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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Barry Chamish Radio Show: Counterintelligence Operations

Barry Chamish Radio Show
First Amendment Radio
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Guest Barbara Hartwell
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Our topic was counterintelligence operations and how neutralization  campaigns are run against a Target.
At my request, Barry spoke a little about his own case as a high-profile Target (he barely scratched the surface, as we only had an hour and he didn't want it to be the main focus of the show), and what happened to him as a result of what he exposed in his work as an investigative journalist and author of the book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?
From the book's back cover:
"No one, truly objective, will deny that Barry Chamish has torn apart the Israeli government falsehood that Yitzhak Rabin was killed by a lone gunman named Amir. The volume of evidence amassed by Chamish in so short a time is nothing short of wondrous. Chamish has now made his mark on history."
--Joel Bainerman, author of Crimes of a President
I haven't yet had a chance to read the book, which Barry kindly sent me, but look forward to learning more about his experiences and the psy ops involved.  
I have written extensively on the subject of COINTELPRO, documenting the tactics and especially exposing the names of those running these  counterintelligence operations, as well as their minions and stooges.  Recently I have been doing quite a number of radio interviews on these issues, because I have found that many of the people who are interested prefer listening on radio to reading a report, and because radio reaches a far larger audience than my website.
One question always seems to pop up: Why bother, why spend time/resources on investigating/exposing some of the lowly underlings, clearly amateurs, mere minions, who are exploited by the government operatives in attempts to discredit a Target?
As I have repeatedly explained: Because in order to understand the true nature of COINTELPRO, it must be recognized that most of those who do the government's dirty work in harassing, stalking, libeling, slandering the Targets are not professional operatives; they are rank amateurs, mainly ne'er do wells, drifters and even criminals, the most "expendable" of persons.  They are, without exception, mentally unbalanced (in some cases psychotic), aggressive busybodies, tale-bearers, who delight in spreading malicious gossip and fabrications about a Target; they are G-Man wannabes  who are made to feel "important" by the government operatives exploiting them to attack their Targets, including legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and activists, who are actually exposing and standing up against government corruption.
A vicious libel/slander campaign is initiated against the Target and the minions and stooges are tasked to run with it. They serve as "cheap labor" (dirty deeds done dirt cheap),  and the operatives can always employ  "plausible deniability" to distance themselves in connection with their offenses and crimes against Targets.
These minions will engage in monstrous invasions of a Target's privacy, attempting to "dig up dirt", and if they fail to produce any factual information which can be used against the Target, they will simply fabricate an outlandish or salacious story to demonize and defame the Target.
They are known for publishing PRIVATE information (unlisted telephone numbers, street addresses); misrepresenting the Target in a "false light", and even soliciting crimes against a Target by posting a PRIVATE street address on the Internet and inviting like-minded thugs and criminals to harass and stalk a target at his/her own home.
I have developed expertise on these operations because I have investigated these cases for decades; I have interviewed a large number of persons targeted by COINTELPRO; I have documented and published the cases in my reports. But most importantly, at least from my perspective, I myself am a longtime Target of these counterintelligence operations, so I know exactly what I am talking about, not only from a professional viewpoint, but also from personal experience.
Shortly after I appeared on Barry's radio program for the first interview (April 17, with investigative journalist Janet Phelan, on a different topic), Barry received several "complaints" by e-mail for having Barbara Hartwell (and presumably Janet Phelan) on his show.
Barry sent me this e-mail message from one naysayer, without including the name of the person, and asked:  "Can you answer this one on air."
Here's the message:
"I was informed of this shot by a contact and was shocked she managed to get on your broadcast.  I've tried to defend you over it to a very annoyed enemy of theres and I'll see what comes of that.  I told them that you may not have known who they were etc.  Be careful Barry many will come to your show if they know the doors open but so many out there are not like some of your old guests.  Many are agents and crooks unfortunately.  This women lies about me and as I said aids the swines who attack me and attack much of the truth out there from many people."
