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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Radio Interview with Barbara Hartwell Sabotaged by Fed Hackers


On April 1, 2011 I was interviewed on the Jenny Hatch Show. When Jenny first invited me as a guest, I warned her (as I have a "duty to warn" all talk show hosts) of the likelihood of sabotage by the feds, as it happens more often than not (about nine times out of ten). This sabotage has been going on for many years, and runs the spectrum from mundane electronic interference to bizarre attacks upon persons involved, including hosts, station managers and engineers.
(See reports in my Radio section on this website.)
In each instance, I document the sabotage for the public record, including the testimony of witnesses, usually the host of the particular program.
Just a few examples where my interviews have been sabotaged: The Angry White Male Hour, hosted by Rick Biesada; The American Awakening, hosted by Michael Herzog; Standing Up for America, hosted by Rick Stanley; The Conspiracy Keepers, hosted by Scooter McGee and Joe Lanier; One If By Land, hosted by Janet Phelan. As for the many other shows, over a period of years, beginning in 1995, when I first went public as a CIA whistleblower, they are too numerous to mention and I don't even remember some of the names of the hosts or programs.
In the case of the Jenny Hatch show, we decided not to announce the show beforehand, so the perps would not be given advance notice, at least not by us; however, this made no difference, as the program was sabotaged not during the broadcast, but after the fact.
Here are excerpts from an e-mail to me from Jenny Hatch, after she discovered that the show had been trashed.
"I just listened to our show for the first time in a few weeks, and they messed the sound up.  I saved the original digital files on my computer, and I will go ahead and fix the shows this week, but I will have to create new links.  I noticed that Geral [Sosbee] put the same old links on his blog, so when I send the links to you, please send them along to him.  The one hour video is still ok, but the shows that you have linked from your blog are messed up right at the spot where we talk about Tim White."
On this particular program, Jenny and I had discussed a topic I often address, the targeting of journalists, government whistleblowers and Christians, by our adversaries in the intelligence community, and their minions and stooges.
One of the more notorious government stooges is Tim White, a loathsome  psychopath and predicate felon who has been stalking, harassing and threatening targets of the government for more than a decade.
Of course, it is more than interesting, as well as typical, that the part where we are exposing the crimes of Tim White and his government overlords was destroyed. And speaking of Tim White, this demonic perp has made a mission of harassing, stalking and threatening any radio talk host who dares to interview Barbara Hartwell and/or who dares to expose the government criminals who pull his strings, most notably COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson and his longtime crony, John DeCamp. 
Tim White has targeted many people (in connection with the "deal" he made with corrupt cops and feds, for a reduced prison sentence) including talk hosts Michael Herzog; Rick Stanley; Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth); Rick Biesada; Joe Lanier (cohost of Conspiracy Keepers with Scooter McGee); Janet Phelan; Sherri Kane; Leonard Horowitz; Jenny Hatch, and numerous others.
In fact, as often happens, I first made the acquaintance of Jenny Hatch BECAUSE of Tim White, who had been harassing, threatening and libeling Jenny before I knew her.
White, in collusion with other government stooges and demonic liars, such as Todd Brendan Fahey (White's "other half" of the demonic duo), "Xena Carpenter" (an alias used by Todd Fahey), Michelle Ray, Craig Oxley, Alex Studer, James F. Marino, Larry Lawson, Ken Adachi, Pam Schuffert, Brenda Negri, Aaron James --and many others-- is perpetrating a massive libel campaign against government whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell.
Former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, my best friend and professional colleague for over a decade (whose case Jenny and I also covered on the show) is also a target of Tim White and his fellow stooges, most notably Ken Adachi, Larry Lawson and James F. Marino, who have all published outrageously libelous falsehoods about Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell.
But despite the sabotage, there is one working link, just sent to me by Jenny Hatch today:
This is a video presentation, along with audio from the show, and Jenny has done an outstanding job with the video images she has chosen, beautiful scenes of nature, although I think you may find it distressing to view some of the photos of Jenny and her son, who were targeted for chemical assaults. Imagine targeteing a little boy, an innocent child, just because these bastards from the government consider his mother a threat due to her courage as an expositor!
This is more than just harassment; it is torture. Our goal is to stop these perpetrators of atrocities, especially when they are assaulting innocents such as children!
For those who've tried to listen to the (corrupted) audio links posted on this site; and those who have yet to listen to the show, please take the time to do so.
Persecution of whistleblowers and journalists by the liars and criminals in government (including the stooges and minions doing their dirty work) has reached massive proportions, and it is something we are forced to deal with on a regular basis.
Please stand with us against these evildoers and help us expose them. Exposing them is the first step in putting them out of business.
Thank you for your consideration.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 26, 2011 

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