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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anonymous Bigot Accuses Human Rights Activist Janet Phelan: "Serving the Synagogue of Satan"

NOTE: I have made several attempts to post this report. Each time, the parts where Janet Phelan comments on Barbara Hartwell, for some strange reason, will not appear correctly displayed. I have even retyped those portions again and again in attempts to correct the problem. This will be my last effort before giving up in disgust, as I don't have any more time to put into this. If it doesn't come out right, I will leave it, as is, as you can still get the major points.


Investigative journalist Janet Phelan recently sent out the link for one of my reports:

Anti-Jewish Propaganda Run Amok in the Patriot Community

The report addressed the rampant Jew-hater mentality that surfaced on a radio show where Janet was attempting to expose crimes against the elderly and disabled in the "guardianship" industry. The subject matter had absolutely nothing to do with "the Jews", and yet aggressive callers made an issue out of it instead of calling with questions or comments about the topic at hand.

And she received quite a few responses to the report, some of which were supportive of Janet's and my position, which is that it is wrongful to take a "blame it all on the Jews" attitude and to promote bigotry and hate against "the Jews", making them into scapegoats for all the evils of the world, rather than holding INDIVIDUALS accountable for the evil they have done, whether they are Jews or not, and whether they are operating singly or in collectives.

But then, as expected, Janet got responses from those who obviously have been indoctrinated into the "blame the Jews" mentality by what is clearly an organized form of "peer pressure". I have chosen one such e-mail exchange as emblematic of what I see as the new "politically correct" attitude about the Jews. Considering that this anti-Jewish ideology has become the "norm", rather than the exception, promoted by so many of those who claim to be "patriots", I find it ironic that these people are so self-righteous in their boasts that they are boldly and fearlessly "exposing THE TRUTH", which they say is NOT "politically correct" --when in fact they have fallen into the trap set for them by the plotters, the planners, the manipulators, the social engineers, those deceivers and destroyers who will use any and every ploy to divide-and-conquer and herd the populace into their New World Order.

The person who e-mailed Janet in response to my report is known to Janet only as "Kara". This person is one of many "anonymous cowards" who refuse to divulge their identities. I consider anyone who will not stand up for what they believe in, what they publish, by using their real name (not a first name only, not a pseudonym, not a screen name) to be entirely lacking in credibility. If we don't know WHO YOU ARE, how can we take anything you say seriously? And how can you be held accountable for your own words and actions? This is pure cowardice, and is typical of those who will criticize others by name, while hiding their own names.

Kara's website is:

Perusing this site, what I found there appeared to be material that was a few years old, considering some of the "news" items. Other than that, Kara promotes and endorses John DeCamp, one of the criminals who has threatened to sue Barbara Hartwell, who engineered a major libel campaign against me (to add fuel to the fire of the preexisting smears by Ted Gunderson and his COINTELPRO minions and stooges), and who sicced his little pet rabid hyena, Tim White, on me by publicly soliciting White's "HELP" to further threaten and stalk me, to solicit additional crimes against me by like-minded thugs, and by monstrous invasions of my privacy.

Kara, in her response to Janet Phelan, throws in the typical non-issue, claiming that I am a "CIA agent" and therefore can't be trusted.

Well, nobody asked you to trust me, fool.  You don't know me, and if your "information" comes from your pal, John DeCamp, or the late Ted Gunderson (whom I understand you knew and at one time "worked for") then that would certainly explain your ignorant and biased attitude.

As for the e-mail exchange between Janet Phelan and Kara, I have removed the e-mail addresses and headers, and have included only the most relevant material, with no changes in the actual text.

Also, Janet had not received the original e-mail from Kara before she replied, but I have given that first, in order to avoid confusion.


I heard you again recently on an internet talk show. You are always well spoken, and well researched.

But I must say I was supremely disappointed in your response to a caller who placed responsibility for globalist plans and policies squarely where it belonged - on the Zionist Jews.

Your response sounded straight out of the 1960's. Something to the effect that, because Jewish people have suffered so much under their tyranny, the globalists cannot possibly be Jews.

Janet, I truly expected greater insight from you!

The Rothschilds call themselves - guess what - JEWS. They have compartmentalized, coopted, coerced and terrorized their way into power. And one of their greatest tools for deflecting criticism and blame are the Jewish people themselves.

In 1897, the Rothschilds founded the World Zionist Congress. At their first meeting in Basle, Switzerland, Theodor Herzl stated, in part:

It is essential that the sufferings of Jews … become worse … this will assist in realization of our plans … I have an excellent idea … I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth … The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.

Whatever you want to call them - "Ashkenazis" or "Zionists" is good enough for me - devour their own, if they perceive benefit from it.

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9)

They want us to believe they are Jews, but they are not.

When you speak on behalf of Jewish people, if you do not understand and publicly acknowledge this important point, then you are either incredibly naive (which I doubt), or you are serving -- wittingly or not -- the Synagogue of Satan.

I implore you to better serve those who have already suffered enough at the hands of these powerfully wicked monsters by investigating and clarifying this for yourself.

If you continue to insist that it's unfair to identify the masterminds behind the New World Order as being Jews, then I must conclude that you are not a genuine patriot and truth seeker, but rather, you willfully serve the Rothschild agenda. And you are the enemy.

Please prove me wrong.


I have no idea what show you are talking about. Was this when I was on Mike Harris' show? 

I was talking about guardianship court, Cara. Let me ask you some questions--Do you think Judge Michael Welch is a Jew? How about John Michael McCoy? Judge Stephen Cunnison--now there is a devil! Er, but he's not a Jew....

I have never offered an apologia for the Rothschilds. I was on the air talking about guardianship and someone, actually two people, full of race hatred and prejudice, called in saying "It is all the Jews."

