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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

COINTELPRO EXPOSED: Late Night in the Midlands


Hosted by Michael Vara

Guests: Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Barbara Hartwell

August 25, 2011

To listen to the archived radio program:

If you're interested in hearing more about the COINTELPRO operatives and their minions and stooges who have targeted Barbara Hartwell, Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane (and quite a number of other legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and activists) I'm sure you'll enjoy this program.

With surgical precision, we cut through the false claims made by the disinformation specialists, about WHAT COINTELPRO actually is, WHO started it and WHY.  We provide factual information about COINTELPRO, it's true history, all of which is backed by a tremendous body of substantive evidence and many years of documentation.

(And no, the "founder" of COINTELPRO wasn't Albert Stubblebine. That was J. Edgar Hoover, in 1956. This is a well-documented historical FACT that anyone can easily look up.)

We name the names of operatives and the gaggle of loudmouthed stooges who are harassing, stalking, threatening and libeling/slandering the COINTELPRO Targets.

One of the most difficult ideas for most people to grasp is why in hell the professionals running these operations exploit rank amateurs as their minions. We explain that in a way anyone can understand. But the proof is in the pudding --the exploits of the stooges themselves!   

Here's a perfect example: One of these stooges, Alex Studer, a toady of Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott) has taken it upon himself to be a Town Crier for the disinformation promoted by former FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson (recently deceased), who was a longtime associate of Ott and his accomplice, Doug Millar.

Studer (or Stooger, as we call him) is a particularly aggressive dimwit, a white supremacist and misogynist whose M.O. consists of assaulting his Targets with racist slurs ("Khazar Jews", etc.), and obscene epithets (especially if the target is a woman). Studer is also a porno freak and has come forth as an advocate for various collectors of child pornography --including a perp named Robert Glenn MacDougall, arrested by the FBI a couple months ago, and Timothy Patrick White, a predicate felon who was never charged for the possession of child pornography, found in his home after his arrest for drug-trafficking in 2001.  

Studer uses his fellow stooge, Tim White (also an accomplice of "True" Ott), as a "source" for the "information" about Targets he posts on his website. (Good luck, Stooger, you'll need it!) 

In fact, Alma Ott and his lackey, Alex Studer, were sending harassing e-mails to Michael Vara, the host of Late Night in the Midlands, in attempts to prevent Hartwell, Kane and Horowitz from appearing on the program. When Vara rebuffed them and told them to get lost, Studer started posting idiotic comments about Michael on his website. This is precisely the M.O. of Studer's fellow stooge, Tim White, who also harasses any talk show host (including Michael Vara) who schedules Barbara Hartwell, Leonard Horowitz or Sherri Kane to appear on their program.

Idiot that he is, Stooger has actually claimed he finds the "attention" paid to him by "CIA's Barbara Hartwell", "flattering".

So let's put the spotlight on him right now!

Here, some excerpts from a longwinded, boastful, name-dropping (and completely irrelevant to the issue of the "war" he has declared on Hartwell, Kane and Horowitz) article he posted on his website:

"The saga continues.  I didn't get to hear the blogtalkradio broadcast of this Vara character's show with the three witches of eastwick on it, as much as I wanted to and also had wanted to call in to confront directly.  I'll have to review the recording to really comment, but I can be fairly certain that the foot-in-mouth disease they all seem to be afflicted with is progressing, and likely new transgressions have been made.  More later."

"This Len and Sherri thing aint nothin."

"Folks, I could unload so much more dirt on so many major powerful people, but the reason I dont is the express agreement we have with each other: dont fuck with me, and I wont fuck with you (a brilliant song by Love/Hate whose members I was also friends with and whose records I produced).  These amateurs Len Horrorwitch and Sherri "Crack" Caine and their greek poser friend [Barbara Hartwell OBSCENITY REMOVED] have no idea how polished and military-grade I am at this game, and now having provoked me into action have more or less shot themselves in the nose to spite their own faces; in efforts not only to protect my freedom of speech and public reputation, but also those of others - who are simply people I like - and for whose benefit I think I can help out with the special mix of God-given talents I bring to the table, fearlessly and ruthlessly."

"Military-grade"?  More like Mickey Mouse-grade....

WHERE ARE THE FACTS, Stooger? Why not present some FACTS, for a change, rather than spewing out obscenities (so filthy we will not repeat them), harassing your Targets with racist slurs and accusing them of smoking crack?  

Really "polished", Stooger, very classy, I'm sure your superiors in the "game" will be impressed! 

Now, note this LARGE BOLD type Stooger uses to display his ludicrous  tough-guy pretensions:

These people are going to find out the hard way, they just fucked with the WRONG person, and in doing so they made the most fatal mistake anyone in warfare can ever make - which is - NEVER underestimate the capabilities of another human being.

Stay tuned folks, I guarantee you this is going to get very entertaining.  

God bless and keep you safe.

Your host, Alex
Seen enough yet?

What a flaming buffoon! 

Don't trip on your shoelaces on your way out of the armory, Stooger...

By their fruits shall you know them. 

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