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Friday, March 9, 2012

Anti-Jewish Propaganda Run Amok in the Patriot Community

NOTE: My friend and colleague, investigative journalist Janet Phelan, was recently a guest on a radio show hosted by Mike Harris (RBN). As Janet explained to me, the topic for discussion on that particular program was supposed to be "guardianship" and the crimes and corruption connected to it, which Janet has investigated and reported on for a number of years. But as Janet explained, the program was derailed by aggressive callers who changed the subject and even attacked Janet personally for being "Jewish".

Janet contacted me after having read my latest report exposing a gang of bigots who promote hate, violence and terrorism against "Edomite Jews" and Israel.  Janet is Jewish (from her mother's side) and I am not. But we both feel the same way about bigots of any kind. We both have also been targeted by this gang of white supremacists/misogynists, one reason being that we defend the God-given rights of ANYONE who is unjustly attacked simply because of their race, gender or ethnic origin. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for bigotry of any kind.

Janet and I have also both observed an extremely appalling and growing trend in the "patriot" community to blame "the Jews" for all the evils of the world. The Jews are being made into scapegoats, and not just "Zionist Jews". ALL JEWS. These "patriots" will make all sorts of derogatory comments about "Jewish" features and physiology and even claim that "the Jews" are the "spawn of Satan".

Some of these same white supremacist bigots are holocaust deniers who claim that the holocaust "never happened", or that far fewer Jews were murdered by the Nazis than actually died at the hands of these demonic criminals. Some are apologists or defenders of Adolph Hitler. The chorus of cacaphony, spewing Jew-hater propaganda, has reached a fever pitch which drowns out any lone voice of reason, integrity or common decency. 

How utterly sickening and detestable is this!

Janet sent me this e-mail exchange, with permission to publish, between a friend of hers, Hanna Jaeckel, and the host of the radio show, Mike Harris, which is self-explanatory.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 9, 2012

Mike Harris:

Not usually being in the habit of airing my critique of online radio hosts, I cannot hold my utter disbelief back, when it comes to your outrageous performance during your recent interview with Investigative Reporter, Janet Phelan. It was the performance of a dilettante, unless, of course, it was a set-up to begin with. A possibility I don’t entirely discount.

May I insert here that Phelan probably would not appreciate my contacting you directly. Had she known, she would most likely have asked me not to. It is beneath her to “gang up” – she is a professional.

You see, I was present in the office, from where Ms. Phelan conducted her part of the interview via Skype and followed the interview first hand – step by step. I also later had the opportunity to review it and frankly, I was completely aghast – your total lack of either professionalism or ability to control your own program was downright unbelievable. Are you sure that radio host is the right profession for you? You did not make an effort to redirect the various callers to the subject(s) of your show, but you let at least two of them go on rambling and rambling forever on totally irrelevant subjects – in this case about “Jews” – you indeed gave them unlimited time to use your forum to promote their own agendas, distasteful as they were. When journalist Phelan tried to redirect and answer their tirades, you let these callers talk over Phelan and use her attempts to do your job for you, to step up their irrelevant lunacies – AND YOU DID NOT INTERVENE! Why Mr. Harris? Was it because you simply do not possess the tools to do the job? Or did you somehow gain something from abdicating your duties as a host? Or, ultimately, was it planned?

Considering that 50+% of the “call-in time” was expended on “Jews”, even the most na├»ve listener had to wonder – was this premeditated? I tend to believe that it was, which belief was reinforced, by your later, peculiar behavior – avoiding journalist Phelan altogether. Cowardice? Guilt? You tell me!

Before you reply – do keep in mind that I was in the office of Phelan and overheard the conversation between you following the show, during which you and Phelan discussed scheduling her for a show the following Wednesday, the subject of which would be based on the apparent rise in “blame the Jews”, which you allowed to take root and be expanded upon during the show – completely uncontrolled – on YOUR show.

I, personally, thought it incredibly courageous that Phelan was willing to take on a task of those dimensions and that importance, I told her so – even asked if she thought that she had the strength to undertake it. But I knew already while I asked that she could and she would – SHE IS THE CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL, who really by example illuminates what a poor dilettante you are. Imagine a media host avoiding to respond completely … honestly, it is beyond me – you run and hide like a child. Compared to being a professional – being a man … it boggles the mind. Maybe you should check into other professions, because the one you currently are in, most certainly is way beyond your capacities.

Hanna K. Jaeckel
Progreso, Yucatan, Mex

Greetings Hanna,

I respect that you are trying to defend you friend Janet against hostile callers during her appearance on the radio show. I have no control over the callers. I did disconnect one particularly hostile caller to Janet.

I feel your ire is misguided. Janet should be capable of defending herself while on the radio.She is smart, capable and as a liberated woman has no need for a man to defend her. I was trying to promote her in her new capacity with Veterans Today. I like Janet and I respect her work.

What Janet and by default you are experiencing is the back lash from the majority population within the USA. This back lash is happening because the majority of Americans are waking up to the fact they have been plundered and cheated by the moneyed Jewish establishment for the past 100 years, since the creation of the Federal Reserve. This was again acerbated when the "Frankfurt School, relocated to New York and "reformed" America education. No one has forgotten the lesson of the Bolshevik revolution when Jewish extremists murdered 65 million White Christian Russians, nor the hijacking of US foreign policy by Israeli Jews been forgotten.

