protection racket. He was actually a sort of bounty hunter who, instead of chasing down bad guys, as he claimed, was going after the good guys, mostly former law enforcement and intelligence professionals, genuine whistleblowers, quite a few of whom I knew personally and with whom I exchanged information and documents.

Beginning in 2000, after further investigations, I publicly exposed Ted Gunderson, as a matter of conscience, along with DeCamp. In one instance (2003), I was summarily pulled off the air on a radio show (Jeremy Floyd) on the orders of Alex Jones, who threatened Jeremy that he should never speak to Barbara Hartwell again. Jeremy quit his job at GCN the next day, and publicly backed me up, exposing Jones as a shill for Gunderson.

John DeCamp made public threats to sue Barbara Hartwell and started a huge defamation campaign, along with Gunderson. I was called a liar, and every horrible name imaginable, and of course, was accused of being a “CIA disinfo agent”, a smear that was picked up by the hordes of government stooges who idolized Gunderson and DeCamp as heroes and whistleblowers.

Nothing much has changed, in all this time. I am still being falsely accused, defamed and persecuted, by the angry and ignorant mobs of fans of Ted Gunderson, most of whom never knew him, but are only parroting the counterintelligence party line.

Gunderson's affidavit (2011) is being promoted by groups and organizations who claim to be advocates for “Targeted Individuals”, the same people who are promoting disinformation on related subjects; the same people who are to this day libeling/slandering Barbara Hartwell and spreading lurid, baseless gossip on social media.

Decent, honorable persons, who are actually working to end child trafficking, are also being viciously defamed, called “satanic pedophiles” by false accusers, seeking fame and money for their unscrupulous actions.

Meanwhile, the egregious crimes continue. The child trafficking continues. As does the hero worship of Ted Gunderson.

Barbara Hartwell
November 6, 2019

NOTE (March 15, 2010): I received this message quite a few years ago, from a friend (former military and retired police detective). I will not reveal his identity, as per his request. I lost contact with him a few years back, and the last I heard he had relocated overseas. I hope he is alive and well, but I have no way to know what became of him.

I understand that publishing anything without the true identity of the source compromises the credibility of the material (at least in the eyes of discerning persons who do not know the source), but having said that up front, I've decided to publish this anyway.

I do know the source, and furthermore, I have discussed this issue (and other related issues) at length with him over a period of years. In fact, I know him to be truthful, trustworthy and professional.

He has also been targeted by the same criminal network (Ted Gunderson and his CIA/FBI/ COINTELPRO cronies; as well as their stooges and minions) who have been persecuting Barbara Hartwell over the past decade.

He has had attempts on his life, as well as death threats, same as in my case. Like me, he was able to outsmart the opposition and to stay alive, but at great personal cost.

As a possibly related item, I have it from several other confidential sources (who have told me they have evidence) that Ted Gunderson was in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Personally, I have no evidence of that, but should I receive it, I will publish it.

And as an aside (not related, except to show Ted's mindset), in a conversation with Ted Gunderson (1998), when we were still friends, I stated that I am a longtime supporter of Leonard Peltier, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, these many years.

Ted's response? "He killed two FBI agents! He's guilty and belongs in jail."

Apparently, Ted has never bothered to review the evidence. For if he had, he would have seen the truth, that Leonard Peltier is innocent. Gunderson was still in the FBI at the time of Peltier's arrest (1976). Clearly, like his former colleagues, he simply does not care about an innocent man languishing in jail.

But as regards this brief report, I ask only that the readers take the source's comments under advisement, do their own additional research and reach their own conclusions.

The initials TG stand for Ted Gunderson. It is how we all (his targets, former colleagues, etc.) refer to him. Except some use lower case letters, as they say they refuse to capitalize his name.

Mark my words: Ted Gunderson does not have clean hands; and he is not "retired" from government service. He may have retired from the FBI, but not from his involvement in COINTELPRO and related operations.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
March 15, 2010

Ted Gunderson and The Finders.


RE: TG and "The Finders."


I am the one who faxed TG the Finders documents! All of them available then. Although I have more now.

After I faxed the docs to TG he called me back acting very excited telling me he has been searching for years for this info!

His former sidekick "Ray Lavas" also got on the phone excited. (I have since heard Lavas and TG had a major falling out.)

