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Monday, January 14, 2019


EL SOBRANTE — A man suspected of threatening a neighbor with a rifle Sunday was arrested after a standoff with Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputies that lasted more than six hours, authorities said Monday.

No one was injured.

The man was identified as Alex Studer, 51, who was arrested on suspicion of exhibiting a firearm, making criminal threats and obstruction, authorities said. He is being held in lieu of $25,000 at the Martinez Detention Facility.

Sheriff’s deputies said Monday that about 4:20 p.m. Sunday they received a call of a man with a rifle on a balcony of a home in the 3800 block of La Colina Road. Officials said the man had aimed the rifle at a neighbor’s home and had also apparently threatened the neighbor.

Sheriff’s deputies set up a perimeter and made numerous attempts to communicate with the man, who initially came out on the balcony but retreated back inside the residence.

Members of the sheriff’s Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT) responded and tried to communicate with the suspect, who would only speak briefly with them on the phone before hanging up, authorities said.

Nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution; at 10:53 p.m. Sunday, HNT deputies were able to convince the man, later identified as Studer, to surrender without incident.

The sheriff’s office did not say if the rifle was recovered.


I recently found the above news report (one of several) of June 11, 2018 while doing some research. Two days before the arrest (June 9), I had published a report (the latest of many) exposing the perp, Alex Studer, a porno monger, rabid Jew-hater and pedophile protector who had targeted various government whistleblowers and journalists, including Barbara Hartwell, for outrageous defamation. He and his accomplices have been exposed repeatedly on this site, as well as by my friends and colleagues, Dr. Len Horowitz, world renowned whistleblower on the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma, and investigative journalist Sherri Kane.

And I must say, I was not in the slightest bit surprised by this miscreant's latest arrest.

Studer is one of a loosely organized network of government stooges, being exploited by counterintelligence operatives to harass, stalk, threaten and defame Targets. As evidenced by decades of my investigations, it is a known fact that the government operatives exploit criminals to do their dirty work against designated Targets. They specifically seek out the morally depraved, pathological liars and sociopathic personalities. Seeking public attention and the approval of their government overlords (being intelligence groupies and G-Man wannabes), these stooges will lie, cheat, steal and engage in monstrous invasions of privacy against their Targets.

They may only be stooges and ne'er do wells, but the damages they inflict on their Targets are extreme. I know this as well as anyone possibly could, given the massive damages to every area of my life by these loathsome criminals. Targets don't generally have the resources to sue these reprobates, but exposing them is important, so that their offenses are documented for the public record, and in order to warn others who may be targeted for their odious schemes.

Here I have taken excerpts from previous reports exposing Alex Studer and his accomplices.

FREAK SHOW! Government Stooge, Porno Monger Alex McGowin Studer Ditched by “Doctor True” Ott (2018)

"I am a not-too close but still personal friend of Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles FBI Station chief. He is in poor health fighting cancer and does not have much time or energy to devote to helping me at all, and I don’t wish to bother him."

Alex Studer, from a letter to the FBI

Now we come to one hell of a bald- faced lie from Alex Studer:

"I am a not-too close but still personal friend of Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles FBI Station chief."

Studer once again attempts to impress the FBI with this boast. But it is not true. Studer, in another commentary, later let it slip that in fact he had "never had any contact with Ted Gunderson."

How, pray tell, could you be a "personal friend" (which you highlighted in bold type) of a man you never had any contact with? You couldn't, you weren't, and in fact Ted Gunderson never even heard of you!

You are a liar, Alex Studer, boasting of your "friends" in the intelligence community and exploiting names of people like Ted Gunderson in order to prop up the agenda of your lowlife criminal pals, and at the same time to attack innocent people (whom you also do not know) like Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and Barbara Hartwell.

How utterly loathsome and shameful.


EDOMANIA: Disease of Choice for Psychopaths (2012)

Alex Studer, who calls himself the "host" of a website named Lab Virus, has since at least 2008, been in collusion with a criminal network (which includes racketeering), formerly headed by the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson.

