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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Jesus is NOT on Facebook

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

1 John 2:15

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

James 4:4

I have heard the question asked more times than I care to remember: Are you on Facebook? My answer is always the same: No. I don't use any kind of social media. Usually I don't bother elaborating, not unless the questioner seems truly interested in my reasons.

Just a brief statement, for clarity: Facebook is, and always has been, a government operation for data extraction and collection on individuals, which is used as a tool for social engineering, propaganda, and ultimately, control. Social media, in general, is a tool of the surveillance society, the totalitarian collectivism of the anti-Christian New World Order.

And, if people's lives are so empty that they resort to seeking “friends” on Facebook, what a crying shame.

This report serves as my position statement on what the Internet has become, and the reasons I have chosen to limit my use of it. More than that, it will reveal my intense dislike of the intrusive and disrespectful culture it has spawned.

A culture where respect for the privacy, personal boundaries and spiritual integrity of individuals is a thing of the past, as people voluntarily publish the most minute and intimate details of their lives for all the world to see. And while they're at it, they drag in the names of others who are not so inclined, whose lives, as they have every right to determine, are not an open book, fodder for all and sundry to examine. I am just one such individual.

They not only do not respect the privacy and boundaries of others, they do not even acknowledge the rights of the individuals whose privacy they are invading. Well, everybody does it, they smugly proclaim. As if that is a defense of the ethically indefensible, a justification for the unjustifiable. And no, “everybody” most certainly does not do it.

A culture which encourages exploitation, aggression and predatory behaviors by opportunists, mountebanks and snake oil salesmen, quite a few of whom are criminals. A culture populated by gossips, meddlers and busybodies, who clearly believe they have the 'right' to invade the lives of others, simply because they have the means and opportunity to do so. As for the motives, they range from seeking the approval of the world (ego-gratification, self-aggrandizement), to raking in ill-gotten profits at the expense of others; and worst of all, to assault others with their vile perversions.

Not that there is anything new under the sun, this has always been the way of the world. But the culture of the Internet has made it far more difficult for people of faith to live a Christian life, with the values of the world intruding on every side.

For me personally, this culture has become a minefield, a source of stress and troubles galore. A culture, especially as a Christian, I want no part of. It is tailor made for those whose love is for the things of the world, rather than the love of and obedience to God.

Not just the Internet, but 'smart phones', and related technology, which has created a population of tranced-out screen zombies. The screen is always on, always at hand. Any activity in their lives will be interrupted, as the endless flow of messages pop up, accompanied by various beeps, buzzes and ringtones of noise pollution. The screen zombies are 'on call' (literally) 24/7, seemingly enslaved by the fear of missing a message. Heaven forbid!

My uses of the Internet are limited to e-mail (used only for brief messages or sending documents); publishing reports on my website, and as a guest on radio programs; doing research.

In today's world, it is virtually impossible to function without this technology. Finding products, services or organizations? There is no other way.

Before the Internet, if you wanted to hire some sort of service, you could simply look up a number in a phone book. You could call the number, get a real live person on the line, request the information you needed, and decide to hire that service – or not. Now, you are asked to 'sign up', 'sign in' or 'log in', in order to even access the information. Otherwise, you are blocked from any further information you need. Unless I can find a phone number to call, where I can speak to a human being, they will not get my business.

Since there are no public phone booths anymore, few hardcopy phone directories, you would be hard-pressed to be able to communicate without a cell phone. Most people use cell phones exclusively, and don't have a landline in their homes. As I have heard some say, their whole lives are on their phones. And what will happen if they lose the phone? Disaster will follow, as they have invested all they have in a device, a mere piece of equipment.

I have a basic cell phone, an old prepaid model, no contract, not listed under any name. I use it only when necessary when I am not at home, or for emergencies when driving. Otherwise, it is turned off. Period.

For quite some time, texting has been the preferred method, rather than a phone conversation. I have never sent a text message. I don't know how, and have no desire to learn. The few persons who have my cell number know that it is turned off most of the time; if they want to reach me they can call me at home. If I am out they can leave a voice mail.