My source who gave me the docs informed me that those docs were given to TG through his one cowboy actor friend (Name on file in my notes) who was attending a conference about abuse of children in Texas with TG.

This conference took place about two years prior to me faxing TG the docs. My source said TG was busy so source knew cowboy actor was with TG and gave docs to him to give to TG. When I told TG what my source said, he later that day told me that he found the Finders docs in his files after all. He had forgotten that he had them! Then he remembered that his cowboy actor friend had given him the docs back then, but he forgot about them because they had so many other docs.

How could he forget if he had been searching for these docs for years!

I began to investigate the Finders incident in which after speaking to law enforcement detectives in Florida, and telling them which PD I used to work for, they put me in touch with an alleged CIA agent who knew more about the case than them. The detectives told me he was CIA. After speaking with him, all of a sudden the IRS was auditing me for 15 years prior! And a former girlfriend of mine working in IRS was baffled by that.

This alleged CIA agent was supposed to be a good guy and also a friend of TG. TG admitted knowing him. However a major news media source back then informed me that this alleged CIA agent was DIA, not CIA. This news source gives TG no credibility after she found out TG's ties to certain militias.

I found out about a very secretive, little known unit inside DIA which was alleged to be responsible for the JFK assassination. D.I.S. C.- Defense Industrial Security Command out of Columbus Ohio & General Dynamics. I think they changed their name slightly and operate from a different location now. I also found names of wealthy people who associated with this group. "Clint Murchison Sr. & Jr., H.L. Hunt," etc.

And TG has admitted being friends with those same wealthy people. Publicly he had admitted to being friends with Murchisons and stated to me that they were mafia/CIA. D.I.S.C. was also known for employing agents provocateur to foment division in the population. How about division among patriots also? At least one 30 year former CIA/military intel high ranking officer and proven trustworthy whistleblower source gave the opinion TG may be connected to DIA, and this unit inside DIA.
There is so much more to this, and other facts about TG.

But 2+2=4

Saturday, November 2, 2019

SMEAR CAMPAIGNS: The Wicked Tool of Lowlife Losers

"When the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser."


NOTE: This is a brief report I published (2006) on another site in relation to the defamation campaigns being waged against a number of my friends and colleagues, all Christians and Patriots, Defenders of Liberty.

Since that time, I have observed that the smear campaigns run on the Internet against legitimate persons (journalists, activists, whistleblowers) have tremendously escalated, especially due to the nature of social media. However, the same basic principles apply.

If your good name is being slandered, libeled, smeared, especially by diverse individuals, groups, organizations, and if outright fabrications are the basis of the smears, your adversaries are certain to be LOWLIFE LOSERS who cannot present a logical, reasonable argument, nor any facts, nor evidence to support their position.

As liars and cowards, these unscrupulous reprobates resort to the smear campaign.


A "high profile" individual, having a name that is usually recognizable.

Uses his/her real name on Internet posts, not attempting to hide behind a screen name or "anonymous".

Has a "track record" of exposing government corruption, crimes, political chicanery and skulduggery.

Bases his/her reports on facts; names the names of
criminals/perps/provocateurs, etc. Demands evidence from others for corroboration of facts as well as furnishing it.

Is consistent in sticking to solid principles, year in, year out. Believes in moral absolutes. Defends the God-given, Unalienable Rights of the Individual.

Is a defender of the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Has a "no-nonsense" attitude in standing up against police state tactics, from law enforcement officers right up to the crooks in the White House, and everyone in-between.

Demands accountability from public servants/government officials.

Has bona fides (of one type or another) which establish legitimacy.

Has a previous (often long-standing) record of
harassment/persecution by criminals in government and their hirelings and minions. May have been falsely deemed "enemy of the state"; "terrorist"; "enemy combatant"; "high-profile subversive" and so on....

What type of person are we looking at here? Seems to me we're looking at a person who may be considered a serious "threat" to the status quo of corrupt government, the New World Order, Communism/Socialism/Fascism/global tyranny and totalitarianism.

It also seems to me that anyone who would target such an individual for harassment, stalking, slander/libel/bashing and attempts to demonize and DISCREDIT that individual, has an awful lot in common with the corrupt government officials who also are desperate to DISCREDIT/silence/neutralize that individual.

Barbara Hartwell
December 24, 2006