Ted Gunderson was ex-officio COINTELPRO, working directly under J. Edgar Hoover, who initiated the counterintelligence program in 1956, and for the remainder of his life since his "retirement" (1979) continued his "unofficial" activities as de facto COINTELPRO. Gunderson exploited a loosely organized network of minions, all strictly amateurs, to do his bidding.

When it comes to Ted Gunderson, I speak from many years of personal and professional experience; I had known him since 1997, first as a colleague and friend, and from 2000 (when I broke off my association with him) until his death in July 2011, as an adversary. I have come under intense attack, all these years, by Gunderson's gaggle of stooges, because I have exposed Ted Gunderson and several of his cronies, along with this COINTELPRO network, naming the names and furnishing hard evidence and documentation to support the facts in my reports.

More recently, investigative journalists Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane have exposed the very same network of criminals, after they too became Targets of the COINTELPRO.

Horowitz was targeted in 2007, when his name was added to a forged list of Knights of Malta, with the intent to discredit him and ruin his reputation as the foremost whistleblower exposing the evils of the pharmaceutical industry, and much more. 

Sherri Kane's investigations of the criminal conspiracy which had targeted Horowitz subsequently brought to light the connections among these criminals and brought further clarification of their nefarious agenda. As a result, Sherri Kane was added to the Target list – with a vengeance.

Alex Studer is only one of many government stooges being exploited by current and former corrupt government officials, specifically to promote disinformation and libelous/slanderous falsehoods about designated Targets of the fed government (legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and human rights activists). In Studer's case, he answers directly to a charlatan who calls himself "Dr. A. True Ott, PhD" (real name, Alma C. Ott), a Gunderson crony from way back. And since Studer is only a dupe of this criminal network, not any kind of mover or shaker, he simply "follows orders" and just parrots anything which is fed to him, most notably the outrageous lies about the Targets of the criminal conspiracy.

Anyone who reads the commentaries Studer posts, over a period of time, may see that he contradicts himself on a regular basis, as well as telling bald-faced lies. There is no consistency, because Studer lacks any real information or facts; he is just repeating what he has heard or read from others. So, the stories change from week to week, month to month, depending always on what "news" is provided by those using him as their Town Crier.

Studer (like his fellow stooges) is an extremely aggressive busybody, a loudmouthed vulgarian who spews obscenities, a porno freak and pedophile advocate. He hates Jews (whom he calls "Edomites" and "Khazars"); and promotes genocide by selling a line of products with the slogan: "NUKE ISRAEL". Studer also hates women (he calls us "sluts", "whores" and much worse) and promotes other bigots and white-supremacists like Craig Oxley, who claim that black people are "the lower races".

Alex Studer, like his fellow stooge, Tim White, and like all busybodies, just can't seem to mind his own business, but is a self-appointed Town Crier for the personal, private business of his Targets.

These busybodies from Hell (as I call them) will engage in monstrous invasions of privacy, such as publicizing PERSONAL PRIVATE information, especially when the Target has taken measures to protect his/her privacy, which is every person's God-given right.

For example, Studer, in collusion with criminal stalkers Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter") has published the (former) UNLISTED PRIVATE street address of Barbara Hartwell, at a time when I was still living at that address, also soliciting further crimes against me by like-minded thugs.

Alex Studer promotes the outrageous lies about Targets, fabricated by his fellow stooges, people like James F. Marino, yet another busybody from Hell, a gate-crasher who sticks his nose in the private business of others and posts false reports about Targets.

[NOTE: Ken Adachi recently published yet another vile smear piece against Barbara Hartwell, titled 'Portrait of a Disinfo Artist', written by James F. Marino, which attributed to me a false name, also parroted by Alex Studer and other accomplices.]

I lived in blissful ignorance of the existence of this stooge, Alex Studer, until one day a few years back I found my name, Barbara Hartwell, splashed across the front page of his website. Studer's comments about me were the typical smears, such as "Barbara Hartwell is a CIA agent", one of many lies Studer had been told by predicate felon Tim White and his accomplices. Studer also accused me of "attacking" people like Tim White, Alma Ott (aka "True" Ott), Ted Gunderson, Doug Millar, Ken Adachi et al (all of whom he said he "likes and respects"), when in fact I had simply EXPOSED these criminals after they harassed, stalked, threatened, libeled and slandered me and my colleagues as part of the COINTELPRO campaign.