They have also been told that I do not communicate by texting. And yet, some continue to disregard my clearly stated wishes by sending text messages. My 'response' is to simply hit the DELETE button, without reading the message.

I have actually been harassed by people who do not seem to understand the simple phrase: I DO NOT USE TEXT MESSAGES, NOR DO I ACCEPT THEM.

And yet, they continue to badger me, telling me that I need to 'adapt'. No, I 'need' to do no such thing, just because other people find it to be convenient for them. I have even recently learned, to my dismay, that some people have decided to automatically translate voice mail into text messages. This they say, is more 'convenient'. So, they will never even hear anything I had to say. Instead, they will receive a sterile message devoid of the actual meaning I intended to convey. My response to that, once I learned that my intended messages are not getting through, is that if I call them and they don't pick up, I disconnect the line. They can choose to call me back, or not.

I refuse to become a zombified slave to other people's convenience. I am not available 24/7; I will not be pressured to answer messages on anyone's timeline, and I will not be forced into their soulless mode of communication. It is depersonalizing in the extreme, and I refuse to be drawn into this system.

If they really want to hear from me, if it is actually important to them, they will make an actual phone call and speak to me. If not, that tells me all I need to know.

Back to the Internet. The prevailing trend is now to use Twitter and Facebook (as well as other social media), even for journalists. They post a brief statement on Twitter, which often leads to a link to another site. Often that site is Facebook. For someone like me, who does not use Facebook, that means that more often than not I am unable to access the page.

Some people have told me that they use Facebook only as a platform to promote their work, or as a professional venue as a 'public figure'. I won't criticize them for that, it is not my business. I can only say that since I am unable to access what they are promoting, if they don't choose to make it public for all to see, they may lose any support or promotion I may have otherwise given, since I am locked out from their material.

Countless times, I have heard or read the complaints from users of Facebook: I have been suspended from Facebook! I have been banned from Facebook! My Facebook page has been shut down! Woe is me!

My question is, why would anyone willingly be a part of a system that censors, blocks, suspends, bans them? An operation which does not allow them their God-given right to free speech? Which tries to force their politically correct, totalitarian, marxist/socialist/communist standards on the content? WHY? Why, I wonder, don't they just free themselves from the tyranny and get the hell off Facebook!

One of many reasons I refuse to use Twitter or Facebook, is that simply by doing so the user invites contact from the general public, along with their comments. The automated system also sets things up so that the user's name is linked to any of a number of other accounts, without their previous knowledge or consent. Evidently, this doesn't bother most people, but it is insufferable to me. I don't want my name associated with strangers, known charlatans, or people who are my enemies, simply because a computer system run by robots, bureaucrats and social engineers decides there is relevance where none exists.

Then, there is the function of 'blocking'. So-and-so blocked me on Facebook! So-and-so blocked me on Twitter! They publicly announce this in a hissy fit to all and sundry. This system produces a culture of suspicion and hostility, where the approval seekers are in a constant battle, jockeying for supremacy and oneupmanship. To what end? By the same token, they boast about who “follows” them. As if their whole purpose, the ultimate goal of their lives, is to get followers, “likes”, and hit counts. To be pleasers of men, rather than followers of Christ.

On You Tube, the users are battling against others for subscribers. This, in part, is about money. I understand that some people make a living on the Internet by producing content. Again, I would not criticize them for that. But I don't subscribe, nor join up, nor sign in, in order to have access to any content. The same goes for pay walls. If content is not free, I don't pay to access it, no matter how interested I might be.

Then, there is 'Patreon'. Most users (podcasts, talk shows, print media) offer special benefits and exclusive content to subscribers. I understand, they have to fund their enterprises. And there are some individuals and organizations I would gladly support, had I the resources. All I am able to do, given my circumstances of living in dire poverty, is to promote them by placing a link to their websites on my own site. If I had the money, I would send a donation, or regular donations, by post. But I would draw the line at subscribing, or using Paypal.

