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Friday, September 21, 2007


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Homeland Security Continues Harassment of Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
From Brownsville, Texas
September 20, 2007
This date at about 9AM as Sosbee enters the USA from Mexico, using the AIS program and the express lane reserved for the participants, the Border Patrol (BP) officer again (for the third straight day) flags Sosbee for search; however, the officer then orders Sosbee to park the car for inspection, enter the main office for interrogation, and be prepared to surrender the AIS pass. Sosbee replied: *"Are you ordering me to enter the office for the interview ?" BP replied, "YES". Then Sosbee stated, "Why are you so angry with me, what have I done to you?" The BP officer stated , "I am not angry, you are **complaining all the time about the searches, etc.". Sosbee complied.

For the record the fbi/cia interfere with the duties of the Department of Homeland Security regularly as needed to harass Sosbee (in this instance the fbi/cia program the computers at HS to flag Sosbee for harassment). Then, as Sosbee reports the fbi/cia influence on Homeland Security to the Homeland Security officers, these same officers begin to harass and threaten Sosbee at the border.My message to fbi/cia: your tactics are a bit worn, do not work, and are now evidence of your gaslighting games, using federal officers to do your dirty work.

*The incident was tantamount to a threat and may constitute a de facto arrest (though no physical constraint was used by the armed BP officer)of Sosbee at the border point of entry. Finally, Sosbee has insured that the Director of HS is aware of the constant harassment by HS, but the Director is not interested in any instances where the fbi/cia unnecessary interfere with the duties of BP officers for pseudo intel purposes. The fbi/cia do whatever they want, period.

**The statement about "complaints" is a lie; Sosbee always happily complied with all HS security measures, but advised the HS officials that the fbi and the cia are controlling BP agents at the check point in order to harass Sosbee. On this date about 5 BP officers were tied up with Sosbee, while a back log of other suspicious vehicles and persons were stacking up at the inspection center. Any terrorist who follows this gross incompetence by the BP (at the point) would have enjoyed a diversion (courtesy of fbi/cia) for smuggling arms, etc., into USA on the heels of the Sosbee escapade.