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Friday, June 25, 2010


NOTE: I have often read the comments of people I can only call useless idiots, on some of the message boards where Geral Sosbee has posted reports like this one. These characters jeer and taunt Geral, in efforts to provoke him, or to  impugn his sanity, attempting to discredit his message.

And although the Internet is rife with many paranoid conspiracy theorists, real whack jobs and nut cases, claiming that they have been targeted by the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. etc., Geral Sosbee is most certainly not one of them.

In truth, corrupt agencies of the government only target real whistleblowers and legitimate journalists --those who expose factual information, and who have the evidence to support their claims. Geral Sosbee is such a person, a patriot who loves his country, and who has served this nation with honor, in various capacities, including as an FBI agent, a decorated military veteran, and as a professor of constitutional law. And because my dear friend Geral is far too humble to ever tout his accomplishments, I will!

What has he got for his trouble, for his faithful service to this country, for honoring his oath to defend the Constitution? Political persecution, relentless harassment and psy war terror tactics directed against him, which have all but completely destroyed his life.

I have been Geral Sosbee's friend, professional colleague and witness for nearly a decade, and I know better than any living person (aside from his oppressors) precisely what he has endured.

Each time I read a report by Geral Sosbee, it makes my blood boil, while breaking my heart at the same time. I know from many years of personal experience, as well as from my own investigations (including of Geral's case) that every word he speaks is the truth.

The government in this country is comprised mostly of criminals, plain and simple.  And it takes a real patriot, who truly loves his country, to tell it like it is, regardless of the consequences to himself.

Thank you, Geral, for being a Messenger of Truth and a Defender of Liberty.

Please see this report (2004) if you care to know the truth about how shamefully the government has treated one of its own federal agents, simply for telling the truth and defending the Constitution.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 25, 2010

From Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee


June 25, 2010

Imagine that a mafia type moves into your neighborhood, subtly sets himself up as a kind of authority and pseudo friend to those who bow to him. He becomes in time a protector to his followers and an oppressor to those who refuse his orders. Ultimately, as this mafia figure has the backing of the ‘organization’, all persons in the neighborhood realize that the best course to maintain peace in the home is to subscribe to the mafia’s doctrine and at the same time pretend that all is for the greater good. Many are then rewarded for their loyalty to the mafia lord.

Now, this is the scenario today on the world stage with the fbi/cia/pentagon (and their minions, stooges, shills, thugs, punks, assassins, operatives, agents, informants, and police/national guard Gen d’armes), all acting as mafia type figures.

For purposes of this report the main focus is on the dual disciples of satan, the fbi/cia, as mafia, and on their demand that all the world accept the new world order as defined and as enforced by their organization (i.e.: the war machine). Those who surrender their persons and countries unto the authority of the fbi/cia mafia are rewarded (first by not being killed or imprisoned, followed by some temporary economic benefits to the country’s ruling elite). Those who resist or fight the terrorists of the fbi/cia mafia are hunted down like dogs and are killed. Thus, the real war on terror takes on a very special meaning to all who are affected by the aggression of the most dangerous and bold group of blood thirsty killers ever to live on the planet earth: the fbi/cia mafia and their associates and facilitators throughout society.

Today the people of the world recognize that as the fbi/cia gang represents the failed leadership of the United States of America, and that this nation is thereby a homicidal menace to Humanity because the fbi/cia’s war machine continues the assault on the world’s population with threats, armed invasions, and ultra high tech weaponry (including mind control and brain entrainment gadgetry) and by whatever other methods be available in their arsenal.

Now a clear and present danger to the peace and stability of all peoples is apparent; unless stopped now the future of mankind is in great peril with regard to human and civil rights, individual liberty issues and freedom from oppression.

The sentiment grows around the globe to stop the invaders of the fbi/cia gang . The mantra of the freedom fighters may be summarized in a simple but universal expression of rage as follows and the war on terror has hardly just begun:

Invade My Country, I Invade Yours;
Attack My Brain, All Bets Are Off.




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