On these issues, I speak strictly for myself. I don't expect others to agree with me, nor do I try to force my views on them. The one thing I do expect is that others will respect my privacy, my personal boundaries and my right to self-determination, based on my Christian faith. I will not be a part of this system, on principle.

Here's a question to ponder: When Jesus returns, in all His glory, to judge the living and the dead, do you really believe He will be using social media?

Jesus is NOT on Facebook.

Barbara Hartwell
August 8, 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019

PHOTO GALLERY OF THE EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR: Chappaqua, NY, May 26 & July 6-7, 2019

This report consists of photos from the first trip on May 26 and the second, July 6-7.

I was fortunate to be able to attend both events, thanks to the gracious assistance of the organizers, participants and affiliates of the Equal Justice Tour, all brothers and sisters in Christ, especially Coach Dave Daubenmire, Matt and Phil Szyszkiewic, Victor Alcaraz, Mark Trump, Michael and Paulie Heath.

They provided the transportation, the accomodations, the security and the support, for which I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

A disclaimer: I am not the best photographer, despite the fact that I am an artist, who also studied photography (the old fashioned kind, involving darkrooms and chemical baths, etc.) in college, many, many moons ago.

But then, I am a true technophobe. Anything to do with computers, electronic devices, makes me nervous and usually, frustrated by my lack of ability to effectively deal with them. I got a digital camera as a gift this spring, learned to take photos, and with some help, to finally load them into a computer.

Another thing: I am extremely camera shy. I generally avoid having my photo taken, for a number of reasons (I think those with a similar background to mine will understand). I often step aside to prevent myself from appearing in group photos.

The photos of me shown here were taken by others, with my consent, a rare occurrence, but worth it, considering the great people involved.

Photos shown here are from the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR at Walmart and New Castle Police Department.


Barbara Hartwell
July 22, 2019




































































































PODCAST BY RAMOLA D REPORTS: Barbara Hartwell & Matt Szyszkiewic, Equal Justice Tour Call to Indict Hillary Clinton

Leftist Rampage Against American Patriots & EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR




Friday, July 19, 2019

Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Leonard Horowitz & Sherri Kane on Late Night in the Midlands: True Stories of Counterintelligence, Spies & Devils

This broadcast is from June 21, 2019.

Interview by Riscalla, guest hosting for Michael Vara, begins at 35 minute mark.

Topics addressed include:

~Super Spook, FBI Chief Ted Gunderson and his COINTELPRO Cabal

~Child sex trafficking & coverups

~Dangers of vaccines & biological warfare

~Electro-magnetic weaponry (DEW) & 5G

~Radical left-wing agitators in US government & domestic terrorists, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter

~Media propaganda campaigns

~Satanic agenda to destroy America

~Supernatural warfare

~Illegal CIA drug & weapons running

~Illegal aliens invading the southern border

~FBI/CIA neutralization campaigns (including defamation) against journalists, activists and government whistleblowers

~Defenders of Liberty, the Constitution & God-given Unalienable Rights vs. America-hating leftist lunatics

We name names! From high level government officials to their minions, stooges, toadies and quislings. If they are bad guys, guaranteed, we expose them, no exceptions, no matter the consequences. Our reports are based on facts, backed by documented evidence.

We pursue JUSTICE.

NOTE: I have known Len Horowitz since 1997, and Sherri Kane since 2010, my good friends and colleagues.

I have been collaborating with Len and Sherri since 2010 to expose crimes and corruption in government. We have each independently identified many of the same individuals and groups of evildoers and demonic liars, intent on destroying our lives and the lives of our friends and colleagues.

Barbara Hartwell
July 19, 2019

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Gone But Never Forgotten: Joe Hagmann

On Monday, July 1, I learned of the death of Joe Hagmann, on June 29, 2019, which was announced by his father, Doug Hagmann, on his program, The Hagmann Report.