Misogynist Rampage (2011)

In 2007, a defamation campaign was engineered against Dr. Leonard Horowitz, when a forged "Knights of Malta" list was issued by COINTELPRO operatives and disseminated all over the Internet. Those involved in the conspiracy connected to this fraudulent document (forging and/or disseminating), include Greg Szymanski (aka Eric Samuelson), Benjamin Fulford, Eric Jon Phelps, Timothy Patrick White, Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott), Alex Studer, Craig Oxley, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter"), and many others who posted the bogus Knights of Malta list and added their own libelous comments against Dr. Horowitz.

Horowitz was called a "Vatican shill", a "Jesuit coadjutor" and other slurs by this group of rabid bigots.

Leonard Horowitz, as a matter of fact, is NOT a Knight of Malta, nor has ever been. Yet his good name has been tarnished by this vicious libel campaign engineered by COINTELPRO operatives and their army of loudmouthed stooges.

Poisoned by Pornography: A Plague of Perverts, Predators, Pedophiles and Pimps


Alex Studer, who runs a website named Lab Virus, has (not surprisingly, considering his association with a criminal network which includes sex predators and child porno freaks, running coverups of child trafficking) taken it upon himself to become an advocate for a man arrested in San Francisco on charges of child pornography. Recently, Studer appeared in a TV news segment, which he posted on his website, along with several commentaries, all in defense of his fellow porno freak, Robert Glenn McDougall, and in defense of pornography itself.


"Ted Gunderson, retired Los Angeles FBI Station Chief has a lot to say about his former agency, as he is one of the rare gems who stayed true to his oaths to protect Americans and not subvert them, unlike so many of his former associates. Dr Bill Deagle sure has had a lot to say over the years, as have Jeff Rense, Don Nicoloff and others."

Ted Gunderson was in fact a COINTELPRO Kingpin while in the FBI, as he has remained since 1979 when he "retired" (at least officially). Only a government stooge like Alex Studer would describe Gunderson as a "rare gem", but then, Studer only parrots what he has heard or read from Gunderson's cronies, associates and lackeys (A. True Ott, John DeCamp, Doug Millar, Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi, Tim White, Jeff Rense et al).

In fact, Ted Gunderson has been engaged, for many years, in cover-ups related to child trafficking rings, pornography and satanism, the very topics which Studer spouts off on his website, without knowing what the hell he is talking about. Studer's knowledge of these issues couldn't fill a thimble. Studer is nothing but a squawking parrot who repeats anything he hears. (Squawk! squawk! Studer want a cracker?)

ALEX STUDER: "Legal adult porn is as American as apple pie"

"I won’t lie; I’m a red-blooded healthy single hetero male in his early 40s who adores the form of the female body, and yes I have been known to have pornographic images kept in a folder to look at from time to time, but they are all LEGAL images of ADULTS over the age of 18 and all traceable back to their fully legal, legitimate, website sources. Here in California this is 100% legal behavior. Even if I choose to live next to a childrens school, my owning legal porn in my own private residence does not impose any threat to children whatsoever and does not imply I might be a pedophile. Just because I may possess legal adult pornographic images does not in any way imply that I would also have pornographic images of illegal underage children, and does not give pretext to probable cause in any legal sense. If anything does happen down the road and anyone comes around saying later “oh yeah we found images of underage kids on his hard drives” you will KNOW it is completely fabricated. Same for anyone who might claim I emailed a photo of child porn, or downloaded one, or possessed one in any way at any time.

Barely Legal may be collections of young-looking nude girls, but Hustler magazine does not stay in business without thoroughly documenting the proof of the legal adult age of its models. You don’t see FBI breaking down Larry Flynt’s door. Legal adult pornography may be offensive to some, against others’ religious beliefs, and so on, but here in California it is a legally protected art form, covered under the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech. Legal, adult porn is as American as apple pie."

