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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Vigilantism on Our American Borders

NOTE: This article by Carl F. Worden was sent to me by the author in 2002.  On my old website ( I had dedicated an entire section to Carl's articles, this one included.

Generally speaking, I don't care how old an article is, but only how true it is. One thing I've noticed: Carl's articles stand the test of time and often are prescient in their  warnings about the future. As for the issue addressed here, it has become a worse problem than ever, and is of particular concern to me personally.

As I build my archives on this new site, I will be adding more articles from Carl F. Worden.

A website housing his archives is here:

Ladies & gentlemen:

Whenever and wherever a failure of local law enforcement and United States federal government intervention into crime against the citizens exists, a vigilantism, or Militia of common citizens, will arise.  That is the "Worden Rule".  That is the American way of doing things, so count on that response every time it happens.  That is how we were born in fire and blood as a nation, it is our independent American nature, and it is ultimately effective whenever necessary.

We American citizens have a constitutional right to bear personal firearms, and we have personal property to protect, independent of our government; therefore we are not dependent upon our government to protect us when they won't.  Such is the case with regards to our border with Mexico.

The Republicans don't want to stem the tide of illegal immigrants galloping across our border with Mexico because their corporate handlers demand the cheap labor these illegal immigrants provide.  The Democrats don't want to interfere with the illegal immigrants because they provide votes for anyone deemed a Democrat because it is always the Democrats who call for amnesty for illegal immigrants already established here.  In the afterglow of those treasonous government failures to act, the citizens' Militia has predictably filled that void.

The refusal of the American media to nationally report incidents where citizen Militias have proven effective in arresting and detaining illegal immigrants on our border with Mexico has been circumvented by Internet news organizations like WorldNetDaily, Sierra Times and Newsmax, among others, not afraid or inhibited to report these incidents.

For example, a Texas-based Militia group calling itself "Ranch Rescue" recently stopped 279 pounds of high grade Marijuana from being smuggled across a ranch owned by the Nature Conservancy in Arizona.  They were staked out on a trail on that ranch that looked like a herd of buffalo had recently crossed at 3 AM when they detected another group coming over.  When the heavily armed Militia group, largely manned by former special forces personnel yelled, "Alto!", the group tossed their cargo and scampered back from whence they came, leaving their shipment for the Militia to gather it and alert the media.

When the local sheriff was notified of the seizure, he told the media this was a very serious problem and it could have gone very badly.

Oh really?  How badly?  Where was this sheriff and his deputies when this shipment was coming through?  Home asleep, perhaps?  Yes, and what was this sheriff really complaining about?  Perhaps that he didn't get his "cut" off that shipment?  One can only speculate.

The bottom line is that America is being invaded daily on both southern and northern borders, not only by illegal immigrants looking for a better life, but by drug smugglers bringing in contraband that is a whole lot more dangerous to our American youth than 300 pounds of high-grade pot.  They are also bringing in Heroin and a number of other drugs.

A Tombstone weekly newspaper publisher recently called for the formation of a citizen militia to combat illegal immigration on the border.  They asked for vote on the issue, and 95% of the respondents were in favor of it.

But what was the response of the government officials?  According to reporter Ignacio Ibarra of the Arizona Daily Star, " Arizona leaders at the state and federal level are calling for investigations into armed civilian patrols along the state's border with Mexico."

"U.S. Rep.-elect Raúl Grijalva, a Tucson Democrat who takes office in January, said he will push for federal hearings into the activities of the civilian patrols. Grijalva's pledge echoes proposals this weekend during border forums in Mexico, made by leaders including Gov.-elect Janet Napolitano, Gov. Jane Hull and Sonora Gov. Armando Lopez Nogales."

Since when did these elected miscreants think the American citizen was some lower class not "authorized" to interdict drug trafficking?  We Americans are all members of the Militia under the United States Code, and the Constitution of the United States authorizes the Militia to "Enforce the laws of the Union, to suppress insurrections and to repel invasions."  As such, the American Militia is a law enforcement entity authorized by every state and federal law in the nation to make citizen arrests.

The American people are waking up and taking action, and these elected officials had better do the same.

Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia


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