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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Satan Does Not Brush His Teeth

NOTE: Many righteous people in this nation have spoken out against the usurper "president", Barack Hussein Obama. They have cited his numerous violations, criminal offenses, ethical transgressions, acts of tyranny, and denounced the blatant fraud of the constitutionally ineligible impostor now sitting in the White House.

They have written articles, produced videos, filed lawsuits. They have done all in their power to fight the tyranny, and to see justice done. 

However, few of those activists are black Americans; and even among their ranks, fewer still have been willing to tell the unvarnished truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about the unrepentant evil which characterizes Obama.

Pastor James David Manning, a black preacher from Harlem, is foremost among those few, and I give him tremendous credit for his untiring and valiant efforts to expose the truth, at great personal expense to himself.

Pastor Manning, with no nonsense, no compromises, tells it like it is. 

He is armed with facts and evidence, gleaned from years of his own investigations.

Speaking for myself, Obama makes me sick, and I mean that literally.  I can't bear to even look at his face, nor to hear his voice. Like Pastor Manning, I see beyond the world of flesh, into the realm of spirit, and what I see horrifies me.

As for those Americans who will stand by and do nothing, or worse, who will continue to embrace Barack Hussein Obama, and all that he represents, they will, sooner or later, see that have made a deal with the devil -- and there will be hell to pay.

June 17, 2010

From Dr. James David Manning:

Satan Does Not Brush His Teeth

Anthropomorphic is the ultimate word used to make God physically understood. Such a term attributes to God features of man as in hands, feet, eyes, and other likenesses of men.

While we do not mean to place Satan on the same level as God, however he too must subscribe to our physical imagination.

One of the basic acts of our polite culture is to brush our teeth, and thank God we do.

I will forgive you if you accuse me of being a fundamental Bible believer when I tell you we are living in the tribulation days of the false messiah, Mt. 24:24, the son of Satan, Barack Obama.

Most learned men will agree and applaud you if you accuse me of taking the Bible literally, and I will applaud them.

Having said that, I further believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the son of Satan; a one of a kind emissary of hell. If he is not, surely the Bible declares one is on the way. As William James said, “Let’s be clear about what we can be clear about."

The past, present, and future reality of Satan in the earth is beyond dispute. A proven fact owing only to what tense you may approve.

Now, I wish to surely challenge your rationale and the full cost of your education. I declare unto you; all the morning stars did sing together, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, then Obama emerged in question by the loins of a Dark Continent dweller and a rebellious Eve named Stanley Ann.

More than the mystery of Obama’s blazing charisma is his proof of origin. Surely he is not “Natural Born" but villainously so. From the ancient volcanoes of Kenya he arrived on a flame from hell. As Maureen Dowd, of The New York Times said, “Obama is Bloodless.”

What is happening to our nation and world that we allow this piece of pumice to reign over men? Indeed, not just any man, but the nobility of America swoons under his sway. Have we lost our sanity compass and now we bow before the sewer of Alcatraz?

Today, the best of our leaders pump their chest and consider it noble to only debate Obama’s policies and declare his character, and his constitutional ineligibility not of interest or profit as a sacred vow.

They, “politicians,” call great conventions about his dental hygiene “healthcare reform," but never once breathe a word about his dark and incorrigible being.

They, “politicians,” are even planning a major political contest this November and the next; spending collectively 5 billion dollars debating how often he does not brush his teeth. Yet, not one dollar will be spent warning the world about the curse of doom for humanity that is upon his lips. How can they be so infatuated with his brand of toothpaste, yet make no mention that he is a political serial criminal? Why have they made him king when he is not even born a citizen; to call Barack Hussein Obama president of America is tantamount to calling Mother Teresa the queen of hell.  

The Bible, that book for “poor unlearned people, the opiate of the masses" declares, when the days of Obama arrive the whole world would become his whore, and the church his madam (Mt. 24:24).

Yet, there will be preserved a group called the Elect. A small, very small group upon whom Heaven will have favor and the son of Satan shall be defeated.

Search the scriptures that your eyes might be opened, and our beloved nation redeemed (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Using spiritual weapons, the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition Treason Trial drove a silver stake through his bloodless heart.  Since the 18th of May in the year of our Lord 2010 the guilty verdict will demonstrate Obama shall be revealed as impotent as Hitler at his wedding to Ava Braum in that cyanide bunker beneath the streets of Berlin.

Look up now and you shall see Obama fall as lightning from the sky.

Barack Hussein Obama was found guilty of sedition, conspiracy, mail and wire fraud on 18 May 2010 in a duly authorized constitution court held at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in ATLAH, New York.

The prosecution recommends life in Guantanamo Bay without the possibility of parole. To be presented to Congress for execution in not too many days.

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