Alex Studer publicly and proudly declares himself a user and collector of pornography, stating that it is all "100% legal", as if this makes it all fine and dandy.

Is Alex Studer aware of the fact that many of the so-called "ADULTS over the age of 18" were sold into sex slavery as children, and are still held in bondage to be exploited by the pimps who have made a multi-billion dollar industry out of child exploitation?

Does Alex Studer know that lowlife predators are running operations to lure teenage girls into "modeling" scams in which the girls, once drawn into the net, end up not as "models", but rather posing for pornographic photos, acting in pornographic videos and interactive sex shows, for a large list of lowlife pervert clients? If the girls try to get out, they are blackmailed, threatened, and sometimes worse.

Does Alex Studer really believe that ALL the girls (and boys) are actually over the age of 18? Truth is, there is no way to know. Does he trust that these pornographers actually are TRUTHFUL in their representations that it is all so "legal"? Does he know about the rampant corruption and graft practiced by police departments, vice squads and judges, in collusion with the predators and pimps?

Maybe, if this porno freak, Alex Studer, had taken the time to do some research on this issue, he would be aware that what he is participating in --and touting as his "adoration" of the female form-- is in actuality a massive ILLEGAL black market operation fueled by greed and lust, and resulting in tremendous suffering for all those being exploited, be they "legal adults" or children.

And all to provide a cheap thrill, to cater to the perversions of lowlife predators like Alex Studer. Make no mistake: Anyone who participates in the use of pornography in any way, is a sex predator whose material gratification comes at the price of the slavery and misery of others. Shame on you, Alex Studer!

Interesting he should mention Larry Flynt. No, the FBI won't be breaking down Flynt's door. And speaking of the FBI, Alex Studer's purported "rare gem", Ted Gunderson, tried to recruit Larry Flynt into his "legal" COINTELPRO operation, including to "spread disinformation" on media talk shows. See the evidence, Gunderson's letter to Larry Flynt, here:
Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Solicits Porno King Larry Flynt for COINTELPRO

So, this vulgarian, Alex Studer, thinks pornography is an "art form". Not at all surprising, considering that obscenity seems to rule his psyche. I'm sure this Jew-hating bigot considers the NUKE ISRAEL tee shirts he sells on his website to be an "art form" as well.

And get this: he even sells NUKE ISRAEL tee shirts for dogs! Yes, an image of an atomic blast plastered on the front of the shirt. Don't stop at exploiting children, or "legal adults", let's add innocent animals and exploit them too, using them as a walking signboard for weapons of mass destruction and genocide. If that's not obscenity, I don't know what is.
And now, for Alex Studer's most revealing comment: "Legal, adult porn is as American as apple pie."
I guess, if you consider the fact that this country has devolved into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, where moral values have taken a dive into the gutter, then tragically, he's right.
The question is, is THIS the kind of America we want? Are these the kind of values we want to teach our children? Or, do we want to restore this country to Godly values, to make it a place where children can grow up in peace and security, without being inculcated into believing in the normalcy of obscenity, without being assaulted with pornographic filth and endless sleaze, seeing all this degeneracy as A-okay, "as American as apple pie".

Just one more thing before I wrap up this report. Alex Studer is not only a porno freak and Jew-hating bigot, he is also a misogynist. He has repeatedly called both Barbara Hartwell and Sherri Kane a "slut". Of course, Studer has presented no evidence for this filthy slur, but what else is new?

It appears that Studer is simply doing what he does best: parroting the outrageous lies of his "friends" and "sources", like Tim White --another misogynist, porno freak and collector of child pornography (for which he was never charged) and a transvestite who dresses like a female prostitute.

Tim White also called Sherri Kane a slut, and a whore, and slandered Barbara Hartwell with the same epithets.

At the risk of stating the obvious: Porno freaks Tim White and Alex Studer are the real sluts and whores.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Murder in Their Hearts: "NUKE ISRAEL" & Ethnic Cleansing of "Edomites"


Alex Studer runs a website called Lab Virus.

