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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monster, Subhuman Gutter Trash, Demon Spawn, Child Rapist Warren Jeffs: GUILTY AS CHARGED

The Visage of a Demon

Mr Jeffs had his big house, where he chose to warehouse hundreds of girls and women for his sexual gratification. The state of Texas has a big house too, and that is where Warren Jeffs should spend the rest of his days'

--Assistant Texas Attorney General Eric Nichols

Polygamist Warren Jeffs Guilty of Child Rape
Warren Jeffs sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison as picture emerges of 50 brides, bred to worship the polygamous 'prophet' 
Warren Jeffs is not a man, he is a demon, an incarnation of evil. For this  twisted psychopath, this scum criminal, to enslave women, rape children, all for his twisted agenda of ego/sexual gratification, claiming that "God" in "Heaven" would endorse this hideous many lives has this monster destroyed?
We will never know, but rest assured God does and will judge him accordingly.
August 10, 2011
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