I didn't know Joe. I never had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. I only met Doug once, on May 26, at the Equal Justice Tour in Chappaqua, NY. I felt honored to meet him, as I have been a great fan of the Hagmann Report for years.

To say I am heartbroken would be an understatement. Though we did not know each other personally, Joe Hagmann was my brother in Christ. In my waking and sleeping hours since I learned of his passing, I have been able to think of little else.

It is not my place to say more, except that I will continue to follow the investigation by Doug and his colleagues, and will cover the case on this site, only as I receive permission. For now, this report is all I can do, and the least I can do.

Please take the time to watch and listen to these programs. Doug Hagmann has asked that the information he has publicly revealed, thus far, be shared.

I pray for God's swift justice on any and all evildoers who were involved in the untimely death of Joe Hagmann.

And please pray for the Hagmann family.

Thank you.

With love in Christ,
Barbara Hartwell
July 3, 2019


Russ Dizdar In-Studio with Doug Hagmann (July 1, 2019)

Gone but never forgotten: My farewell to Joe Hagmann

Peter Chowka reminisces about working with his friend Joe Hagmann and highlights of Joe's significant contributions in helping to birth a successful new media platform.

Coach Dave Live: July 3, 2019

This broadcast includes a very important message from Doug Hagmann to Coach Dave, which he asked to be shared with the audience.

For updates on the investigation, also see:

Hagmann Report on Twitter

Hagmann Report on Facebook

Douglas Hagmann

Also, listen to this powerful broadcast by Paul McGuire, on supernatural warfare, prayers for our brothers and sisters in Christ, Doug Hagmann and family, as Paul has asked to be disseminated far and wide.




NOTE from Barbara Hartwell (July 8, 2019)

Due to the ongoing investigation, I have decided to continue to post links to PUBLIC UPDATES as they are made available, and only from Doug Hagmann and persons authorized by him.

For the record, I am covering this case only as a journalist, and as someone who cares and wants to see justice served, and not as part of the investigation.

For official updates please see:


Quote from report by Doug Hagmann:

"...the only true and accurate information regarding the details pertaining to my son’s death to the extent that such details are to be made known will originate only from me, The Hagmann Report website or those specifically informed and requested to speak on our behalf."


Peter Barry Chowka hosts the Hagmann Report

(July 8, 2019)

The Search for the Truth Continues 

Doug Hagmann Returns Locked & Loaded


(July 26, 2019)


Monday, July 1, 2019


For my grandsons, Aidan, Christopher and Nicholas


We celebrate our Freedom
The fourth of each July
Two hundred years and counting
Do we ever wonder why
Our soldiers keep on dying
Dying for a lie

The senators and congress
Will tell us we are free
How many can believe this
As they trample Liberty
How many see the truth
About the criminals in D.C.

Our losses keep on mounting
As the government steals our homes
As taxes do deprive us
Of everything we own
In their arrogance they tell us
It's only yours on loan

When we try to buy or sell
Without a REAL I.D.
They make our lives a living hell
For daring to be free
It's for the greater good they say
National Security

They track us everywhere we go
With high technology
From dedicated satellites
See all there is to see
What about the Fourth Amendment
What about our privacy

They grab our guns, disarming us
How can we stand and fight
How can we defend ourselves
From invaders in the night
Or from the thugs in government
Who say we have no right

If we argue with a cop
Or question his authority
He might zap us with a taser
If we do not bend a knee
If we stand up for our Freedom
And challenge tyranny
They may lock us up in jail
And throw away the key

If we can't protect our borders
How can we stem the tide
Of freeloading illegals
In search of a free ride
When we protest against this outrage
The government takes their side

The psychobabbling liberals
Crusade for sodomites
Minorities and perverts
They say have special rights
The offenders now are Christians
Who witness for the Lord
Hate crimes will condemn us
For speaking God's Truth and Word

What happened to the Rule of Law
It vanished in the night
While Americans were sleeping
Not putting up a fight
The tyrants laugh behind our backs
For them it's Might makes Right

How long will this continue
How much more can we take
How many of us realize
Exactly what's at stake

What will we be doing
On Independence Day
Will we stand up for our Freedom
Or let traitors have their way

Will we just succumb to tyranny
As they pillage, rape and burn
As they steal our children's future
And our grandchildren's in turn

Or will we fight for Liberty
And set our country free
Will we cower before tyrants
Or shout, Don't Tread on Me!