Although Studer advertises the purpose of the site as "researching lab-created bioweapons disguised as "natural occurrences", toxic vaccines, and more", Studer is not a scientist, nor even a professional researcher of any kind; he has no expertise in these subjects. Mainly, the site of rank amateur Alex Studer is a platform to promote the twisted racist/white supremacist ideology and writings of a charlatan calling himself "Dr. A. True Ott, PhD", whose real name is Alma C. Ott.

Just as Ott's name is not "True", neither has he earned the credentials he tacks onto his name. Ott, by his own admission, does not have an "accredited" PhD. And, in point of fact, there is no other kind. Nor is Ott entitled to advertise himself as a "N.D." (naturopathic doctor), as he has not graduated from any of the few colleges which issue that degree. "True" Ott is a fraud, plain and simple.

What is Alma Ott's primary thesis, which slithers through his writings like a malignant serpent? That the so-called "Edomite Jews" aka Edomites aka Khazar Jews aka Canaanites are the spawn of Satan, the bloodline of Cain, and that as such, they are genetically flawed and thus predisposed by the very "evil" blood that runs through their veins, to perpetrate all sorts of crimes and atrocities against humanity. According to Ott and his ilk, these "Edomites" themselves are a veritable abomination to God Almighty!

Ott has written countless articles and screeds filled with his "Edomite Jew" hate propaganda and has libeled and slandered many Jews, as he apparently believes that by their "bloodlines" alone they are deserving of hatred and venemous attacks. Among Ott's primary Targets are Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, two brillaint investigative journalists who have exposed a criminal conspiracy and COINTELPRO network of "controlled opposition", of which "True" Ott is just one of a number of members-in-good- standing.

As for Alex Studer, he is merely an ignorant and arrogant stooge who parrots "True" Ott and his Jew-hating accomplices, and toadies to their every whim. Studer slavishly supports, promotes and endorses Alma Ott, and jumps to his defense, no matter what he says, no matter what he does. Like a crazed weathervane, Studer spins around and around, and changes his position to "verify" and disseminate every changing ill wind of doctrine that spews from Ott's mouth. What a disgusting pair of creeps!

But for Ott's toady, the oafish Alex Studer, just hating the Jews, just libeling and slandering them, is not enough. No, he wants to destroy them by a nuclear holocaust. On his website, Lab Virus, Studer has a link to "MERCHANDISE" that he is selling to the public.

The theme of Studer's products, in just two words is: NUKE ISRAEL

On offer to his fellow Jew-haters, Alex Studer has a wide variety of NUKE ISRAEL apparel and parphernalia: NUKE ISRAEL T-shirts (including for dogs); NUKE ISRAEL mugs, wallets and jewelry; NUKE ISRAEL bibs for babies (Can you imagine anyone stupid enough to buy such a thing for a child?). And here's a great deal, Jew -haters: For just $15.99 you can be the proud owner of a NUKE ISRAEL Teddy Bear (snow white fur, naturally)....and last but not least, he even sells NUKE ISRAEL Christmas stockings.


Alex Studer, in defense of “True” Ott, who was caught red-handed in plagiarizing the writings of others, and claims he is "on a mission from God".

"You see, the reason is that while he [Ott] has been channeling all of these words of Yeshua and Jesus, he has failed to give due credit and instead has signed his own name, time after time, to his blog posts and the ever-increasing volumes of published papers he has submitted over the years."

"My friends in the know call it the "light" - not to be confused with lucifer, the "light-bearer". No, my close associates and colleagues know darn well the reason I am here, the reason I survived all the programming and the attempts to break me over the years, is that I have been gifted with Jesus' love, that of Yeshua the Father, and as such I have "the light". You cannot turn it off, cannot turn it down, or ignore its presence. All who know me well are agreed I am different, special, "on a mission from God". I have known it since I was a small child. Nothing new here."

