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Monday, March 1, 2010

SPOTLIGHT! Government Stalkers & Their Publicists

NOTE: Here's a report from 2003, published on Rumor Mill News, exposing the stalking activities of one particular perp, Brenda Negri. 

Reports like this, exposing REAL criminals and conspiracies, were what prompted the attempts at the selective censorship of Barbara Hartwell, which resulted in my resignation just days after this report was posted. 

Yesterday I posted a report from my friend Geral Sosbee, and I started thinking about the tactic of stalking. It is standard practice for government goons to either stalk a target themselves, or to enlist amateurs like Brenda Negri, especially if they are G-Man wannabes, aggressive whackjobs who, not restrained by conscience, will do anything they are told by their government masters.

Criminal stalker Brenda Negri, who for a short time (October-December, 2001) ran an Internet hoax, posing as 'Ranger Rick', a male FBI agent, is a government groupie, stooge, and stool pigeon/snitch.

I don't know for sure what ever became of Negri, but since I haven't seen an obituary, I have the feeling she is still out there, still spreading outrageous lies about targets, still harassing, threatening and stalking.

Come to think of it, her idiotic, comic-book writing style and malicious comments about Barbara Hartwell bear a striking resemblance to those of "Xena Carpenter", a name being used by at least one other perp, a criminal stalker, identity thief and forger named Todd Brendan Fahey, under which he writes and publishes libelous pseudo reports about Barbara Hartwell.

In fact, one of Negri's longtime accomplices is Timothy Patrick White, another criminal stalker who has been operating in the U.S. (and now also Canada) for the past decade. White, like Fahey, is in collusion with "Xena Carpenter".  (What a coincidence.)

Interestingly enough, both stalkers, Negri and White, are associated with ex-FBI agent and COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson. (What a coincidence.)

And there's more...

Both stalkers, Negri and White, over the years, have had some of the same accomplices: the aforementioned Todd Brendan Fahey, yet another psycho stalker; Ken Adachi, who has been running a government-sponsored libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell and others for the past decade, and who has published the outrageous lies of  Negri, White and Fahey; Larry Lawson, another government shill who promotes massive disinformation against targets, including Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee and Rick Stanley; Pam Schuffert, yet another stalker (accomplice of Tim White in stalking investigative journalist Janet Phelan)... just to name a few. (Again, what a coincidence.)

What's more, the stalkers and accomplices all have the same basic group of targets, including Barbara Hartwell. (What a striking is almost too much to believe.)

Of late, the handiwork of this crew of stalkers, perverts, malicious liars, government-sponsored criminals, has been making an appearance on an increasing number of websites, the owners of which have become accomplices of the stalkers by aiding and abetting their offenses (criminal and otherwise).

Remember that the demonic liars who concoct and promote the libelous falsehoods about targets are also cowards, often hiding behind pseudonyms, like "Xena Carpenter" (Todd Fahey); "Patrick Alexander" and "George Mateski" (Tim White); "James L. Choron" (Brenda Negri), and so on...

And it doesn't matter whether or not the owners of these sites are smart enough (most are not) to figure out that the purported "authors" of the outrageous lies about targets are not who they say they are. They are still culpable, still acomplices, still aiding and abetting government-sponsored  criminals.

Furthermore, their unmitigated stupidity is glaringly apparent, and is perhaps superceded only by their spite and malice against the targets.  For anyone who actually believes the outlandish lies displays the behavior of a parading idiot. But assuming they just don't give a damn about "truth" (a given, where these lowlife characters are concerned) then what does that tell you?

But in any case, no matter what the reason (ignorance and/or stupidity) or the motivation (spite and/or gov't payoffs) I'm sure the old saying is true: The devil finds work for idle hands to do.

These name-droppers, gate-crashers, grandstanders and wannabes, these ambitious amateurs, these lowlife stooges, are looking for attention. (Look at me! I'm exposing the government! I'm exposing the scamsters and con artists! Look at me!  I'm exposing the CIA agent, the "lying bitch" and "whore", Barbara Hartwell! Look at me!)

So let's give them the attention they're looking for!

For libelous pseudo reports on genuine whistleblowers, journalists, activists, Christians; for the writings of government shills, snitches and stooges,  ignoramuses and pompous asses; for second-hand black propaganda; for recycled and regurgitated calumny, for prepackaged-shrink-wrapped-government-sanctioned character assassination --please make sure to visit these websites (No, I won't provide the links):

Friends of Liberty (Todd Brendan Fahey)

Educate-Yourself (Ken Adachi)

9-11 The Mother of All Black Operations (James F. Marino)

The Unhived Mind (Craig Oxley)

American Holocaust (Pam Schuffert)

Help Aaron James (Aaron James)

Labvirus (Alex McGowin)

These represent only a small fraction of what's out there, but the commonality is this: They all promote the handiwork of criminal stalkers (often under pseudonyms), all of whom are part of the criminal conspiracy against targets.