Barbara Hartwell's e-mail reply to Barry:
Well, I have many enemies out there, but this one is unidentified, at least to me.
You might want to tell this fool, whoever he is, that I did not "manage" to get on any show, but was invited by the host --that being you.
If I knew who my accuser was, then I might know what the purported  "lies" are. I would only address such accusations on the air if I know precisely what they are, as well as the identity of the person(s) making them.
I hope that answers the question.
PS: The grammar and spelling of this individual are atrocious!
And Barry's response to me:
"He accused me of being CIA. I vigorously put the lie to that."
Well, how typical. I am accused of being an "agent" by this unidentified person, and then he accuses Barry of being CIA, apparently simply because he invited me on his radio program.
In fact, Barry did bring this up on the air and explained how he was criticized for having a "CIA spy" as a guest. He also made it clear that he had invited this person to come on the air, identify himself (as stated in my e-mail to Barry) and confront Barbara Hartwell directly. Typically, he refused. Instead he accused Barry Chamish of being CIA.
I don't know who this person is (given some time and research I can probably find out), and Barry said he did not want to name him, since "he wouldn't like it".  Of course, he wouldn't like it!  As I said on the air, if this individual were to behave like a man, he would not be afraid to tell us all his name and allow me to face my accuser and give me the opportunity to refute his false and defamatory  allegations.
Trouble is, people like this are cowards, every last one. Only a coward hides his identity. Only a coward whispers tales and makes accusations from the shadows, smearing the Target's name, while withholding his own.
But we did get to talking about some of this particular coward's "associates"; these were people Barry was willing to name and with whom I am (unfortunately) very familiar. Tim White, Pamela Schuffert and "Xena Carpenter".
These individuals have been in collusion for many years, to libel/slander stalk, harass and threaten Targets, being some of the very government  stooges/minions I have exposed in my reports. Tim White and Pam Schuffert operated at one time as a stalker tag-team, and "Xena Carpenter" is an alias used by another pyscho-stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey, also a longtime accomplice of Tim White. The "Xena Carpenter" website is a parking lot for a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell and others, some of whom are my friends and professional colleagues.
These malicious liars and cowards, Tim White and Todd Fahey (the demonic duo), hide behind many aliases and screen names, using multiple e-mail addresses to spread outrageous lies about Targets, including Barbara Hartwell.
And I was glad Barry brought up Tim White, as it was yet another opportunity to expose this notorious career criminal and predicate felon, known far and wide as a fed snitch, stalker and character assassin, who "made a deal" for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002, serving only five (5) months of a four (4) year sentence on a drug-trafficking conviction, a sex pervert/predator who was never charged for the felony crime of possession of child pornography.
White's "deal" involved the very stalking, harassment, libel/slander activities, which also included making death threats against patriots, whistleblowers, journalists, as an "attack dog" for his fed masters.
So back to the question asked by Barry Chamish: Why bother with this "pipsqueak", Tim White?
Why? Because although I won't disagree that Tim White is indeed a "pipsqueak" (great description!), he is responsible for massive, incalculable damages to numerous decent, honorable people, including true patriots, sincere Christians, legitimate journalists and whistleblowers. He has had numerous restraining orders against him for stalking and threatening (mostly women, but some men as well).
And because Tim White is one of the most aggressive, malicious and evil persons I have ever encountered in all my years of  "chasing the bad guys".
I and many others want him held accountable for his many crimes against persons and brought to justice!
White has been hiding out in Canada for years, a fugitive from justice (warrants out for his arrest on various charges) while claiming he is a "whistleblower", a ludicrous assertion, considering that White has no professional background of any kind and was never INVOLVED in anything except his own crime sprees against Targets and in becoming a fed snitch and a traitor to his country.
To hear Barry's assessment of Tim White (it isn't good), and our discussion of related issues, please listen to this show.
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April 25, 2012
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