"Otherwise, I am glad to know that even though my life (and all those on this planet) are held in jeopardy over satanic Israel's actions, that I have done my best to walk in Jesus' path of humility and modesty, most importantly TRUTHFULNESS no matter the retaliatory consequences, in the hope I may save one or two genuine souls out of the sea of satanic lemmings. Only time will tell if my efforts were worth it. If I have saved even one life from an eternity of hell, my cause is vindicated and I have redeemed myself, at least in my own understanding of my own karma. Yeshua, in the end, will have the sole and final decision over the matter. I continue to repent for my past sins, and serve the Lord my God by spreading His Word as best I can considering my circumstances. All things considered, I could be doing a lot worse. Feeling OK bout that."

Is this utterly bizarre, or what? Is this guy for real? How much more delusional could he possibly be?

A rabid Jew-hater who advocates “nuking Israel” and the so-called “Jew World Order” (anyone using this phrase is a low-grade moron, in my opinion); a porno freak who defends pedophiles; a misogynist who verbally assaults women with vile obscenities.

Now, consider what those of us targeted by this lowlife criminal freak are actually dealing with. And Studer is only one of many, including his fellow whackjob stooges who also claim they are on a “mission from God”, such as Howard Nemaizer, who like Studer, has been heavily involved in the satanic heavy metal culture, for decades, and promotes demonic blasphemy. And who, like Studer, was recently arrested for assault.

HOWARD NEMAIZER ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT... & Retrospective on Civil & Criminal Offenses of a Pathological Liar & Demonic Reprobate

Howard Nemaizer, Advocate of Demonic Blasphemy: "On a Mission from God" 

Nemaizer, like Studer, has falsely accused Barbara Hartwell of being a “CIA/COINTELPRO operative”, and also made the same claims about Sherri Kane, when she stood up in my defense against a mob of busybodies on Facebook.

Mob of Busybodies Conduct Witch Hunt on Facebook

One such busybody, Janet Phelan, a supporter of Nemaizer, actually accused Barbara Hartwell of running a “libel site”, of promoting “depraved lies”, of being a “character assassin” and of “bashing” Nemaizer. No depraved lies, no libel, no character assassination. No, JUST THE FACTS, exposing liars and criminals, which it is abundantly clear, are extremely inconvenient for those who support demonic liars like Howard Nemaizer.


In a slanderous radio broadcast, Studer claimed that he and Ott must have "hit the nail on the head" in "exposing" Horowitz and Kane.... "methinks they protest too much". He also had to throw my name in there as well (along with a false name he attributed to me), with his usual vulgar comments.

This, because Horowitz and Kane have gathered a large body of evidence to support the facts: That "True" Ott, his toady, Alex Studer, along with a number of other COINTELPRO stooges (Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White, "Xena Carpenter", Craig Oxley, James F. Marino, Ken Adachi et al, are involved in a criminal conspiracy which includes racketeering, identity theft, plagiarism, blackmail, extortion, monstrous invasions of privacy, soliciting crimes against Targets, massive libel and slander campaigns against designated Targets.

These criminals, with murder in their hearts, are destroying people's lives! Sherri Kane, Dr. Len Horowitz and Barbara Hartwell are only three of the Targets. And we have had enough!

This gang of criminals, these malicious liars, Jew-haters, white supremacists, misogynists, these sex perverts/predators, porno freaks, pedophiles and protectors of same, belong behind bars!

If they think they can hide behind their mask of "Bible Believers" and "Christian Brothers", or their claims of "the love of Jesus", or "chanelling the 'truth' of Jesus", they are way out of their depth and out of their twisted, hate-filled minds.

Barbara Hartwell
Target of Alex Studer & Accomplices
January 14, 2019

PS: I have invited my friends, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, to contribute their commentary, which I will add, if they so desire. And I thank them for standing up for me against these lying demonic reprobates.