More recently the Murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK funded by Jewish extremist is in peoples thoughts. There is also conclusive evidence that the Israeli Mossad were the perpetrators behind 9-11.

The American populace is becoming "Jew Wise" to the skullduggery of the tribe, and will no longer tolerate this behavior within the country.
When so many  American government officials of Jewish descent hold Dual citizenship with Israel, it makes people question their loyalty to the USA. No other ethnic group has this divided loyalty. When 385 members of congress commit treason and pledge an "unbreakable bond to Israel, they are betraying the country of their birth and the populace who elected them to office. This is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

When AIPAC, the ADL, Binai Brith and the SPLC are openly hostile to the white American majority and are funded by a foreign government to the detriment of the USA yes, the American people react.

I urge every loyal America Jew to re-evaluate their mindset of Jewish Identity and truly become loyal Americans, or for their own safety leave the country. Once the American people discover the full extent of the Jewish crimes against them another pogrom will ensue. No one wants to see that happen. The time is now for Jewish Americans to decide where their loyalty lies, with America or with Israel: they cannot serve two countries.

Jews can no longer expect to play the anti-Semite race card as the poor victim, they are in most cases the perpetrator of these crimes. Jews are not entitled to special treatment, they must be held responsible for their behavior and in many cases their crimes.

The article in the link is a worthy example of an Israeli Jew and his growing awareness of the situation of the consequences of continued bad behavior.

Even Editor in Chief Gordon Duff understands the crimes by Israeli Jews against humanity. It is time for the "good jews" to get the "Bad Jews" under control or the coming pogrom will destroy all of the jews.

I am sure you understand.

In Solidarity

Mike Harris

Mike Harris:

Appalled by your response to my 2/20/12 email, I must admit that my initial reaction was: "another evasion by Mike Harris". And that is in addition to the other observations, I conveyed to you in the above referenced mail.

Sadly, your complete evasion of points and observations laid out in that mail only serves as confirmation of a couple of your shortcomings - cowardice and evasion. In a more benevolent frame of mind, my sense of humour would have triggered a: nice try Harris - ain't working!

Maybe my own abilities as a communicator failed and you did not understand that I was not "defending" Phelan, but rather pointing out your complete inability to control, direct and guide your own show. I really should not have to outline for you, what talents and qualifications are necessary to keep a show within the framework of the subject of the day. If you do not possess them, then the minute you open the microphone for callers - they are essentially free to start a new show within a show, on a new subject - in your name, which is exactly what happened and what prompted me to write to you in disgust.

I really should not have to point that out to you - should I now?

One does have to ask oneself, why in the world you would take time to write so extensively about "good Jews versus bad Jews, etc.", that was not the subject - was it? May I add - it is all reheated, trite hash, which has gone around the internet for several years. I don't see an original thought on that subject in the text below. In fact, for you to roll it out for me, makes me wonder: does Harris and his "buddies" have an agenda? And if so - what would that agenda be and who are funding it?

Picking out just one paragraph (which obviously was not initially written to me), I would have laughed, if it wasn't so deadly serious and I mean "deadly", which was proven in Germany during Hitler's "reign", when the Germans needed an excuse and a scapegoat for total lack of courage and taking individual responsibility:

I urge every loyal America Jew to re-evaluate their mindset of Jewish Identity and truly become loyal Americans, or for their own safety leave the country. Once the American people discover the full extent of the Jewish crimes against them another pogrom will ensue. No one wants to see that happen. The time is now for Jewish Americans to decide where their loyalty lies, with America or with Israel: they cannot serve two countries.

Are you here essentially saying that the people of the Judaic faith are responsible for reigning in their fellows in religious philosophy? Or else leave the country? If that is the unspoken, underlying message, then accordingly there should be an "American exodus" from the shores of Turtle Island. You Americans have failed dismally in reigning in YOUR criminals in and outside Washington, DC and should be more than ashamed of it. But since shame and courage are not part of "the national traits" - you pick up an old "tried and true" - blame in on "the Jews" - it worked in Germany, so why not .....?

Harris - why are you and your associates willing participants in pouring fuel on that particular fire? "Divide and conquor" - "out of chaos - order" (New World Order). As you are well aware, you don't need to be a Jew to be a Zionist, which you correctly point out in the text below. But objectively - you don't seem to be much better than the treasonous rabble on Capitol Hill whose first action, before taking the Oath of Office, is to swear fealty to "Israel".

You don't need to expand on any of the subjects treated in your effort to avoid the message; I attempted to convey in my original mail, it is obvious that I have more in-depth knowledge on those subjects than you do. Add to that that I was born during the last year of WWII (another Rothschild/City of London/DC venture) in Denmark and learned about the REAL truth on my father's knee. He and his 7 brothers were underground fighters during that horrendous crime visited upon humanity and when they were not working, they were ferrying Jews to Sweden. Besides, English being only one of my secondary languages, I spent time over several years researching the German Reichsarchives, which were in German, when they were still available to the public. My father and his brothers were honourable men, which is more than can be said for .....!

I have expended far more time on you than reasonable, inasmuch as my expectations from and of you are virtually nil!

Hanna K. Jaeckel

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