Barbara Hartwell
July 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Leftist Rampage Against American Patriots & EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR

Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

1 Corinthians 10:21

On May 26, 2019 I was one of roughly 70 people who traveled to Chappaqua, NY for the first organized event of the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR.

I was inspired to get involved with this dedicated group of Christians, Veterans and Patriots after I watched a video of Coach Dave Daubenmire, of PASS THE SALT ministries, who drove from his home in Ohio to Chappaqua, NY on April 22. Standing alone in the rain outside the Clinton residence at 15 Old House Lane, speaking his mind, and from the heart, about the need to hold this career criminal accountable; to see justice done. Equal justice, that is. And I thought, how courageous, how valiant, to actually go there alone with no backup.

He had explained on his podcasts that he had previously been paid an unannounced visit by the FBI at his home in Ohio, and that by the counsel of the Holy Spirit was directed to drive to Hillary's residence to make his grave concerns about her criminal activities publicly known.

Though his first trip was that of one man alone, I know he speaks for many others. He certainly speaks for me.

When it was later announced that he was going back to Chappaqua, and he issued the invitation for like-minded people to become a part of the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR, an event was planned for the Memorial Day weekend. As a Christian and patriot, I wholeheartedly support this ministry and the people who are organizing it.

What many of us who went to Chappaqua realized was that there are a larger number of Americans than we thought, who are as fed up as we are with the dishonesty, corruption and criminality of politicians and government officials, as they see this nation being destroyed from within.

As we were gathered outside the Walmart in Mohegan Lake, NY, people in passing cars honked, gave a thumbs up, cheering us on in their agreement with us, expressed on the signs we were holding. Some stopped and engaged us in conversations, expressing their frustration, but for the most part said they had remained silent, not knowing what they could personally do about it.

I believe the group of us gathered there provided a voice for them, and hopefully set an example to show that there ARE many things they can do, once they understand that ACTION is required. Not just talk, not keyboard warriors bemoaning their fate and whining, complaining about the state of the country, but doing nothing of any consequence to rectify it.

The people I met at the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR in Chappaqua are law-abiding citizens, every last one. Most were older people, parents and grandparents, decent and honorable individuals dedicated to defending Liberty, especially for the sake of the future of their precious loved ones.

The Patriots for Justice are not rabid, violent, wild-eyed, left-wing lunatics, cowards hiding their faces under black masks, (like ANTIFA), assaulting innocent people on the streets, setting fire to (and otherwise defacing) public and private property, cars and buildings, tearing down American monuments, shouting obscenities and calling for murder and mayhem.

They are not silly women in “pussy hats” (how stupid can they possibly get!), marching side by side, in lockstep, with women in hijabs (at the behest of their overlords, the jihadis, hell-bent on subjugating this nation under Sharia law), bewailing their “oppression”, by the “intolerant”, the “bigots”, the “haters”, the “radical right wing activists”.

That is not who we are. No, we are Americans, lovers of Liberty, defenders of the Constitution on which this sovereign nation was founded, who love God, family, friends and country, and are willing to stand up against the evildoers and criminals, to defend everything we hold sacred.

Support for the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR has since grown, and the next event is planned for July 6-7 in Chappaqua, NY.

But there are also those, of the ilk described above, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Liberty, who are heavily invested in throwing a wrench into the movement for EQUAL JUSTICE.

Here, I give only a couple of examples of the twisted mentality that rules these people.

On June 14, I appeared with Matt Szyszkiewic, one of the organizers of the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR, on a podcast hosted by my friend, Ramola D.