See this link for this report republished, with more information and photos of perps, posted on WAR ON WE THE PEOPLE, a website by Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ramola D Interview with Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee: CIA FBI Cover Stories, Lies, & Provocations

Report # 106: Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee: CIA FBI Cover Stories, Lies, & Provocations

In-depth and candid conversation with two historic whistleblowers on the true depredations of Surveillance Abuse today, where the CIA, FBI, and DHS engage today in unconscionable acts of persecution and rights violations against targets of their ire using undisclosed “Electronic Supervision Technologies” and “Federal Location Monitoring” which include deadly directed energy weapons and Psychological warfare to isolate and neutralize American lives of integrity and conscience. Barbara and Geral cover the curious case of Monica McLean who lied once in a courtroom by Geral's reports—and could be considered to have lied again, in the Christine Blasey Ford scandal. The destruction of American individuality, rights, psyche, society, media, ethos, and values by the corruption and criminality rampant and evident in the illegal actions and activities of the FBI and CIA is also covered.


Commentary on podcast published at EveryDay Concerned Citizen by Ramola D, January 6, 2019.

Monica McLean And The Undeclared FBI Investigation of Former Special Agent Geral Sosbee

Starting with the curious case of Monica McLean who lied once in a courtroom in 2000 by Geral’s report—and whose veracity therefore might well be considered in question in the Christine Blasey Ford accusation-of-Kavanaugh-of sexual-assault affair, Barbara Hartwell read from a recent report at her site highlighting Geral Sosbee’s statement in 2000 on Monica Mclean.

Ms. McLean, a former FBI agent, has entered the news recently purporting to be a lifelong friend of Ms. Blasey Ford and testifying that she had not been coached to lie on a polygraph by her (as a former boyfriend of Ms. Blasey Ford had alleged, thereby calling into question the authenticity of Ford’s own polygraph for the Senate), but the fact remains, says Geral Sosbee, that Ms. McLean, as counsel to the FBI, once produced a sworn affidavit in the courtroom at which his case against the FBI was being heard and stated blandly that no FBI investigation had been opened on him, while this FBI “investigation” essentially comprising extrajudicial and criminal “goon squad activity” was known to be common knowledge both within the FBI and in the courtroom.

In his statement, Mr. Sosbee has stated:

"As a matter of common knowledge in the fbi and the cia (among other government agencies) the unofficial investigation (i.e. : covert and death squad activities) by the use of fbi and cia informants, operatives, handlers, contacts and undercover special agents and their assigns and contract thugs (such as those in Wackenhut as referenced in commentaries at this site) is pervasive, secretive and illegal throughout the U.S. and the world....

....while McLean ostensibly has no access to the fbi’s and the cia’s hit squad criminal activity, she knows or should know by virtue of her position as counsel to the fbi that such ‘goon squads’ exist and that Sosbee is and has been at all times (as set forth in this site and in the writ) targeted for neutralization by such squads {note: neutralization in this context generally means torture, imprisonment or death of the targeted person}; therefore, both McLean and Robinson, to the extent of their participation in the government cover-ups, are in fact terrorists and assassins for their secondary roles in the perjurious defending of the fbi ‘s (and the cia’s) high crimes, misdemeanors and crimes against Humanity as described in this and other sites."

The full statement, along with a copy of Ms. Mclean’s affidavit, can be found at

Targeted for Neutralization: Persecutory Surveillance Abuse Meted Out to Whistleblowers, Journalists, Innocent Americans

The kind of persecutory abuse previously meted out sporadically to whistleblowers from inside the Intelligence agencies and military has currently expanded it seems to include large swathes of the population, while being rather viciously focused still on whistleblowers as well as journalists of import, including this writer, who dare to report on the atrocity of this targeting and abuse as also on other issues of corruption and criminality rampant today in the Intelligence Community.

The advent of radiation weapons, WiFi, and cell phones appears to have exacerbated this situation by permitting Intelligence agency principals and minions free rein to surreptitiously and covertly attack Americans with impunity, with no due process, no Constitutional rights, no civil rights accorded those they randomly set within their sights to target with weaponry, budgeted counterintelligence operations, and goon squad COINTELPRO activity.

