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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pastor Manning: I Am Terry Lakin's Brother

NOTE: Barack Hussein Obama is an impostor and usurper. His lack of eligibility for the office of president is widely known, even among our so-called "representatives" in Congress.

What's more, Obama is a flaming communist who will take this country down in flames if We the People do nothing to stop him.

As for the Tea Party, they have revealed themselves as nothing more than controlled opposition. Witness the machinations, grandstanding and deception of government shills Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. 

Now, the unlawful prosecution of an American patriot, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, stands as testimony of the utter corruption of the government of this nation.

Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the Commander in Chief. He is NOT the president of the United States of America. Never forget: He was never eligible for the office, and I salute any person in the military who stands up for this truth.

June 14, 2010

From Pastor James David Manning

I Am Terry Lakin's Brother

Dear Barbara Hartwell

I am prepared to publicly declare the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin an act of tyranny. The Obama administration aims to put down the brewing revolution of military officers who question his eligibility. 

Rather than producing the documents, Obama and his thugs, supported by the deafening silence of the American people, will railroad Terry Lakin.

I am further prepared to publicly state that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Scott Brown, and the national leadership of The Tea Party will treat Lt. Col. Terry Lakin as if he is a leper.

I am yet further determined to say publicly that The Tea Party leadership, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin are more hypocritical than any political movement to date.

The Republican Party got started in a patriotic attempt to end slavery. The Dixiecrats, now many Democrats, got started to maintain slavery.

The Tea Party got started because they could not stomach what they knew was the truth about Obama and the cult like actions of many Americans; it was sickening. The preamble to the Tea Party was, “Where Is the Damn Birth Certificate?”

The First Amendment was, “It’s The Constitution Stupid, not the color of ones skin." The Second Amendment to the founding of The Tea Party was, "We Will Not Have a Muslim Reign Over this Great Christian Nation."

Fox News hired Glenn Beck, a closet Nazi, to co-op the alleged racist Americans against Obama to Fox News. They came by the millions in the late afternoon sitting at home brooding over what was happening to America.

CNN hired Jesse Jackson and more recently have hired numerous blacks and gays attempting to lure the anti Americans to their network.

Many Americans black and white believe Fox News is a racist organization. Furthermore, many Americans black and white believe The Tea Party is a racist organization that formed first and foremost to defeat the agenda of the first Black President. I, James David Manning believe none of the racist accusations, and I strongly rebuke anyone who does.

However, I do know that Glenn Beck is a closet Nazi, more hypnotizing with a cult like and gullible following like Obama’s.

I know that Sarah Palin is a money hungry opportunist hired by Fox News to lead their bid to counter NBC’s bid to control the White House. I also know that not one of these hypocrites including Glenn Beck will lift one eyebrow to help or save Terry Lakin. 

The Tea Party and Fox News long ago decided to look the other way and never again raise the issue of the constitutional eligibility of Mr. Obama. Mournfully, they have abandoned constitutional authority as fundamental in America politics. Indeed, Mr. Glenn Beck said that the "Birthers" were misguided and foolish. Mr. O’Reilly of Fox News swore that he had seen the birth certificate and that the “Birthers” were kooks, and did not represent mainstream America; “kooks and mainstream” is code language for RACIST.

While many rank and file members of The Tea Party and The Glenn Beck brown shirt brigade still believe Obama is ineligible, yet the leadership of the Tea Party has sold out to lobbyist and big business as usual.

What's the difference between The Democrats, Republicans and The Tea Party? Answer: Only the Tea Party is still wearing diapers.

Dr. James David Manning