PODCAST BY RAMOLA D REPORTS: Barbara Hartwell & Matt Szyszkiewic, Equal Justice Tour Call to Indict Hillary Clinton

Predictably, in the COMMENTS section, some hecklers came out of the woodwork, to express their opposition to our activities, and their sycophantic support for Hillary Clinton.

And, as is typical of these cowardly characters, they hide behind silly screen names to prevent themselves from being identified. (Just like the black-masked cowards of ANTIFA.) This one uses the name: HotPeridot.

HotPeridot wrote:

"Barbara - all of you have done a thousand times worse than Hillary could have ever thought of doing and that SOB infesting the White House has done a billion times worse than Hillary could have ever thought of doing - we are going to make you Hillary haters rue the day you bought into the whackjob conspiracy theories about her - we're going to do everything in our power legally to take all of you down for your corruptness - you people are the corrupt criminals."

First of all, this unidentified woman displays her ignorance by making wild accusations against Barbara Hartwell, whom she does not know, and about whom she knows nothing. How could she possibly claim to know anything about what I and “all of you” (more unnamed persons) have done? She knows nothing, so in true leftist fashion, with a total disregard and disdain for facts and evidence, she spouts off speculative, emotionally-based drivel.

So, this is a non-issue, simply vague and unsubstantiated accusations by a belligerent ignoramus with an axe to grind, against anyone who reports the facts (very well established by a large body of evidence, over many years) about career criminal Hillary Clinton.

In a separate comment (one of several), she wrote:

"Hey, Matt (whatever in the hell your last name is) - you're not Christians - you are Christofascists who want to shove your twisted evangelical and fundamentalist bullshit agenda down everyone's throats - we rebuke you twisted fake Christians. We are going to take down all of you Christofascists and tRump humpers. We're going to take down tRump. You go after Hillary, we're coming after you and your kind 100 times worse."

Now, Miss HotPeridot hurls hysterical threats against us, displaying the behavior of a demoniac.

(Get behind me, Satan!)

What, exactly, is she threatening to do to us?

Typically, she doesn't say.

Next item from HotPeridot:

"The only people who believe Hillary has committed crimes and will be indicted are asshole republicans and asshole conspiracy theory nuts. There will be no indictment - the only indictment will be for the Mango Maggot infesting the White House and all of the republicans and his entire family as well as a whole shitload of conspiracy theory nutjobs and right wing Christofascist republican morons. You morons need to check yourselves into a mental institution because you are so full of shit. We real Democrats are going to make all of you right wing assholes pay for the bashing of Hillary Clinton for over 30 years when she's done nothing wrong except being a forceful, overly qualified, empowered woman. Hillary haters - we're coming for you, legally, and forcefully."

More empty threats, more lunacy. This woman is not only profoundly ignorant, hysterical and aggressive as a bulldozer, she is also a vulgarian of the lowest order. But really, what can one expect from a Hillary supporter?

The “bashing” of Hillary Clinton, in her book, apparently qualifies any expositor of hard, established facts for residence in a mental institution. But I truly think it would behoove her to look closer to home to find the morons, fascists and nutjobs. In her camp, they are legion.

And just to round out the picture, here's a comment from the same woman, following a podcast in 2018, also on Ramola D Reports.

HotPeridot wrote:

"You need to stop watching and paying attention to Infowars, Breitbart, Drumpf, and all of the rest of the right wing conspiracy theory nutjobs and hate-filled SOB's - the republicans spent billions of dollars over 30 plus years and there's not been one crime proven against Hillary. I've been following her since I was 16 and I'm 64 and I know her inside and out; unlike right wingers who make shit up due to their hatred of a strong, intelligent, capable, and over-qualified woman who wasn't going to take any shit from republicans nor men."

The hysterical rhetoric continues...

Not one fact presented. No evidence, not a shred. Just the crazy ranting of a person intent on maintaining willful ignorance. And if she has been “following” Hillary since she was 16 years old (that would be 48 years, if she is 64) and truly believes the “haters” are “making shit up”, then it seems clear she labors under some very serious psychopathology. 

