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Monday, May 2, 2011

Threats and Attacks Against Journalists and Whistleblowers by Globalist Government Assassins

Jenny Hatch: Blogging Mothers Magazine
Jenny Hatch is a journalist whose acquaintance I made recently, who invited me as a guest on her radio program, and who has had similar experiences of being assaulted with chemical weapons (and possibly also electromagnetic weaponry) as myself, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee and a number of others among my friends and colleagues, whistleblowers and journalists who are publishing the truth about government crimes and corruption.
Not only was Jenny attacked by these lowlife assailants, but also her children. Just today, I listened to/watched a video presentation of Jenny's radio show, in which she describes in some detail how and why these attacks started.
Please take the time to hear what Jenny has to say. I found her testimony compelling, heartbreaking, and unfortunately, all too familiar.  In fact, the same things have happened to me, and like Jenny, my health has been compromised because of these assaults. I am now seriously disabled, but "not eligible" for disability benefits from the government, even though they (in my case, CIA) are responsible for ruining  my health with their many years of assaults, by chemical, biological and directed energy/electromagnetic weaponry, as well as arranged car crashes (NOT accidents), which resulted in permanent injuries to my spine, for which I could not afford medical care, and which in turn caused osteoarthritis, an extremely painful and debilitating  condition. And that is just the tip of the iceberg......
Threats Against Jenny Hatch
Former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, another target of these attacks, has this to say:
On April 1, 2011 Barbara Hartwell was interviewed on the Jenny Hatch Show.
That program was  hacked by the fbi assassins. Below is a new link to the show which Jenny shares with the world. Many of the horrendous events that Jenny describes are familiar to me because I have also been subjected to similar torture. See the new link and listen to the program at:
Here is the link to the show:
May 2 , 2011
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