The problem is with Congress, says Mr. Sosbee, who knows this is happening yet does nothing to stop it. The corruption is endemic and runs deep. They are all blackmailing each other, Ms. Hartwell reminds us. The ways in which these bleak and torture-based operations are kept quiet and continue is through binding the mouths of politicians with bribes and blackmail. “They are morally bankrupt.”

Cultist Secret-Society New World Order Destruction of America

What this signals is nothing less than the dark rise of the cultist secret-society-run New World Order, an order of secretive laws, secretive courts, secret warrants, secret charges, secretly falsified records, and secret fraud-profiling of targets as criminals, mentally incompetent, mentally ill, autistic, and other expediences intended to permit on paper the “supervision” and management of targets in the community by the FBI and law enforcement. To this end, in-built protocols dictate free-fall recourse to the exigencies of Authoritarian Psychiatry by simply condemning targets to Psych Wards and Psych Commits whenever mention of directed-energy weapon usage on them is made (still known in mainstream media parlance as “Electronic Harassment”) public, or whenever Parallel-Construction provocation tactics yield distinct action of whatever kind, even verbal, offering Law Enforcement an “in” to enter the fray and run “Involuntary Holds” on targets or arrest them.

These gargantuan and Kafkaesque injustices are accompanied by a larger criminality and depravity, Ms. Hartwell elaborates, involving the destruction of American individuality, rights, psyche, society, media, ethos, and values, via the permitted corruption and criminality rampant in the illegal actions and activities of the FBI and CIA and DHS, exacerbated after 9/11 and the planned Patriot Act and extremist laws set in place then.

Lies of Media, Lies of Psychiatrists, Lies of Doctors

All this of course is hidden to many Americans by the lies of media, the kowtowing lies made via Mockingbird agents running Propaganda operations for the Intelligence Community, thereby protecting them continuously and implicating themselves in this nonstop trainwreck of crime—where innocent Americans become scapegoats and victims and the most cruel, inhumane persecutions wreaking nothing less than torture unto death, goaded mental breakdowns, life destruction, and death itself now being run in organized, budgeted, taxpayer-paid Government Death Squad Operations go unremarked, unacknowledged, and unpunished.

Fear holds many journalists in check, but obligations to paymasters and unrevealed political allegiances also do. American journalism therefore appears to have entered a miasmic tunnel of deceit and like American psychiatry and American medicine—professionals from these fields also walking the line between complicity and embraced ignorance—engages in open betrayal of truth and reality.

Geral Sosbee relays his own experience of how co-opted and planted doctors refuse all reports of military-grade stealth weaponry being used on people and hand out false diagnoses of “paranoid and delusional.” Psychiatry itself is problematic and questionable, points out Barbara Hartwell, and it is currently being used in tandem with Law Enforcement to bind people down with labels and neurotoxic medication—and by this means also keep all report of these terrible crimes hidden and withheld from the larger public.

Mental illness itself is today in question when military neuroweaponry is putting voices into heads and synthetic images and dreams as well, via V2K, synthetic telepathy, and subliminal radio and ultrasonic influence technologies and BCI-CBI tech—but media’s refusal to cover these honestly permits the lies of psychiatry to continue, and permits these crimes of Fusion Center assault and military/Intelligence experimentation also to continue.

Our Task, Moving Forward: Keep Speaking Out

Because the importance of journalism in this space cannot be overstated and because the future of humanity literally hinges on the actions we take today, all we can do, says Ms Hartwell, who says her Christian faith is what has supported her over the years of continuous persecution, is keep speaking out, exposing these crimes and drawing public attention to them. A small fraction of us are dealing in the truth and publishing the truth of these times, with whistleblowers now turned journalists, such as Geral Sosbee and Karen Melton-Stewart, with their immense body of writings freely published online, and others targeted also speaking out or writing books—many of whom this writer has had the privilege of interviewing...

We are publishing the unvarnished truth, we are alerting the world, and we are speaking out in order to awaken numbers of others who can each take action within their own spheres of influence to put an end to these incredible crimes and bring the old America, the one of “original intent” as Barbara Hartwell says, back. It is up to America to listen.

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