This is NOT just a civil matter (as in: invasion of privacy, libel/slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc.) No, no, it is a CRIMINAL matter.  I can and will prove this, and when I do, these scum criminals will be running for cover like cockroaches from under a lifted rock.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Amen and amen!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 1, 2010


Kathy Kasten is a researcher, investigative journalist, human rights activist.

You may remember her as the author of an article recently published on RMN, Remote Viewing and You.

She is also a dear friend who has stood up for me more times than I can count over the years I have known her.

Kathy is on staff at UCLA and lives in an RV in Los Angeles.

Kathy has been targeted for political persecution and harassment for many years, due to her human rights activism.

Now, for the latest: I invited Kathy to visit me over the Christmas Holidays at my house in Maine. Christmas is a big deal to me and my favorite time of year. Being something of an old fogey and a recluse, I always invite friends and family to my home to celebrate Christmas, since I don't like travelling.

Long story short, when the gov't goons found out, through tapping phone lines and intercepting e-mail, about Kathy's upcoming visit, they apparently decided to make things as difficult as possible for Kathy, because GOD FORBID she should come to see me, another of their "Public Enemy #1" targets and actually ENJOY the Christmas season.

Kathy, like myself, publicizes all the harassment she is targeted for and brooks no nonsense from the goons, no matter what they do.

She called me today and has asked me to share with RMN readers the latest escapades of the gov't goons so that THEY may be in the spotlight, where they belong.

Here's what has happened to Kathy in the last two weeks, starting on the day when she booked a flight to Maine.

First, a goon snatched her purse on the street, jumped into a waiting car and they fled the scene of the crime.

Next, two GOON VANS surrounded her in her RV one evening when she was trying to relax after work. These were not your standard gov't-issue vehicles, Crown Victoria or Ford Taurus. No, they were high-end, a Lexus and a Mercedes. Looks like Kathy's getting the Royalty of Gov't Goons, real professionals, to lavish attention on her.

The last espisode was yesterday, at the Y, where Kathy works out. I'll let Kathy tell it in her own words:

" Well, I've got to tell you, somebody is reading the e-mails. And, wanting to get up close and personal.

I was at the Y - working out - just before closing.  This blond guy came into the upstairs exercise room area and was pretending to use a piece of  equipment next to the door. The clothing he was wearing was attempting to hide his real physical condition. Oh the grunting and groaning, feigning tough exercising. 

Yeah, sure.

The funny thing is, in the middle of a rep, he stops to watch me as I pick up my gear to leave. Next, he is tandem behind me, matching every step I take out of the room and down the stairs; I can feel his eyes on my back, and I was not mistaking it for anything but what it was.

Before we got to the long windowless hallway, we encountered one of the night managers. I know him, made sure I acknowledged him and that he saw me. I still have the blond on my rear, two or three steps behind. I hold the exit door from the hallway for him, so that I can get an even better look. He doesn't go to the men's changing area door, but goes directly to an outside exit.

Good thing I am getting my powerful body back. Now, I just need a couple really good moves.


I had promised to teach Kathy some martial arts when she comes for her visit. It's always good to be able to knock one of these goons on his ass, no matter how big he is!

But there's more, and you may find this hilarious. Awhile back, I wrote an article about the notorious wanna-be goon and gov't groupie, Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick.

In the article was a mug shot which came from another article featuring the illustrious Ms. Negri in connection with the TSA under the Dep't of Homeland Security, where Negri was briefly employed in a low-level job as a baggage checker until her bosses realized what a nutcase she is.

Anyway, as soon as Kathy saw the picture: BINGO!  She recognized Negri's mug, and here's why: Brenda Negri had been one of Kathy's stalkers, who followed her around Los Angeles, the same city in which Negri has been known to do much of her dirty work, DIRTY DEEDS, DONE DIRT-CHEAP.

Again, I'll let Kathy tell it in her own words, from an e-mail she sent me last spring.


Two things:

1) Negri wants to be in a union so that she cannot be fired easily. There is no thought beyond herself; ask yourself why would this person be the "spokesperson" for the union. Who is protecting her?

2) It is apparent, after seeing Negri's photo, she was the schank piece of crap on the bus stop one morning -- exactly that face and hair (even from the angle of the photo that nose is hard to miss).

She is not very good at "covering a target." A total inept; not trained professionally. Or, if trained, she is not very good at it.

If she ever tries that again, I will have her arrested for stalking. Thanks, now I know the name of another one of the low level "perps" who has tried to invade my life.


Barbara Hartwell Percival
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