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Sunday, February 28, 2010

FBI Operatives Enlist Dillard Store Employee in Stalking & Harassment Campaign

NOTE:  Here, a recent report from my fellow former intelligence professional, whistleblower, and target of  FBI/CIA evildoers (liars, false witnesses,  calumniators, thugs, assassins, torturers and their minions) my dear friend, Geral Sosbee.
As I understand the situation, upon information and belief; from nearly a decade of discussions with Geral; and from my own observations these many years, among other atrocities (and having failed thus far to silence or neutralize him) the perps are trying their damnedest to provoke my friend Geral and set him up for a false arrest.
Please see his website for corroborating reports on stalking, harassment, and the ceaseless persecution of a Defender of Liberty and Messenger of Truth, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.
FBI/CIA assassins:
Mark my words this day. Nothing escapes the omniscient perception of God, and no one can hide from His judgment.
February 28, 2010
fbi Operatives Enlist Dillard Store Employee In Stalking and Harassment Campaign
For The Record--fbi & community stalking/harassment
From   Harlingen, Texas
February 20, 2010
 For additional general information on stalking in America see:
See also "Psychological Operations" at:                                  
Toward the end of 2009,  I met  by chance the owner  (*Bill Dillard) of Dillard's Department Stores in the ***mall at Harlingen, Texas. He is a congenial and non assuming man with a outgoing and inquisitive disposition. We talked for a few minutes about the economy and the  USA border wall being constructed  at the Mexican frontier; Dillard also indicated that he is in the valley to consider renewing the lease on the Dillard's store in Harlingen, Texas. I did not inform him that the fbi is running an intelligence operation against me in the Dillard's  store, Harlingen, Texas.
About a month later the fbi operatives (using identification from another agency) enlisted a Dillard Store employee named Laura  (last name unknown) in the men's shoe department to begin a stalking and harassment campaign against me every time I entered the store. I assume by her conduct that Laura is become an unsuspecting operative in furtherance of the slander campaign run by the fbi terrorists in connection with their efforts to make life quite unconfortable for me as set forth at:
Laura allows herself to be controlled by the hoodlums and assassins, even though she is aware of my identity and my website by virtue of my prior brief discussion with her. Shortly after the January, 2010, stalking and harassment of me by Laura, I verbally reported the hostile campaign to the **manager of the Dillard Store in Harlingen, Texas. I explained that Laura is a pleasant and honest person who is nevertheless easily manipulated by the thugs and criminals who boldly enter into the store at will to carry out their unlawful  stalking and slander activities against me; the outrageous conduct of Laura is thus  impliedly approved by Dillard Store management, at least until I complained.
Note that the store manager (Ms. Spiech apparently confirmed my report with Laura, and Spiech advised me that no further harassment against me would be encouraged in the store).
[The ****site meter data shown below is apparently made by the Dillard Store manager who made efforts to confirm both my identity and the information I provided to her. ]
*William (Bill) Dillard, II
1600 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, AR  72201
**Jean Spiech, Harlingen, Texas

***Valle Vista Mall
2020 S Expressway 83
Harlingen, TX 78552
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Note that stalking in Texas is a class B misdemeanor or felony.
THE LIVING DEAD, Including fbi Operatives In The Community, Such As Unwitting Laura:
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