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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Michelle Wolven: Agent-Provocateur, Snake-Oil Peddler, Disinformant, Stalker.

I've been a guest on Dr. Antonella Carpenter's radio program, The Medical Conspiracy, on three separate occasions. I was first invited on the show by Dr. Carpenter after she heard me talking about COINTELPRO on Against the Wall (Orion Talk Radio) hosted by James Freeland.
This evening I will be back on the program (5-7 PM Eastern Time) to continue our discussion on the neutralization campaign against Dr. Carpenter.
After doing my own research on Lase Med Inc., and after having spent hours in conversations (off the air) with Dr. Carpenter and her professional associate, Randy Simmons, I have come to regard them not only as high-profile Targets of a sinister and far-reaching counterintelligence operation, but also as personal friends.
Their battle against the evildoers in the Medical Mafia, and the shills who attack them with libel, slander, harassment and stalking, is strikingly similar to what has happened to me and other Targets who are my friends and allies.
I support them because I consider them worthy of my support; their enemies have now become my enemies.
One such person (a lowly minion in the larger conspiracy) who has been particularly aggressive in her campaign to not only "neutralize" Dr. Carpenter, but to destroy her, is one Michelle Wolven. And now, as a result of being exposed for the provocateur/stalker she is, Wolven has also launched attacks against Barbara Hartwell.
Michelle Wolven posted the following on a public message board.
"It wasn't bad enough that they lie to their patients and tell them their tumor is dead ( not their cancer) tell them they are fine, lie, and lie some more. Then go on their ridiculous radio show and make complete asses out of themselves, then get family members to call in with fake names and stories and then finally claim to be ex-CIA agents. REALLY?!!! LOL! How much more desperate can you get? Oh yes, how about call the owner of your web server to take down someone elses website every day!! LOL! Desperation has no morals ~~!~"
In this attempt to discredit not only Dr. Carpenter, but now Barbara Hartwell, Wolven has exposed herself as a grossly ignorant fool, grasping at straws in her desperation to keep the truth about her own stupidity and aggression under wraps.
How, pray tell, did Michelle Wolven reach the conclusion that I am a "family member" of Dr. Carpenter?  She describes "ex-CIA agents" in the plural, rather than the singular. In point of fact, I am only one person, and I am the ONLY person who has appeared on Dr. Carpenter's program, as a counterintelligence/psy ops expert.
If this stupid, loud-mouthed buffoon, Michelle Wolven, had taken the trouble to do some rudimentary research, she could have easily found my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA. She could have easily established that I am not a "family member" of Dr. Carpenter, and that my material, as a legitimate CIA whistleblower, has been published on the Internet since 1995.
But instead, Michelle Wolven accuses me of using a "fake name", and telling "fake stories". How stupid can she possibly be? Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Ms. Wolven:
Aside from being a lowlife liar, and an accomplice of liars (liars-for-hire, that is) I consider you nothing more than a low-grade moron, an aggressive busybody who thinks she can stick her nose into other people's business with impunity. But, take it to the bank, I won't let you do that to me! 
Now, you have made yourself another enemy, and I guarantee, you will not enjoy the consequences you have brought upon yourself.
May God's Swift and Terrible Justice be visited upon you.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 9, 2012
From The Medical Conspiracy
Truth About Michelle Wolven:
Agent-Provocateur, Snake-Oil Peddler, Disinformant, Stalker.

We discovered that this individual, who so far has spent three years covering the web with slanderous, as well as totally unfounded lies and accusations in the form of forum postings, videos, group emails, personal messages sent to any former Lase Med patients she could find, even phonecalls to TV stations and to residential neighbors of Lase Med Inc. staff, was and is nothing less than a professional agent provocateur. She now has a YouTube channel dedicated to the defamation of Dr. Carpenter, with the username "Shutdownlasemedinc." (She also uses the screen name "Anonymous" quite frequently.)

Michelle Wolven: Psycho Stalker

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