But that is what often happens when you are deceived, when you have opened the door to the demonic realm wherein Hillary resides.

But enough is enough of HotPeridot and her demoniac fantasies. Let's move on to her ideological brethren at Right Wing Watch.


Right Wing Watch is a project of People For the American Way (PFAW) dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities and rhetoric of right-wing activists and organizations in order to expose their extreme agenda. Our researchers monitor dozens of broadcasts, emails and websites, and use their expertise on right-wing movements to analyze and distill that information for media, allies and the general public. By shedding light on the activities of the right-wing movement, we help expose the risks its extreme and intolerant agenda presents to our country. We do not endorse the views of groups that we report on.

People For the American Way is a progressive advocacy organization founded to fight right-wing extremism and defend constitutional values including free expression, religious liberty, equal justice under the law, and the right to meaningfully participate in our democracy. You can learn more about PFAW’s work on our website at

Right Wing Watch: A project of People for the American Way

What, exactly, is the “American Way” according to these left-wing agitators?

Let's start with these words: “Our democracy”.

This nation was founded as a Constitutional Republic. NOT a democracy. This is the pervasive propaganda which is promoted non-stop, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, via the socialist/communist/marxist ideologies which are behind everything Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their comrades stand for.

What about the so-called “constitutional values” they pretend to support. You can't hold such values when you are busy trying to destroy the Constitution, by any means necessary. 

“Progressivism” is diametrically opposed to the rule of law, under the Constitution. They can't have it both ways, but they will work their merry way down the highway to Hell, trying.

According to Right Wing Watch, George Soros is a “billionaire philanthropist”. Philanthropy which calls for every form of wickedness and moral rot devised by the tyrants and traitors he funds, supports and promotes.

They call abortion (murder of babies) “Reproductive Rights”.

They call the massive invasion of illegal aliens over the borders “Immigration”, which they support, along with open borders.

Criminals, gangs, drug runners, human traffickers, pimps, rapists, murderers? No problem, they are all welcome. 

Give them driver's licenses, free medical care (including genital mutilation and breast implants so they can “transition” to the gender with which they “identify”), food stamps, welfare. 

Pile on the “benefits” for illegals while our veterans are homeless, while American citizens are deprived of the most basic medical care, while they sit on waiting lists to be “approved”, and many have actually died because the care they needed never materialized.

One of the morally bankrupt “journalists” on staff at RWW, Kyle Mantyla, has made it his mission to attempt to discredit patriots and Christians, in particular, Dave Daubenmire and Doug Hagmann, both of whom have done great work in defending the principles on which this nation was founded. Their Christian faith, it is clear, is deeply offensive to Kyle and his contingent of mealy-mouthed, wimpy little colleagues, quislings, one and all.

Right Wing Watch claims to support “religious liberty”, and “equal justice under the law”.

I ask you, where is the religious liberty for Christians? Their idea of religious liberty seems to apply only to anyone BUT Christians.

As for “equal justice under the law”, I challenge anyone from Right Wing Watch to cite even one example where they have actually supported such a thing.

Right Wing Watch is now on their latest campaign, specifically targeting the EQUAL JUSTICE TOUR. They call us “radical right wing activists”, mocking our efforts as if we are the ones who are a threat to “the American Way”.

The American Way is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is by the consent of the governed. It is in the understanding that the RIGHTS of the people are GOD-GIVEN, not granted by government. Inherent rights under natural law, protected and guaranteed under the Constitution.

It is a sovereign nation, with borders clearly delineated.

It is a nation governed by laws, the rule of law under the Constitution, NOT by the changing “progressive” whims of men.

It is a nation where EQUAL JUSTICE under the law, for one and all, must prevail.

It is a nation where all those with the courage of their convictions must stand up against the tyrants and traitors to secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

Barbara Hartwell
June 25, 2019

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