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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Johnny Gosch Tragedy

NOTE: I found this video on the Johnny Gosch case, which comes from a source who is unknown to me. However, I think it is interesting and the person who made it expresses what I consider to be some truthful ideas, beliefs and sentiments regarding the involvement of ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and his cronies in the Gosch case.

Here's a brief summary posted at the site: 

The Johnny Gosch Tragedy

A blogger named BoyintheMachine showed up on one of the older threads to share a few thoughts on the Johnny Gosch story. He agrees that there appears to have been some kind of deliberately planted disinfo mess, with Noreen Gosch being victimised a second time. First she lost her son. Then she was preyed on by the likes of Ted Gunderson and others tied into promoting the satanic panic. He produced this video.

For those interested in some background material on Ted Gunderson, please see these reports.


Open Letter to Noreen Gosch

Also some related excerpts from those reports which might help to round out the picture.


"Ted Gunderson claims I am still being handled by CIA. That is a lie being promoted by other Gunderson minions and toadies, such as Ken Adachi, Ted's primary mouthpiece for spreading libelous disinformation."

"Once I severed my ties with Gunderson, a number of his cronies, minions and dupes were sent after me, all of whom used various tactics in attempts to silence me; intimidate me or set me up. Some of Gunderson's cronies are CIA, such as operative Don Stacey of Boston. They failed." 

"At present, there is a vicious libel, slander and harassment campaign against myself, and others, all of whom have told the truth about our experiences with Ted Gunderson, in addition to being whistleblowers about government corruption which we directly witnessed and experienced."

"Psychotic stalkers and pathological liars, government dupes, being used by Gunderson and his cronies include Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick; Tim White; Shirley Anderson; Larry Lawson."


"When I threw Ted Gunderson out of my house and figured out my damages, I found I was over $30,000 in debt. I was a single mother of 2 young children only receiving $300 per month in child support. I was very ill the entire time Ted was in my house. Needless to say the kids and I were destitute. I was unable to be very involved in the issue. Survival for me and my kids was all I could manage. Some of you know how desperate my situation was and helped me."

ABOUT TED GUNDERSON (excerpts from COINTELPRO report) 

Former Senior SAC, FBI. Retired from FBI in 1979. Heavily involved in COINTELPRO under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover. Impressive credentials, uses them to insinuate himself into high profile cases, such as murder; human trafficking/slavery; child sex abuse/pornography rings; government mind control operations.

Gunderson targets former government operatives and whistleblowers for the purpose of neutralizing and/or discrediting them. Runs containment operations to place a desired spin on and/or defuse information.

Spreads black propaganda (a specialty of COINTELPRO) about his targets. Uses sensationalism to promote his cases; talks endlessly of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Satanism and attempts to apply these motives/modus operandi to a majority of crimes, though there is usually a dearth of evidence to substantiate his claims.

He also relies heavily on preaching about the evils of the Illuminati; the New World Order; the Shadow Government. Not that these entities don't exist, but to hear Gunderson tell it, these vaguely described entities are responsible for all the evil in the world; furthermore, he automatically accuses anyone he doesn't like; who questions his integrity; or who has exposed his many scams and criminal activities of "working" for them; being "handled" by them; "answering to" them and so on and so forth.

Gunderson uses a network of snitches and provocateurs, mostly amateurs, and often criminals who want a "get out of jail free" card. Sics his minions on legitimate whistleblowers, to harass, stalk, spread outrageous lies about the targets, and otherwise do as much damage as possible. Some Gunderson minions include: Tim White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi; Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor; Jon Gentry; Pam Schuffert, all listed in this report.

[Other stooges have since joined the libel/harassment campaign and are in collusion with Gunderson's various other minions. To name just a few: Alex McGowin; Todd Brendan Fahey; James F. Marino; "Xena Carpenter"; Aaron James. They are parroting the same lies (most fabricated by Gunderson and his cronies) about Barbara Hartwell and other targets of COINTELPRO.] 


"I'm also aware that you have heard and read many of the falsehoods being promoted about me by those bearing false witness against me; the same people (including Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi, Alex Jones, Virginia McCollough, Tim White et al) publishing a plethora of libelous disinformation about Barbara Hartwell. As to why they are doing their damnedest to discredit me, I think that will become clear as you read on. It is the same reason so many websites and radio networks have banned me, blacklisted me or removed my articles from their archives: I am telling the unvarnished truth, I am naming names of criminal perpetrators.

These editors and radio network administrators were feeling the heat. Some were afraid of retaliation by the bad guys. They were also losing money because the criminals who sponsor them threatened to withdraw their financial support. Posting my material is not "cost-effective".


Let me begin with a message posted by Tim White, one of Ted Gunderson's minions. I first saw this message posted on a commercial site (known for spreading disinformation) called Rumor Mill News, by a person using the screen name "Monk" . Later, I found it posted on many other sites, including Friends of Liberty (a site owned by a porno-monger and pathological liar, Todd Brendan Fahey who spreads outrageous lies about myself and others) and even Jeff Rense, the most high-traffic and commercial site of them all.

Last evening I received a call from Ted Gunderson who is presently in Nebraska to interview a central figure in the Franklin Coverup case that is at the root of this "Jeff Gannon" story. A confidential source of Teds' has-in a conversation with Ted yesterday afternoon-given a 100% confirmation that Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert is very definitely Johnny Gosch.Ted has the full backing and authority of the mother of Johnny,Noreen Gosch,to handle this as only Ted would know how, along with the complete assistance of John DeCamp.Ted and John DeCamp are the investigators and exposers of the Franklin Coverup.Ted has given me the greenlight to write and post this much so far but for very obvious reasons,I cannot go into greater detail at this time,though I do know more than what I can add to this at this time.As I have been told,more information will soon be forthcoming with the authorization to post when I receive it.

Tim White, Viet Nam Vet(Air Force),Concerned Citizen]

If an issue is of serious concern to me, as this one is, whenever I find a report posted on that issue, the first thing I do is look at the source(s) of the information. In this case, the primary source named is Ted Gunderson. A secondary source is John DeCamp, and finally, Tim White, the actual "author" of the report, as well as the person disseminating the information.

So let me start with Tim White. I have conducted a thorough investigation of Tim White, starting in August 2001. The reason I found it necessary to investigate White is that this man (whom I had never heard of and did not know) targeted me for a number of criminal violations, beginning with his false claims about death threats made against me by a so-called "CIA assassin" (a threat which was entirely bogus and in which an innocent person was implicated); which later escalated to various forms of criminal harassment, including by phone, and which eventually included Tim White's own death threats against me, for which I have several witnesses.


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