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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hate Propagandists Attack Journalists, Human Rights Activists

For the Lord seeth not as man seeth: for man looketh on the outward appearance but the Lord looketh on the heart.
1 Samuel 16:7
Then Peter opened his mouth and said, Of truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.
Acts 10: 34-35
Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.”
Colossians 3:11
Prerecorded and aired on April 1, two investigative journalists, Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell, were guests on a radio show hosted by James Arthur Jancik. The topic for discussion was the pervasive and escalating bigotry, particularly against "the Jews", and most notably spreading like wildfire in the "patriot" community.
Here are two links now archived which allow the listener to go directly to the interview, without having to search through the original 4 hour program:
A few days after the program aired, Janet Phelan posted a link for the radio show on various message boards and on Facebook. Since I am not a member of Facebook (nor any other groups), I was not able to see the hundreds of  comments posted in reference to the show; however, Janet told me all about it --the controversy stirred up as a result of this interview.
Janet and I were verbally assaulted for daring to step forward and take a stand against bigotry and rampant hate propaganda.  According to some of the 'commentators', we were even called "satanists". When I asked Janet, Why? How could they possibly draw such a conclusion from listening to this show? She told me, They said it was because you are a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ. How utterly  bizarre...
But that wasn't all. The host, James Arthur Jancik, received what I can only call hate mail from bigots, which he forwarded to me and Janet.
First, let's take a look at e-mail from notorious fed snitch, psycho-stalker Timothy Patrick White, whom James had never heard of (lucky, lucky you!) until the day White's overflowing trash bag showed up in his mailbox. 
As Janet and I explained to James, no sooner does a new radio show get posted online, on which either one of us is a guest, but Tim White breaks the sound barrier, shooting forth like a heat-seeking missile to target the host of the show for his libelous/slanderous tirades of invective against Janet and me.
In the case of Janet Phelan, Tim White repeatedly sends out the same long-winded pseudo-report about Janet's father, the well known investigative journalist, the late James Phelan. White presents this piece of trash as if it is the ultimate "news flash", in his malicious and obsessive attempts to discredit Janet Phelan.
Included in the 'report', which is filled with fabrications and wild speculation about James Phelan, are comments from other bigots of  Tim White's ilk, who exchange e-mails libeling Janet and James Phelan.
Of course, the material referenced, its false nature notwithstanding, has absolutely NOTHING to do with Janet Phelan's work as a journalist, or the issues she addresses, but is simply a noxious smear piece designed to assassinate Janet's character and defame her professional reputation.
But then, anyone even remotely familiar with the handiwork of notorious criminal stalker, Tim White (and especially those who have become his Targets) will know that the actual ISSUES are of no concern to Tim White, any more than furnishing actual facts, much less evidence, of White's plethora of  libelous claims. The ONLY concern of Tim White (and his fellow government stooges and accomplices) is to HIT THE TARGET, by slinging as much happy horseshit as possible, and hoping that some of it will stick.
[pseudo-report not included]
Not being one to automatically pass the sins of the father unto the son (or daughter), and not being attached one way or another to any guest I may have on (other then the search for Truth), what are the "sins" Janet Phelan directly committed? I see nothing listed below. Just oblique innuendos like:
"She is very evil intentioned but using the standard 'truth seeker journalist' garbage as cover"
--Tim White
What evil intentions?
"She is attacking anyone who mentions her father's role for CIA.. "
--Ralph Schoenman

Attacking how? Political pull? Words? Weapons?
If you have direct evidence against Janet Phelan herself of some espionage or crime, please come forward [with] that alone, if you feel the need to share.
However, I have read and interviewed Janet Phelan on her exposing the possible plans of using city water lines as a bio-weapons delivery system and the possibility of US bio-weapons treaty violations which are quite focused and documented.
Best to you,

On 4/7/12 4:58 PM, radar runner [Tim White] wrote:
James...please show me that you are actually SMARTER than this reply of yours....YOU are VERY LATE in this particular game and YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED BY 2 VICIOUS LIARS [Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell].....therefore- YOU are VERY UNinformed....
Tim White,Viet NamVet(USAF) Concerned Citizen, Researcher, Investigator,Whistleblower
[Note Tim White's bogus "credentials", with which he tries to make himself sound "important" --how ludicrous!]
Mr. White,

If this is how you respond, please do not bother me again.

Now, let's take a look at another e-mail received by James Jancik. This one is from an online  publication to which Jancik had subscribed.
James Jancik wrote [e-mail to Barbara Hartwell and Janet Phelan]:
Well... I wonder what I said? Perhaps not all Jews are bad?

No doubt I will now be cast as Jewish shill?

This was a newsletter that had a running commentary mostly anti-Jewish rhetoric. Gave me insight to those perspectives.

I wonder what his next mailing would have said about me... oh well...

From: John Kilsnow
To: James A. Jancik

Your subscription has been terminated due to your opinions expressed during your interview with the following individuals:

Jewess Janet Phelan
CIA operative Barbara Hartwell
The photos of Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell were included (just as shown above) with the captions of  "Jewess" and "CIA operative" below each photo.
So, the "opinions expressed" in the interview, mainly that we find bigotry and racism to be unacceptable and abhorrent, and that we stand against those scum criminals who would commit genocide (and any lesser crimes they could get away with), caused this individual, Mr. John Kilsnow, to cancel the subscription of a person, James Jancik, apparently merely because he is not a hater of  "the Jews".
He labels Janet Phelan a "Jewess", as if that were cause for alarm, or some kind of heinous crime. As for Barbara Hartwell, I am labeled with the old standby, "CIA operative".
Well no, Mr. Kilsnow, actually you've got that wrong too. I have been out of CIA since 1994. That is eighteen years, in case you are too mentally challenged to do the math. I have no ties to CIA, and no contact with anyone who works for CIA. My only interest and concern regarding CIA is EXPOSING their terrorism against We the People of these United States,  and the People of the World.
But enough about me, since it appears I am not the real issue here --after all, I am not a "Jew". For your information, Mr. Kilsnow, Janet Phelan is one of the most decent, honorable and courageous persons I have ever known. That is why she is my good friend, why I trust her, and why I work with her.  But a  psychopath like you, fueled by white-hot hate and bigotry, and intellectually limited by gross ignorance and blatant stupidity, is really not worth any more of my time to comment upon.
Except to say this:
May your works of iniquity come back to haunt you and may God's Justice be visited upon you.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 12, 2012 
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