And it is not. The elite has an allegiance to each other, which transcends national boundaries and religious affiliations.  I find it frankly horrifying that we are now seeing the rearing up of the same attempt as we saw in previous decades to malign one ethnic group as the perpetrators of crimes against humanity which have been perpetrated by a group which has absolute diversity in terms of their ethnic origins--the elite of the world.


Do you have a link where I can listen to this same broadcast? So I am not expected to take the word of a friend who took the word of a friend who felt slighted? Who also happens to be a CIA agent?

[referring to Barbara Hartwell, author of the report]

Is this the same episode I wrote to you about - asking you to show more insight into which Jews are responsible for atrocities in the world?

Is this your only response to my email?

Do you think everyone is still swallowing the tired old excuse that Jews cannot possibly be responsible, because Jews were victimized?

We have grown up, and acquired a more sophisticated understanding. Have you? If you don't show it, then by default, you are aiding and abetting the victimizing of Jews, and many, many other groups around the world.



I received no email from you. [referring to the first e-mail given above]
The issue here is that the anti-Jewish propaganda has become so pervasive that a person, such as myself, who happens to have Jewish blood, is now fair game to be attacked on the air. As previously mentioned, I was discussing courts and guardianship.  There was no intersection or connection of topics that could have incurred the detour into Jew bashing.

Sure, if you want to hear the show you can go into the archives at RBN--February 8, Mike Harris's show. The problems began well into the second hour. As previously stated, I cannot send out the link because Harris refuses to provide it.

You seem to have fallen victim to the propaganda yourself, if I read your email right. Why not discuss all the harm done by the Christians?  Why single out the Jews? They are hardly responsible for the mess we are in. The elite is constituted of persons of all races, all religions and all nationalities.

You might want to listen to the most recent interview I did, on the coming holocausts. I will be doing more on this subject.  If you think I am somehow enabling this crisis through my efforts to expose this you are certainly free to express your thoughts. It is still a free country, well, sort of.

I also need to correct your inaccurate statement that Barbara Hartwell is CIA. Barbara had formerly worked for the CIA and got out some time back. [1994]  She has become a major whistleblower and has suffered greatly for her bravery and integrity. Let's not add fuel to the cointelpro fire blazing about Barbara by making such misstatements as you made in your email below.


OK. But once CIA, always CIA is what I've heard. That's why I can't completely trust John DeCamp either.


That may generally be true but it is not true in the case of Barbara Hartwell. You really should try to acquaint yourself with her c.v. before starting to smear her. There are a number of brave souls who have exited the agency and have come under attack. You have done a disservice to Ms. Hartwell and to the truth by your attempting to smear her with this brush.

I could say you are doing the same thing to the Jews.  People are individuals.  There are good Jews and bad Jews. There are good Christians and also bad ones.  The attempt to create a group scapegoat and to misattribute responsibility is exactly what happened in Germany in the thirties. And here we go again.

Sickening, you say? Yes, I find this sickening.


You turned one word — "was" instead of "is" into a major confrontation. And you try to deflect by flinging more stuff onto the walls. Those are no more than diversions from the subject at hand.

Let's get to the point.

World government is being set up by a small group of people serving the Rothschild agenda. It is not inaccurate to say they are Jews. They have coerced many corruptible people who are non-Jewish into serving their agenda. But the instigators and puppet masters are well established to be the Jewish Rothschild dynasty.

To refuse to acknowledge this - and in your case even try to provide them cover - is a disservice to everyone - even yourself.

Why on earth would you not want to increase all our chances of survival by helping to rout them out and bring them to justice?


So it is your perspective then that this is a Jewish plot. And someone like myself, on the air exposing corrupt courts, is to be attacked and vilified because I don't point the finger at the Jews.

As I said on the air, a large number of Jews are being murdered through these conservatorships. But according to you, I should still attack the Jews because of the acts of the Rothschilds. And according to you, if I read you right, the Rothschilds act alone, not in concert with such parties as the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. You seem to want to vilify an entire group of people because a very small number of that group are doing very bad things. The Rothschilds are a big problem. So are the Bushes, the Schneiders and a number of other elite families.

You attacked Barbara Hartwell and now are trying to deny that, are you?

"Once CIA, always CIA".

You insinuated that she couldn't be trusted because of her connection with the CIA and now you are trying to squirm out of that? More interested in nailing "the Jews" than in dealing with your own inappropriate attack on Ms. Hartwell?


"I find it frankly horrifying that we are now seeing the rearing up of the same attempt as we saw in previous decades to malign one ethnic group as the perpetrators of crimes against humanity which have been perpetrated by a group which has absolute diversity in terms of their ethnic origins--the elite of the world." - Janet Phelan

I find it frankly horrifying that the same group which caused the crimes against humanity of which you speak (whose lower minions are ethnically diverse, but their puppet masters are not) are rearing up again, this time threatening extermination of BILLIONS. And you are only fixated on name calling and denial. You see the world through a dark mirror.

I have given you several opportunities to consider deeper truths than you choose to accept, or even consider. You inappropriately take everything personally.

You remind me of my step father who has advanced Alzheimer's. He kept hitting my mother, while saying "Stop being so unreasonable."

I will stop being unreasonable by trying to reason with such a closed and hostile mind.

Note that Kara accuses Janet Phelan of being "unreasonable" and "hostile", simply because she refuses to toe the party-line of  "blame it on the Jews". 
The end result of all this was that Janet, finding it impossible to "reason" with such a person, who would not stick to the issue at hand, but rather kept making personal attacks and dragging in irrelevant third parties, asked Kara to take her off her mailing list.

GOOD RIDDANCE!  That's the way I see it.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 14, 2012


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